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Overview: jet running Belle is expected to playThe jet runs to Zi Zile-Bell (Veon Bell) did not participate in Wednesday training as planned, but the nuclear magnetic resonance image showed that his knee had no structural injury, and it is expected to participate in the Sunday competition.

In theory, the crow will usher in the wheel after the game, and they can let Fraco rest in this game to get more recovery time. But if he has returned to health, the current 4 wins and 4-losing crows can’t gamble, let Maetel continue to serve.

Brown Security J. T. Hassel (J. Hassell) is a fine of $ 2,8075 due to non-essential rude motion. This penalty is derived from 8.17 pair of pairs of parsures. Hassell lowered the helmet to take the way to discard kickback. Nyheim Hines. Hayin was injured in this self-study.

The patriot takes away from Josh Gordon by physical examination, and is removed from a non-rugby injury list.

The rickets will defensive defender Josh Shaw and the new Xiu Haym-Butem Butler to join the injury reserve list. Butler is already a list of injury reserves in the second time, so he can’t return again this season and can be said to be reimbursed. The red tick also plans to cut off the line Wei Andre-Branch (Jeff Holland) and Hayes Pullard.

Josh Carraway Callavi (Josh Carraway) torn, offensive front line member Allen – Aaron Near ankle fracture.

The patriot signing the contract line Websuit Bi-Lite Wright and the Robert Martin (Robert Martin). Correspondingly, they cut off the defensive front line members Gyon Tower – Keionta Davis and the outer hand Maurice Harris, the Brandon King is added to the injury reserve list .

Dolphins cut off the safety guards T. J. McDonald (T. J. McDonald). Before coming to the dolphins, McDonald has been effective for the ram for four years. He has previously signed a 4-year 24 million US dollar contract with the team, and there is still $ 3.7 million in full support this season.

But he is still returning to the steel man in 1971 and has become the most trusted backfinder of Franco Harris. In the next ten years, he played 130 regular sessions and 10 playoffs, and took four championships as a member of the Steelman Dynasty.

At the popular singer “Kate”, Kate Perry, joined his friends, Missy Elliott, completed the gorgeous super bowl, and the two players returned to the stadium to carry out the second half. The chalks of the leader immediately gave the patriot, and Matthew became the third time, this time he took the left trajector to prevent the defenders, and the Haiying will be more than one aftermaster. 14:17. The patriot has turned sharply, and Brady is busy, his direct pass by the Habiby Wagner to grab the Gross Sky. The sea eagle took the opportunity to use the patriot to expand the leading advantage, and the external hand of the Doug Baldwin pulled out a large piece of air and easy to pick Wilson, 14: 24! At this time, the situation has been fully controlled by the Haiying team, the patriot is forced to kick, three battles, and the Hawks have achieved two-digit leading advantage.

News review: jet new Xiu Wilibas was punished by violationBeijing August 26, US Time Sunday, according to Cheap nfl Jerseys NetWork reporters reported that NFL finally decided to punish the jet the jets of the jets, Kunnan, Williams, Williams.

However, the final fate of the fifth year and the first round show is not big in the bear team. The options of the Kyle Fuller have not been executed, but he still got the renewal and was selected in the fifth year. The options of Line Wileonard Floyd Floyd were executed, but they were cut off by the team before the rookie contract expired.

The Baltimo Crow is the John Harbaugh, who said that Verco “did not” left the brain volatile symptom on Monday. He said: “I think he is very likely to play the next game.” The crow will be in the next game to Titani Titan.

The Haiying team won the throwing coins and chose to let the patriots attacked, patriot four-point Wei Tom-Breddy (Tom Brady) passed the three short biography to get the first attack, but the powerful Hawo-winning line did not allow the Patriots to further advance The latter is forced to kick. The Hawk handedate all the tasks they first attacked to the Marshawn Lynch, but Lynch did not win the team for the team, “Three and Out”, the sea eagle also abandoned Kick. The patriot team runs to the Midway of Legarrett Blount to make the ball to the Haiying team, and then the patriot will continue to go through the three-end conversion to the Haiying Red District. The Hawble Fighting Group finally worked, and Jeremy Lane copied Braddy on the pressure on the pressure, but Lin En was seriously injured during the attack. Forced to leave the field to be treated, the first section ended, both sides did not score.

Who says Lin Qi will only punch? This time, Linqi lasted to take over the left side of the stadium, picking the Walson’s path to break through the midline, and paused at two minutes. At the crucial moment, the luck stood on the side of the Haiying team. Wilson’s right side took over Corz, Cordi was defeated by the patriot team, and did not stop the ball in the first time. Who knows the skin without landing It is bounced on Coris, and Cordi finally took the ball at the 5-yard line, and Hualinger chose midway insertion. The Haiying is only 1 code from the champion, but the Hawk is not in this last code. In the middle, Wilson’s pass encounters Patriot Malcolm Butler Cascific! At the last moment of the game, the championship made the Haiying team players lost calm. The two sides had a small-scale conflict, and the referee will also paten the player to expel the scene. In the end, with the single knee of Bradi, the patriot won the 49th super Bowl.

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