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After the first week of the leg crisp injury, Aiji gradually participated in the 49-person attack, he had played a bright eye in 2 consecutive games. In the seventh week competition, Iriake completed the 115 yards in 6 batches. In the game competition, he completed 8 batches to get 91 yards 1 time.

Patriot signing the old line Wei FletcherAfter a year of piracy for Tampawan, Dane Fletcher returned to New England Patriots. Tuesday, the Patriots announced that it has and Fletcher agree on the New Testament, the two sides signed a short about a period of 1 year. A week ago, the Patriots sign and return another team who played linebacker Brandon – Spikes (Brandon Spikes).

According to reports, Hills Jones tried to use the bathroom in the local hotel, but the staff refused his entry request, because the time period only allowed to enter the staff to enter. After Siles Jones tried to use the hotel’s restaurant in the hotel.

49 people Xiujiao Email Kik: Packaging Equipment Ensharm Adams is a learning templateWhen San Francisco 49 people faced the Green Bay packaging workers in the past Thursday night, 49 people will take advantage of Brandon Aiyuk, I will have the opportunity to see my own efforts to imitate.

In the course, the Patriot has lost a lot of people in the second line, so the team shifts to build a more tough front line seven groups. In the new season, Meiio will partner Hyoshua as an internal virtue, and the external guards are held by Jamie Collins and Rob Nink Ninkovich.

Although the patriot does not lack the wire guard, the injury problem is a hidden danger that the team has to be guarded. Jerod Mayo and Tang Tower – Hightower (A hightower) were subject to surgery due to knee and shoulder injury, and still resumed during recovery. Fletcher is also troubled by injuries last season, just 4 times. At present, he has recovered Cheap jerseys from china injuries, and his arrival will further enhance the depth of patriot lineup.

Ironically, this news was prohibited in five weeks in the general manager of the Rushtz, fined $ 230,000. Hills Jones has a chance to compete for the first position, and this incident is not a small blow to him and the team.

“Kyle really progress, very good to prevent T.Y.,” Bilipk said. “TY is a great external hand. He has a good speed, and it is also very keen. He is a player who is difficult to defend in all routes: short distance, medium distance, long distance. He fid a ball near the side line and Not borders. This is a perfect pass, and it is a perfect ball. But when you face them, it is to face such performance. But Kyle performance is really good. He did the interference role, he and German is really good to prevent TY. “

Hilton is the 2012 three-wheeled show, so far is the cost of pony. He is 30 years old this year, close to the perspective of his career. Considering the loss of the ability level, the contract negotiations will be more difficult.

Sapphire close-end Hills Jones arrested July 19, in accordance with Arizona local media reports, the red scitch close-end Feng Lichi-Hill Sepals-Jones was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday, USA. 闯 民 宅, 妨 治 安 安 安 安 安 人…..

“Davante Adams, when I left the university, he is one of the main outer hands I am concerned,” Aiyu said on Tuesday. “I watched all the games last season and saw his performance and saw what he could do on the start of the line and in the route.”

But they don’t seem to have the offensive line players of Tennessee, they don’t just enjoy the quiet viewing competition, Titan offensive players are commendable for the team’s support, but you will find it seems they. Marcus Mariota is not integrated into the drinking environment of offensive lines.

In view of the injury problems currently encountered in the 49-person offensive group, they will hope that Ai Ke will continue to grow and play more important roles. Although he may not reach the level of Vante-Adams, Aiji has found a correct learning object.

“(Bill) Bill Belichick main coach, he made the same thing, developed the same defensive strategy & mdash; & mdash; Arlington stared at me, (Safety Wei Den) McCoti (Devin McVourty)) In front of my front, “Hilton said. “They can’t do anything. When I tried to run to the midway, they had the same defense after they had watered. This is the same defensive strategy in the eleventh week. They have limited my play.” Hilton took 82 battles 82 this season, and the 1345 yards were taken 7 times and selected a professional bowl. But there is a thing he can’t say, that is, this season has the best performance when the patriots are against the patriot. He only took only 4 ball 60 yards in 2 games against the patriots.

Aiji Chicked a great learning template. In addition to the influence of an ankle injury, Adams has become one of the best external hands of the league. He has selected a professional bowl 3 times, and becomes a team’s top, and constantly makes the opponent defensive player to eat.

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