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Talking about Murray’s outbreak, Tony Sparano will be attributed to the training of weekdays: “I know what he has done, but he only participated in the 9th attack due to the injury. This is regrettable. He has an incredible rush, but he still has problems that need to be corrected. “

I didn’t deliberately use funny plots to make a parallel story, but whether it is a real world, or a parallel world, it seems that the two teams cannot succeed. The reason is the most important thing because of the general manager of both parties. Decide the future development of the team. Red-skin general manager Dan-Sner is paranoid, and it is brutal, so it will insist that he will choose RG3 in the future, and will be fry at the old Salunan. The ram is general manager, Snide, a short, and a shower, a selection conference, keep going downwards, I hope to get more show signs to supplement the thickness of the team, but invisible, let the superstar will walk away from the hand, and Among the many potential players obtained by the exchange, they can also have superstar talent.

“Last year, I was completely serviced in the first year, and I am still learning,” said Fitz Patrick. “I want to learn a lot about this far-reaching security location and understand how to improve. I can do a better thing is that the gesture is lower, and the knee is more curved when playing. To be more explosive, more sharply Start. This is where I work hard to improve in daily training. “

Jones’s brokers said when they were asked to appeal, saying that he and Jones were studying NFL’s banned statements and explored all options. The broker said: “We will keep in mind what is the best for Adam and Tiger.”

This week, the raid will usher in the court, Murray has enough time to adjust. Spartrano revealed that if Murray can stay healthy, he will get more ball rights: “Just like all young people, we must see his progress before giving him a chance. Fortunately, he is indeed Advance. Every day’s training makes him improve, he is slowly growing into an excellent player. “

The raid coach wanders down Murray’s outbreak in the training of weekdaysThis week’s Thursday night, the Auckland raids ran to Dora Tagus Murray completed the outbreak, and he only held 112 yards in 4 times, and completed 11 yards and 90 yards twice. The ball reaches the ball. Unfortunately, Murray had to leave in advance in the second day.

Too late, Linqi Media Day is a little temperUnlike last year, the Seattle Hawk Marshawn Lynch has chosen this year, but & hellip; & hellip; from the beginning, he repeated the same content & mdash; & mdash; “I won’t be fined because of me NS”.

Fitz Patrick’s arrival consolidates the outstanding team of steel people. Such performance is completely worthwhile to use the first round of draft delegation to get him. In the new season, Fitz Patrick will work hard to help the steel man return to the playoffs.

Steelman safety Wei Feittrick: It is expected to get 6 to 7 times of copy of the new season.In 14 games for Pittsburgh, Safety Swan Fitzpatrick is played in the 14 games of Pittsburgh, and MINKAH Fitzpatrick. He obtained 57 times, 5 copies, twice to grab the ball and get up to 2 times. Such a performance allows him to select a professional bowl and the best lineup.

In the five-minute interview time in the USA of the USA, a total of 29 reporters have made different problems with Lynch, but Whether I can’t let Linqi heart, Lin Qi has supported the audience with his universal answer. He shouted: “Time is coming.” Lin Qi believes that he only needs to say five minutes, you can avoid fines, this five minutes is what he is present, which is also waiting for a lot of reporters to smile.

2012 season, the Rams rely on the outstanding performance of the defense group, has achieved progress, winning almost half, but also get rid of the position of the vice squad of the National League West, Ibrox and rookie Jenkins exceptionally good performance. RG3 and Redskins are in command of a face-lift, the offensive coordinator Kyle – under Shanahan exquisite design, red area of ​​the main options for reading red ball attack, completely RG3 and wholesale jerseys another rookie running back Alfred – Morris’s ability to show up, watch the Redskins offensive team this season can be described as rare wonderful history, RG3 almost every game like a hero strikes the ball was tipped over like wrestling action as the other defender, RG3 no complaints , wiped off the dust, like equipped with armored steel fist as continue to lead the team forward, in this era of pass-led offensive in the 21st century, RG3 led the Redskins played 60 years as the main road attack offense. When the first six weeks of the season against the Vikings, in the fourth quarter RG3 half the side at 24 yards using the read option attack, running along the left 76 yards a touchdown to seal the victory! RG3 while wearing maroon shirts topped the American flag picture is agonistic. Redskins to a wave of seven consecutive victories to complete the regular season, access to the National League East champion, making a comeback in the playoffs. Unfortunately meteor perishable, easy to cold fireworks, flame entire 16 games of the season to make RG3 accumulated a whole body injuries, a wild card game against the Seahawks were to the fourth quarter, a serious knee injury has not let pain RG3 game, but pugnacious he is still plead to the coach, led the team hopes to play reversed the score, but the stubborn old Shanahan screwed Victory RG3, can only be allowed to play. Then the tragedy occurred, the immediate concern of the Seahawks led the team before RG3 end zone, the ball once again attack a sprained knee, pain Aoao shouting, thrust the ball aside, the Seahawks picked up the ball, the Redskins lost regret competition. Can be described as character determines destiny, RG3 is a natural Gladiator, it takes the heart of the enemy, eventually fell on the battlefield. This is the case, RG3 outstanding performance this season is still pressure off Andrew – Mubarak one, that year’s “best offensive rookie award.” At that time the node view, Redskins and Rams seems to be a win-win, after all, Redskins comeback in the playoffs and immediately reverse the decline, but the Rams go very smoothly on the road reconstruction.

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