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“I see that Yang Da played for a long time. He is a great striker,” Fluke said in an interview. “This is a manifestation that is difficult to surpass. Yang Da completed his task. He is famous for his body’s confrontation ability. But I can do myself, play my own performance. Being a ball every day. Team, strive to train, dare to fight and press the opponent’s player. This is me. This is DJ & MDash; & mdash; always is full of rugby. This is the performance I can give you. “

In 2011, the first round of Shi Shi was selected by San Diego lightning, and she was carefully selected by the offensive cutout, but she was selected for the best rookie lineup, but later changed his striker. He was powered down in 2017, followed by New York Giants for 1 season, and then spent the Eagle in the past two seasons. The Hawks made him with the offensive front line this year. The 29-year-old Fluk has been a 23 game for the Eagle Eagle for the past two years.

Giants sign new offensive front line members

Beijing August 10, US Time Wednesday, New York Giants officially announced the signing offensive frontline Colin – Corin Brooks, so Jessamen Dunker was abandoned / put in the injury list. Dowk is a decline show that SAR and the team sign.

Suspected ankle injury, Washing, the sky, can not play

Jim Caldwell, the main coach, Jim Caldwell, listened to the unsuccessful Calvin Johnson, is necessary to rest this weekend. Johnson is not ready to accept this fate.

Fluke will be striped with the second grade – Ben Powers, this year’s three-wheeled Xitel-Phillips, Tyre Phillips and four-wheeled Xiuen-Bredeson competition first position . Regardless of the starting of Yang Da, his performance will be crucial for the new season in the new season.

The official website of the lion is asked about how Johnson can enable him to participate in the game of Weijing. “A lot of treatment,” he replied. Johnson also said that he is not depressed in the lionial attack in the lion offense for the NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPople. In fact, Johnson may always be used before his ankle allows him to reach the previous explosive force.

According to the Detroit Freedom News, Johnson told reporters on Wednesday that he would like to play in the game of Lions on Sunday, the game of Minnesota. Johnson has been dragged due to the high torque of the ankle in recent weeks. In the game, the Lion is expected to be in Buffalo, he has to leave the game after the third festival is hit.

Crow New Aid Fluke: I hope to do the successor of the famous guardry Yangda.

Bal’s Mosa Crow offensive group talents, but this year’s break is the biggest problem in how to replace the retired professional bowls. Marshal Yanda.

Fang Ji said: “In the past eight seasons, Ed once worked in two teams, but he brought the defensive defense before the league, and he was very suitable for our defensive coordinator. I worked with him for a few years, and Aid showed a deep understanding of defensive overall, regardless of the front line or the backfield, which he guided defenders. He is a very good teacher. I am very happy to let him Join the wild horse coach group. “

The team owner Robert Krafte (Robert Kraft) said a month ago, Roger Goodell, Roger Goodell, requested NFL to overthrow the punishment. However, a person who knows the NFL official website indicates that the patriots “have no chance” to consult this election.

“Maybe they want yourself,” Fluke said when he left the Hawk. “Maybe they want different types of players. I can’t endorse them. But I can come here, show me people and as a player. I will be my own. I promise that you will like to watch me.”

Falcon announced the signed two old neighborhood

Atlantan Femplay has been looking for Tony Gonzalez’s successor, local time on Thursday, the team announced that the two old ports were signed. 30-year-old Jacob Tamme and 27-year-old Tony Tony MoEaki.

Wild horses hired a bear defense guard coach as a defensive coordinator

Beijing January 17th, according to NFL NetWork reported Ian Rapoport, the wild horse will hire a bear defense guard coach Aide Donadell (Ed Donatell) as a defensive coordinator. The team officially confirmed this news.

Mo Aqi is previously effective in Seattle Hawks, but he is troubled by injuries in the past two seasons. Last season, he only came outdated 6 times, and the 134 yard of the ball was 1 time. Like Taga, Mo Aqi also serves as long as the ball, this ability is also required for falcon. The joining of the two will provide more ball choices for Matt Ryan, but according to people familiar, the Falcon will continue to reinforce the near-end front position, the team or will be in the draft .

Take the Tama of Denver’s Wild Horse last season overstead of 86 battles in the past three years. As a close-end front of the ball, Tagmet is just 14 times in the season, and the 109 yard is accompanied by 2 times. With the rise of Julius Thomas, Tagme is gradually lost in the team.

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