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Crow near-end Pad Tower is still trying to return to NFL stadiumAccording to Fox Sports Reporter, Mike Garafolo, Baltimore Crow near Dennis Pitta has experienced two hip bone and fractures, will continue to return to NFL. The venue, it is reported that Pita is a decision made after listening to the doctor’s detailed diagnosis and evaluating risks. Pita hopes to participate in the reclass in the rest training in the next Monday as soon as possible, and the crow has not made a comment.

Texas people offensive group, running Werabar Miller 19 times a 103 yards, four-point guards Shanwan Watson (DESHAUN WATSON) 31-pass 224 yards 1 time, But at the same time were killed 4 times, External handard Delie-Hopkins, 7 codes.

In November 2018, Ge Helley also had a proud of the number of flush codes and reached the number of MVP, and one of the strong competitors. But sudden knees injury forced him to absent several games, and still did not completely recover during the super bowl, and gave a closer shadow.

In the second half, Brown offensive is large. First, a wave of nine gear 75 yards, and finally, the 2k chubb is taken down by the new show. Aftermer, Mefield and External Antonio-Carli Callaway, 76 yards, up to do, because the offensive front line player was blown into the people. Subsequently, Mefield once again found Calway to complete the 71-yard pass, but Texas safe Wei Justine-Rude (Justin Reid) knocked the ball from Carli hands out of the hands and was from the teammates Corner Alon Aaron Colvin got the ball in the end area, and the ball translation also curbed the magnificent momentum. In the end, Texas people won 29-13.

Olsen had previously completed more than a thousand code for three consecutive seasons. Such injuries will not be returned to the stadium in the short term, and the team 4-point guards, Cam Newton It is a huge impact. He was killed 6 times in this game and lost his important attack weapon.

Los Angeles Ram defended Brake Countes, became the Best Technical Group Player of China. In the race of the ram 35-23, this third-grade player completed the 51 yards of 2 times, and more critical is that he grabs the ball back to the ball after teammate. Array.

Olsen foot fracture panther attack encounter crisisUS Sunday Carolina Black Panthers is difficult to defeat Buffalo, complete 2 wins and 0 negative records, but for the team’s offensive group, they have encountered huge blows.

Carolina Black Leopard defensive end Affe Obada has become the best defensive player in China. The 26-year-old player born in Nigeria won 1 time in his career, helping the team to defeat Cincinnati. He is the first player who entered the NFL team from NFL International Players and participated in the regular game.


Baltimo crow playing the ball Justin Tucker Become a Best Technical Group Player of the United States. He hit a 9th shot and 3-time trace attached shot at the mat of more than 50 yards in the competition of the crow. This is the best week to get the 8th time of the Tuckaring career.

Pitta was injured since 2013, only 7 games were found, since the third week of the 2014 season, did not play the game. The 30-year-old veteran last season has been placed in the list of “because of physical reasons”, and finally began to recover training in October last year. However, he returned to the way is quite difficult. First of all, he must first examine the physical examination in the crow team to participate in confrontational training. In addition, he has to accept enough contracts worth 5 million US dollars next season.

According to the Danfo Yam, New York Jet and Cleveland Brown are intended to get Katnik, but 49 people’s request is a 2-wheeled draft. Previously, the wild horses have had exchanges, but 49 people were not recognized by the discussion of the contractual amount.

The same iron will become the best offensive player of the National United Kingdom of the New Orleans in the future. In the battle with the partition opponent Atlantan Falcon, Bris passed 396 yards 3 times. In addition, he also got a twice, including the winning group of Shengda in the overtime. Briscation currently ranked first with 80.6%. This is the best of the 23rd Buris career.

Buffalo Bienieline Wi Matt Milano became the best defensive player in the third week of the United States. In the competition of Bill, Cold Wars, Mingnesota, Mirano won 1 time, 1 copy, 1 time to grab the ball, 2 times destroyed the ball and 8 times.

Last season, Galley’s scorpion codes were one yard higher than the first two years, and the number of balls was only half the previous, and the workload was reduced. He signed a 4-year $ 60 million contract in 2018, including $ 45 million security, accounting for a small salary space. But General Manager Lez Snead said that it did not regret the renewal decision at the time.

After winning Fitz Patrick in Monday Night, Pittsburgh Steelman was the Ben Roethlisberger, which became the best offensive player in the third week of the United States. Daily returned to excellent state, led the steel man to defeat Tampawan pirates to win the season. The success rate of large pass in this game reached 79%, and the 353 yards were obtained 3 times to change the pass. This is the best in the first 16th time of your career.

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