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Newton’s Weibo is stolen on the 19th of the US. During the period, the hacker released the following twenty:

Don’t miss the stolen twice, haha!

2. It is precisely because it is an internet, the happening is happening.

3. I hate the child inside the Play 60 game.

4. I miss you & mdash; & mdash; Steve Smith

5. The people on the offensive group are weak.

On Wednesday, Gronard’s name is listed on the list that does not participate in the training team, while on Thursday, he is limited in training. But on Friday, he said he felt very good and played in Foxburg against Texas people.

Newton Twitter is stolen for password too simpleThe reasons why Carolina Black Leopard quarter Sam-Newton is finally stones: it is because the password set by Newton is too simple & hellip; & hellip; after the password, Newton has released a push Special: I think “camnewton1” is probably the most stupid password, thank you again for the help of Tete employees.


Offensive group:

QB: Tom – Breddy, RB: Mike Gillislee, WR: Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan, Danny – Aromora, TE: Rob – Gulkkovski, Ol: Nate Solder, Joe Thuney, David – Andrews, Saq Mason, Marcus -Cannon

Defense group (4-3):

DL: Lawrence – Lawrence Guy, Adam Butler, Malcom Butler, Trey Flowers, LB: Kyle Vanoi ( Kyle Van Noy, East Pagoda – Haita, David – Harris (David Harris), CB: Stivi Gilmo, Malcolm Butler, S: Patrick Chung (Patrick Chung ), DEVIN McCourty

Terui Pengola is close to Bill New MasterBuffalo is about to usher in their new owner. cheap nfl jerseys from china officially reported on Monday, the holder of Terry Pegula in the acquisition of Bill’s selection in Monday. Monday will be the final deadline of the bidding, so the results of the acquisition may be announced on Tuesday. All parties have sent expectations to be completed as soon as possible, and the insider said that if there is no accident, Pengola will win bidding and enter the master Bill. The NFL Alliance’s Finance Committee will hold a meeting next week. If the meeting passes the decision, Bill’s new boss will go horse on October 7.

For Houston Texas, this year they wanted to defend the United States ofcena, clearly difficult. The courtyard in the defending period seems to gradually get rid of the role of the fish, supplemented the Titan of the ball, steadily advancement under the leadership of Marcus Mariota, and lacking the Andrew Luck. The pony has some falling team. The rookie quarter-free Delin Watson retreated the face of the patriarch in the first week, and he grabbed Tom Savage in the second week of the game of Tom Savage in the second week. Location. He handed over the 125-yard data in 24 passes. In addition, he also got 67 yards in 5 times, including a 49-yard rush to reach, it is also the longest history of Texas. A four-dimensional guard against the ball. For Watssen, as a rookie quadrant, he is not good enough for the management of ball rights, he is on the first week, and it is copied once. In the last week, his unreasonable passbook selection is subject to the other party to complete the copy and directly attack the array. It is good to go to the Meng Hu’s defenders, and failed to complete the copy. In the face of patriots this week, if Watson has these unreasonable choices, I am afraid I will be buried to the hope of Texas. For Texas, they are still their defensive groups. After the first week was cut under the Jacksonville American Tiger, the Texas’ s defensive group ushered in rebound in the previous week. In the face of Meng Hu, they did not release it in the audience, only for the opponent to get 9 points, and achieved 3 kills once forced the ball. The defensive frontline consisting of J.J. Wat, Jadevie – Claien is still able to bring many pressure to any opponent. In addition, the Texas came from Bill O & RSquo; Brien, in 2007, the patron, and the defensive coordinator Mike Flabell was played in the player’s era for 8 years. The team has achieved 3 super bowls. Old friends reunion will be one of the points of the game. I believe that the patriot boss will entertain these heroes, but on the court, the Baileck coach will not be soft.

The 63-year-old billionaire Pengola is engaged in natural gas and real estate related work. He has repeatedly expressed the desire for the big parliament team in the western New York. If things are smooth, he will hold 2 professional sports teams located in Buffalo in the near future: Bill and Safari. The Biller Ralph Wilson Dedicated in May, and enjoy the year 95. At present, the temporary chairman of the team is Ras Brandon.

Miller and Newton are the 2011 draft players, and the two have exchanged players after the game. Of course, all the friendship is another thing on the court. Miller said: “I will be my own in the field, there is nothing to block me, I am a fan outside the scene.”

Elliot is the first person in the 2016 season NFL, in the car accident on May 21, he is a passenger in the car. Fortunately, he did not suffer great harm. In fact, in January this year, Elliot was encountered another car accident.

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