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Tylesco wrote in the statement: “Ponbi is more than a professional bowl level talent, but also a captain, teammate, competitor. Simple, he is one of the best teams I have ever seen. Mike is established Important members of the team culture and standards are not used in the locker room, especially for young players. “

According to Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China official website reporters, cowboy is more inclined to pick up running guards in 3 to 4 rounds, rather than shooting in the first day. Currently in the denim also has Darren McFadden, Lance Dunbar, Joseph Randle, and Ryan Williams. As a player that is most likely to be award, McCadon’s bobs in the past three seasons is less than 3.5 yards.

JJ Watt 70.5 smashed into history second fast

JJ Wattt’s first quartz of career is got on Drew Brees in the Saints of New Orleans, is time, on Sunday. In the end of the game, he completed the killing in Bris, and sent it to the historical record.

After Tom Braddy, send text messages to the Chief Safety Wei Ma Qiu apologize

After the Super Bowl, the pirates were sent to the chief security Wei Tyran – Matthew Tyrann Mathieu, apologized to the number of candles on the field.

For the new season, Jones is still very optimistic: “Run Guard is an important location, but I believe that the existing runners of the team can be competent, they can also behave very well.” Cowboy will hold in the draft On the 27th, when the potential goals of asked the team, Jones did not give a clear answer, he said that the team will choose “The best in the player who is still not selected”.

The union of the nickname “Wei Zhenti” has a leader of the leader of Kylend Johnson in his first four seasons. It is only 1.97 yards, but it has skyrocketed in the fifth season. To 2.59 yards (731 route running). Johnson’s contract is likely to be a template that Brines as a renewal contract. Of course, he can guarantee that his state continues.

Jerry Jones: The team will not use high-time to pick up

After the loss of Demarco Murray, many media believed that Dallas denim will pick a running guard in the first round. Tuesday, the team boss Jerry Jones denied this saying in the interview: “Picking running guards is not an urgent job. We don’t have to bring back 1 run after the election meeting. guard.”

“Each route running ball number” (number of ball number / route running) This data is an important ruler that measures the external skills, which can reflect the contribution of each offered each gear offense from the details. Generally, each route running on top outer junction runs at 2.54 yards, and 97.5% of the external connections are not this level. The number of route runs of the top outer junction should exceed 600, and 95% of the external connections will not be reached.

Thompson said: “I know that I have a competitiveness and keep it at a high level. But the most important thing is to complete the defense, as long as I have a long time, I personally experience it. I know I can.”

Rockets and Safety Weijun – Thompson signed a rookie contract

Beijing July 18, US Time Wednesday morning, Arizona’s Renjar officially announced that it was cut off the offensive cut offers DESMOND HARRISON. Harrison has been prosecuted by domestic violence, and the local police have issued an arrest warrant.

Although the Bryant’s new show is only 1.97 yards, the best record is only 2.13 yards in the 2012 season (605 route running), but the top ten games this season, Bryant This data is increased to 2.52 yards (315 route running)

Does Dez – Bryant worth the top level new contract

Last Thought of Dallas denim enters the wheel, no game. During this time, the news of the cowboy is almost all taken by Dez Bryant. Can Bryant, which will enter the contract, can continue to stay in cowboy, and how big the denim will provide more contracts. The focus of people paying attention. Bryant said to the media he hopes that the cowboy can give him a big contract that meets the top player level, because he is now in his own peak.

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