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Outside the Bears took over Coach: Pat Riley – Ridley will be a big progress2020 season, the Bears offensive group not only outstanding quarterback, wide receiver depth lineup of big shake-up may also be in training camp.

Steel people will lead to Harrison to postpone retirementLast season, I was short-lived in 18 days. I responded to the old line of the steel person. James Harrison has recently been uploaded in the personal instagram. Attach the text, “I will postpone the plan, now I want to travel to Arizona. I started training, I have prepared it next season. “

The best defensive player in the previous year, 5 degrees selected by the professional bowl, after the last season, the state is good, and 5.5 kills in 11 games will help the team win the name of the United States. Kevin Colbert, General Manager of Steel Man, said earlier, the team would respect Harrison’s personal intentions. The steel man is urgently replenished in the outside sake, and the player in the array will enter the free player market except for the first round of Jarvis Jones, except for the first round of Jarvis Jones.

According to cheap nfl Jerseys from china NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero, Okara signed a contract with the lion. Contract annual salary is higher than the current two-wheeled free player bidding contract, and there is an additional incentive bonus.

Saints still have a luxury lineup that is enough to impact the super bowl, last season wins 13 regular sessions. Briser had torn 5 games due to thumb ligaments, but his performance is still exquisite. In the 11th game of the first war, Bris passed the completion rate of 74.3%, and the averaging was promoted to 270.8 yards, with a total of 27 times.

Okoura’s best in the season, a total of 14 games, completed 7.5 times, 39 hugs, 8 times, resulting in the loss of the loss, and completed 14 quarter-shock hits, the above data It is a new high of Okara career. His killing and quadruption of the strikes are the most in the lions.

Patterson and Tamu were a teammate in Mississippi, and then Patson learned Michigan. In the four-year college career, Patterson passed the 8800 yards, reached 68 times, was copied twenty-7 times. Last season, he pushed 3061 yards in the Michigan Wolverine team, reached 23 times, and was copied 8 times.

Saints were eliminated in Viking in the National Outline card in the country, and then Bris said that he would need some time to make a decision and continue to play. In the end, he expressed his wish from the 2.18 through Instagram.

In 2001, the thirtieth of 2001 was selected, the Pony decided to give me a chance, they let me put on this jersey representing glory. Of course, this draft has also circular my childhood dream. 14 years wearing a blue white jersey, I am very grateful to these time. Every player is the best, we work together to experience a championship every day.

“I think Riley – Ridley will be the most improved group of people.” Foley said, “He’s ready to progress, attitude and desire to win, hope the success of enthusiasm & mdash; & mdash; he loves the process I believe that people can love the process will eventually succeed. “

The chief and the fall of the four points, the Savi-Patson signed a contractUS time Saturday, the chief gave Patrick Mahomes to find a potential substitute. According to the player broker statement, the University of Michigan’s decline in Sichuan Wei Jia-Patterson will sign with the chief.

Saint and Quadrupu – Briser for 2 yearsUS Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that Saint and Quadruple Ru Bris (Drew Brees) will renew 2 years, with a total contract of approximately $ 50 million.

Wayne wrote a thank you letter to the pony fansReggie Wayne is an lyrical person. The outer hand took a four seasays in the Indianapolis, and the honor of 6 professional bowls, as well as three selected first lineups, but the team has decided no longer give him a new contract, so He is already a free player.

For people in Indianapolis, especially you, thank you for your feelings here is my home. As a child of Louisiana, I started very confused, but you made me a happy time. So, over time, you are my friend, I will miss every “reg-gie” cheering, because this is a blessing to me. The goal of every game is to make you feel unfortunate. I don’t know how to thank you, thank you for your support.

Aside from the low-key superstar Allen – Robinson (Allen Robinson) and Anthony – Miller (Anthony Miller), there are many wide receivers have the ability to share. Kodak Riel – Patterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) is expected to be the main task of the Secret Service. Ted took over the small outer veteran – Gold (Ted Ginn Jr.) can provide outside speed, but he was 35 years old, last season’s performance is not good data. Five show Darnell – Mooney (Darnell Mooney) and Feng Jie – Weems (Javon Wims) also has room for improvement.

Coach Mora, Dungy, Caldwell, and those who are well known in the university, coach Pagano and his team always help me to achieve The best state. You have made me a player, you let me understand the trust and team.

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