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Gin-Smith takes Elays Manning Become a giant first quadruple

The New York Giants will always welcome a name that the name is not called Eli Manning, the first quarter.

Giants announced that Gino Smith will start the game against Auckland cheap fake oakley sunglasses raids. The coach Ben McAdoo said the team No. 3 quarter-free, the Davis WebB will also get the play time during this season.

The giant’s decision ended the record of Manning’s continuous initial 210 regular sessions. Manning is a four-point quarterfield in the history of NFL, second only to Brett Favre (297).

When the current 2 wins and cheap oakley sunglasses 9 giants consider testing their substitute four-point guard, Manning respects the team’s decision.

“McCadu coach told me to continue when Gulino and Davis got the opportunity,” Manning said. “My feeling is if you want others to play, let them play. In the case where it will not be filled with the whole, it is just to continue the record and the starting is meaningless, which will also tarnish Record. As I have been doing, I will be ready to play when I need it. I will try my best to help Gin and Davis prepare. “

When the dressing room was interviewed, Manning looked very difficult. He said that this is one of the most difficult days in the giant career. I don’t like this decision but this is part of the game, so I will properly and do it well. Your own job.

The current problem is whether Manning is no longer the giant. Under the end of the season, we may replace the coach group and management, we will only know the answer to this issue until the end of the season.

McCadudu said to reporters on Tuesday: “This is not the end of Eli,” Manning will enter the list of Sens in the next game. McCadu also said: “This decision has nothing to do with my future. This is the best decision for the future of the team.”

Smith will receive the first first opportunity for the seventh week of 2016. But for giants, it is most important to assess Weber that has never debuted in NFL. If the giant considers blood shock to the four-defense position next year, then they need to figure out whether Weber is planned.

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