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Even if the red skin gives a top salary quote Cousins or may refuseAbout Washington Red Leather and Quartan Kirk – Kirk Cousins may need to have results at the end of the 2017 season, but the recent father of Cousins revealed some details of the two sides of this summer.

In the end, Romo chose the cowboy, thank you now New Orleans Saints, Sean Peyton, who is a four-point guard coach, and Pedon like Romo, and he came from East Illinois. The most important thing is that Pelton will make the team boss Jerry Jones, and although the coach of Denver Makahahan is also cheap jerseys from China East Illinois. .

Romo has passed the 13 professional seasons in the cowboy, got 4 professional bowls until he announced last week and became the host of CBS. But there is an interesting thing that Luo Mo has other 2 options in addition to cowboy in 2003.

Elliot is the first person in the 2016 season NFL, in the car accident on May 21, he is a passenger in the car. Fortunately, he did not suffer great harm. In fact, in January this year, Elliot was encountered another car accident.

Romo received an interview: “I want to go to Denver at that time, because I think I can be more likely to appear on the team in Denver. About the money, Arizona’s Relique is maximum, 20,000 to 25,000 mate. between.”

Tiger running 卫 伯 德, Hill will startCincinnati-ranking Giovani Bernard This week’s absence of all the team’s training, he will hurt the first time because of his hips and clavicle. Local time on Friday, the head coach Ma Wen – MARVIN LEWIS confirmed this news.

In addition, the team’s number one star, external takeover A.j Green (A.j. Green) also returned the injury. He was previously absent from 3 games because of his right foot thumb. Green participated in all training this week, and he completed 17 battles so far, won 314 yards and 2 times. His return will help the Tiger offensive group retrieve the status, and will greatly make up for the loss of Bernard.

Moss is the second player of NFL to complete the ball, a total of 156 times, and Hopkins did not complete such excellent performance in the team without excellent quadrant last season, he The 2016 season is very expected.

At present, Bernard is a 446 code to lead the whole team and won 5 times. This week’s team will use the new Xue Jeremy Hill to send a battle Jacksonville America. Since the season, Hill 50 times will take the 195 yard with 3 times. The team offensive coordinator Hu-Jackson believes that Hill can replace Bernard, continue to support the team from the road surface.

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