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If Bryant officially announced the season reimbursement, the hopes of this 30-year-old external hand will reach the water again, and the saints have to find other ways to reinvigify the offensive group, in order to have a bigger hopes for the second super super Bowl.

In Seattle, Allen was well known to everyone’s outstanding contribution to sports and cultural undertakings. But like his old friend Bill Gates (Bill Gates), Allen is also concerned, and has made many charity contributions to medical research and education.

After the TED Ginn enters the injury reserve list, the Saint External Location is also needed. Cameron Meredith Originally set up airline, but he did not get a chance of catching a ball in the past three games, and was added to the injury reserve after Bryant. Trequin-Smith (quan smith) is another player expected to share the mission of gold. He has started four games in eight games, completed 12 batches, advanced 214 yards, reached 3 times. Austin Carr has completed 5 batches and promoted 62 yards.

It is reported that Wader is preparing to leave lightning next summer by contract negotiations. He told reporters that he has inform him to stop the contract in his contract until he has stopped the contract. That is to say, the 2nd occupational bowl players will no longer be lightning next year.

Kinden Wenz decided to give the Falwell Second Opportunity, and he didn’t aim to the long biography of the close-end Datz (Zach Ertz) to the old friend Trufant. Grateful falcon did not waste this opportunity. Ryan first launched two connectors Carvin Ridley, a total of 27 yards, Redrell finally used 37 yards to get a score. Falcon 10-7 leads.

The Eagle Defense Group is still working hard to create opportunities. Ronald Darby CD and attacking 40 yards, let the eagle attacked at the Falcon 27 code line. Wenz passed the Nelson-Agholor, completed 4 yards, but the subsequent two-point conversion attempt was not successful, and the score stayed at 12-17.

The first year served as a Bill coach again, once again faced the choice of the generals of the elf. Although Tyrod Taylor has some brightly stable performance in the first two episodes, Lien is still not touched.

Haiying boss donates to Ebola virus disaster area

One of Microsoft Franc, Seattle Hawks, Paul Allen, announced that he will donate $ 9 million to the Ebola virus disaster area to help local people and related organizations to fight viruses. These contributions will be determined by the Disease Control and Prevention Center.

Pony kick hand Vetteeyeri accepts knee surgery, season reimbursement

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, Pony kicker Adam Vinatieri left knees will receive surgery. Pony has added him to the injury reserve list.

Subsequent attacks, the eagle external groups are spending more, Wenz has completed the key 3-speed conversion in front of the end area, but also relying on his own mink, the two-point conversion trial is successful, the eagle 20-17 score.

Ito Smith (ITO Smith) lame 28 yards After pushing in the Eagle Red District, Ryan passed again to be copied, and the defensive member of this time is the Nate Gerry. However, the offensive group is not very compliant, and the 3 file is lost.

It will be disclosed that these contributions will be used in the construction and upgrading of medical equipment in the disaster-striking area, and is used to cultivate staff. At August, Allen family served $ 2.8 million to the US Red Cross, used to upgrade equipment, training staff, and produce related education materials for the disaster-stricken areas such as Libya, Sierra Leone and Guinea. His Foundation has also established a pairing subsidies worth $ 100,000 to motivate those who are fighting against viruses.

You can’t blame Lien to use quadrants in the preseason. Not long ago, Circleplus.Io when he was still a New York jet coach, he made the first quartz of Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) in the third episode. When Sanchez finally reimcomed the shoulder injury season, Ryan was also destroyed in the jet coach career. Sanchez leaving the team during subsequent breaks, while Rex also finally left.

Lan Week Sixth, Buffalo Media, said there is “very probably” leaving the team’s first three-point guard in the new season lineup & mdash; & mdash; Taylor, Matt Cassel and EJ-Man EJ Manuel. He also reaffirmed that Bill will give three four-point, everyone’s chance to each person in the next preseason. “We haven’t decided who served as the first quarter of the next week,” Ryan said. “We will use all three people in this week’s training.”

Vanatiyerri missed the previous game of pirates, and he was injured in the training camp. Vanatiyeri will spend most of the seasonal time spending on accelerating rehabilitation, and the final effect is not satisfactory.

Only false dors in the first quarter, more accurately is the Falcon kicker Matt – Bryant (Matt Bryant). After the offensive group was stagnant after the Owl half a 32-yard line, Bryant was on the top of 50 yards to get 3 points for the team. Then the two teams gave up and kicked. The eagle has pushed the second ball, but the long pass of Carson Wentz, did not hit JJ Arcega-WhiteSide, but sent the ball into the wear The arms of DESMOND Trufant. At this time, the defensive group stopped out of the loss, the Falcon 3 file 0 yards. Matt Bosher barely kicked the ball in half, but Darren Sproles attacked the ball to the Falcon 43 Code. After Wenz, the short spread of the ball into the red zone, but finally was killed by Grady Jarrett, and lost the best points. The eagle chooses to try the free kick, Jake Elliott hits this record 34 yards any ball shoot, help the team chasing the score.

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