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“Before Carson renewal, the history of first-round pick to get quarterback early renewal (before the first four-year contract), I think only Ryan – Tanneixier (Ryan Tannehill) Most of the players are in the first 4 years or 5 years before renewal. Eagles took a different approach. “

Red-skin interview Adrian-Peterson and other three running guardsOn August 20th, the DERRIUS Guad’s knee crossed ligament torn, after the season reimbursement, the Red Leather coach Jay-Grudin (Jay Gruden) was originally said, running guards It is not affected by too much, and I will not consider adding the old man to run.

Jones’s location coach Brendan Daly said: “Chris and I have a good relationship, I have talked a few times with him. I will not reveal too many details, he and the broker also have to deal with Contract Question & Hellip; & Hellip; I believe they can properly solve, and will not intervene. “

The wild horse boss is not very satisfying with the team.US Time Friday, in the celebration held by Rad Miller and professional football Hall of Miller Davis, Mustle Davis, Wild Horse Board John John Elway expressed dissatisfaction with the team.

Rams senior: do not rush the quarterback in this year and renew GoughBeijing June 8 news and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared could – Gough (Jared Goff). But they probably will not do it in this offseason.

But in Samaje Perine and Bayron Marshall, the Yu Yu’s Yu Yu also caught clouds after the ankle injury. According to cheap Nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Adrian Peterson, Jamal Charles, and Orleans Darkwa, three running guards Will visit the red skin.

Another running guard Ben Tatt (Ben Tate) was joined for the team last week, and the game did not play. Through this week, the team’s adaptation system is adaptable. I believe that the Viking will make Tatti as a strong running guard of the three-speed or red area short code. After all, the black panther has been doing bad for strong running guards. .

Emirates and Chris Jones renewal negotiations “is not strong” Deforest Buckner has a larger contract negotiation pressure between chiefs and Chris Jones after about $ 84 million contracts with a small horse.

The biggest in this game, the biggest possibility is to adopt the “Run Committee”, let the three people go to the game, and of course, it is not excluded from one of the states of the state. The only thing that can be determined, the strong punch in front of the terminal should be left to the Assia Tower.

This is also the first interview opportunity obtained after Piteson by the red rocker, this 33-year-old old will once selected all-pro, although last season is reimbursed last season, but he has fully resumed health. Although last season’s scorpion code is slightly insufficient, he has 2 games in the red rickets more than 130 yards, taking into account that Arizona thousands of attack front lines, this achievement is amazing.

Charles was 31 years old, and the 69-year-old squad last season was 256 yards. The code is 4.3, and it was selected for professional bowls. In September last year, the performance of wild horses was full of confidence, but the components of the following three months have declined with the team’s record.

Alvi said: “Honestly, our ball is soft, the preseason is winning, starting 3-1. In this case, the court is surrounded by thousands of feet? That can have a big trouble, you are welcome. We are now this situation, and it is difficult to rebound. This is a good lesson for us, I hope that this will not happen again. “

When participating in the broadcast show, Smith expresses his expectations for the new season: “& hellip; & hellip; I can show your own all-round, I can kill the other side, can also rush. I am now looking forward to showing my own All talents. They will assign everyone to the right position, I am also very grateful. “

McKinnon is the first running guard of Viking. He is absent after the team will let the team will be on top of the main position? Matt Asiata (Matt Asiata) is most likely to be the initiation, but he has not been played in the game last week, and the physical condition is worrying, and the Acy Tower is in the first half of the season because it is poor. It is only deprived of the main qualification, and it can only be played only on the strength of the frontier of the end.

Dymov also expressed Wentz’s contract allows Gough also very happy. There is no doubt very pleased with the Rams Gough. Since 2017, the Rams scored wins and ranked first in the league, the league Gough is the only two in the past two years played a season at least 15 games and quarterback rating of at least 100 and the team were involved in the postseason one of the quarterback race. (He also was selected to the Pro Bowl 2)

“I think the question of wages will be very difficult,” Dymov said. “If you look at our current cap space numbers, this year made a huge change to Jared’s contract could affect our ability to prepare with some of the players to complete the contract in 2020 …. Jared year and we have a contract next year, so I think this is our way to treat his contract. we have already discussed. “

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