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Hunter last season, the main contribution in the passing attack, but the overall lack of offensive group Brown tricks. It’s not his fault, but it seems Stefanski under the command of such a problem would not exist.

Although personal performance is very exciting, Brown is disappointing. After the trading, the Brown was once considered to be the team that was most likely to win the US north of the United States in Odell Beckham Jr. But in the end, their record is only 6-10, and the partition is ranked third.

Panthers wide receiver side Chez want to get better resultsWhen the Panthers Kelvin – Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) traded, German – square Chase (Devin Funchess) is logical took over the team’s top external task. 8 games after the transaction, the parties Chase advancing 483 yards, the ball Size 16.1.

This will be a big contract regardless of when Manning gets a new contract. If Manning is able to play outstanding second consecutive seasons, the best team can get a new contract before the start of the first game.

Steel people take over Smith Schthtist to participate in the fans graduation dance meetingJuju Smith-Schuster, the Juju Smith-Schuster, does not find the party to participate & mdash; & mdash; or make the party atmosphere more enthusiastic.

Black Leopard Wikikley accepts left shouldersCarolina Black Leopard is a problem of shoulder joint injuries in the back of the Chikley season, but he still created a record of the playoff and multi-game recruitment. Taking advantage of the racing season, “Sky” has arranged to accept shoulder surgery.

Last season completed 111 battles to get 1426 yards The first performance of this team. Smith Schone appeared in public cases in this year’s break, including helping the nursing home and hosted a water ball in the local park. Water holder contest.

Iravi Manning continued to negotiate significant progressThe deadline for the four-point Wei Yilan Manning and the New York giant were signed gradually. And he is getting closer and closer from the new contract.

Panthers took over the Foreign lineup has been updated reinforcement, they deal goes Torre – Smith (Torrey Smith), signed Jiarui Si from the free market – Wright (Jarius Wright), and picked DJ Moore (DJ Moore) in the draft .

Chase represent parties to participate in radio show: “I want to get better results on the basis of the previous year, to complete all aspects of the progress I wish I could be qualified for a variety of roles, in addition to the current X position to take over for me. also familiar with the role of other locations. “

In contrast, last season, Brown completed a total of three running back rushed the ball 345 times, which Nick – Chubb (Nick Chubb) completed 298 red balls. In 1985, Brown’s two quarterback passing a total of 411 times, while quarterback last season, Baker – Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) passing 534 times. However, last season, Stefanski command of the Minnesota Vikings offense, three running back rushed the ball a total of 399 times, the passing attack is carried out 444 times. Perhaps Stefanski arm, Brown rushed the ball will get more offensive opportunities.

Chase Fang said: “The competition of course is there, Smith, Wright, Moore, Damien El – Bird (Damiere Byrd), Kuti Si – Samuel (Curtis Samuel), as well as Moss – Fula Qi Seoul (Mose Frazier) are fighting for a position. everyone needs to show their speed, power and energy competition will be very interesting, I can not wait. “

Manning once said that he hopes to continue to contract during the team training camp or before the training camp begins. Despite the four-point Gelip-Rivers-Rivers, which was selected as the same year, Ben Roethlisberger, which has been bippled, and things did not develop as Manning hopes.

cheap nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the two sides have made significant progress in the long-term renewal negotiations, and both parties have achieved optimism in front of the Sunday giants.

In the past few months, we have heard Manning’s brokers mentioned some of Manning’s added value. Rosrisberg and Rivers don’t have to play in New York, they don’t have to deal with such a multimedia interview like Manning. Rivers and Rosrisberg don’t have to save the team in Riviera, nor to take responsibility for helping the team between the coach Tom Coughlin and the team.

Although the final Brown’s record is disappointing, but that has not stopped fans imagine if Brown joined the team in the offseason running back Karim – Hunter (Kareem Hunt) has not been suspended, how will the team record.

Nike Patriots #7 Jacoby Brissett White Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL Elite JerseyHunter played only the last half of the season after the game, but the team as a number two running back, he was advancing more than 450 yards in total offense in the group. Hunter now want a full season so that he can contribute more, especially he thinks the team’s new coach Kevin – Stefanski (Kevin Stefanski) offense can be run to maximize the power of David.

If Stefanski allows Hunter to play well early in the season, so fans could see the grand Brown since 1985, it has never been seen before. Yes, the last time Brown had two running back rushed the ball has broken one thousand yards in 1985 things. To complete this achievement, the completion Brown takes about 466 red balls.

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