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In addition, to ensure that each normal training, the team now need a training ground for a fixed. Players attendance needs to be emphasized again, Shanghai Nighthawk early, hit a few core members are contacted before training a phone call, asking whether to attend.

The rickets have just signed the renewal contract for 3 years 50 million US dollars (20 million US dollar guaranteed) this Friday. This injury also made Palma and the red rose. . The vacancies in Palmer will be filled by the Substanton Situ-Stanton, Stanton, who has been temporarily served as the team’s first four-point guard, although his pass is preceditive Improve, but his self-confidence makes him not afraid of far passing and difficult passage. For example, today, he just goes to connect the new show, John Brown, complete 48 code arrays.

“This is motivation,” Agua is said. “When I am in college, I will have a trial player into the team. I don’t know who they are, I don’t know how they level. But no matter who they are, it is always a competition for me. See someone wants me Competition, I like this. “

Carson – Parme Mane knees front cross ligament tear

In the end of Arizona, the Rapu’s collar, the collar, the main four-point guard, the squad, was injured in the 4th section of the game, and then raised by the electric car out of the court. . After the game, Parm should be tearing the knee crossed ligament, which is likely to be reimbursed this season.

Brown-like Yuan defensive end Feng Mai Lees-Galt regression training

This year’s draft-shaped Miles-Gals Garrett has returned to the first regression of Thursday since the high shot of the ankle on September 6.

Parmer’s injured knee ligaments were old injuries. He has suffered serious injuries in the same part in 2006, so the injury is particularly worrying. After the squadron, Bruce, Bruce Aria, said that he is not clear about the injury of Palmer, but also waiting for further examination.

Jackson said that Galt looks back in the past in the training. “I am very happy that he can participate in the training” Jackson said. “Want to talk to the medical group, treat him carefully and wisely.”

How to build an American football team in the country

The development of domestic football is still in the stage of spark, in many areas, large and small American football team, but more regions may have lovers, but can not form a group. Here, a simple talk about how to build teams in the country.

Luke – Nakile: I don’t need the nickname of the US captain.

As early as the beginning of this season, the four-point guards of the Carolina Black Panther, Cam Newton, was named “American Captain” for our team’s line of Luke Kuechly.

Today, Barron, Quinn, Webster and Robey-Coleman returned to the training ground. Mcvay revealed that the training volume of Quinn did not arrange him in the quarter. It is purely to protect him, and do the best to avoid injuries.

Agua is attempted to try 31 arms shoots in a rookie season, shot 9 times, and he has lost 9 shots in 3 years. His any ball shot success rate (71%) is the worst in the league of all 3 times at least 3 arbitrary shoots.

Pirate two grade kickle Aguao Yao: It is ready to face competition

One of the most attractive competition in Tampawan Pirate in the break is to play the competition between Roberto Aguayo and Nick Folk.

Austin is very likely to continue to absent this week’s training and competition, but it seems irrelevant. The two teams composed of Cooper, Reynolds and Thoms have been praised by all walks of life. This week’s training will focus on the rushing hands and corner. Since eBukam and Price are absent, only Smart can continue to make pressure. Hill got a lot of time in the weekend, cheap jerseys but the performance was very bad. With respect to Counters and Hartfield, the two will make the final list for the big list. JJ3 has given a lot of opportunities as a slot angle in the game, but the location is poor; as a security guard is still a small gap from Cody Davis. How to cultivate this three-way rookie, a major topic of the coach group.

But recently Luke received an interview: “I don’t need nickname, my name is Luke.” In fact, this name is the game of the Times Panther to the Dallas Cowboy, Luke completed 2 copies, and completed once Casseth is backcross, Newton also evaluates the area where Luke is in a black area.

[Ram News Express] 8/22 team training camp observation

On Monday afternoon, the ram returned to the Cal Lutheran, and started to prepare for this weekend and the appearance of the lightning. Today’s training doesn’t have access to A, although I have just ended a game, the team is still intensive.

For the offensive front line, Mcvay said that their performance in the game makes the coach group very satisfied. Saffold pointed out that BROWN and HAVENSTEIN are more clear in the help of KROMER and MCVAY, and it has improved in basic skills.

One of the first two-wheeled players is not common in such a place in the second season. Pirates signed Folk, team general manager Jason Licht, who was signed this year, admitted that Agua is not very good last season. “But in the nightmare After the rookie season, Agua is ready to face challenges.

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