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This accidental incident stated that the Saint fans were strong, some of which filed a lawsuit to the court, and some of them wore a referee clothing to watch the first battle of Saints. Before the season, Saint-Payton, Saint-Payton, is still talking about this.

There is no doubt this mistake to make the saints being blocked outside the gate of the super bowl. However, it also stimulated NFL making changes. But at least for rams, they don’t want to talk about this. It is hoped that these two national union team can make an external topic to talk about new topics.

Ponbi is also an important member of Lightning offensive front lines, and Justin Herbert is still needed in Tyrod Taylor, and Justin Herbert will still need to learn experience. The importance of Ponxi is more obvious. .

On Wednesday, US time, according to NFL NetWork reporters, this professional bowl level center has obtained a doctor’s training permit. Ponxi received a neck surgery before it was still in a rehabilitation process, but it is expected to completely recover before training.

In Brady retired and his achievements are for the world’s review, Braddy may not oppose the fans and commentators to call him the best players in history. This is a prestigious presecling of all athletes.

Since the fifth week of the 2019 season, Ponxi has not set foot on the game. He was injured in the neck of the mangoma and was added to the injury reserve. Last year, he did two seasons who did not play at least 12 games.

Of course, in the playoffs, Robe Curtman was fortunate to have not blown a penalty to interfere with Saint-Dentien bend Tommy Lee Lewis. In the seven months after that, the ram has admitted that they have passed this incident. Nfl also acknowledged misjudgment, and implemented a new regulations in the snap-in phase.

Six years ago, I started my career in Seattle, and he was selected by the Hawk in the seventh round of 2012. After four seasons, he as a free player and Tampawan pirates, but the injury has affected his play. After the back injury in 2016, he was injured again by the leg. In the end, Swirti was cut off by piracy.

During the last season, Morris was adjusted to the assistant coach of the offensive group, Ulugnortxtb.Zn.uz and successfully made the Falcon defensive group rebounded, which made him think that it is expected to become the NFL team coach. However, in this season, the Falcon Defensive Group made poorly, eventually leading to the coach Dan Quinn. What is the performance of the Falcon Defensive Group in the next game will determine how much the falcon or other team is willing to hire Morris to serve as a coach.

“I don’t like this, I don’t like this. I don’t like it at all. This makes me embarrassment, so that this is embarrassed, so embarrassed,” Braddy said in an interview. “I guess the feeling of beauty. I feel worse than criticism. I want you to say,” you are garbage. You are too old. You are too slow. “You can’t win again. & Rsquo; then I will say ,”thank you very much. I will prove that you are wrong. & lsquo; “

Tom Braddy: It is called the best player in history to make me embarrassment.Beijing February 6th Address All New England Patriots Fans, Media Guests and World: Don’t call Tom Brady to be the best player in history.

Sometimes the second chance will make the coach to adjust your own way. Morris has worked as a coach in the offensive group and defensive group in recent years, and also served as assistant coach, such experiences have a great benefit to him. He now has 11 games to the falcon to prove their abilities.

Although the team still did not give up Manzel, Falmar also revealed in an interview that if you can encounter excellent quarterfield in the draft, the team will choose to shoot. When asked if he was hesitant when you were selected, Falm, said: “If you can choose excellent four-defense in the first round, I will not hesitate. For a good player, we have always been & lsquo; Shoot & RSQUO ;. “

After the stage of opening the season, after the tough schedule, until the tenth weeque week, the Falcon’s schedule will be a little relaxed. But the difficulty of the ending schedule will increase again, they need to face the Saint New Orleans, 2 times in Tampawan pirates and face the Chief of Kansas City.

Talking to Manzel, Farmar said that the team has always been very confident: “He has its own characteristics, although he did not succeed in the rookie season, but he has the ability to do better in the future. He needs to do it. Some changes, find the way to stimulate potential. We still look forward to him. “

The coach and players of the ram are unwilling to talk about the incidence of post-final season.Beijing September 12th, the Los Angeles ram and the New Orleans Saints will meet in the next game, and in addition to discussing the game itself, the outside world is still concerned about the referee when the two teams in the last season.

Fa Mal said: “I must tell you, I am not a person who value the speech. You have no use, I only care about your actual performance. This is what we need to face, the team’s One person needs to take out the real performance. Whether it is a player or a coach, or other staff, we need to see your efforts to see your work. This is also a fan wants to see. “

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