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Jet coach: cheap jerseys said Dordo is the foundation of the cornerstone quarter to fashion

Beijing September 14th, although Sam Darnold excellent in wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping, but the jet is the todd bowles, not too excited.

Bauers said: “We won a game, but after you have a few more than one hundred games, I can determine that he is not the cornerstone quartz, and now it is too early. Yes, we let him start He also has the ability. But he has different situations every week, this team is still very young, it needs to grow up. Of course, he is not tender, some of the ability is very good, I also believe He can adjust his step in time. “

Bowers insisted: “Only by a game can not determine his ability & hellip; & hellip; only one field is playing down, comprehensive analysis can determine that he is the child of the selection or roadside garbage. He just played a game The competition, there is still a few years. “

Although the game opened Dond by the other party, he then stabilized, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale and 21 passed 16 times, pushed 198 yards, and wholesale jerseys free shipping obtained 2 reached.

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