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Sea Eagle is self-confident, Weldens can play the game

Last week, Seattle Seychelo was the Shui Pete Carroll, and three said that the team believed that Russell Wilson was able to play the next game against the New York jet.

Carols at Carols on Wednesday did not change.

According to the local media of Seattle, wholesale nfl jerseys Wilson participated in the team’s warm-up training on Wednesday morning. ESPN also reported that Carol said if Wilson could not appear “(he) would be surprised.”

Carol also said: “He is very determined to play.”

Wilson was praised before this season, but his data in the new season did not come out. Because of the knee injury, he only took only 755 yards 2 times to reach 1 time passed, the pass success rate was 63.3%.

The comprehensive defensive sharp stroke of the jet is a fun challenge for Wilson that suddenly loses mobile capabilities. Although the jet defense group is now flat, cheap nfl jerseys they have the necessary firepower to cause trouble to Wilson.

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