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Cowboy injury report: Brent’s return, Frei

Dallas Cowboy is about to usher in the first playoffs in 5 years. However, until the game, their defensive groups were still suffering from injuries. According to a matter of concern, venta de camisetas de fútbol cowboy is currently unable to make a complete defensive front line.

Tyrone Crawford continues to be trained by influenza, and Camisetas de fútbol the team listed him as “doubt.” Nick Hayden (Nick Hayden) although rejoined to the training, he only participated in very little basic training. Josh Brent is expected to be reached after 4 weeks of injury in the calf. The team revealed that this one of the front lines that can be turned back, Camisetas de fútbol baratas and the sharp lines that can beat the trip are completely rehabilitated.

Although Brent’s absence of the field is absent from the 2013 season, this season is short-lived and unfortunately injured, but the team still chooses to continue to trust him. If Crawford and Hayden are playing, he will compete with Kenneth Boatright, award. However, even if it is unable to first, he is also expected to become an important part of the rotation lineup.

At the line, Anthony Hitchens still did not participate in training. James Anderson and Dekoda Watson are expected to get more opportunities. Attacking front line, Doug Free) can basically make sure the game will be absent this week.