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The rookie runs to Yido will be in the end for the first

The Cincinnati Mason will make a new show to the Jeremy Hill, which will be in the end of the Jeremy Hill, which will determine that there is a main workload in the Mammark.

In the 10-year-old Harper for 10 years, Harper has played in Corolina in the past two seasons. He and the black panther signed a 2-year value of $ 4.5 million, including a contract of $ 1.5 million signature bonuses, and a total of 32 regular sessions for the Black Leopard. He has achieved the most 4 cases of career in the 2014 season, but he did not get a copy at last season.

“I am used to let a player occupy most of the scorpion times because it can make the running 卫 really good, they have to have a good performance,” Jackson said. “You have to feel the game. We have two excellent players. They are different types of players, we will let them use their performance. But I think we are developing a very good direction … they are very good I just think that I didn’t have a good one in the past. “These words plus Hill’s starting opportunities to marking this rookie should enjoy most of the holding opportunities.

Safety Wei Luiman – Harper returns to the old main new Orleans Saints

Safety signs, Roman Harper, signing from New Orleans, which makes him reunite with his old master. At Saints, he was selected for professional bowls and won a super bowl of championship.

In front of the black panther, Harper’s head eight seasons were effective, he was the two round show in Saints in 2006. He was started in the Super Bowl of the Saint 31-17 and in the Super Bowl of the Indianapolis, and was selected in 2009 and 2010.

Since Bernard is returned to the play line, he and Hill’s position have almost the same (each has 33 times and 39 times). However, they have averaged only 3.9 yards per shock in that three games. In Bernard’s injury, Hill is a successful Success when the force running is taken to take the team’s mission. & Mdash; and Jackson used Darren McFaden when the Auckland raid (Darren McFadden) ) And the history of the big running guards like Michael Bush; & mdash; indicating that the rookie will be the person who is dependent on the three consecutive home schedules.

Breddy has exceeded the celebrity four-point Guo Joe-Montana, the number of collapse, the number of regular sessions, and the number of championships and championships. Famous Hall of 4 points Wei Qiao Nemaz believes that Braddy has surpassed any player he has ever seen.

Jacoby Brissett is currently a temporary first quarter of dolphins. Reid Sinnett has been promoted from the training lineup to a big list, and it is expected to be a substitute. The Bryset career has sent a total of 32 games, and 30 of these were played for pony.

Bernard will continue to undertake the transfer of the offensive rhythm and the task of picking up the ball from the backfinder. This is his physical condition and the most suitable thing that is technically capable.

According to the official website of the team, the team also joggy Giovani Bernard (Giovani Bernard) told the reporter that the rookie will start. Bernard also said that he is willing to help the team won anywhere.

In the past few years, he often said that he did not want to take his four-point guard in Braddy, he mentioned the name of Braddy when he felt his feelings. “He has always been a great leader in our team, but also a great player.” Billych.

Bilipk: Braddy is the greatest quarterfield in history.

When attending a event, New England Wholesale nfl jerseys Patriot coach Bill Belichick said the team’s four-point Wei Tom Bradi is “the greatest quarter-free” in history. “

Bilipk and Bradi have been the best coach in history – quadrant combination. At the age of 38, it still shows excellent & mdash; & mdash; and plans to hit 40 years old & mdash; & mdash; Braddy has not yet said goodbye. His career has not ended, but his achievements are not an urgent worry.

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