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In the competition, Norman Esiaason said in the game on Thursday night, said that there is a familiar person to tell him that the jet requires the Alliance to search the team’s locker room to find the bug, NFL security personnel The behavior before this game has received a lot of attention. Assesson repeated this saying on Friday morning.

The meeting on Wednesday is the fourth official talks in the next day. The current plan is that both sides carry out next meeting on July 29. The content discussed in both parties includes income sharing and other matters.

This season Macin took the team 1269 yards and 10 times to lead the whole team, although DESEAN JACKSON was lost, but the outer cluster of the old Eagle was still prominent under his leadership. Xiu Jordan Matthews and the young proximal sharp – the potential of Zach Ortz.

Griffin II is in a hurry but is good when training is good.In less than a few minutes, Robert Griffin III exogenous route is exhausted, throwing the ball into the double defensive area to being easily copied, and also passing a screen pass.

Although McClin reimbursed early season, the season was reimbursed, but in this season, all teams needed. Under the offensive system of coach Kelly, the 26-year-old external connector should be able to take a contract.

Tuesday’s training is a big success, this time he is almost entire, not last year, he limits his activities because of his knees, and at that time, he and the new coach Jay Gruden. Just just a good head. The fans screamed for his signature, and his mom has a feeling of brushing the venue in the venue every day.

The excellent performance of Devin Funchess allows the Black Panthers to have a breath. They can not have to let Benjamin return to the venue. But in the case of Greg Olsen, Benjamin’s return is also a great benefit.

Griffin is very unstable in training camp, but does not threaten his first position. Although the Sub-Kirk Cousins ​​also has some eye-catching performance, his training is still carried out with the second-line defensive team. It seems that Griffin is a unconstrained starting camp. Grinden believes that “Griffin is the key to success”, in fact, he is also leading the team to success, so he needs to make a correct decision, and we need to do trust him to help him.

The current labor agreement is signed in 2011 and will expire after the 2020 season. However, NFL and Cheap Nfl Jerseys players have expressed their desire to sign a new agreement before the start of the 2019 season. However, this optimism has changed after recently this meeting. According to informed people, the two sides “very impossible” before the beginning of the new season, the alliance has not worked hard to implement this goal.

On Monday morning, he broke through the right road and played a beautiful good ball & mdash; & mdash; Destan Jackson, which found the end of the end of the end, completed a five-yager. Griffin also led the team in two minutes to complete a 12-way offensive, completed the reachable. Compared to one day ago, they had a big improvement in two minutes of training. From playing unstable performance, his growth course is like a typical Washington Red Leather quad-saving, knowing a young player who is full of enthusiastic.

Nfl checks the team’s locker before the patriot home game“Boston Global News” quoted a number of people familiar with the news that NFL security officers searched the visiting team in front of the New York jet at home on New York Jet.

Arian Foster is expected to come in the second week of the seasonMiami dolphins signed the front of the Houston Dezhou star to run Wei Arian Foster, but due to Foster’s hedge hurt, the dolphins have been slowing down his return. However, from the current situation, Foster seems to have been ready. Dolphin coach Adam-Gas (ADAM GASE) said that Foster is expected to come back in the second week of the season in the second week of the season.

The two sides describe this talks in a similar language, and they published the joint statement on Wednesday, indicating that this meeting is “effective, constructive and beneficial to both parties.” Both parties will continue to talk.

He said in an interview: “Philadelphia is a great city for me. I have always recognized the eagle team, and everything here. So why don’t they leave me? Eagle team will pick me up from the election. I hope to retire here. “

Foster has been praised by the coaching group since Join New East, Adam Gates Soon after Foster, Since Foster, Swordsman can directly participate in the training of the first lineup, although the dolphins are running in the second grade I-Ajayi is a high hope, but obviously Gain is still more trust of the old experience and capabilities. In the first week of the first week of the season, Aga was just twice a 6 yard, while the other two of the team running Sya-Pead and Daniel-Thomas (Daniel Thomas) The total contributed 90 yards.

According to media reports, NFL security officers have also asked two patriots who worn headphones in the side of the patrio, but this is not associated with the search. There were no findings in two investigations.

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