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Brown this season is flattening in the pass offensive, lacking offense weapons is one of the important reasons. As the outer joining hand of the total number of colleagues last season, Gordon’s regression will help the team continue to impact the playoffs. Last season, Gordon completed 30 codes of 20 yards, leading all the league. Since this season, in the absence of a deep threat, the quartz soldiers are still completed in 49 more than 20 yards, and the League League is more than 3.

Brown officially activated Gordon, confirmed this weekToday, Cleveland Blanc officially announced the activation of Josh Gordon, including him in this week’s 53 national list. This week Brown’s opponent will be Atlantan Falcon, Gordon will usher in the first season of the season. For Gordon, this week’s arms will have a chance to create a good start for his return. The Falcon’s current field makes the opponent to complete the 281.2 yard pass attack, the last place of the data column.

Titan coach expects the performance of Mario TagTennesi Titan will signed 2nd in the election. At present, they will focus on picking a super quarter-off. Tuesday, Tuesday, Ken Whisenhunt, is disclosed, and it is very much looking forward to the performance of Marcus Marcus Marcus – Marcus Mariota inner Oregon. Weith Henry, will pay attention to this high interest in the “graduates bowl”.

Sino has served as a starter in Ohio State University, but many drugs do not lead to him from playing in the big ten partition. After Sino, he was transferred to the University of Tower, and the second round was selected in the second round in 2016. He did not have previous problems in cheap nfl Jerseys from china, and the performance of 5.5 times in the rookie season is also excellent. However, he did not continue to maintain stability, and he was also transferred from the pirate, and finally came to the Saint.

Metenberg said: “He has completed more exciting balls. Not light is him, and it is effective to Miami Dolphin Jarvis Landry. In the past three years, their performance makes me unimaginable I will definitely continue to let everyone surprised. “We can’t prove it for Metenberg’s speech. But I believe that everyone will agree with him, Baker Him and Randre will continue to continue their talents and convert them to a more exciting manifestation.

According to reports, the jet puts Marshall’s three-year contract salary from 24.3 million to 26 million. The basic salary of the next season will be raised from 7.5 million to 9 million, and 16 years is 9.5 million, and 7.5 million in 17 years. Marshall is a jet with a five-round show in exchange for trading from the bear team.

Metenberg talks about Beckham’s ball: This is not his limitThe shocking ball from Odell Beckham has been two weeks, but there are still many people still talk about his performance. As a four-point guardian in the University of Beckham, Tennesi Titan Siguzu-Mettenberger also has its own views.

Smith Schone missed the past three games due to knee injury, he was originally prepared to come back in the next game. He was able to run straight on December 4. He was injured in the game of Blivland Brown on November 14, and he was also encountered in the brake.

On the other hand, Mettenberg has been attributed to the daily training of Beckham: “I believe me, if you go to Louisiana, you can know why they can be so good. I said It is true, you can find the answer there. “

Steel people take over the smithsite knee injury aggravationAccording to informed of ESPN, Pittsburgh steel people took over Zhu Zhischt (Juju Smith-Schuster) is expected to not play the next game against the arousefrumb, because his knee injury in the training on Thursday. .

James Conner, who was injured with Smith Schustt, was fully participated in the training on Wednesday and Thursday. In the case of the lack of two, the steel man rely on the excellent play of other players.

The current Titan also lacks the potential to rush hands, and their position can guarantee that they will win a very potential defensive. Management and coaching groups hope this year’s draft can change the fate of the team.

Weith Hunte said: “I believe this will become great. I am looking forward to his performance. For a while, he will adjust from the loss. In my opinion, he is still this year’s draft The best quartz. “This season, Titan has used 3 different quarters, but their performance will never be satisfied with the team. If the team decides to select a quadrant, Bruce Petty, Bayler’s Bruce, Sean Mannion, which will also be concerned.

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