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Newton became a champion in 2011 and quickly became a leader of the Black Panther. He led the team to win 3 partition champions in 2013 to 2015, entered a super bowl and a total of 4 times to enter the playoffs. During the 9-year black panther career, Newton became a league MVP in 2015 and was selected for 3 times.

Haiying’s main coach discussing the possibility of Trobinson into NFL

After two consecutive years, I can’t find a team that I am willing to retain my own team in NBA, ITR-Robinson change their goals to enter NFL.

Duke starting in just three years, over 8000 yards passing Jones became the fifth in team history, and to 52 the number of passing up front also became the third Duke history. And many football players, Jones had also suffered injuries, often with injuries to play to help the team win. But he by virtue of their good record, directly to give his final year of college football career, and apply for the cheap Nfl jerseys draft.

The red rock line Wei Washington has no change in the ban.

Due to many violations of alliance drug abuse regulations, the Arizona Red Scot Inner Washington has not yet outdoors since the 17th week of the 2013 season.

This season Robinson is mainly effective in the Israel Basketball League, but he is thinking about the plan of NFL when he is in Europe. However, after 14 years did not get in touch with football, only a few teams have expressed interest in him. Although Robinson is the local people of Seattle, Carol is also recruited in the University of South California, but now it seems that this is not helpful to his professional football path.

In high school, Jones late compared to others more. He was very thin. Jones High School has a 1.8 meter tall but weighed only 68 kilograms, until the third year he slowly became a stout up to four high Jones 9 to 1 meter tall. At that time also, Jones is just beginning to be of concern to a number of college teams. Was on a high school player ratings website, Jones names are not ranked.

However, after injury, the situation turned sharply. Newton has repeated shoulder surgery and is only two games from the last season. The problem of lasting injuries caused no team to pay a draft of Newton, which is about to enter the last year of the contract.

Jones rounds of this year’s draft Against all expectations, he was selected by the New York Giants in the sixth overall. His stock even more than a few of this year several popular players, such as quarterback Dwayne was not yet selected Ohio State University – the University of Kentucky, Haskins or red setter Josh – Allen. This is when a few strong candidates for the New York Giants. Jones was declared after the Giants selected, Haskins helpless smiled, shrugged.

The Black Panther also announced that the Fozzy Whittaker will also absent the competition. Jonathan Stewart will start starting, this run is missing the three games in Carolina due to the injury of the knee.

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When the reporter asked the Haying Team Coach Pete Carroll, Carol was also poured with the NFL’s plan for the Program of Robinson.

“I think this is basically impossible,” Carol said: “He has been 32 years old, I have never seen any people who have no professional football experience in this age. But if there is such a person may succeed If this is, this person is definitely NT-Robinson. He is a versatile athlete and has a very strong good heart. “Carrol then praised Robinson’s excellent ball skills and called him as an incredible athlete.

Under the dilemma of running guards, I hope I can see the black panther re-exerts the four-point Wei Kam Newton and the reading option attack on the ground. Kelvin Benjamin is still in question, and must be reported through more than one brain volatility before re-opening.

Washington is eligible for the prequet qualification in March this year, and he said he has planned to do this in April. However, he still faces the punishment of the league because he has involved a family violence in May 2014. According to the message disclosed by the alliance spokesperson, Washington’s banned state “did not change”, and “there is no need to further report.”

Black Leopard runs Williams still absent competition

Carolina Black Leopard is going down the slope of the road to Guide Andro Williams (ankle) will absence the game of the War Green Bay packaging in Sunday. The team announced this news on Saturday, Williams was listed on the Sunday game on Friday, it would be unlikely to play, now we know that he will not play. This will be the third game of his continuous misses this season, the total number of fifth game.

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