Creating a Blog That’s Built To Sell – What You Need to Know

The big dream for many bloggers is to someday cash out and get that illustrious “sunset money”.

Here’s the thing though:

You won’t have much luck selling your blog if the buyer can’t see themselves able to run the show. So it’s up to you to make sure that they can slide right in.

This means we need to be mindful of how we setup our business from day 1.

The key word in there is “business”. So we really need to start thinking of our blogs in this way.

After selling many sites with our company, Human Proof Designs, it’s been crucial to understand the following guidelines if you want to create a sellable blog.

A young smiling woman thinking about money. A picture of a bag of money to the right. Front view. Concrete background. Concept of having a lot of money.

1) Choose a Topic That’s Easily Outsourced

Now this first point might seem controversial and may even come across like we don’t care about the target audience.

But it’s completely the opposite. This is actually careful consideration for your audience and also for your business.

Blogs that are attractive to investors are usually within a topic that’s easy to find writers for.

Managing writers is no walk in the park and sometimes your best writers might go “missing”.

As publishers and investors, you don’t want to set yourself up for some pain because hiring isn’t particularly fun for anyone and costs more money.

If you’re a long-time blogger and everything is personal to the topics in your life, it’s simply not going to be something you can transfer to a buyer.

While you can outsource a lot of content to sites like Contentmart, the idea to keep in mind is automation and systemization.

There are content creation tools that can help you build a turnkey operation that the new owner can easily take over.

This also means that you’d want to avoid using your name as the brand/domain name.

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2) Publish Content That’s Not Only Attributed To a Single Person

Often times, there’s nothing more attractive to a buyer than a site with multiple contributors.

It means there’s most likely a schedule set in place and if one writer leaves, then the slack can be picked up by the rest of the team.

Some other solutions to this issue might be to create a persona or pen name and have different writers contributing as that persona.

All in all, we want something that is stable and a diverse writing team makes it easier for that to happen.

If you’d like to test this out, we have multiple writers working on our own properties and those of our clients.

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3) Keep Track of Your Finances From The Beginning

When a buyer is interested in your site, you’ll need to hand over your financials too.

Being a good business person requires being fiscally responsible too.

If you have no writing costs currently because you’re doing all of that yourself, you still have hosting costs, domain registrations, etc to be mindful of recording.

Most buyers want to see 2 years of financials, but honestly, there are plenty of sites with less history that still get purchased.

The majority of the time, an investor may make a decision based on 1 year worth of history.

The important thing is that you’re keeping track of them so why not do that from day one.

4) Build a List!

“The money’s in the list!”

Yup, I’ve just repeated one of the most overused sayings in the internet marketing world.

However, it’s true… So that’s why people say it.

An email list is known as your owned media.

Having an email list of people that are interested in one common topic is extremely valuable.

Not only can you send them emails (with sponsorships even), but you can upload the list into Facebook’s ad platform and create a custom audiences or look-a-like audiences.

If you continue to provide value to your list plus your open plus click-through rates are very high, that in itself is a very high margin business too.

Just look at HARO’s business model.

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5) Have Standard Operating Processes (SOPs)

If you’ve ever listened to any of the Tropical MBA podcast episodes, they always mention SOPs because it was very important throughout their business but also when they sold it.

There isn’t much that’s more useful to a business owner than plug and play processes.

Now they can hire nearly anyone and with a reasonable amount of confidence know that the job will get done correctly because of these processes.

Not only is it beneficial to website buyers in the future, but it’ll make your life as the owner easier starting today.

We’ve built tons of these internal documents for our team. Currently we’re at 152 freelancers that are working on our own sites and those of our clients.

6) Create More Than 1 Significant Traffic Source

Our methodology, that we call “the human proof method”, is based mostly on gaining site visitors through organic Google traffic.

We typically use a handful of free and paid SEO tools, which can unlock great results in that arena.

While this our usual strategy, we know and understand that secondary properties can be extremely valuable in the sale of a site too.

These are things like Youtube channels, Facebook groups, Pinterest accounts, etc.

High organic traffic is very attractive to buyers but so is diversification.

If you can work on carving out a secondary traffic source that brings 20% or more of your total traffic, then you’ll be setting yourself up nicely for an attractive sale.

7) Monetize Through Multiple Income Streams

Just like traffic diversification, it helps to earn income from multiple sources too.

In might even be more important than the traffic.

For example, a buyer might notice that all of your traffic comes from Pinterest with only a minimal amount coming from organic.

If the price is right then this is considered a “good deal” for them.

Because the investor would see a clear way to increase the value of the property immediately by implementing an organic strategy.

On the other hand:

You as the site owner currently want to command the highest multiple.

And usually what creates a higher multiple are things like income diversification.

Even moving away from Adsense and into other ad networks can significantly increase your revenue with just some code (see our RPM’s in this picture):

In additional to affiliate commissions and advertisement revenue, having your own product is also highly valuable.

Even an ebook that’s composed of your best content around a certain problem is something people will pay for and it’s a high margin digital product.

Let’s go over a real life scenario:

One of our investors has a site in the health niche. Much of that content is information and helps people in “how to” guides…

But a lot of it is through our reviews of physical products. Which we generally link to Amazon for.

Now the unique situation here is that the product we recommend the most, just happens to be owned by our investor as well.

This means that we can a commission from Amazon when someone makes a purchase through our link, but also get a double-whammy because the product they bought is also ours.

Awesome, right?

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How To Setup Your Blog This Way

I’m guessing that you might be in one of two tracks:

You’ve got a personal blog that is hard to transition. Your blog is similar to what we talked to earlier, but missing a few key aspects.

If you’re in the second track and your site is almost too focused in a very narrow niche, here’s some advice for you.

For those in the first track, we could help you out with our early bird niche site emails.

These emails come every 2 weeks and contain a list of new niches that we’ve pre-researched from an SEO perspective and would consider worth paying attention to.

For more information, head over to our early bird page.

If you have any other questions, let’s start a conversation in the comments!

This article was written by Kelvin Mah, who is head of growth and content at Human Proof Designs (HPD), the #1 source for affiliate marketers to learn, grow, and push their sites even further. When Kelvin isn’t executing on the online tactics necessary to grow HPD, he’s hanging out with his dog and growing his own portfolio of sites.

Are Schedules and Deadlines a Help or a Hindrance?

Are schedules and deadlines a help or a hindrance?

Are schedules and deadlines a help or a hindrance?

This post is based on episode 249 of the ProBlogger podcast.

This week’s post is all about schedules and deadlines. Are they a good thing, or can they hold you back?

We’ve talked a lot about deadlines and schedules over the years, and how they can help you publish content regularly. They can not only help you get into the flow of writing content, but also let your readers know when to expect new content on your blog.

But what if your schedule becomes a hindrance rather than a help? What if the pressure of constant deadlines starts having an adverse effect on your blogging?

There are no rules about how often you should post new content on your blog. But as someone who’s been blogging for a long time, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned over the years.

Choose quality over quantity

The first thing I want to say is that quality is more important than quantity. Your regular readers won’t share your posts if they aren’t any good. And so pumping out content before it’s ready just to meet your deadline could hurt the potential growth of your blog (not to mention your brand).

But quantity is still important, particularly if you want to monetize your blog. As I’ve said many times, every piece of content you publish is a doorway into your blog. The more content you produce, the more doorways you have. And each doorway is a potential source of traffic from search engines, social media, and links from other blogs. You can still get traffic without having much content, but you are limiting your chances significantly.

Which can be a problem if you equate ‘quality’ with ‘perfectionism’.

‘Quality’ doesn’t mean ‘perfect’

I remember talking to a blogger who felt that everything they wanted to say on their blog had already been said, either by them or someone else. And so they began second-guessing everything they wrote. “Is it good enough? Will it stand out from what other people are saying? Will it stand out from what I’ve already said before?”

To the point where they weren’t producing any content.

As you can imagine, this limited the chances of their posts being found by search engines, social media shares, links from other blogs, and so on.

Which, in terms of building traffic, isn’t a great strategy.

Yes, quality trumps quantity. But if you don’t produce any content then you’re really limiting yourself, particularly if you’re using a monetization model that relies heavily on traffic such as AdSense.

Schedules and deadlines

So it would seem that schedules and deadlines can help (by pushing you to post regularly) and hinder (by pushing you to post content before it’s ready). But not having them can also help (by giving you time to create quality content) and hinder (by letting you get away with not publishing anything).

So which one is it? Should you use them or not?

That depends on who you are and what stage you’re at with your blogging.

Some people find deadlines incredibly motivating. A friend of mine is a journalist, and she admits that if it wasn’t for her editor’s deadlines she wouldn’t have won some of the awards she’s received for her work.

Her editor gave her a really hard deadline for one piece, and made it clear there would be consequences if she didn’t meet it. That looming deadline gave her a rush of adrenaline and panic that sparked her creative engine. And the piece she wrote ended up winning a national award.

As much as she doesn’t like deadlines, she knows they’re good for her and help her produce her best work. As Thomas Carlyle would say, “No pressure, no diamonds.”

But deadlines don’t have that effect on everyone. For some people it just clouds their mind and stifles their creativity. Here’s what George R.R. Martin, who wrote Game of Thrones, said about deadlines:

“I’ve never been good with deadlines. My early novels, I wrote by myself. No one knew I was writing a novel; I didn’t even have a contract.”

Not having a deadline gave him a sense of freedom where he could just create. Which probably explains why he struggled to write the latest volume of Game of Thrones when he did have a deadline.

In extreme cases, deadlines can create so much panic in a person that they effectively become paralyzed.

If any of this sounds like you, then creating an editorial calendar might not be a good idea.

So how do you feel about schedules and deadlines? Do they keep you moving, or send you into a tailspin?

A double-edged sword

Or perhaps you’re like me and a lot of other people who find them both a help and a hindrance depending on the situation.

There have certainly been times when deadlines were my friend. If it weren’t for my editorial calendar and the deadlines it gives me, I doubt I would have produced anywhere near the amount of content I’ve published over the years.

But there have also been times when an impending deadline created far more panic than the situation warranted. I started focusing on the deadline instead of the work, and ended up creating content I wasn’t happy with.

I still think having some sort of schedule, whether it’s a full-blown editorial calendar or simply promising yourself to write something every week, is a good idea. But don’t use one if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

It’s a schedule, not a contract

If you do decide to create a schedule, just remember that it’s not a legal contract that will have you thrown in jail if you miss a week. If you need more time to work on your post, there’s nothing wrong with posting it a little later than you planned. If having to post every week is making you anxious, try dropping back to once every two weeks.

And if you need a break, then that’s fine too.

At ProBlogger we’ve changed our publishing schedule a lot over the years. And we announced some of those changes to our audience, but not all of them.

As I said earlier, there are no rules about how often you should post new content on your blog. Which means you can create a schedule that suits you, your blog and your life. Don’t feel pressured into posting every week just because other people are. You don’t know what their circumstances are. They may have a team of ghostwriters working for them. Just find a balance between quality and quantity that suits you and your lifestyle.

Another way to look at deadlines

If the mere thought of creating a schedule makes you nervous, think of the deadlines as goals instead. This can help you stay on track without feeling pressured. I’d like to publish a new post every week. But if I don’t then it’s not the end of the world.

And no-one else needs to know what your goals are. If your plan is to publish once a week but it’s taking more than a week to complete each post, the only person who’ll know about the discrepancy will be you. Everyone else will just think you’re writing to a fortnightly schedule.

How do you feel about schedules and deadlines now?

Do you currently use a schedule to create deadlines for yourself? Are you going to start doing things differently after reading this post? Let us know in the comments.


Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash

How to Make Money Online for Beginners In India: 10 Easy Ways

how to make money online in India as a beginner

Do you want to know how to make money online as a beginner in India? If yes, you’re in the right place.

Earning online is not rocket science. There are millions of people who are using online to make millions of dollars every single year.

There are also successful affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn who are making millions of dollars online.

So there’s no shortage of making passive income when it comes to online. But the only thing we want you to know is this: don’t look for shortcuts.

Here’s a thing you should always remember: don’t spend money on “get rich quick schemes”.

That said, we’re going to talk about some of the legit ways you can use on how to make extra money online in 2021 and beyond.

This post is going to be detailed so grab a cup of coffee and start finding legitimate ways to earn online money as a beginner. Let’s get started without much ado.

How to Make Money Online for Beginners In India: 10 Legitimate Ways for 2021

how to make money online in India as a beginner

1. Start a YouTube Channel 

If you’re looking for a FREE way to make money online in India, you should definitely try starting a YouTube channel.

YouTube is HUGE as there are over 1.9 billion users logging in every single month.

Also, YouTube has over 2.3 billion MONTHLY active users.

youtube users monthly

Due to COVID Pandemic, everyone is relying on YouTube to watch videos, learn something, or for entertainment purposes.

So, this is probably the RIGHT time to start and grow your own YouTube channel.

If you’re curious to know why you should create your own YouTube channel in 2021 to earn money online in India, here are some of the stats you should probably know.

  • YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users and it’s also one of the biggest search engines after Google
  • 74% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube (so if you want to target high CPC keywords to make more money, YouTube is probably the best platform)
  • 94.5% of OTT watchers in the U.S. are watching YouTube
  • People watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube every day (yes you heard it right, a billion hours every SINGLE day!)
  • People watched 100 billion hours of gaming on YouTube in 2020 (if you’re good at gaming, you should definitely consider starting a channel!)

So how can you make money from YouTube?

Want to know how to earn money after creating your own YouTube channel in India? Here are some of the proven ways to make money from YouTube.

Become a YouTube partner

One of the most common ways most YouTubers use to make money from their channel is to become a YouTube partner.

Did you know that in the U.S. alone, YouTube will make 5.56 billion dollars in advertising revenue in 2021?

Yes, that’s true. Have a look at the ad revenue of YouTube.

YouTube ad revenue 2021

So putting ads within your videos is a great way to earn money.

That being said, here’s what you need to become a YouTube partner to start earning money.

  • Your YouTube channel should have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months
  • Your YouTube channel should have more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Your YouTube channel should have a linked AdSense account

That’s it! Once your AdSense account is activated, ads will start showing up on your videos. Depending on the views and CPC (Cost Per Click), your YouTube earnings will vary. 

YouTube Partners also have access to multiple income streams: not just ads as you can also consider premium subscription fees, Super Chat, channel memberships, and many more. 

Sell affiliate products

Here’s a simple strategy to sell affiliate products on YouTube to make money online in India.

  • Choose a niche: You don’t want to serve everyone in the world. You need a target audience. You need to select a specific niche. For example, you can succeed quickly if you pick a small and targeted niche like “fitness tips for seniors” instead of targeting a massive niche like “fitness” or health.
  • Pick an affiliate program: Choosing the right affiliate product to promote is the key to generating more affiliate sales. Pick ONE product that you like and use. For instance, we often promote the Semrush affiliate program because we LOVE it, and also we’ve been using it for 6+ years.
  • Cloak your affiliate links: By default, affiliate links are long and ugly. So you need to make them short and simple. Here’s where you can use affiliate link cloaking plugins like Easy Affiliate Links to cloak your links.
  • Teach the audience about your products: No one buys a product just because you’re promoting it. You need to create awareness about those products. Create how-to tutorials and teach your audience how to use the products. That’s how you can generate more sales. 

Partner with other brands

You can use platforms like Grapevine to easily find brand opportunities to make money from your YouTube channel. To find high-paying brands or sponsorships, you need 10,000 subscribers on YouTube or 10,000 followers on Instagram to be eligible.

It’s also free to create an account on such platforms to find sponsorships for your YouTube channel to monetize. Alternatively, you can analyze the YouTube channels that are relevant to your content to find what brands they are promoting. 

That way, once you get enough subscribers (say 10K subscribers on YouTube), you can reach out to those brands to make money.

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2. Become a social media manager

The best part about becoming a social media manager in India is you don’t necessarily need any formal qualifications such as PR, advertising, business, etc. Although having those formal qualifications can quickly help you find better prospects.

So what does a social media manager do?

Here’s what you need to do if you want to become a social media manager.

  • Creating and scheduling posts 
  • Engaging with followers and users
  • Monitoring analytics
  • Keeping an eye on the latest trends and viral news to create “relevant posts” to get more followers and the list goes on

Here’s a great illustration of social media tasks (by CoSchedule).

social media tasks

So how to become a social media manager in India?

Here are some of the BEST ways to market yourself to find social media management projects online.

Build an online portfolio

The best way to find social media jobs is to build your own portfolio. A portfolio helps you show the evidence of work that you’ve done where you can illustrate your skills. 

The easiest way to do that is to first start your own blog. When you’re getting started, offer services for free. That way, you can quickly build a strong portfolio. Once you’ve enough expertise and a strong portfolio to show off, you can use a blog to attract high-paying clients.

Here are some of the things you can include in your portfolio.

  • about you
  • skills
  • projects you’ve done so far
  • ad campaigns
  • testimonials and more

Build a reputation on social media networks

One of the best ways to find social media management gigs is to get active on social media and build your following. You can easily attract high-paying clients and agencies if you already have 10,000+ followers on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Yes, it takes some time to build your following on social media. You can follow influencers in your niche and analyze what they consistently post on their profiles to get more engagement to repeat the same process.

Also, you can use tools like Buffer or HootSuite to create, schedule, and analyze your social media posts.

Connect with bloggers

Most of the full-time bloggers outsource their stuff. We all know that blogging involves many things including content creation, email marketing, promotion, and more. Social media management is also one of the key things most full-time bloggers focus on.

So look for full-time bloggers who need social media services. You can try connecting them through emails or social media and ask if they’d like to manage their social media profiles. 

You can join our Facebook group to connect with other bloggers.

bp fb group

If you already have a good portfolio, you can easily convince many bloggers to manage their social media. You can also use sites like Problogger Job board to find social media gigs.

That being said, here are a few more tips to succeed as a social media manager in India.

  • Use post scheduling tools such as HootSuite as they help you find the best content to promote and also lets you automate 
  • Analyze everything including likes, followers, social media metrics, and more as it helps you what is working and what is not
  • Use appealing images. You can either hire someone to create stunning images for your social media campaigns or use tools like Canva or Photoshop
  • Deliver results to your customers. Find out what they want (is it better engagement, selling their products, or reaching out to a wider audience) 

3. Become a video editor

video editing india

There are millions of marketers including YouTubers creating a ton of videos every single day. Do you know what’s the #1 thing they need help with? It’s video editing.

Honestly, video editing takes a lot of time. So most people who create a lot of videos often outsource their video editing work to save time.

That’s why video editing is a super useful skill to learn to make money online in India.

So what does a video editor do?

Here are some of the things you need to do as a video editor.

  • Logging your footage
  • Arranging your video clips in a timeline
  • Editing
  • Merging
  • Cutting videos
  • Adding sounds, images, illustrations, special effects, etc

Here are some of the best tips to make money as a video editor in India.

Learn video editing

Firstly, you need to watch a lot of YouTube tutorials (or take courses) on video editing. Fortunately, it won’t take much time to learn video editing like a pro – thanks to video editing tools. 

Use video editing software

For video editing, you need a tool. There are a ton of free tools available online to edit, cut, and merge your videos. But if you want to REALLY make money from video editing, we recommend you invest in good software.

Here are some of the popular video editing tools most people use for video editing.

  • iMovie
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Use the right platforms to find gigs

Once you’ve learned and mastered the video editing skill, you can use the following platforms to find video editing projects to make money in India.

4. Build an email list to make money

“The money is on the list”.

Did you know that you can earn $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing? 

email roi

If you’re curious, here are some of the interesting stats about email marketing that may surprise you.

  • A study by Experian found that email subject lines with an emoji increased open rates by 56% (so if you want better email open rates, use emojis)
  • Including videos in your email can increase clickthrough rates by up to 300%
  • Mobile devices account for 41.9% of all opened emails (so make sure to use mobile responsive templates while sending emails)
  • According to Campaign Monitor, 320% more revenue is driven from automated emails than non-automated emails
  • Marketing emails contain an average of 435 words

Here’s the fun part: you don’t need a HUGE email list.

You need to build an email list that’s full of people with the same interests and desires. 

That means you need to build a “targeted email list” to start making money.

But… if you need people to click and then buy from the emails you send them, they need to trust you first.

Building trust is the KEY to making money from your email list.

So how do you build trust?

The best way to build trust and nurture your email list is to send “informative or useful emails” regularly.

For instance, if you’re interested in building an email list around “SEO”, you might want to teach people how to get more search traffic, use SEO to grow their business, make profits, and so on. Then, start promoting your SEO services or SEO-related products such as Semrush to start making money from your email list.

If you’re curious to learn more ways to monetize your email list, here are a few strategies that work like a charm in 2021.

Use a tripwire

A tripwire is an affordable offer that is pitched to a potential customer immediately upon their signup to your email list. Tripwire offers usually in the range between $5-$50. That means you can find and promote products that are extremely affordable.

Here’s how a tripwire looks like;

tripwire example

As you can see above, you can offer a HUGE discount on your tripwire product to instantly turn your subscribers (or visitors or leads) into paying customers with a $5 to $50 product.

Selling affiliate products

Here are some of the best affiliate networks you can join to find HIGHLY relevant products in any industry.

  • ClickBank
  • Rakuten
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate

Sell your own stuff

If you’re looking for a long-term strategy to make passive income from email marketing, sell your own products. You can consider selling things like;

  • eBooks
  • Themes
  • Tools
  • Checklists
  • Merchandise and the list goes on

5. Use online learning platforms to get paid as an instructor

There are a ton of people who are using online learning platforms such as Udemy to earn millions of dollars every single year by selling what they already know.

Imagine if you can get your hands on just a fraction of that, you’ll be making thousands of dollars (if not millions) every year and that even while you sleep. Just create your course out there on sites like Udemy and watch the extra cash flowing.

Let’s talk about the most popular 3 online learning platforms you can use to become an instructor and for getting paid online.

Let’s talk about how you can use each one of them to earn passive income as an instructor by creating courses online in 2021 and beyond.

How to make more money as an instructor at Udemy?

If you’re into online, you should probably know about Udemy. It is one of the biggest online teaching marketplaces with over 80000 courses and 24 million students worldwide. It is where thousands of instructors make millions of dollars by selling their courses ranging from programming to marketing to SEO.


If you curious to find out how to make dollars as an Udemy instructor in 2021 and beyond, here are few powerful tips you can use.

Get the basics right

If you want to become an instructor at Udemy to make online, you need to have a few minimum requirements such as;

  • Presentation software (be it Keynote on Mac or Powerpoint or Windows)
  • Screen recording software (Camtasia or ScreenFlow)
  • Webcam (HD cam will be even better)
  • Microphone

If you’ve the above requirements, you can right away create a video course, create lessons in video format and upload it on to Udemy to start making dollars.

Find the perfect course topic for Udemy

The only difference between a successful course that makes a lot of money and the one which doesn’t make even a sale on Udemy is the course content. If the course topic is desired by enough people, you can attract a lot of people to buy courses from you (even if you don’t have any prior experience).

Just make sure to find your core skills and find topics that actually solve your target audience problems so you can come up with profitable course ideas to make more on Udemy.

How to make profits as an instructor at Coursera?

Millions of students are flocking on Coursera (which is another popular platform for learning online) to learn something or find solutions to their problems. So if you can find way to scratch your audience problems by creating a course, you can generate a ton of money.


Here are few essential tips for you.

Know how to write a perfect landing page

How you create your landing pages on Coursera to sell your courses is what makes or breaks your success. Here are few quick tips to write great copy on your landing pages while creating courses on platforms like Coursera.

  1. Keep the sentences you use on your landing pages short. Use short words instead of long sentences because they are easy to understand. People can also skim through your landing pages quickly.
  2. Don’t use jargon and never get fancy with your copy. Instead use simple language that even a 3rd grade should understand your landing page copy.
  3. Keep an eye on top selling landing pages on Coursera to see how they are using headlines, description and structuring their course contents to capture people’s attention.

Create an engaging promo video for your Coursera course

The best way to create curiosity among people to buy your course on platforms like Coursera is to tease them. You can give you a preview or sample taste of how your course content looks like by making a promo video around it.

Not so many course creators do this but if you’re just starting out and want to make more sales from your course, make sure to create an appealing promo video for your course (it can be as short as 1 minute or even 30 seconds).

How to monetize your skills as an instructor at Skillshare?

Skillshare is another biggest online learning community for creators which has access to over 3 million members worldwide where instructors make a ton of money by selling courses which are available through subscription.


If you curious to find out how to make a lot of money as a Skillshare instructor in 2021 and beyond, here are few solid tips for you.

Understand the key principles to promote

The #1 key to make more money as an instructor at Skillshare is promotion. Learn how to promote your course to ensure high sales. It doesn’t matter how great content your courses has but it all comes down to how effectively you promote it.

Go find out where your target audience and customers hang out online. Is it Facebook, twitter or Instagram? Or forums or LinkedIn? Then, you can lay down ways to promote your course to generate more sales from Skillshare.

Give a money back guarantee

When people are buying something online, they are usually skeptical. You can remove the fear of buying from people by providing them a money back guarantee on platforms like Skillshare to make more money as an instructor.

You can provide a 30 day money back guarantee and promise people that if they’re not getting the results you’re promising, then they can ask for a full refund. If you can show that they have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, your course sales will skyrocket.

6. Become a holiday advisor to earn from home

Do you want to earn from home? Did you know that you can become a holiday advisor and start earning money from your home?

A holiday advisor is someone who suggest visiting places, tourist places nearby, local sightseeing attractions etc and get paid in return. This is really a great opportunity for someone who’s interested in earning dollars by helping other tourists to plan their holiday trips comfortably.

If you’re wondering about how you can become a holiday advisor, there are 2 major travel sites Yatra and MakeMyTrip that provide you this work from home opportunity.

Let’s dive into the details to find out how you can use both Yatra and MakeMyTrip to earn more from online as a holiday advisor.

Earn as a holiday advisor using Yatra

Yatra is India’s leading online travel companies which was launched back in 2006 which is also one of the very travel sites that provide you the opportunity as a Yatra expert (holiday advisor).

yatra money

What’s the primary eligibility criteria to become a holiday advisor at Yatra?

Here’s what all you need to know;

  • Your age should be between 25 to 55
  • You should not be in a full time employment
  • Well traveled with decent communication skills

So what do you get in return after becoming a holiday advisor at Yatra?

  • You can earn from home
  • You can win travel vouchers to save on hotels, trips, bookings etc throughout India using Yatra platform
  • You can get a free chance to go out with your family for vacations

Not only that, you get all the support such as completing training and sales support you need to provide assistance to tourists by being a part of Yatra holiday advisor.

So what are you still waiting for?

Click here to become a holiday advisor at Yatra

Earn as a holiday advisor using MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is another popular travel site which is used by millions of people across India to book hotels, flights etc. It also provides you an opportunity as a holiday expert to earn passive income from home.

mmt money expert

What’s the primary eligibility criteria to become a holiday advisor at MakeMyTrip?

Here’s what all you need to know;

  • You should be willing to attend a 10 day training program (Its mandatory)
  • You should be able to invest 6 to 8 hours of work on daily basis though this is not fixed working hours
  • You should have a computer or laptop with internet connection at home
  • You should not be in a full time employment

What are your responsibility as a holiday advisor through MakeMyTrip?

  • You should guide guests and tourist on their holiday enquiry
  • You should designing Itineraries
  • You should be doing costing for the packages and keep a track of the payment collected
  • You should follow up on queries and sell holiday packages
  • You should attend classroom trainings, webex and con calls to become better as a holiday expert

Here’s the link to join as a holiday expert at MakeMyTrip (and click on “Work from Home” to find current vacancies).

7. Become a freelance writer

There’s a HUGE demand for content writing. Every professional blogger, SEO, marketer and small business owner is looking for talented writers to create content consistently for their sites.

There are so many people who are ready to pay thousands (if not lakhs) of bucks every single month for content writing services. Do you know why others are ready to pay so much in content writing?

Because content is what generates traffic from search engines like Google. Just don’t go for sites like Fiverr, UpWork etc where you can only attract cheap paying clients where you can’t really improve your writing skills as a freelancer.

Instead it’s better to find bloggers who are ready to pay for your content writing and start spending more time on creating quality content for them so you can benefit it two ways: one is, you’re earning from content writing and the other is you’ll be learning a lot in the process (so you can also later start a blog from scratch from it).

That said, here are few vital tips you can use if you want to earn more as a freelance writer.

Start pitching every day to get clients: When you’re getting started as a freelancer writer, no one will come looking for your content writing services. You’ve to go and find where your target clients are and start pitching them every single day.

As a rule of thumb, try to send email pitches to at least 3 to 5 new people every single day (for a month or two), even if 1% respond to your pitches, that’s 10 people who are actually interested in paying for content writing services. It then depends on how well you negotiate with your clients to start working with them.

So how can you find clients for your writing services?

The best place is start with blogs. Find out a list of blogs in various industries that are already making decent income (at least 1 lakh or $2000+ per month) to stand a chance to get paid for your content writing services. You can simply do a Google search on “money making bloggers” etc to find a list of all the top bloggers.

Most of the money making bloggers are more interested in generating revenue, driving more traffic and promoting their content to reach wider audience – so they often outsource their content writing part to others who can create good enough content for them.

Quick tip: Start your own blog, write guest post for others and use your bio in the guest posts to drive people to your portfolio or service pages where you can actually offer your freelance content writing services.

Invest in a course or mentor: If you’re completely new to online world and never made even a penny as a freelance writer, we highly recommend you to take a course on Udemy or look for any successful writer who is providing courses on how you can get paid to write.

If you have enough money or budget, you can even hire a blogger or mentor to help you with landing high paying clients. Investing money and time on a course can give you tremendous results and you can really avoid so many dumbest mistakes most freelance beginners make.

Just make sure to implement all the tips and strategies mentioned in the courses you take in order to get the results you want. After all, action is what gives you results.

Pro tip: If want to become a successful freelance writer, make sure to spend quality time in writing every single day. We highly recommend you to write at least 500 to 1000 words (on any topic that you’re interested in) every day for a few months and you’ll notice a drastic improvement in your content writing.

Become friends with other freelance writers: One of the simplest way to accelerated your income as a freelance writer is to network with other freelancers who are already earning while offering their content writing services.

That way, you can easily find out the ins and outs of freelance writing and probably find some interesting and new ways to land high paying clients offering your freelance writing services. You can find other freelancers on blogs, twitter, Facebook groups or even on platforms like Fiverr – just make sure to incentivize them in one or the other way to get help.

8. Become a virtual assistant

Did you know that Transparency Market Research recently published a report claiming that the global market for virtual assistance will be worth $7.9 billion dollars in the year 2024?

virtual assistant

Virtual assistance industry is growing rapidly.

If you want to earn from online in India as a student, housewife or anyone who wants to earn from home, looking for virtual assistant (VA) jobs as there are so many professionals ready to pay to manage their day to day tasks online.

Realistically speaking you can easily make around $10 to $20 or even more an hour by becoming a virtual assistant within a particular industry (such as SEO, content uploading, website promotion etc).

Where can you find jobs as a virtual assistant?

We personally recommend you to give a try to both Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) and LinkedIn where you can find a ton virtual assistant jobs. Apart from MTurk and LinkedIn, you can use the following major platforms to get paid as a virtual assistant.

  • UpWork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Guru

Although there are a ton of other platforms you can use but the above mentioned sites are where you can find a ton of virtual assistant jobs as they are widely popular.

Here are few tips if you want to earn as a virtual assistant.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer: The best way to get paid as a VA is to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer who is looking for a virtual assistant to manage their tasks.

What kind of money they are ready to offer? What are the day to day tasks they will assign? By putting yourself in the shoes of someone, you can find ways to quickly get paid using sites mentioned above.

Find out what kind of services you want to offer: Before thinking about earning dollars as a virtual assistant, it’s important for you to figure out what are the skills you already have and what services you can provide with ease.

Are you a good translator? Can you type faster? Do you code a lot? Can you do research for projects and websites? Can you do keyword research or backlink analysis for websites? By asking these questions, you can quickly find VA jobs.

9. Make money from websites

If you’re looking for PROVEN methods on how to monetize online or any part of the world, the surest way is to start a blog in India, create content, drive more traffic to start earning every single month.

It’s easier said than done though but it’s not a rocket science to earn more money from blogging. It’s not a get rich scheme as you have to put lots of efforts. The blog which you are currently reading now makes at an average of $10000 (more than 7 lakhs in rupees) every single month. We’re consistently generating more income every single year so blogging works like a charm.

That said, here’s an excellent tutorial on how you can start a blog on in 2021. Yes, starting a blog on platforms like WordPress costs you some money (around $100 a year) but it is worth every single penny.

If you are wondering about how bloggers earn from their websites, here are 3 of the widely used monetization strategies you too can consider from blogging.

Google AdSense or other alternatives

Google Adsense is an incredible ad publishing platform which lets you earn dollars with your content based websites or YouTube channel where it shows ads to target audience.

The more people who click on your AdSense ads, the more money you can generate. The amount of earnings you generate each month from Google AdSense directly depends on the CPC of keywords that you use within your website or YouTube to attract visitors.

So if you want to make huge earnings with AdSense, you need to use high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords and try to get more visitors from western countries like US, UK, Canada etc.

All in all, AdSense is a great monetization source for beginner bloggers who want to make more every month from a trusted source like Google.

If you’re finding it hard to get your AdSense account approved or looking for high paying alternatives to it, you can consider signing up following websites. Some of them pay via Paypal, so get a Paypal account if you don’t have it yet.

Here’s a detailed post on best paying AdSense alternatives you can use to make more money from publishing platforms in 2021 and beyond.

Affiliate marketing to earn passive income

Do you want to earn dollars online even while you’re sleeping? Then, give a try to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry which is only growing at rapid pace every single year. It is expected to become a $10 billion dollar industry by the year 2021.

Have a look at the following stats to know how popular affiliate marketing is.

affiliate stats

Why affiliate marketing is a great way to earn?

If you’re wondering about why affiliate marketing is the best way to earn passive income, here are 3 major reasons.

  • Low cost: With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to invest any money or capital. Of course, it’s better if you have access to few premium tools like Semrush to increase your search traffic in order to generate more sales but it’s not essential.
  • No inventory required: The best part about picking affiliate marketing online is that you don’t need to create products or rent any stuff. You simply need to find the right products that are created or developed by someone else, promote them on your website or social media using your affiliate referral and start generating commissions on every successful sale.
  • Ability to earn passive income: Affiliate marketing helps you make dollars online even while you sleep. Enough said!

That being said, here are 3 of the best affiliate marketing tips we have for you if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer in 2021 and beyond.

  1. Choose products that meet your target audience needs. There’s no point in promoting a product that pays you high commissions but you won’t get even a penny if your target audience don’t even need them.
  2. Promote only a handful of affiliate products instead of picking a ton of products. That way you can put more serious efforts on making more commissions.
  3. Always track your progress and make necessary tweaks in your affiliate marketing strategy so you can consistently increase your overall average affiliate commissions.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, here are few top affiliate marketing blogs you can follow to learn more about it.

Selling own products from your website

Information products is all about teaching something via products, which could be delivered as text, audio or video. That means, information products can be anything from eBooks, podcasts, videos.

There are a lot of people such as Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn etc who are selling information products like eBooks to earn passive income online.

The only thing you need from information products is to build an email list where you need to educate your audience about the products you create.

That way you can build trust and strong rapport with your audience which you can use it later to easily buy your stuff.

If you’re wondering about how to create information products online even if you’re a beginner, you should check out this awesome post.

10. Start selling your products on eCommerce platforms for high profits

If you already have offline store or shop where you sell various products to other people, why not selling them online? There are so many eCommerce platforms where you can easily sell your stuff online for high margins.

Become a seller on Flipkart

There are over 10 crore registered customers are waiting to buy products from you on Flipkart. It is undoubtedly the #1 India’s eCommerce platform.

flipkart seller

You can literally sell everything from utensils to clothes to electronic gadgets to make high profits and margins.

What are the minimum requirements to sell on Flipkart?

If you want to start selling on Flipkart, you need to have the following:

  • PAN Card (Personal PAN for business type “Proprietorship” and Personal + Business PAN for business type as “Company”)
  • GSTIN/TIN Number (not mandatory for few categories)
  • Bank account and supporting KYC documents (Address Proof and 1 cancelled cheque)
  • You need to have a minimum of 1 unique product to sell on Flipkart

Here’s how you can become a seller on Flipkart:

  • To start selling on Flipkart, you need to register yourself from here (free to join)
  • List your products under specific product categories
  • Once someone places an order, pack the product and mark it as ‘Ready to Dispatch’. Flipkart logistics partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer. So there’s no need for you take all the hustle to ship the products to the customer.
  • Once the order is successfully dispatched, Flipkart will settle your payout within 7-15 business days based on your seller tier.

The payment will be made directly to your bank account through NEFT transactions.

Become a seller on Amazon India

Amazon India is quickly becoming the one stop solution for most consumers who wants to buy stuff online and it offers some of the amazing benefits to the sellers such as no fixed costs, fast and free product shipping, timely payouts, customer support and so on.

amazon seller

What are the minimum requirements to sell on Amazon India?

If you want to start selling on Amazon India, you need to have the following:

  • Update your bank account details supporting KYC documents including address proof
  • Setup basic account information like invoice address, customer service contact etc.
  • PAN Card (Personal PAN for business type “Proprietorship” and Personal + Business PAN for business type as “Company”)

Here’s how you can become a seller on Amazon India:

  • Click here to register yourself as a seller on Amazon India (free to join)
  • List your products using their listing tools
  • As soon as someone places order, you can view and manage it from your order management dashboard which is enable with Amazon Easy Ship to deliver the products the products from you to the customers for free
  • You can also list your products international by selling in the US and EU through Amazon

Your payments will be deposited directly into your bank account within 7 days.

Become a seller on eBay India

We usually find a ton of new items on sale on eBay India when compared to other eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. eBay India is another largest eCommerce site where most people are interested to sell their products.

ebay seller

What are the minimum requirements to sell on eBay India?

If you want to start selling on eBay India, you need to have the following:

  • You must have a valid and active user id of eBay Website
  • You must have its principal place of business
  • You must hold a valid Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Identification Number (TIN) for doing online transactions

Here’s how you can become a seller on eBay India:

  • Register as a seller in eBay India (it’s free to join)
  • List your item and provide all the details such as title, product description etc
  • Once the buyer buys the product from you, you’ll get a payment confirmation from PaisaPay, upon receiving it, you need to ship the item to the buyer within 3 days
  • You need to pick a courier company such as Bluedart, FedEx etc to deliver the item to the buyer within 7 days

eBay transfers your money to your registered bank account which takes 3 to 21 days depending on the seller status.

FAQs | How to Make Money Online in India 2021

Here are few frequently asked questions on how to earn more dollars online as a beginner in 2021 and beyond.

How do I make money online in India being a student?

Students who want to earn, we recommend blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing and becoming an instructor on sites like Udemy. They not only expand your knowledge but you can also become an expert in the long run.

Are there any online jobs from home without investment?

Yes, of course there are a ton of online jobs from home where you don’t need to invest anything except your time. These include data entry jobs, filling captchas, freelancing, filling online survey, online micro jobs (such as sharing a page, giving review or rating for a product) etc.

What are the best freelancing sites in India I can use to earn?

Here’s a list of some of the popular freelancing sites you can use to find freelance writing, designing or other freelancing-related work in 2021.

→ Truelancer
→ Freelancer
→ Peopleperhour
→ Fiverr
→ Upwork

How do I earn money through blogging in India as a beginner?

There are plenty of ways to make money from blogging in India which include;

– Affiliate marketing (selling others products)
– Selling your own products such as merchandise, eBooks, tools, etc
– Offering freelance services such as web design, writing, etc
– Consulting
– Using display ad networks such as AdSense, Infolinks, RevenueHits, etc

You can also check our post on how these top Indian bloggers are making money from blogging where you can find a ton of PROVEN ways to make money blogging even if you’re a beginner.

How do people monetize from YouTube?

There are several ways to make money from YouTube. You can use Google AdSense which most YouTubers use to monetize their videos where Google pays for the advertisements which appear on the videos you’re watching on YouTube. 

Besides AdSense ads, you can also use other monetization strategies like sponsored reviews, YouTube sponsorships, brand collaborations, etc to earn passive income from YouTube.

What paid survey sites are legitimate to make money online?

Here are some of the best paid survey sites that you can use to make money online.

– Swagbucks
– Survey Junkie 
– InboxDollars 
– Toluna

Which is the best online money making site in India?

You can use the following sites to legitimately make money in India.

– Fiverr
– Upwork
– People Per Hour
– Toptal

How to earn money online in India with Google?

Here are some of the best ways to make money with Google.

– Start a blog, create content, drive more traffic and use Google AdSense to earn money from showing their ads
– Start a YouTube channel, get 4,000 public watch hours along with 1,000 subscribers and you can use AdSense to monetize your channel

Read: Online Jobs For Students: How to Make Dollars Online As A Student in 2021

Read: Top 10 Best Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers In 2021 to Make More Money

Recommended resources around making money:

Final Thoughts

Making money online in India is NOT hard. There are way too many opportunities out there. I’m a living example who’s making $10,000 from blogging.

You just need to be consistent. Learn new skills and build a network. All the methods mentioned in this post are truly legitimate and with consistency and hard work, you can easily earn even from home.

Let us know if you have any questions about making money online as a beginner in the comments below.

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Birch Gold Group Review | June 2021 Promotions & Fees

Birch Gold icon

DBT is research-focused. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

Birch Gold icon

Since 2003, Birch Gold Group become a leading dealer of physical precious metals in the United States.

The Bottom Line: Founded in 2003, The Birch Gold Group is a leading name in handling and valuing precious metals and Gold IRAs. With almost two decades’ experience, the media-featured Birch Gold Group has high feedback from clients and review resources. 

Pros & Cons 

The Birch Gold Group works with clients to educate, inform, and advise them on precious metals and gold IRAs. But, like any business, there are pros and cons to the partnership. 

So, what should you consider before teaming up with the Birch Gold Group?

  • High business ratings from trusted sources
  • Range of informative, educational resources on precious metals and IRAs
  • Competitive Prices
  • Wide variety of precious metals and precious metal IRAs for customers to choose from.
  • Site has minimal information available about the team handling transactions and purchases.
  • $10,000 minimum for non-IRA purchases, which is not ideal for smaller purchases.

Investing in precious metals can be a great way to invest in the future securely. But it can be daunting, and establishing an IRA can be even more overwhelming. 

Experienced, trustworthy, and a leading name in the precious metal investment market, the Birch Gold Group works with its clients to make precious metal investment transparent and straightforward.

About Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold review

Valued by industry colleagues, the media, and customers alike, Birch Gold Group is an established dealer of precious metals in America. Based in Burbank, California, Birch Gold Group’s dedicated and knowledgeable team has been advising clients since 2003. 

If you’re looking for reliable, competent advice to help secure the future of your retirement, this might be a great option. Birch Gold Group is committed to putting customer empowerment first; you decide what happens to your money.

Birch Gold Services

Customers who sign on to work with Birch Gold Group can choose from a range of services spanning precious metal acquisition to setting up gold IRAs.

Whatever your decision, Birch Gold Group works with you to make the process as easy and uncomplicated as possible. 

Services offered by Birch Gold Group include the purchase of precious metals: 

  • Gold 
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium 

In addition to buying precious metals, the Birch Gold Group offers customers the option to set up an IRA or Individual Retirement Account. 

Both of these services have considerable benefits if you are looking to invest in a future that lasts. Historically, gold and precious metals backed the dollar. Consequently, even when the American dollar falls, gold stocks remain stable, even increasing.

Moreover, purchasing precious metals through Birch Gold Group is a safe, trusted way to diversify your savings if you’re worried about fluctuating stocks and inflation prices. 

The variety of precious metals to choose from also means you can take time deciding on an investment you feel comfortable with. And if you have a preexisting 401(K), it is possible to roll this over into an IRA with the Birch Gold Group.  

The Birch Gold Group has also partnered with Equity Trust to help you find a custodian for your precious metals that best suits the task. 

Additionally, you’ll need storage for your precious metals. Ideally, it should be IRS sanctioned. To help store your gold, the Birch Gold Group partnered with Delaware Services and Brink’s to give you ample storage options. 

With all that in mind, what is involved in purchasing precious metals and starting your gold IRA?

Birch Gold Fees & Minimum Investment

Buying gold from the Birch Gold Group has a minimum purchase fee of $10,000. This minimum applies to precious metal IRAs as well as non-precious metal IRAs. 

The Birch Gold Group works with custodians to safeguard your precious metals, and that means all precious metal IRAs also incur an annual maintenance fee of $180. Non-precious metal IRAs have no annual fee. 

Importantly, this $180 fee is fixed, irrespective of how much you invest in your IRA. 

Additionally, Birch Gold Group’s primary partner, Equity Trust, charges a $50 start-up fee when you open your IRA. Equity Trust also charges a $30 wire transfer fee.

Both of these are one-time fees when you set up your IRA through Birch Gold Group. 

Also, note that if the initial transfer is $50,000 or more, the Birch Gold Group covers the cost of your IRA’s first year.

Since precious metals must be stored in IRS-sanctioned storage, setting up an IRA also comes with an annual storage fee. The Birch Gold Group’s precious metal storage arrangements include an annual storage fee of $100 and a further $80 for maintenance.  

Who is Birch Gold Group Best for?

Investing in precious metals can feel daunting, especially if you’re new to the investment process. How, then, to be certain that Birch Gold Group is a good match for you? 

Birch Gold Group is prepared to work with everyone. There’s no limit on the clientele they engage with, and their educational resources are informative and geared towards making IRAs and precious metal investment accessible to even the novice investor. 

With almost two decades of experience, Birch Gold Group is amply situated to guide you through the investment process and custodian and storage selection.

Their dedicated team’s emphasis on transparency and customer knowledge will help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Further, precious metals and gold IRAs are an excellent way to give your portfolio in good condition as you head towards retirement. The economy might fluctuate, and stocks may vary, but precious metals’ market value remains stable. 

But that’s not the only reason to put your faith in the Birch Gold Group and precious metals. There are other reasons for starting a gold IRA, including: 

  • No contract required to realize your gold
  • Anonymity possible when investing in gold 
  • No specialized knowledge needed to invest in gold
  • Easy and cost-effective to store gold safely

Furthermore, because gold and other precious metals are tangible, liquid assets, they can be valuable investments in times of crisis.

Now more than ever, we live in uncertain times, and the security afforded by precious metals and gold IRAs has never been more welcome.


Is Birch Gold Group Legit?

The Birch Gold Group is a reliable, trusted investor in precious metals founded in 2003. It has high Better Business Bureau ratings and ranks favorably on Google and other trusted rating sites.

Where Are My Gold or Precious Metals Stored?

The Birch Gold Group partners with certified and trustworthy vaults and depositories to keep your precious metals safe.

Working in collaboration with Brinks, Delaware Depository, and the Birch Gold Group stores your precious metals safely across the United States. 

Why Invest in Precious Metals in My IRA?

As you approach retirement and start thinking about securing your future, precious metals afford you greater stability than those offered by stocks or the dollar.

Investing in precious metals means you always have a high-grade financial standard to fall back on. 

Do I Need to Set Up an LLC?

There are strict rules pertaining to storing precious metals, and one of many is the need to form an LLC if you opt to keep your precious metals at home.  

Because the Birch Gold Group offers storage and custodian options for your precious metals, you can easily avoid the need for an LLC.

Talk to a representative from the Birch Gold Group about their storage providers to keep your precious metals safe with no red tape at your end. 

Does Opening a Gold IRA Require Lots of Complicated Paperwork?

Only a handful of forms are involved in setting up your gold IRA, especially if you are rolling over a previous account. The custodian handling your account will take care of the necessary paperwork, leaving you to invest your precious metals without the hassle of red tape. 

Birch Gold Reviews & 3rd Party Ratings

The Birch Gold Group has a 4.85-star rating with the Better Business Bureau. They have successfully resolved ten complaints in the past three years. 

The Birch Gold Group also has an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. They further indicate the Birch Gold Group received and resolved two complaints over the last three years.

Trust Pilot ratings average 4.8 out of 5 stars based on client feedback.

Birch Gold Promotions

The Birch Gold Group offers the following promotions: 

  • IRAs valued over $50,000 have no fees for the first year
  • Free shipping costs on orders above $10,000
  • Eligible purchases may receive up to $10,000 in precious metals for free 
  • Free safe with eligible purchases

How to Open an Account

Setting up an IRA with Birch Gold Group is a straightforward and readily navigable process.

The first step is to create your account. To do this, you’ll have to choose a funding source. You can either transfer funds from any existing IRA, rollover a 401(k), or purchase precious metals directly through Birch Gold Group. 

Accounts eligible for rollover include: 

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Eligible 401(k), 403(b), 457, TSP, and more

Whatever you choose, the minimum investment at startup is $10,000.

Once you’ve settled on a funding source, the Birch Gold Group pairs you with a precious metals specialist to coach you through the IRA process.

They’ll help you transfer funds to a reliable custodian by working with you and their partner, Equity Trust. 

Choose Your Precious Metals

The Birch Gold Group offers a variety of precious metals in which to invest. These range from gold and silver to platinum and palladium. Once again, your precious metals specialist will help you reach the best investment decision for you and your portfolio.

Purchase Your Precious Metal

Once you’ve decided what precious metal you want in your portfolio, you’re ready to make a purchase. Your precious metals specialist will walk you through the process and send your metals to a trusted depository for safekeeping. 

Purchase made, your precious metals are stored in a depository. The Birch Gold Group works with Delaware Depository, which insures your metals for up to $1 billion, as well as with Brink’s Global Service, with locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City. 

Depository storage can save you additional paperwork and keep your money safe. The Birch Gold Group works with you to find the best fit for your investments’ storage and custodianship. 

With your precious metals safely deposited, all that remains is to keep in regular touch with Birch Gold Group. They’ll keep you apprised of your investments and offer resources to keep you informed and educated about the ongoing investment process.

Final Verdict

While the $10,000 minimum may discourage casual purchases of precious metals, the Birch Gold Group is a trusted and leading name in precious metal dealings.

Its team of representatives will help carefully curate your portfolio to match your needs as you invest in gold IRAs and precious metals. If you’re ready to make a valuable, market-stable investment for your future, contact the experts at the Birch Gold Group today.

Birch Gold icon

Since 2003, Birch Gold Group become a leading dealer of physical precious metals in the United States.

Birch Gold Group vs. Competitors

Goldco icon
  • Low yearly fees.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Over a decade of experience
Noble Gold icon
  • Flat-rate fees are transparent
  • Low minimum investment
  • Great customer service
Advantage Gold icon
  • United States Approved Mint Dealer
  • Excellent customer service
  • Buyback services available

Panda Antivirus

June 4, 2021

This antivirus is literally the coolest and the best antivirus I have ever used. Before reading this blog I didn’t know it exists



Birch Gold Group
Birch Gold Review

Since 2003, Birch Gold Group become a leading dealer of physical precious metals in the United States.

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How to Make a Great Infographic for Your Blog

How to Create an Infographic - Part 1: What Makes a Good Infographic?

Using infographics for your blog is one of the best ways to communicate ideas to your audience. Not only is it more appealing, but it also makes your blog more understandable.

Take for example Grammarly’s 15 Grammar Goofs that Make You Look Silly. It generated over 263k shares since it was published. The result speaks of infographics’ ability to engage and get a reaction of its audience.

Therefore, if you’re planning on generating more blog traffic, you need to publish infographics. In this post are tips on how to make a great infographic that captures the imagination of your readers.

Tips to Making a Great Inforaphic

1. Identify your audience first

Come up with an infographic idea based on what your audience wants. Even if you design the best infographic out there, it won’t mean anything to your audience if it doesn’t resonate with them.

By creating an infographic that speaks to them, you can maximize the results of your audience and drive more social shares and blog traffic.

To achieve this, you need a firm grasp of your audience.

Ask yourself this question:

Who are your readers?

More important:

What makes them one?

Answering these two simple question will tell you a lot about your blog. From there, you can come up with ideas on how to brainstorm for infographic ideas.

And while infographics are great for generating backlinks, that’s not their main purpose. Instead, they should solve your audience’s problem. Your infographics present information they don’t know yet in a fun and visual way..

2. Plot it out

Map out on a piece of paper what you want to convey to your audience.

Create an outline and write every idea down. Brainstorm and decide on which kind of images are most capable of illustrating the ideas you want to convey.

It should convey what your product is or what the topic is all about. Explain why people should try it. Splash in some humor, facts, or perhaps a comparison.

You can do this by simply drawing the infographic on a piece of paper or use an online wireframe tool to help bring it to life.

At this stage, some of your ideas will be very rough. But it’s part of the process so making errors along the way is normal. Just make sure to fix the mistakes before you settle on a design for your infographic.

3. Include statistics

Most infographics are made to present data. It’s a smart way of conveying something to people. After all, we are better at processing visualized stats and figures compared to just seeing plain numbers.

However, it’s important to stay accurate and factual. Your sources should be reliable and your graphic representations line up with your numbers.

All of the best infographics have figures that backup their claims. It’s the best way to make a compelling case to your audience and make them believe you.

Not to mention, you can present facts and figures in a livelier way through graphics than by just painting the numbers. It’s a win-win for both parties!

4. Express everything visually

Let the visuals do the talking. Keep it simple. Make sure that your infographic is easy to look at. Words should be easily read and your points easy to understand.

However, don’t give everything away in your infographic because they won’t have any reason to visit your site. Your infographic should just entice them to read more and open your blog.

Also, see to it that your infographic shows up properly on phones and tablet. You’re already designing your website for mobile SEO, so you’ll want to design your infographic for mobile as well.

5. Promote it!

Your infographic won’t mean squat not until you share it to your audience.

There are lots of ways to promote your blog and content on it, apart from the fact that there are lots of social media channels to share to. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are some of the best avenues for you to share your infographic.

You can also reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them for a feature. Also add social plugins to your infographic to make it shareable.

There are lots of good infographics that are left in the outskirts of the web because its creators didn’t promote them.

I can’t stress this enough:

Don’t waste your infographic.

It’s arguably the best type of content out there if you’re serious in growing your blog.

Therefore, share and promote as much as possible to make the most out of them.

Examples of Great Infographics

Below are some of my favorite infographics that you can use as a reference to design your own.

1. Ways to Improve Back Posture

This is a good example of a great infographic because of its readability and design. The words can easily be read and its thoughts are well laid out. In other words, anyone can understand what the infographic is all about.

The way this infographic about improving posture is organized also makes it more enticing for viewers to keep on reading. It follows a dynamic layout where viewers are compelled to read from top to bottom.

2. The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce

Single-color themes are also a great way to create a stunning infographic. See how this effectively utilized the different shades of blue in its background and font.

The robots also reflect what the infographic is all about — artificial intelligence. It also follows proper spacing as the words and images aren’t cluttered in one single spot.

3. How Steve Jobs Started

Create a well laid-out timeline of an influential person such as Apple founder Steve Jobs and you’ll have hundreds if not thousands of people sharing your infographic. As big as a legend he is, there’s no doubt that everyone will take a peek at your infographic. Apart from that, you can also see how simplicity and proper designing are implemented.

Wrapping Up

Infographics are still up and running, even in this “full-blown media world” we’re in.

If there’s anyone saying they’re dead, then they’re seriously misguided or still haven’t seen the real good ones. You can create a great infographic, though, by keeping our tips in mind.

Also, creating an infographic doesn’t require you to be a great designer. There are graphics editing tools out there like Canva and Visme. They help you build infographics from their wide selection of beautiful templates. You can then edit them as you please before publishing them to your blog.

So really, there is no excuse for you to not make a great infographic. The information is out there – it’s time for you to take action and create something special for your audience!

11 Things You Can Learn about Blogging from Thomas Edison

11 things you can learn about blogging from Thomas Edison

11 things you can learn about blogging from Thomas Edison

This post is based on episode 252 of the ProBlogger podcast.

Thomas Edison. Inventor of the light bulb, the phonograph and the motion picture camera. But not the blog.

That being said, a lot of Edison’s ideas on inventing can also apply to blogging. And so here are 11 quotes of his, and how they can help you become a better blogger.

1. Start with a need

“I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others… I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent.”

When you’re building your blog, think about the problems it will solve, the people it will serve, and the changes it will bring. Most successful blogs I’ve come across succeed when they meet a need, solve a problem, or enhance someone’s life.

Depending on what you’re writing about, your blog could:

  • give them information they don’t have
  • entertain people when they’re feeling bored
  • give people a sense of community when they feel alone
  • gives them information that teaches them something.

Many successful blogs started with the blogger facing a problem, and then talking about what they’re doing to try and solve it. That’s certainly how ProBlogger came to be. My problem was figuring out how to build a profitable blog, and I used the blog to talk about what I was trying to solve that problem.

Digital Photography School started a little differently. It came about not to solve my problems, but rather to solve problems other people were having. I began answering their questions and helping them out.

And I like to think that by doing so I changed their lives, even if only a little bit.

2. Work smart

“Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.”

As bloggers, it’s easy to fill our time with tasks that seem urgent but aren’t necessarily important.

Posting updates on social media can be one of these things. Yes, it can help us our blogs. But a lot of what we do on social media doesn’t necessarily translate into growth. Instead, they distract us from what we should be doing, such as:

  • writing great content
  • updating our archives
  • building traffic to our blogs
  • building community engagement
  • monetizing our blogs.

Worried you may not be investing your time as wisely as you should be? Then how about this: over the next week record everything you do and how long you spend doing it. And then, at the end of the week, figure how much time you spent on core activities compared to things that didn’t really contribute to growing your blog.

3. Work and wait

“Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.”

Unless you have a time machine (of only Edison had invented one of those), some of your efforts will take a while to bear fruit. It’s going to take time for the search engines to index your blog, and for you to build a profile ion your niche and establish trust with your readers.

But that’s okay, because while all that’s happening you can still be working on creating great content, building relationships with your readers, and driving traffic to your blog. Because the more work you do while your waiting, the better the results will be when your hard work finally does bear fruit.

So don’t be discouraged when your first blog post doesn’t appear in a Google search, or you don’t get many (or any) responses to your questions. It will all happen eventually. In the meantime, just keep working.

4. It takes work

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

Coming up with ideas for your blog can be a struggle sometimes, and it can feel like a major victory when you finally come up with one.

But don’t start celebrating just yet. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to turn your great idea into a great post.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of bloggers fail. They come up with the idea, but then don’t put in the effort to maximise its potential. And so their great idea becomes a mediocre post at best (assuming they bother to write one at all).

What a waste.

Creating a successful blog takes a lot of work. You need do a lot of little things, and you need to do them all well. Because when you do, they all combine to create a great blog.

5. Failure brings you closer to success

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Treat every post you write, every attempt to promote your blog and every tool you use as a learning experience that can help shape your future.

If you put something out there and it doesn’t work, you’re one step closer to finding something that will work. Keep putting things out there, and treating everything you do as an experiment. Whether it succeeds or fails, it will teach you something.

Some of your experiments will fail. Others will work, but nothing much will come of them. But sooner or later one of your experiments will fly. And it then become the basis for further experiments that give you even better results.

But whatever you do, don’t stop trying.

6. You are capable of astounding things

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

You have incredible potential. You’re unique, and have qualities that no-one else does. So tap into that uniqueness, and don’t sell yourself short.

You may be looking at your blog and thinking it’s nowhere near as good as you want it to be. Or you may be comparing yourself to another blogger who seems to be doing better than you are.

Don’t limit yourself by what’s in front of you right now. You have incredible potential. You just haven’t reached it yet. And as I said, you have qualities no other blogger has. Your stories, your experiences and your personality are all unique. And through your blog you can share them with the world.

Yes, it’s going to take work. And yes, you’ll have to be patient, and not get discouraged when nothing seems to be happening. Keep going, and don’t sell yourself short. You are capable of astounding things.

7. Sometimes failing is the start of success

“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.”

Just because something doesn’t work the way you expected doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a failure. Sometimes what actually happened can be just as useful as what you wanted to happen.

When American engineer Percy Spencer was working on an active radar set in 1945, cooking was probably the last thing on his mind. But then he noticed the chocolate bar in his pocket had melted, which led to the invention of the microwave oven we all take for granted today.

Blogging is no different. Sometimes you set out to serve your readers in one way, and end up serving them in another.

My first ever photography blog was supposed to be a photo blog of my trip to Morocco. I shared lots of photos I took, and then wrote a little review of the camera I used on the trip. No-one took any notice of my photos (apparently they weren’t that great), but my camera review took off. It ranked high on Google, and people started responding to what I’d written, which led to me creating a camera review blog.

But chances are I never would have created it if I hadn’t experimented with the photo blog and taken note of the unexpected outcome.

8. Don’t give up too early

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Most blogs are abandoned after a month or two. Unfortunately, it takes about three years for a blog to really take off. And that stretch of time from the two-month mark to the three-year mark can seem like an eternity.

I can remember enduring that period. Is this going to work? I can see some little sparks and a few things happening, but I’m a long way from being able to do this full-time. I’m really not sure I can keep going.

And that’s why we started 31 Days To Build A Better Blog – to get people through those patches where nothing seems to be happening, despite all the effort you’re making. Having 31 days of action and interaction on your blog can really lift both your blog and your spirits.

Just keep going. It will be worth it. o you need to persist with that.

9. Make it fun

“I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.”

A great way to get through those tough months is to make sure you’re writing about something you enjoy and are passionate about.

Let’s face it: to start with you’re not going to be making much money (if any). You may not even have any readers. So you need something else to keep you going.

And what better way is there than to have fun?

So blog about something you’re interested in. The kind of thing you talk about enthusiastically with your friends. The kind of thing you’d probably write about even if you knew no-one will ever read what you’ve written.

And there’s another benefit to writing about things you enjoy. Your energy and enthusiasm will show in your writing, and readers will pick up on it. They’ll keep coming back to read your latest post, and may even come to enjoy what you’re writing about as much as you do.

Which is a fantastic way to grow your blog.

10. Have lots of ideas

“To have a great idea, have a lot of them.”

Not every idea you come up with will be a good one. But if that’s the only idea you have, then you might try to make it work regardless. And chances are the resulting post won’t be a good one.

You’re much better off having lots of ideas you can draw from and discard at will. So make some time for yourself to come up with as many ideas as you can.

Some of them may not work. But this isn’t the time to decide. Just record whatever idea pops into your head, no matter how far-fetched it might be.

And be ready to capture ideas that pop into your head when you’re not trying to think of any. I have a piece of paper and a pencil beside my bed so I can quickly jot them down before I forget them.

Schedule time for curiosity and playfulness. Yes, you need to work. But I think it’s also important to have a little bit of ‘white space’ in your week where you can allow yourself to dream, be curious, ask questions, and brainstorm.

Who knows what ideas you’ll come up with?

11. You don’t have to start with a finished product

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”

A lot of bloggers think that before they can start they need the perfect domain name, design, tools, products, and so on. But the truth is no successful blog has ever started that way. I can’t think of one that was perfect out of the gate.

My first blog was on Blogger, using the Blogspot domain. I didn’t have a server. I didn’t have the best tools. I didn’t have a design. (I was using their ugly navy blue default template.) I didn’t have any pictures or visuals on my blog at all.

And I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to code. I didn’t even know how to make text bold.

But I wrote a post, and that led me to write another post. Over time I learned the skills, designed my blog, and I learned how to use the various tools available. (And yes, I learned how to make text bold.)

But my blog is far from perfect. I’m still learning, and there are still things I can add to it.

The key is to experiment and keep working at it. You’ll gradually refine your ideas, your blog will begin to grow, and you’ll get it the way you want it. And then you’ll probably reach a point where you don’t like it anymore, and so you’ll start the process all over again.

And that’s okay, because it’s all a learning experience.

Which quote resonates the most with you?

I really hope the quotes from Edison and how they can relate to blogging has given you some ideas, inspiration and encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

31 Ways Finding Best Online Content Writing Jobs from Home

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - Affiliate marketing


Online content writing jobs for freelancers online content writing jobs

Although writing tasks are somehow complicated and tricky, you can earn a handsome amount from this work. You have to find the relevant data from authentic sources to ensure the quality of work. Also, extensive research is required in this work to get the latest information as well.

Different types of writing works are available, and you can do any of them depending on your writing skills. In this article, we will discuss multiple ways and places to find jobs. It helps you to start earning a handsome amount for online writing shortly.  

1. Become a blogger

Blogging is the fastest growing and one of the best ways to start earning from online writing work. Many bloggers start earning a good amount from their blog after a few months of starting the blog.  

But you need to learn about creating and managing the blog for earning through the blog. Various online and offline website builders are available over the internet that let bloggers create the website in a short time without learning about coding.  

WordPress is the most popular and widely used platform that lets users create a website in a few simple steps. But it requires some investment for buying hosting and domain name.

1.2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way of online earning through which bloggers can earn a handsome amount. Due to the increase in online shopping trends, many platforms offer affiliate programs to improve their sales graph and profit as well.  

In affiliate marketing, bloggers have to share the links of products on their blogs or social media accounts. They can get a commission as anyone purchases the product by using the link they shared.  

Many online stores offer affiliate programs, including Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, and many others. But Amazon is on the top of the list, and people like to purchase from Amazon.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - Affiliate marketing

2. Earning and marketing through guest blogging

Guest blogging is used for various purposes, including for making backlinks with other sites as well as for earning through posting content on other sites.  

Usually, the sites that pay for guest blogging fall into two categories, i.e., revenue sharing and fixed payout. Writing guest blogs is a good way to market yourself to expand your hiring strategy for online content writing jobs from home.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - guest blogging

A huge list of the active guest positing sites is listed on Repostseo site.

2.1. Revenue sharing

Revenue sharing websites pay per view or click on Ads that they placed on your post. This way suits you to earn some pocket money but may not earn as much as you can earn through blogging or the other way.  

The following are the few websites for which you can write articles and get a share of ad revenue.  

i. Hubpages

This website offers a simple method to join the network. You just need to sign up for an account by providing some necessary information like name, email id, and password, etc.  

Hubpages accepts articles with a minimum word count of 700, and it must be unique as well as free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. The minimum payout is $100, which you can receive through cheque.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - revenue sharing

ii. Teckler

Teckler offers 70% of ad revenue for its contributors to their articles. You can share your article as well as you can share audio clips, videos, and images as well.  

This site offers a minimum payout of $0.5 that is tremendous, and writers don’t need to wait for more time to approach the payout rate limit.  

iii. Dailytwocents

This site (dailytwocents ) offers similar services to that of BubbleWS with few minor differences. The first one is the difference in a payout that is $5 instead of $50, and the other is a low pay rate.  

It pays at the rate of $0.005 per view, and the impression must be of 30 seconds. Otherwise, the impression can’t be counted.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - Dailytowcents

 iv. ShoutMeLoud  

ShoutMeLoud is a popular blog about blogging, WordPress, SEO, online earning, and many other web-related topics. It let the users upload the articles and earn directly through their AdSense account. It means users have to apply for their own AdSense and place ads on their posts.  

However, you don’t get good earnings from this platform at the start, but it will increase as you upload more articles.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - shoutmeload

2.2. Fix payout

You can earn a handsome amount from this method through your writing skills. Many websites are operating over the internet that is reputable in their niche and has a good number of visitors per day.  

Creator: PublicDomainPictures | Source: Pixabay

They offer to pay a fixed amount for every article instead of calculating the visits to your article. The plus side of this way is that you can approach the huge number of audiences that they have in their circle. However, it is somehow tricky to get approval in this method, and you have to write an A-Grade article to get approval.  

The following is the list of few websites that offer fix pay rate for every article or post.  

i. iWriter

This website (iWriter) offers a fixed payout of $80 for an article of 500 words. It offers an easy sign-up process; just make a free account and choose the category or type of content you want to write.  

After sign up, you can receive a topic to write, and after submitting the completed task, your article will be reviewed by the client. If the client accepts the article, you will receive the payment; otherwise, no payment.  

Also, if you get thirty 4 star reviews, you will be promoted to a premium category, and you will get almost double the pay rate. If the ratings go up to 4.5 stars, you could be eligible for the elite category where payment is three times the beginner’s account.  

ii. Textbroker

This site (Textbroker) is good to earn a handsome income, but the services of this site are available for writers from the US only. Writers have to submit the article for creating the account, and the site staff reviews the article. If they accept the article, you can get the star ratings between 2 to 4, and you will get paid based on these ratings.  

The minimum payout is $10 through PayPal once a week.  

iii. TutsPlus 

TutsPlus is looking for writers of tutorials on coding, web design, software creation, and web development. If you are an expert in one or more of these fields, you can send in your application and write articles on quick tips and full-length tutorials. 

Pay can range between $50-$250 per article.

3. Look for work in your circle

You can find a lot of people in your friends or family circle who needs writing services for different purposes or occasions. The work that you can find from your circle includes:   

  • Resume writing
  • Email newsletter writing
  • Advertisement
  • Event invitations

It is best to visit the schools in your area to meet the teachers and parents as well. It helps you to get the editing and copywriting work for online content writing jobs from home strategy. 

4. Freelance magazine journalism

Have you ever read an article on a topic close to your heat and thought I know more than the writer? You do not need to be a professional journalist to contribute freelance articles to the publications.  

You can turn your hobby, specialism, or all-consuming interests into a money-spinner by writing pieces for the magazines. You can earn huge profits by writing definite, knowledgeable articles on specialist subjects.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - freelancing

5. Writing competitions and win

You check the websites regularly as they conduct different writing competitions almost every week and also offer tempting prizes for the winners.  

The annual Writing Magazine competition guides features half a million pounds in the winning titles. Anyone can win the competition and can get the prizes, so why should not it be you?  

You can participate in this kind of competition and can win prizes. What you need to do is to polish your work, submit the entry fees as the investment. You may not win the competition at the first attempt, but it will help you in becoming a better writer and a more fluent writer. So, pay the charges and get your entry.   

If you participate in all the writing competitions happening around the world, you may win any one of them. For example, if you participate in twelve competitions round the year, and write twelve essays. You may not get success in a single one, but it will polish your abilities. Furthermore, you can also publish the articles by yourself.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - writing competition

6. Write online articles

You can write online articles and can earn up to $30 per submission. You can find a large number of websites where you can write and submit reports and can get paid. For instance, asks you to writes funny items, and there are many more. You can select a site according to your taste or interest and can start writing for that one.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - writing blog articles

Before you start writing, you can search for different websites. It will help you to find the topic/site of your interest.   

Keep in mind that magazine brands require a constant stream of content for their website, and online budgets are lower than the print budgets. They may charge you a fee, mainly if your article is not a part of their promotional activity for the product of your own.    

7. Write and sell direct on Blogely

Blogely is the place where anyone can write an article on any topic and put it up for sale. You can price the article yourself and receive payout after articles are sold. Payouts are twice per month. Blogely is an all-in-one tool that helps writers to create content and manage it. A writer can use the storage provided, keep all resources – i.e. attachments, docs, links, pdf files, including research notes for the article. 

Blogely - best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home website

Blogely user (depending on the subscription level) can optimize the article for SEO (on-page technical SEO), run plagiarism scans, and sell content with plagiarism report included with the article. 

Blogely commission is between 10% to 15% depending on the subscription level. 

8. Website building

If the internet is like a country, the websites are like real estates. And if you are starting a website, it means you are creating your plot of online land.  

You can fill the land whatever you want. But you will have to promote it through social media or any other platform which you think can give a chance to be successful. When you get massive traffic for your website, you can sell whatever you have to offer.   

To start the website, you need a host, a template, and the content. The first two parts are easy to find the content, and the content is a difficult task to accomplish. You can post different blogs, items for sale and pictures, videos, or whatever you are interested in. If you have your website, it will give you the potential to make money from the avenues.   

9. Pitch your Alma Mater

Your alumni magazine may need writers, and they love to hire former students. You need to read the magazines’ pitch guidelines, get to know a few back issues, and send them a compelling idea.  

You may interview another alumnus, who is doing something amazing and unique. And in this way, you can get a story. You can also write about your college education, which has prepared you for a lucrative writing career.    

10. Sign up with a content site

The content writers create everything like articles to text messages. You can sign up with a content site to earn and write short, simple, and original stories for them.  

According to the expert content writers, you need to get familiar with AP Style. Because most of the content clients are going to want error-free writing, learn much about the site and its style so that you can become an expert before the entry test. And after that, you can take an entry test; if you did not pass the test, you might have to wait for months to avail the second chance.   

Do not add your ideas, interests, or thoughts in the articles. The clients want a clean, simple copy, not quirkiness, and puns.  

You can find some better sites as compared to others in terms of the pay rate and quality of the assignments. Content websites offer good freelance writing jobs for beginners. Still, you can move on to better pay opportunities once you strengthen your writing skills.    

11. Become a copywriter

Once you have learned to write a clean copy for the content sites, you can become a copywriter in the next step. You do not need one year of experience to become a copywriter. You can search for many copy sites like Get a Copywriter and start applying for the jobs.    

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - copywriting

* Courtesy of marketingsherpa 

1.1. Earning through ads

Various ad platforms are available that provide ads for bloggers to place on the blog and share the ad revenue. Google AdSense is the most popular and highly paid network that offers to share the revenue at the ratio of 60:40 that is not offered by any other network.  

AdSense offers payout rates for per views or per click, you can select either based on your choice or can use both at the same time.

Make money writing online - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

12. Write a fiction

You can also write fiction content. Different sites like Amazon Kindle Words are ready to pay you for the canon, licensed fan fiction about television shows as the Pretty Little Liars, and many more.  

You may get a task to write 10,000 words about your favorite personalities, and then Amazon will pay you 35 % on your sales. Experts, as well as beginners, are equally welcomed here.   

13. Pitch for jobs

You can find a job as a freelancer very quickly. It is not possible to succeed in this business without having writing skills and willingness to work hard. You search for different freelance blogging job boards like ProBlogger. It will help you to learn about freelance writing, and you can get more job opportunities.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - Problogger

14. Proofreader

There are many online jobs, which allow you to earn money. Proofreading is less in-depth than editing. Instead of making extensive corrections and suggestions, you work as the second set of eyes.  

You search for typos, spelling errors, and other minor issues so that corrections can be made accordingly. You need to clean up all the errors before a writer submits the paper.    

There are sites like Upwork or Fiverr where you can post your profile and search for clients. 

15. Textbook seller

Students are the best source for the book sourcing or selling the textbooks online. There are many students on college campuses that have no interest in selling textbooks.  

You can take advantage of their books and sell their books online. You need to select a suitable price for books. You can make use of the internet to sell all of these books online.    

16. Data entry specialist

Data entry jobs are reliable options for those who are searching for online jobs to earn money. It is a straightforward job and but tend to pay less. And you need to spend more time as compared to other tasks.  

The best thing about a data entry job is that it is flexible; you can do any when you want. You can complete the work as much or as little as you needed according to your schedule. If you are interested in finding online jobs, you can search for on different platforms like DionData Solutions or Clickworker.   

17. Budgeter/Bookkeeper

Budgeting and bookkeeping are similar, though budgeting related more to the individuals and accounting to the business.   

If you have successfully created, managed, and stuck to a budget in your own life, go ahead and take it as your job. You can earn profit by sharing it with others through different platforms like Fiverr, social media, or any other website.  

If you like organizing fiancés for the business, you can work as a bookkeeper. Being working as a bookkeeper, you can work with different other companies and help them in keeping their financial matters in order.  

You can keep the record of their earnings and expenses, can prepare the financial reports, create and send the invoices, and can also collect the payments from the clients. You can do this task either by hand or by using the bookkeeping software. It is quite flexible, so you can work wither from or from anywhere you want.  

For the marketing of your services, you can use different types of platforms like Facebook and many other social media platforms. Facebook ads are a great way to advertise your business.   

18. Tutor

You can offer tuition classes to the students, and it is fantastic. It is the fastest way of making money. You can search for the sites where you can deliver online lectures. And after getting sign in, you are ready to deliver the lectures.    

19. Course creator

You can create online courses even though you are not a teacher. It is an excellent way to earn extra money for teachers. You can create a course related to any subject, as you are not going to teach the subject. You can create a course to teach the students about knitting a sweater or how to plant a garden.  

You can create easy to edit videos along with the courses. After publishing the course, take some time and create a marketing strategy. Connect with affiliate partners to sell your course and earn residual income.   

20. Amazon Ebook publisher

Publishing a book on the Amazon Kindle is easy and straightforward. It is not a guaranteed way to make money. The papers should well know, edited, have a catchy cover, and must have a clear marketing strategy.   

If you have a good idea, eBooks can provide you a way to earn money. Beside it you can also write exciting stories, drawing cartoons, or picture books. You can create all the stuff and upload it to earn money. It can be fun for you to make money with creativity.   

21. Travel writer

If you love traveling and want to explore the world, it is a perfect way to pursue your hobby as a career. If you are visiting the world, you can write about your journey. It is the best opportunity to write about the experience, and you can get paid.   

Making money as a travel writer is not easy; you must be able to sell your articles or create a blog. You can work hard to earn a huge profit if you are interested in and passionate about this work.    

22. Virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant, you should be organized and resourceful. The virtual assistant can make money by helping other people. You can also assist the businesses by doing different tasks such as data entry or research to the customer’s services. There is no limit on this task.  

VANetworking was founded by the virtual assistant and is loaded with tips and job leads. You can follow it to get assistance for your job.   

23. One-story

One Story is a nonprofit literary magazine benefiting the people of all ages to publish their stories. You can submit the story between 15th January to 31st May and 3rd September to 14th November.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - onestory

The optimum word length for the stories is 3000 words to 8000 words. You can submit your stories online through their portal. The submission format for the file is PDF, RTF, TXT, and should be under the 500KB. You can write short stories on any topic or them, according to your choice.   

24. Daily Science Fiction

It is a publication platform (Daily Science Fiction) where you can publish science fiction stories daily. This platform demands brilliant and original science fiction stories.  

Daily Science Fiction - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

The length of the story is a crucial factor. This site will prefer your account if it is shorter in length as compared to other stories. You can submit a story from 100 to 1500 words.  

The story should be related to science and is t should not be horror. So, follow the guidelines given on the website before submitting it. You can submit the stories through an online form, for which instructions are provided on their site. You can also send your artwork to this platform.   

25. The Sun

It is well known the magazine (The Sun), which has published many stories and articles on the different world issues and reached the right audience. The site is open for all the writers.  

The site publishes personal essays, poetry, stories, and stories related to political or cultural issues. The site has never published any article longer than 7000 words.   

You can submit your articles online through posts. To submit your article online, you will need an ID on the website and then can use this portal for work submission.  

The site can pay up to $300 for essay and fiction stories. And $100 to $250 for poetry. The will you if your article got accepted.   

26. Clarkworld

Clarkword is a science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes stories and articles monthly. The magazines publish science fiction stories that have useful writing languages. Therefore, it the best option to avoid lengthy paragraphs. They accept all the stories which are written in English.  

When you are writing a story for the submission, do avoid clichés mentioned on the Clarkword website and follow the manuscript guidelines. Your story should be written between 1000 to 2000 words, and it must be submitted online.  

You can also submit the non.fiction articles, too, but will have to follow the guidelines provided on the website.  

They pay either through PayPal or Check. They can offer you 10 cents for each word that you will write.   

27. Carve

Carve Magazine site accepts the short stories, poetry, non-fiction throughout the whole year and publishes them on their website. They publish stories and poetry, which is original and has emotional depth.  

There is no specific time for the submission of articles—that’s why you can easily submit the articles online. The word limit is 10000 for the fiction and nonfiction articles and 2000 for the poetry.  

Carve - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

The site accepts literary writing only. That’s why it will not publish the horror, mystery or fantasy, etc.  

Before you submit the articles, you will need a cover letter. If they do not accept the article, you can publish it anywhere, in any magazine and you will be get paid. The site pays $100 for the fiction stories and $25 for the non-fiction stories.   

28. Penpee

Penpee is an online reading platform, which allows the writers to submit their stories and earn through story views. If you want to upload a story, you will have to sign up and have to get a membership.   

Penpee - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

Writers who have free membership can write up to 3000 words, and those with a paid membership can write more than 12000 words. Once you have published the story, you can get the credit for the number of readers for the story.    

29. Wattpad

Wattpad is the most extensive readers and writers platform and the best platform to fulfill your hobby of story writing. The site invites some viewers for their paid program. The articles are selected based on their originality, creativity, and the course of the market value. Well, this opportunity is available only for some Wattpad writers.  

Wattpad - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

You will get paid only when your article will get accepted for the pub; location. If you love writing and have the skills to write amazing literary pieces, it is the best option to make the best use of your abilities.    

30. Analog

If you love science and science-related stories, it is the best platform. You can publish your own stories related to science. It is the leading science fiction magazine, which publishes the best science fiction and has a perfect scientific base. The site also posts the fact articles in the leading research on science.  

Analog will publish your article on the base of merit. The site looks for professional and realistic scientific stories. You can also submit your story. But your story needs to be appealing and related to your story.  

You can also submit articles and stories related to can submit only six poems and four stories or articles at a time. You will have to submit a cover letter with the manuscript, and the cover letter should include your name, publishing history. You need to check the formatting and writing style from the website so that you can write accordingly.   

The payment depends on acceptance. Analog pays 8 to 10 cents per word, and for the short fiction, you will get 6 cents per word and 9 cents per word for the fact articles. The site will offer you $1 for each lin of the poetry. They pay $1200 for the colored cover art and $125 for the black and white cover.   

31. Agni

Agni is a literary magazine and accepts essays and poetry. The magazine can allow aspiring writers or literary writers to publish their articles through them.  

You will get the payment according to your articles. Agni accepts the manuscripts generally from September 1st to May 31st.   

Send your manuscript electronically or by post. There is no word limit for the essays, but the length of the article may decide whether it be published or not. You can write short stories on romance, horror, mystery, or science fiction. The magazine is interested in personal essays, memories, think pieces, poems, and short stories.  

If you are interested in these genera, you can write the articles and submit them in the magazine for the publication. You can submit one story and five poems at a time, but your writing should not be published anywhere else. You should add the double space and page number before your article gets submitted.  

Agni pays $10 per page for the short stories or essays and $20 per page for the poetry. You need to keep in mind that you will be get paid only when your story will be accepted in the magazine.   


Writing the content for online earning is good to earn a handsome income, but you have to do a lot of planning to get and complete the work. First of all, you have to choose the type of work you want to get based on your abilities.  

Hopefully, you can find the work that suits your abilities, and you can do it easily and efficiently. Once you have built your profile, it is easy for you to get the regular work and improves your earning graph.  

Any feedback? 😊 ☹


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13 Powerful Tools to Check Google Keyword Rankings for Free

keyword tracking importance

Are you looking for ways to check Google keyword rankings?

Looking for PERFECT tools to track your keyword rankings on Google? Do you want to know how your keywords are performing on search engines like Google?

Well, you have come to the right place as you are going to discover few top tools to check Google keyword rankings.

Not only that, you will also learn why keyword tracking is essential and few other important details in this guide.

So let’s get into the details without much ado.

What is Keyword Tracking?

We all know keywords are used by people on Google to find information online so they can educate themselves and purchase later. That’s how online eCommerce sites are boosting their search traffic and sales.

Keyword tracking is the ability to track and analyse all the keywords that you are targeting for. Keyword tracking helps you easily find out which keywords are performing well on Google so you can analyse those details to improve your keyword rankings.

Why Keyword Tracking is Important?

Tracking your keywords is extremely essential if you want to boost your search engine traffic and website sales.

Here are few of the incredible benefits you will get with keyword tracking.

  • It increase your ad revenue
  • It increases your website traffic
  • It increases your overall website sales
  • It helps you find the best performing keywords
  • You can easily discover your local competitors and a lot more

And if you are still wondering why you need to track Google keyword positions, have a quick look at the following image.

keyword tracking importance

So there you go. Tracking your keyword rankings on Google has a lot of benefits and it can possibly increase your overall sales too. Now, let’s talk about the most important question: how can you track keyword positions on Google?

Without much ado, let’s talk about the top tools to track keyword rankings on Google so you can increase your sales and traffic.

Top 13 Tools to check Google keyword rankings

Tools to check keyword rankings on Google

1. Semrush Position Tracking

There’s a reason why we put Semrush Position Tracking tool #1 on the list. It is the perfect rank tracker tool that lets you track your website’s daily rankings for your target keywords. 

Semrush Position Tracking tool helps you track almost everything including keywords, domains and competitors on Google. You can also track rankings for individual devices such as mobile phone, tablet or desktop rankings.

A quick note: Only for a limited time, we’re providing an exclusive deal for BloggersPassion readers. You can grab Semrush 30 days free trial from here (it’s worth $119.95). Go grab it FREE for the next 30 days.

Semrush Features List:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Site audit
  • Brand monitoring
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Social media management
  • Competitor research and the list goes on

How to use the Semrush Position Tracking tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’re logged in, you need to visit the Position Tracking tool on Semrush to add a new project (where you can add your website).

Once your website is added, the Semrush Position Tracking tool checks your website for current keyword rankings on Google.

Here’s how it looks like;

Semrush Position Tracking

As you can see above, you’ll see the overall organic visibility score for the keywords your website currently ranks for.

Along with that, you’ll also discover other important data including;

  • Estimated traffic 
  • Top 3 keywords
  • Top 10 keywords
  • Top 20 keywords, top 100 keywords and more

If you click on the “Rankings Distribution” tab, it will also show you more details of your current keyword rankings.

Have a look;

Semrush Position Tracking

As you can see above, you can see the SERP features along with your keyword ranking positions on Google. You can easily identify what keywords are getting SERP features such as;

How much does Semrush cost?

Semrush currently has 3 levels of subscription: Pro, Guru, and Business. Here are their prices along with their feature limits.

  1. Pro plan is great for beginners which cost you $119.95/mo where you can create up to 5 projects, track up to 500 keywords and crawl up to 100,000 pages
  2. Guru plan is great for small and growing businesses which cost you $229.95/mo where you can create up to 15 projects, track up to 1500 keywords and crawl up to 300,000 pages
  3. Business plan is great for agencies that costs you $449.95/mo where you can create up to 40 projects, track up to 5000 keywords and crawl up to 1 million pages 

2. Serpstat Rank Tracker

If you’re looking for an affordable SEO toolset that offers exceptional keyword rank tracking, Serpstat is a great choice for you.

Their pricing plans start only at $51.75 per month (instead of the regular price of $69/mo when you use the coupon: bloggerspassion_5) which makes it one of the most affordable SEO toolkits.

Serpstat Features List:

  • Keyword Clustering
  • Text Analytics
  • On-Page Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Audit
  • API and integration
  • Custom reports
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Rank Tracking tool and many more

How to use the Serpstat Rank Tracker to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’ve added your website to track your site’s keyword rankings, Serpstat fetches your website and provides you a list of all the keywords along with their ranking positions on Google.

Here’s how it looks like;

Serpstat Rank Tracker

As you can see above, the Serpstat Rank Tracker tool will display you a list of ALL the keywords that your website is currently ranking on Google along with their current rankings.

The best part? You can also easily find out whether your keyword positions are improved or declined. Not only that, you can also create tags for your important keyword groups to easily keep an eye on their rankings on Google.

How much does Serpstat cost?

Serpstat currently has 4 levels of subscription: Lite, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. Here are their prices along with their feature limits.

1. Lite plan is great for beginners and costs you $51.75 monthly instead of the regular price $69 per month when you use the coupon: bloggerspassion_5 

You can create up to 10 projects, track up to 15,000 keyword position checks per month, and conduct site audit for up to 150,000 pages

2. Standard plan is great for small businesses which cost you $111.75 monthly instead of $149 per month when you use the coupon: bloggerspassion_5

You can create up to 50 projects, track up to 60,000 keyword position checks per month, and conduct site audit for up to 400,000 pages

3. Advanced plan is great for eCommerce sites which cost you $224.25 monthly instead of $299 per month when you use our coupon: bloggerspassion_5

You can create up to 75 projects, track up to 150,000 keyword position checks per month, and conduct site audit for up to 1,250,000 pages

4. Enterprise plan is great for large agencies which cost you $374.25 monthly instead of $499 per month when you use the coupon: bloggerspassion_5

You can create up to 100 projects, track up to 300,000 keyword position checks per month, and conduct site audit for up to 2,500,000 pages

3. SE Ranking Keyword Rank Tracker

If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO software that also helps you with 100% accurate keyword rank tracking, SE Ranking is the perfect SEO tool for you.

It’s also extremely affordable as its pricing plans start only at $31 per month where you can perform real-time ranking positions of your website’s keywords across major search engines.

SE Ranking Features List:

  • Google Rank Checker
  • Yahoo! Rank Checker
  • Bing Rank Checker
  • Website Audit
  • On-Page Checker
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Backlink Checker
  • SERP Tracker
  • SERP Checker and many more

How to use the SE Ranking keyword rank tracker tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’re on the Google rank checker tool, enter your keyword along with your domain.

That’s it, the tool will show you the current positions of your keywords in Google search.

Here’s how it looks like;

SE Ranking keyword rank tracker

It offers a free version that helps you check up to 20 keyword ranking positions in a day.

How much does SE Ranking cost?

SE Ranking currently has 3 levels of subscription: Optimum, Plus and Enterprise. Here are their prices along with their feature limits.

  1. Optimum plan costs you $31 per month where you can add up to 10 websites, monitor 5000 backlinks and conduct website audit for up to 25,000 pages
  2. Plus plan costs you $71 per month where you can add unlimited websites, monitor 25000 backlinks and conduct website audit for up to 150,000 pages
  3. Enterprise plan costs you $151 per month where you can add unlimited websites, monitor 75000 backlinks and conduct website audit for up to 250,000 pages

4. Moz rank tracker

Moz is the industry-leading SEO software toolkit that offers everything from keyword research to rank tracking to backlink analysis. 

Moz Features List:

  • Keyword research
  • Site audit
  • Backlink analysis
  • Position tracking
  • SEO Toolbar
  • Moz uses to keep historical data for any entered keyword from the day it was added
  • Domain Analysis and many more

How to use the Moz Rank Tracker tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Moz Rank Tracking tool helps you easily track your website’s keyword ranking performance and overall visibility on the SERP over time.

Here’s how it looks like;

Moz Rank Tracker

As you can see above, once you add keywords to track their rankings, it will start analyzing the data to show all the improved and declined keyword positions of your website.

How much does Moz Pro cost?

Moz Pro currently has 4 levels of subscription: Standard, Medium, Large and Premium. Here are their prices along with their feature limits.

  1. Standard plan costs you $99 per month where you can create up to 3 campaigns, track up to 300 keyword rankings, create unlimited reports, and perform up to 5000 backlink queries per month
  2. Medium plan costs you $149 per month where you can create up to 10 campaigns, track up to 800 keyword rankings, create unlimited reports, and perform up to 20,000 backlink queries per month
  3. Large plan costs you $249 per month where you can create up to 25 campaigns, track up to 1900 keyword rankings, create unlimited reports, and perform up to 70,000 backlink queries per month
  4. Premium plan costs you $599 per month where you can create up to 50 campaigns, track up to 4500 keyword rankings, create unlimited reports, and perform up to 100,000 backlink queries per month

5. SpyFu Rank Tracking

If you want to get automatic rank updates on your keywords and looking for an affordable SEO toolkit, SpyFu is the ultimate choice for you.

SpyFu Features List:

  • SEO Research
  • PPC Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Research
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Competitive Analysis and more

How to use the SpyFu Rank Tracking tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’re on the tool, add “New Project” and enter your domain. It looks something like this;

 SpyFu Rank Tracking

Then, you need to enter a group name that looks something like this;

 SpyFu Rank Tracking groups

As you can see above, you can easily create groups according to your most searched keywords, highest ROI keywords, easy wins keyword groups and so on.

That’s it, it will automatically run the process to give the latest positions of your keywords.

Here’s how it looks like;

 SpyFu Rank Tracking position

How much does SpyFu cost?

SpyFu currently has 3 levels of subscription: Basic, Professional, and Team. Here are their prices along with their feature limits.

  1. Basic plan costs you $33 per month where you can track up to 5000 keyword rankings, unlimited search results, unlimited data exports and see up to 10,000 top lists results
  2. Professional plan costs you $58 per month where you can track up to 15,000 keyword rankings, unlimited search results, unlimited data exports and see up to 50,000 top list results. You’ll also get custom branded reporting.
  3. Team plan costs you $199 per month where you can track up to 40,000 keyword rankings, unlimited search results, unlimited data exports and see up to 75,000 top lists results. You’ll also get custom branded reporting and access to 5 user logins.

6. Sure Oak FREE Rank Checker

Sure Oak is a 100% free keyword rank checker tool that helps you easily track your keyword positions in search engines like Google. Just enter the domain you want to find related keyword positions for and enter your desired keywords. The tool will take care of the rest.

Sure Oak Features List:

  • SEO Crawler Tool
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Keyword Rank Checker
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Robots.txt Generator
  • Meta Tag Generator and many more

How to use the Sure Oak Keyword Rank Checker tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’re on the website, enter your domain and keyword(s) you want to track.

The tool will instantly show you the current ranking positions on Google if your keywords are already ranking.

Here’s how it looks like;

Sure Oak

As you can see above, we’re currently ranking #1 for the keyword “best Indian blogs” on Google search results. 

How much does Sure Oak Keyword Rank Checker cost?

Sure Oak Keyword Rank Checker is 100% free to use. No signup required! 

7. Small SEO tools

Looking for a free keyword position checker to check Google keyword rankings? Then, try Small SEO tools which lets you enter up to 20 keywords per check. It’s also totally free to use.

Features List:

  • Keyword rank checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool 
  • Grammar check and many more

How to use Small SEO Tools keyword position checker tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’re on the website, enter your website’s URL and enter up to 10 keywords (one keyword per line).

Then, click on the Check Position button to find its keyword rankings.

Here’s how it looks like;

Small SEO tools ranking

As you can see above, you can see the keyword position along with the estimated search volume of the keyword. 

How much does Small SEO Tools cost?

Small SEO Tools is a collection of 100% free SEO tools, so you don’t have to pay anything to use their tools including the keyword rank checker.

8. Rankaware Keyword Rank Checker

Rankaware is one of the popular accurate keyword rank checker tools for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This tool performs batch SERP position checking for targeted keywords on various search engines like Google to provide faster results.

Rankaware Features List:

  • Automatically bulk check keyword rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Free to use and free trial never expires
  • No email or credit card required to use their free tool
  • Supports 1 website and unlimited keywords

How to use Rankaware tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’re on the website, enter a URL for which you want to track the keyword position rankings. Also, add the keywords you want to track rankings for. Then, select the appropriate search engine and language and the tool does the rest for you.

Here’s how it looks like;


How much does Rankaware cost?

Rankaware currently has 3 levels of subscription: Free, Expert and Business. Here are their prices along with their feature limits.

  1. Free plan is totally free to use where you can monitor unlimited keywords for 1 URL and you can also monitor keyword rankings for YouTube URLs
  2. Expert plan costs you $49.95 for a 1 year licence where you can monitor unlimited keywords for unlimited URLs, generate reports in PDF, and generate white label reports with your business details. You can also monitor keyword rankings for YouTube URLs
  3. Business plan costs you $99.95 for a 1 year licence where you can monitor unlimited keywords for unlimited URLs, generate reports in PDF, and generate white label reports with your business details. You can also use it on UNLIMITED number of PCs

9. Allorank Rank Checker

Allorank Rank Checker is an amazing real-time tracking tool that helps you track your website’s keyword positions on search engines.

Allorank Features List:

  • Real-time position tracking
  • Unlimited number of websites
  • Weekly reports by email
  • Alerts by email
  • Position tracking sharing via URL and many more

How to use the Allorank rank checker tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’re on the website, add your domain, country and keywords and the tool will show the exact positions of the keywords.

Here’s how it looks like;


How much does Allorank cost?

Allorank comes in the following 3 pricing plans.

  1. Essentials plan costs you 79 Euros per year where you can track up to 50 keywords
  2. Standard plan costs you 179 Euros per year where you can track up to 150 keywords
  3. Premium plan costs you 479 Euros per year where you can track up to 500 keywords

10. SERP Watcher by Mangools  

SERP Watcher by Mangools is another excellent keyword rank tracking tool that helps you track rankings in any location, on any device.

SERP Watcher and Mangools Features List:

  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword research
  • SERP analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • SEO metrics and insights and more

How to use the SERP Watcher tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you add your website and add keywords on the SERP Watcher, you’ll get the latest keyword positions for those keywords.

Here’s how it looks like;

SERP Watcher

As you can see above, you can also see the improved and declined positions of your keyword rankings. You’ll also have the ability to export all your keyword data whenever you want.

How much does SERP Watcher from Mangools cost?

Quick note: SERP Watcher is a part of the Mangools, so you need to purchase the Mangools tool subscription in order to use the SERP Watch for rank tracking.

Mangools currently has 3 levels of subscription: Basic, Premium, and Agency. Here are their prices along with their feature limits.

  1. Basic plan costs you $49 per month where you can track up to 200 keyword positions daily, perform up to 100 keyword searches per day, and retrieve up to 100,000 backlink rows monthly
  2. Premium plan costs you $69 per month where you can track up to 700 keyword positions daily, perform up to 500 keyword searches per day, and retrieve up to 500,000 backlink rows monthly
  3. Agency costs you $129 per month where you can track up to 1500 keyword positions daily, perform up to 1200 keyword searches per day, and retrieve up to 1,200,000 backlink rows monthly  

11. Nightwatch Keyword Rank Monitor

Nightwatch Keyword Rank Monitor is one of the most accurate global and local rank trackers that help you accurately track your rankings across mobile and desktop.

Nightwatch Keyword Rank Monitor Features List:

  • Track your rankings across mobile and desktop
  • YouTube keyword rank tracking
  • Google keyword rank tracking
  • Bing keyword rank tracking
  • Site audit
  • Backlink monitoring and more

How to use the Nightwatch Keyword Rank Monitor tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’re on the tool, enter your website details.

Here’s how it looks like;


As you can see above, you need to add your site, keywords (a few top keywords will be added automatically), and your competitors, along with GSC or Analytics integration if needed.

As soon as you add your website with other details, you can easily track rankings for your keywords.

Here’s how the data looks like;

Nightwatch Keyword Rank Monitor

As you can see above, you’ll be able to see your website’s average keyword positions along with the keywords and their rankings. 

How much does Nightwatch Keyword Rank Monitor cost?

The Nightwatch tool currently has 3 levels of subscription: Starter, Optimize, and Agency. Here are their prices along with their feature limits.

  1. Starter plan costs you $39 per month where you can track up to 500 keywords daily, monitor 5000 backlinks, track up to 50 websites, and conduct site audit for 5000 pages
  2. Optimize plan costs you $99 per month where you can track up to 1000 keywords daily, monitor 50,000 backlinks, track up to 200 websites, and conduct site audit for 10,000 pages
  3. Agency plan costs you $369 per month where you can track up to 5000 keywords daily, monitor 200,000 backlinks, track up to 1000 websites, and conduct site audit for 50,000 pages

12. Seobility Rank Tracker

If you’re in the hunt for free keyword ranking trackers online, Seobility Rank Tracker is a great tool for you that helps you check your search engine position ranking for any search term.

Seobility Features List:

  • It is completely free and does not require a registration
  • Helps you check your keyword ranking positions
  • Email reporting and alerts and more

How to use the Seobility Rank Tracker tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’re on the website, enter your keyword to check its rankings and enter your domain.

It will instantly show you the results. Here’s how it looks like;

 Seobility Rank Tracker

How much does Seobility cost?

Seobility is completely free to use. You don’t even have to create an account to use their tools. Simply visit the tool and enter your keywords to check their rankings on Google.

13. Ahrefs Rank Tracker 

If you want to get ranking updates for desktop and mobile and looking to visualize your SEO progress, Ahrefs Rank Tracker is an essential tool for you. 

The best part is Ahrefs Rank Tracker helps you easily monitor your Google keyword rankings on desktop and mobile across 170 countries.

Ahrefs Features List:

  • Site Explorer
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Rank Tracker
  • Content Explorer
  • Batch Analysis
  • Content Gap and many more

How to use the Ahrefs Rank Tracker tool to check Google keyword rankings?

Once you’ve added your website to track its keyword rankings, Ahrefs Rank Tracker will automatically show your site rankings.

Here’s how it looks like;

Ahrefs Rank Tracker

As you can see above, you can easily know your keyword ranking positions and find out whether your keyword rankings have improved or declined (in both desktop and mobile positions).

How much does Ahrefs cost?

Ahrefs currently has 4 levels of subscription: Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency. Here are their prices along with their feature limits.

  1. Lite plan costs you $99 per month where 1 user can access the tool and you’ll get 10K crawl credits per month and you can track up to 500 keywords
  2. Standard plan costs you $179 per month where 1 user can access the tool and you’ll get 500K crawl credits per month and you can track up to 1500 keywords
  3. Advanced plan costs you $399 per month where 3 users can access the tool and you’ll get 1.25 million crawl credits per month and you can track up to 5000 keywords
  4. Agency plan costs you $999 per month where 5 users can access the tool and you’ll get 2.5 million crawl credits per month and you can track up to 10,000 keywords

FAQs On Best Google Keyword Tracking Tools for 2021

Here’s a list of some of the frequently asked questions around Google keyword rank tracking tools.

What is keyword ranking in SEO?

Keyword ranking in SEO refers to your page’s specific position on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for a particular search term. 

Keyword position also refers to particular page rankings in the main organic listings of 10 results per page (as search engines like Google usually show about 10 results per page).

How do I find my keyword rankings?

To find ranking keywords for your website or a competitors’ website, you need to use Google keyword rank tracker tools such as the Semrush position tracking tool, SE Ranking keyword rank tracker, Ahrefs rank tracker, etc. 

Is keyword rank tracking essential?

Yes, absolutely it’s essential to track your keyword rankings. If you don’t track keyword rankings, you will NEVER be able to discover the performance of your website. Keyword rank tracking has the following benefits;

– Monitor your ranking fluctuations
– Discover new ranking opportunities
– Spy on your competitors’ keyword performance
– Discover organic CTR (click-through rate) issues
– Helps you improve your search traffic and sales

What are the best tools to check Google keyword rankings accurately?

Here are some of the best tools to check Google keyword rankings accurately.

– Semrush position tracking tool
– Nightwatch Keyword rank monitor
– SE Ranking
– Ahrefs Rank Tracker

What are the FREE Google keyword rank checker tools?

Here are some of the best free Google rank checking tools.

– Moonsy Google keyword position checker
– Small SEO tools
– Sure Oak free rank checker

How long does it take to rank for a keyword?

It depends. If you’re targeting keywords with easy to moderate difficulty, you can get first page rankings within a few weeks. But if you’re targeting highly competitive keywords, it will take months (if not years!). It usually takes 4 to 6 months of time to rank for most of the average keywords. 

How do I improve my SEO keyword ranking?

Here are some of the best ways to improve your keyword rankings in Google.

– Target low-competitive keywords as they’re easier to rank for
– ALWAYS track your keyword rankings to identify traffic fluctuations
– Create content for users and optimize for Google (use optimization plugins like Rank Math)
– Create compelling titles and meta descriptions to increase your organic CTR
– Build relevant links to your most important pages to boost your keyword rankings

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Final Thoughts

Finding the positions of your keywords and keep tracking of all that information is extremely important if you want to boost your search traffic.

That being said, the above listed 13 tools are really incredible to track your keyword rankings. It doesn’t matter which keywords you are ranking for, those sites will help you find all the latest keyword positions on Google.

It helps you find which keywords are performing well on Google and which keywords need work so you can improve your overall search engine rankings.

As you can see, the top sites to check Google keyword rankings (which are mentioned above) include free and paid tools. Just go through all those sites and figure out which is the RIGHT choice for you to check your keyword rankings.

So what do you think about keyword tracking? Did this post help you track your keyword positions on Google? Which is your favourite keyword tracking tool? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Pros, Cons & Hearing Aid Options

MDHearingAid icon

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MDHearingAid icon

Low cost, doctor designed, FDA-registered hearing aids without appointments.

Bottom Line: This MDHearingAid is a collection of near-perfect and effective hearing aids. They improve the hearing capability of all patients with this condition regardless of age. Learn more about this hearing aid in our MDHearingAid Review.

Pros & Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and drawbacks of MDHearingAids.

  • 45-trial period during which you can return the product.
  • Made in the US while adhering to the regulations of the FDA.
  • Comprehensive customer support, which includes access to a licensed expert on hearing instruments.
  • Online sales process that’s under the supervision of a qualified audiologist.
  • Only one type of rechargeable model available.
  • Basic warranty is quite limited.

Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that close to 466 million people live with hearing disabilities. Around 93 percent of these are adults, while the remaining 7% are children. 

There are different ways of treating or dealing with the loss of hearing. Cochlear implants, surgical procedures, and removal of wax blockage represent a few of these solutions. Hearing aids are also a common and effective solution.

Technology offers different hearing aids to solve some of these problems. Here, MDHearingAid stands taller than most.

In today’s world, you wouldn’t buy a product before learning more about it, right? 

  • Questions such as, is it right for you?
  • Can you afford it?
  • Does its design look stunning or is it cumbersome?
  • Is it easy to use too? 

This MDHearingAid review highlights the features, pros, cons, and price that answer all these questions in detail. 

About MDHearingAid

As you will learn in our MDHearingAid review, this particular hearing aid is different from your normal hearing aids. For starters, its design features the input of medical doctors.

Secondly, audiologists tested and stamped their seal of approval on this product. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also approved it for use as a medical product. 

Here some other highlights and reasons to consider the MDHearingAid:

  • Medically-graded and high-quality device
  • Easy to use as it arrives readily assembled 
  • A team of dedicated hearing aid specialists offer top notch support
  • Simple to order online


Several features of the MDHearingAid stand out. This includes excellent US-based customer support. In addition, you are free to use the 45-trial period to test its full capabilities or return it in case it doesn’t meet your needs. 

MDHearingAid also offers free next-day shipping services. What this means is you can expect to get your hearing products in less than 48 hours, though this depends on location.  

MDHearingAid Reviews

Furthermore, it’s also worth mentioning that there is more than one type of this type of product. There is an analog, classic, rechargeable, smart, and advanced MDHearingAid, as follows:

MDHearingAid AIR

America’s best selling value hearing aid. A virtually invisible design with advanced digital technology, delivering high-quality sound.

Do you find yourself unable to understand conversations with other people more clearly? The classic MDHearingAid AIR would be a perfect solution in that case.

It’s also ideal for noisy environments, watching TV, and talking on the phone. 

  • High-quality sound guaranteed
  • Features advanced digital technology
  • Has a battery life of 21-26 days
  • Functions up to 24 hours on full charge
  • Not rechargeable
  • Battery operated thus could be a bit inconveniencing
MDHearingAid VOLT+

A long-lasting rechargeable hearing aid with state-of-the-art audio quality and noise management.

VOLT is the most popular hearing instrument that MDHearingAid ever made. It owes its popularity to the fact that it’s a water-resistant and rechargeable product.

In addition to that, it lasts up to 30 hours when fully charged for three hours nonstop. 

  • Water-resistant and sweat proof
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery charges fully over 500 times
  • Can last up to 30 hours on full charge
  • Battery needs replacement after around 500 full charges
  • Each battery costs $99.95 to replace per hearing aid.
MDHearingAid CORE

Puts you in control, helping you optimize your hearing without the appointments at the local hearing clinic.

CORE has become MDHearingAid’s premier hearing product. This smart hearing tool has no problem adapting to your needs and surroundings.

It’s also compliant with the app, a quality that allows you to customize it accordingly. It’s available for: 

  • Easily adaptable to all sound surroundings
  • Adjusts automatically to changing environments
  • Features four audio settings for improved hearing
  • Works perfectly with iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices.
  • Non-rechargeable
  • Performance is not as solid under water


Still have questions about MDHearingAid? Check out these commonly asked questions.

Are MDHearingAid devices similar to personal sound amplifiers?

The MDHearingAid devices are similar to personal sound amplifiers in that they both enhance sound. They are both wearable around the ears too and share a bit of the technology as well. 

Do I need a hearing test to buy a hearing aid from MDHearingAid?

Usually, a comprehensive diagnostic test on your hearing capability is a requirement before getting a hearing aid. However, that’s not mandatory with MDHearingAid, which you can order online.

That said, a test helps you to know what’s good for you. 

Does MDHearingAid sell hearing aids for children?

The MDHearingAid devices are for adults and not children. 

Will MDHearingAid aids restore my hearing?

No hearing aid is capable of restoring your hearing. It only improves your hearing well enough to allow you to differentiate between sounds. 

Final Thoughts

As you have learned from this MDHearingAid review, these hearing aids are ideal for most surroundings and noise levels. They remove the background noise remarkably well thus allowing you to enjoy the sound coming through. 

If you can benefit from MDHearingAid devices, the PRO, AIR, VOLT+, or CORE are great options, depending on your budget and needs.

MDHearingAid icon

Low cost, doctor designed, FDA-registered hearing aids without appointments.

MDHearingAid Alternatives

Eargo icon
  • FDA standardized
  • 12- and 24-month payment plans
  • Can be covered by insurance
Audicus icon
  • 45-day free trial period
  • Free online hearing test
  • Monthly Membership
Lively Hearing Aids icon
  • Nearly Invisible
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Money-back guarantee

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Low cost, doctor designed, FDA-registered hearing aids without appointments.

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Facebook Contest Apps – How to Easily Create Facebook Contests

Contests For Facebook Business Page

Facebook contests are one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences and drive a ton of viral traffic back to your site.

With over 1.3 billion users on the social network, it’s no wonder more individuals, bloggers, brands and businesses are trying to create Facebook contests to drive more engagement and activity to their sites.

Setting up your own Facebook contest in previous years was a big hassle. You would have to mess around with the settings and tabs on your Facebook Fan Pages and this was usually more than a headache than anything else.

Fortunately, a wide range of services have figured out how to make this process much easier and now anyone can create effective social networking contests in just a few minutes. What’s even better is that they are now more effective and powerful than ever.

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How to Create Amazing Facebook Contests

With so many different solutions on the market today, I’ve chosen some of my favorite Facebook contest apps and gave the benefits of each of them below.

Before we jump into reviewing the top Facebook contest apps available today, I wanted to first highlight some of the best ways to tweak your campaigns and promotions for maximum performance.

1. Choose a Prize that is Relevant

While it may seem like a good idea to give away the latest tech toy or Apple product, you will do much better with your campaigns if you choose a prize that is relevant to your brand, product or service you are trying to offer. 

2. Give Your Promotion a Jump Start

All contest and promotions need to start off with a bang. In addition to promoting your contest through social networks, you should also use your email lists and site traffic to give your campaigns a boost. 

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3. Always Collect an Email Address

No matter what your prize is or what you are trying to promote, be sure to always require an email address. A lot of people will enter your contest and never come back. An email address is the best way to keep them coming back for more. 

4. Make Sure Your Contest is Mobile Ready

More people are using their mobile devices than ever before. Mobile optimization should be at the forefront of every blogger or website owner’s mind, and should NOT be something to overlook.

Be sure to check your promotion and lead gen forms to make sure they are mobile ready and optimized so no leads are lost in the process. 

5. Follow Up with All Participants

Once your promotion is over, be sure to follow up with all participants… not just the winners. This is another great opportunity for you to send out one more message to everyone, letting them know the contest ended, thanking them and pushing your end offer one last time.

Follow these contest and promotions tips, while using any of the recommended applications below and you will be setup for maximum performance and results!

Top Facebook Contest Apps List

1. Wishpond

Wishpond is the leader in social contest apps and promotions right now.

Their service is quickly wiping out the competition and making it easy for anyone to setup social contests, landing pages (including Instapage’s landing pages), pop up newsletter forms and much more. In addition to all of the tools available through their site, they also offer tracking for ad campaigns running through Facebook, Google and more.

Compared to other contest and promotion apps out there, Wishpond is quite competitive at their base rate of $45 per month. You can also sign up for a free 14 day trial that allows you to try all areas, tools and features of the site based on the package you choose.

Advanced packages include their own coaching program, email automation and white-label options. Should you decide to pay for a year in advance, you will also save an additional 35% off.

2. Heyo Contest Builder App

When it comes time for you to choose a quality Facebook contest app, going with a simple drag and drop solution may be your best option. Website builders have gone mainstream for website creation, so we’d expect that technology to eventually carry over to Facebook.

That is exactly what Heyo had in mind when they were creating their service to drive activity and engagement through the major social network.

One of the main reasons why web sites, blogs and brands want to create contests and promotions across social networks is so they can easily grab email addresses that they can follow up with.

Once setup with Heyo, you will have access to all of their templates for easy contest and promotion creation. Heyo offers a free 7 day trial with no credit card needed, and premium plans are available at $30 per month.

3. ShortStack

ShortStack makes the process of building campaigns that engage with your audience easy… and best of all they can be used anyway.

While most people are focusing their efforts on social networking contests and promotions, they are also forgetting about all of the quality traffic that they are missing out on at their own sites. ShortStack’s platform allows you to create completely custom lead gen forms to match the look and feel of anything you like.

You can start creating your own lead gen forms and pages with a free trial, then full access accounts start at just $29 a month.

4. AgoraPulse

If you are going to be focusing your efforts on Facebook contest apps and promotions, you may also want to look into an all-in-one solution like AgoraPulse, which allows you to create apps, engage with your audience and also measure your results in the process.

All plans include unlimited apps and start as low as $29 per month. Accounts that are billed annually also save up to 35%.

How to Choose the Best Facebook Contest Apps

Now that we have listed some of the best Facebook contest apps for you to choose from, it’s time for you to take a step back and see what you would like to accomplish with your social networking efforts.

The great thing about each of the services listed above is that each of them offer a free trial period for you to test out their tools and what they have to offer.

It’s also important to note that all four of the contest and promotions services listed are top notch and recommended by some of the most well known marketers and media companies online. Choosing which is best for you and your brand is more about preference on how to use their system and looking at your budgeting options if you are going to scale heavily in size.

The best way to find which of the Facebook contest apps services is best for you, is to try each of them out. Don’t forget, each comes with their own free trial and some of them don’t even require a credit card!