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Kino-Smith recovery training, is expected to be activatedKino-Smith will return to the game. On Wednesday, the New York Jet 4 defensive participated in the team’s training, which was injured in the conflict with the former teammates. After the two weeks before absent, the Jet Todd Bowles said that Smith is expected to be activated this week.

Rogers frankly, more choices, 2 points, possible and less playing, the determinism of the game, allowing the game to become more exciting, but he feels that it also includes allowing the defensive group to work hard when attaching the attachment of the opponent. The new additional subtraction of two points and the “attitude toward the player” is struggling to attack the ball.

This game, the Falcon Matt Ryan 27 times passed the 228 yards and 2 times of passing to more than 1 time was copied, the lion team Staffd 47 times will take the 325 yards and 2 The second pass reached 1 time was copied, Gordon Tatt completed the 151 yards of the ball and had a ball to reach. After the lion team won, he continued to lead the country.

On the fourth section, the lion is again completed again to complete the score of 13 to 21. The lion team defensive group continued to be sent, the right end Feng Aosa killed Ryan and forced him to drop the ball, the Huagu team returned again. The lion team did not hurry to attack, but used a wave of 13 times of attack in 7 minutes, and 4 minutes left before the end of the game, Nfl Jerseys the lion team ran out of the double crossing route, Stavede The passenger found the running guard, which completed the 5 yards of the bolus, and in the 2-point transition, Gordon Tatt did not complete the ball under the mild pulling of the defensive player. The lion team is behind from 19 to 21.

Although the current Spurs is not the ball that is a dull team, in a sense, the metaphor of Fitzgerald is not completely unreasonable. The red scitch now is in the defensive end with a group of unknown veteran, the offensive end is more blossoming, and it will not over-rely on personal abilities.

Earlier this week, Bowers had publicly announced that even if Smith resumed health, the team’s current first four-point guards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, will continue to be shampoo. Bauers said: “Ryan is our first, we are now in a very good condition. Even if Smith is returned, Lien will still be sent first.”

As far as the current situation, Smith is unclear in the future. If Fitz Patri continues to keep a state, Tith will completely become a substitute, and even get the opportunity to get in this season. It is not possible that Fitz Patrick is excellent in the first two games, and he also got an approved and support from the fans. At present, the jet has already achieved two consecutive victories, and the team hopes that this season can break through.

Soon the second section, the Lion’s star defensive disappearance Nik-Feli was hurt by Len, and the defensive front line of the lion was a heavy blow. Sure enough, the lion is unable to resist the Spicker-Jackson’s tough road running attack and the short pass of Ryan surgery knife, 5 minutes before the end of the half, the Lion Corner Swan Medis is Duan Hilio Jones The ball, the referee canceled his reach of the 101 yards in the end area. The Falcon team continued to rely on this game to get a career 11,000 yards of Stephen-Jackson bulldozer-like punch and completed the rush to the ball in the 1 yard line. At the time of people who expect the lion team to shrink, the quartz Weistoved was passed on the ball before the end of the half, and the Falcon 21 was 21 to 0 leads the first half. .

Ironically, until Miller knows that Miller knows that his 50-year super bowl is lost, and that game he got 2 kills in the four-point guards of the Black Leopard of Carolina, Cam Netton. And Harvested MVP Honor.

Of course, since the alliance chooses to change the additional rules, this is not our first time to hear such a theory. This may not be the last time, especially if the first quarter-free guard is called by the referee, it will be injured when he was blown away from the referee.

Feng – Miller receives the 50-year super bowl of helmetsSummary FBI Help Tom Brady found lost super bowls. Recently, they sent the 50-year super bowl helmet lost by Denver’s Wild Horse’s Line-Miller (Von miller) to him.

Easy is fighting again, 49 people have no improvement, abandoning the kickhouses the Hawks get the ball. Wilson relies on the flexible footsteps of 49 people in the 3-speed offense, and the road, the near-end Tony-Mo Yiki rushed to the 49 team of 1 yard line, but The 49 people strive for forcing the Hawks to choose free kick, 10:0 in terms of tenacious defense. After the 49 people continued to discard kick, and the Haiye once again hit a free kick, and the score was expanded to 13: 0.49 people were not lucky, not only did not cover the Haiying team to abandon the kick, did not take stability, reverse During the attack, you have a mistake in the attack: Carlos Hyde, the ball is fighting, and it is good to seize the opportunity in the Haiying team.

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