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“For many people, this would be great,” Smith said, referring to the pirates may get more opportunities nationwide night race. “Levant (- David) (Lavonte David), I felt he was ignored in many award selection to see efforts like him, so smart, so the leadership team who did not deserve to see him. the honor makes me feel painful for many people, this will be a great chance & mdash;. & mdash; young players like me, veteran & mdash; & mdash; we are able to play and demonstrate our capabilities to the world. “

Fernon – Davis wants more to participate in the team attackThe San Francisco 49 people’s neighborhood Fernon Davis has been an indispensable member in the team attack group for a long time. No matter what task to him, he always wants to do it.

But before he controlled the ball, he was knocked by the Patriots’ corner of Brandon Brandon Browner. The ball flew out and fell in the hands of Devin McCourty, and then his ball was running to complete the copy.

Bente’s role is obviously not so important before being banned and the position coach is banned. After the opening of the 33rd defense, the NETT has dropped steadily, and the total of 23 defenders only in the previous two games.

Cowboy tends to give Bryant’s privilege label US time Monday is the first day of NFL, the team can use the privilege label for his player to ensure that they will not appear in the free market. For Dallas Cowboy, Demark Murray and Dez Bryant are really difficult to choose, but they seem to have decisions.

Boss Jones said: “We are still sure everything, we have sufficient time to determine everything, we will might make decisions in the latest time.” It is reported that the time used last night is March. On the 2nd, there is no more than 2 weeks of time to consider, but when you ask if you choose to make a choice, Jones said that it will be Bryant, because he can become the highest income of the league.

Davis hopes to re-use: “Don’t just click the following web site treat me as a meat shield, I think more about some attacks, that will be very wonderful, but all this can’t be controlled by me, I am currently doing the game. And complete your work. “

Sunday Night, New England Patriot’s competition in San Diego lightning, Lightning quartz, Philip Rivers, found close-edge, Ladarius Green, due to running Moving Green does not stop the ball attempt to control the ball.

But Smith can not expect a substantial increase in number of people attended the match, he hopes to see more national audience pirate games in the new season. If he can do so, then other pirate player can get more attention.

“They would come to our home, the game is no longer the same, you know what I mean?” Veteran left tackle Donovan – Smith (Donovan Smith) representation. “I feel we will be full stadium, at home we would not like to play away games, like our fans will fill the stadium.”

But on Wednesday, Davis said through the media, he was disappointed with his own low efficiency and not much offensive participation. You know, last season Davis has 13 times, but when the team attacked to the opposite side of the red area, he was only selected as a goal, but also dated back to the Dallas Cowboy. In the game, there is no doubt that it is a reach.

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