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Kiqinus said: “Now Carrim Hunter is a member of Brown, so we have a responsibility to help him become a better person. Players will only leave the stadium one day, as a coach, as their mentor, need Let them know what the football career is over. & Hellip; & hellip; We are to make him better people to provide him with these resources and support. “

Ryan: Patriot will be a partition champion

This week, Farurob, will be a new England Patriot, and the team head coach Rex Ryan said in an interview in local time on Thursday, even if Bill defeated patriots, the latter will still become a partition champion. At present, the patriot is 9 wins and 0 losses, Bill 5 wins and 4 losses.

Brown coach Kiqinus: Let Henster become better

Beijing February 28th this month earlier, Brown signed the decision of Kareem Hunt. However, although Hunter caused trouble, his talent is both undoubted.

The Falcon’s defensive group is not in the evening on Thursday, but the three CDs in the first half are guaranteed from the Tiger away from the end area. The American Tiger has a 7-0 advantage into the second half. If you are lucky, it may be a bigger division.

But whether the rickets can finally defeat the partition in the 2021 season, the key to enter the playofty in the playoffs is whether the Kyler Murray can continue to advance. The preamble element show is eye-catching in the early season, his name once entered the discussion of MVP candidates. However, the injury and opponents’ respondents in the seventh season and the response to the presence of the printed offensive group decline, and 5 games were lost in the last 7 games.

“For Keller, it is to continue to work hard,” Jinsury is said. “You can never achieve perfection, but you can work hard in this direction. It is important to pay attention to details & mdash; & mdash; every day dedication.”

The patriot has been more than 15 consecutive seasonings, and winning is still part of their gene. Although this season Bill’s performance is bright, they still can’t shake the dominance of the patriots in the Eastern District. Not only the partition champion, but the patriotic goal is naturally defending a super bowl.

Ryan said: “Is there a chance to win a partition champion? The answer is negative. They will win the champion, I don’t think they will lose 4 games, I hope that I will be wrong, but I really think that this will not happen. I have already said, we will now focus on this game. Monday, we have to win the game, I promise. “

In the previous game of the front of the front, Croovo pretended to rub your ass with a rugby after anger, then threw the ball to the auditorium. According to NFL NetWork reporter Tom-Perry, this has also made him a fine of $ 13369 due to violation of sportsSmanLike Conduct.

Falcon four wars, but remember that these games have been finished. The Falcon’s coach group emphasized the focus of these competitions throughout August lies in excavating young players, rookies and free players, and has no relationship with the regular match.

After a free player this summer, Tatt was chased by New York Jet, Jacksonville American Tiger, Jacksonville, and other teams, and finally he had a 5-year 31 million contract with the lion and thought that the Hawk opened. The contract is very ridiculous. Harva is used in the jet in the jet last month.

In the next two days, the final competition will be confirmed that many people will be cut off, and all players have talked out better performance in the game with the American tiger. Gres got eight times, and a special group of special groups and a copy. Odom also won eight crisps, including a snoring that caused the other party to lose the ball and a five-yard killing.

Safety Safety Swan Davis Sean Davis is a penalty of $ 20054 due to malicious collision, external hand, Darrius Heyward-Bey, due to the third week of regular season Violation of sports moral behavior (insulting referee) was fined $ 2,6739.

“I want to make sure we continue to make him progress, make sure we can take the next step,” Jinsbury said. “In the case where there is no break, he can progress from the performance of the new show to the performance of last season, so I am excited about his future. I don’t know that he is very talented. He has the opportunity to become the best in this alliance. Player. “

[Falcon News Courier] Falcon Flat Refields End Season

Thursday night (Beijing time on Friday morning), the Falcon has ended the journey of the journey with a loss, and they lost to the Jackson Will Americas that I visited 13-7 in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Mercedes. Falcon’s starting players are basically the first time I saw the new court, here they ended the preseason with four battles.

In fact, Tatt said that there is no way, currently in the Haiying, who is led by Doug Baldwin, is the second, and the pace of the passing of Russell Wilson is getting worse. & quot; Eagle thinks they can choose some top and cheap rookie, this may be the reason they sent me. & quot; Tatt supplements.

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