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Vic accepts the role of Smith team mentor

Mike Victor is now the first quarter of the New York Jet Technology. He served as a replacement in Philadelphia, which was in the Philadelphia Hawks last year. As a predecessor he made as much as possible. But this does not mean that Vic is not eager to return to the peak, and once again become the nightmare of the other party’s defensive coordinator. Although this opportunity is gradually becoming less, after all, he is 34 years old.

Lightning coach: Old will quit quarter to Tort Taylor or the first battle in the season

Despite the rest period of the epidemic, it will inevitably hinder the growth of the new show, the Los Angeles Lynn, Anthony Lynn, believes that the first round show 4 points Justin Herbert can catch the progress.

According to local reporters, it is very promising to be a next season’s offensive coordinator in four-year-old coaches. Since Tom Sula has already spent a long time to find his coordinator, see Christine is not the main candidate of this location. The former chute of Cliffland Brown coach Rob Chudzinski and Lenne Kiffin, University of Alabama, is overwheet.

49 people’s next junction, the coordinator finally saga

The new San Francisco 49 team coach Jim-Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) did not guide the experience of attack, so the offensive coordinator is an important importance to the 49 people, and its personnel will finalize the water.

Sean – Payton Man Zeer explain why the appointment during the Super Bowl

During the Super Bowl, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean – Payton (Sean Peyton) met with former first-round pick player Johnny – Man Zeer (Johnny Manziel).

The US time Sunday competition, Texas halfway is from 0 to 19 Jacksonville American tiger, O’Brien has to choose to let the first quartz Tom Savage (Tom Savage) stay on the bench, rookie quadrant Deshaun Watson is played.

During the playoffs of the Kansas City Emirates, Texas was 51 points by the opponent. They have been difficult to dedicate stability this season, and the fields have made the opponent to get 24.1 points (League 19), advance 388.3 yards (League 27).

Since the same, the coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien), which is also served in the new England Patriots, has been changing in the team’s duties in the team in 2014. Since 2018, he served as a defensive coordinator and assistant coach. O’Brien, the general manager of the team, wholesale jerseys said that it is expected that Krenel will stay in 2020.

Sean said: “The situation is completely different, I did not participate in the 2014 draft thing, the Houmanzeer left the coalition, I met him and then ate breakfast together during the Super Bowl, I am curious to know some of his things , what he is doing, so that they have once again attracted Cheap nfl jerseys teams value. for me it was a chance to meet him, but met with free agent and is completely different, this is the first time I saw him. “

Christ, Jim Harbaugh, who has also participated in the team in the Red District in several years, including some of the 49 people in 2012 with nearly Termarer – wearing Vernon Davids finally got a classic scene of the New Orleans Saint.

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