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EA company has a series of e-sports sports games, such as football’s FIFA, basketball’s NBA Live series. The EA’s football game Madden (Madden) series is also well-made, there are updated annually. Madden is an easy fight, quickly become familiar with a variety of tactics and rules of football entertainment. In addition, the NFL last year, China officially launched in China, “NFL every day,” the mobile phone network, which is a data-analysis-based game, players in the real world of NFL players combined into a team, the actual data in a real tournament player according to performance score, you can exercise the ability to understand and analyze data on NFL events.

John said in an interview with a reporter: “My father and I have & hellip; & hellip; I can only say that Adam Sherfte’s report is completely absurd. According to I know, no one asked him to do, because This is his own decision. I don’t know where to hear it. “

Download NFL Football APP (Download Link Please poke me), leave a message below this article, predict the winning orientation of the game (Example: the chief wins), the quiz event is deadline before the start of the game.

Brother refutes the rumor about the family to ask Hubble

According to reports, San Francisco 49 people team coach Jim Harbaugh is swaying between the University of Michigan and NFL teams, and his family and friends urged him to return to his alma mater. However, his brother John Harbaugh, who was strongly refuted on Wednesday.

However, John feels that his brother can go to the headlines is also a good thing. He added: “When I open the computer to see Jim’s news, it is very perfect, I am proud of this. I think he can handle these things, although there will be some misunderstandings between the media, but this is NFL. “

Jerry Jones: The four signs will not be used to choose four-point guard.

Dallas denim knows Tony Romo is no longer young, especially in the case of last season, there is a decision to make a decision.

If you ask me to win before, I will not hesitate to have a vote, but the external calorie witnesss Andrew Rock’s recovery, and the horses of the momentum are very chance to create a big hassle for the chief.

[Season Hotline] Meidian partial wheel: Indianapolis Pima @ 萨城 城 (Wen Dong Welfare!)

The first battle of the partition, the United States, the seed, the seed, the small horse, the guests, Kansas City, challenge the Emirates of the United States Convention.

At present, China has begun to build its own American Rugby League and league, and many cities have their own football team, some cities even more than one American football club. At the end of 2014, I applied to join the Beijing Cyclone American football team, starting from newcomers, step by step, and found their own fit. At the same time, it also witnessed the whirlwind cheap jerseys From china an old way to the loose team, gradually grow into the “away mad” in the leased mouth, and asked the zero to meet the national first champion team.

After the 2014 season, Norman may be one of the best three corner sways in the League of this season. He is in the perfect moment & mdash; & mdash; the show of the show of the show of the Darka; & mdash; one of the signboards of the panther efficient defensive group.

In the case where the salary capsule is now increased and other teams urgently need the young high-quality angle guards, such requirements can understand, but the Black Panther General Dave Gettleman is not as spent as before. Big hands big feet.

Norman has been reported to seek a contract between 14 million US $ 14 million to 16 million US dollars, which will make his salary and the best three angle guards: Darrelle Revis Patrick Peterson and a level of Richard Sherman.

Petis played 30 strategic attacks in the game competition, which is more due to teammation Emmanuel Sanders to leave in advance. His bolus is at especially letting the Salunan are dissatisfied. In the overtime, 49 people used three passes to attack but no success, and eventually let the Hawks have the opportunity to win the game.

As my country’s entire country is in the process of rapid development, American football is also growing rapidly in China in recent years. We are a batch of fans who can witness the roots of rugby in China.

From beginning to realize the Super Bowl American football is a very good choice! Super Bowl is not only the National Football League (national football league, referred to as the NFL) annual national finals, fantastic game content, but also an entertainment event, midfielder guest performers big gathering, known as the “American Spring Festival.” According to statistics, watch the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final of the total number of US television audience of about 17 million, while the number of American audiences in the same year the Super Bowl more than 100 million people. In addition to the exciting game, sing the national anthem before the guests each year and show the midfield midfielder when the rest is compelling spectacle, participated in the Super Bowl intermission show guests included Michael & bull; Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce Mars brother, sister fruits, U2, Coldplay, the Rolling Stones & hellip; & hellip; this year it is led by the Lady GAGA midfield show, I do not know what she will bring wonderful performances.

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