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Adams is the first round of the team this year, and the head coach Todd Bowles said Adams was injured in 7-to-7 training, but insisted on the rest of the training project, he thought Adams did not need Make a nuclear magnetic resonance check.

Strong Ni-Manzel and multi-digit coach contact

According to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, the original Cakeland Brown’s first round of Xiu Qiang Ni-Manzel “Johnny Manziel”, “I tried to get after 2015 An opportunity to return to the game.

Old will take a handlant – Moore announced retirement

Atlantan Fematch announced that the old man will be retired by Lance Moore at the local time, which is only 3 days from the days of signing with the falcon.

The next season, Pepez will produce 12 million impact on the team’s wage cap, which is not cheap nfl jerseys from china to an old future. Therefore, there is a rumor revealing package that may consider and will be brought to Petus, who is about 35 years old. However, Pepez himself didn’t care about this, he said: “Maybe, but I haven’t considered this thing carefully. I hope to stay in the team, but the most important thing is to prepare the next game.”

The ever left the Saint, after the 2013 season, followed by his twins in the Pittsburgh Steelman and the Detroit lion, and he just signed with the false resort last week, but the outside world is generally thinking he can stay. The possibility of a big list is small, so he didn’t have to retire for a long time. However, as a new show can fight for ten years in NFL, there is no regret, there is no regrets in the NFL ten years.

Pederson has long been served in Brett Favre in Green Bay packwork. After joining the eagle, in Donovan McNabb, I sent 9 games, when the quaternar To 5 wins and 11 losses. After becoming a coach, Pederson has served as an offensive quality control coordinator and quarter-off coach in the eagle, followed by Andy REID to the chief.

Galauo said: “People around Manape believe this is the chance of his return to the alliance, the spring alliance is another factor. The team also informs Manzel, if necessary, he may only have a bottom salary contract, and there is no bond.”

Perpus said: “This is my plan, I hope to be realized. At present, everything is very good. I like this team, now we want to work together, win more games in the playoffs. Our ball The team is walking on the right road. “Perpus javilo package is considered a value of value. From the data, his whole season contributes 7 killing, but in fact, he did more. He has accumulated the opponent’s quartz guard to promote 31 times, complete 11 hit four-point guard, and these two numbers are ranked in the same position.

But Manzel’s goals are not money. This four-defense of the Dezhou Farming University is also willing to sign into the training lineup, and there are proved that they have already placed their attitude. “

He told reporters: “They ask me: I need a cart, because I watched it very weak in the previous week, so I saw Kadian’s American drama, you know that he is a bulletproof, so I think if Kate is me What do he do? He will stand up and continue to fight, so I stood up and ran to the venue, returned to the game, I don’t know what happened, that is a feeling. “

This season, the chief will win 11 games under the leadership of Pederson, in order to rank among the second round of the playoffs. The West Coast Attacking System he is good at and the four-dimensional Alex Smith is fit to inspire the entire capacity of the latter. This appointment is not a good news for Sam Bradford. His competition is not adapted to the West Coast Attack System.

The 33-year-old Moore took 10 seasays in NFL, and the 3 teams were effectively achieved, but most of the time of career spent the Saint New Orleans, he used to be the main profound area of ​​the saints. In the eight seasons for Saints, 346 shots were completed, contributing 4281 yards and 38 battles, he reached its peak in the 2012 season, the single season got 1041 yards and 6 reached, many times Working with the ace 4-point Delu Bris (Drew Brees) to stage a wonderful high-gloss performance.

Eagle appointment Doug – Pederson as the main coach

The new coach of Philadelphia Eagle will be a quarter-saving that has been effective in eagle. According to NFL official website reporters, the team has decided to appoint Doug Pederson for the first Kansas City Emirates. Doug Pederson is a new head coach. Since the chief is still in the play play play, the eagle is still unable to announce this appointment.

Pepus is eager to continue for the package in the next season.

Julus Peppers has decided to continue to fight for the game, the next season will be the 14th season of his career. In the interview, Pepez revealed that he would continue to participate in the game as a member of the Green Bay package.

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Kevin Colbert, General Manager, said in the statement that the team was “disappointing” for Bell, and said Bell’s misunderstanding allows the team to be unfavorable. “Bell in 2014 due to drunk driving and carrying Cannabis was banned after being arrested for 2 games last season.

Breddy publicly expressed its own diet, training and work, which he was able to still play a good reason at this age. Although he missed 4 games this season, he still passed the 3554 yards, 28 times, only 2 passes were copied. Like almost every year, he is still a strong competitor of the most valuable player this year.

If the patriots are willing to trade Garobo, then there will be many outstanding players in the four-point guard market in this year. According to Ladport, Garobo has entered the mental eye of Kyle Sanahan, who is about to become a coach of the 49 people in San Francisco.

So how many people’s FANTASY will fail because Lynch’s absence? You should check your score because there is no Linqi’s appearance, if you have been confronting with a person in Fantasy, he has Linqi so congratulations, you won tonight.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Patriot believes that Braddy, who has been 39, may continue at least 3 to 5 years, and they will begin to renew negotiations at the next stop period. . Playing 5 years will make Braddy retired at the age of 44. His current contract expires in the 2019 season.

The first show of the old eagle show Winz season season is happyOn August 12th, Beijing time, Philadelphia Eagle defeated Tampawan pirate in the first battle of the preseason. As the third quarter of the eagle, Carson Wentz is replaced in the second half, basically filled the two games. He demonstrated excellent exercise and confrontation in the competition, but the passage of the passage and game experience has greatly improved space.

Steel people run Guili Ang – Bell banned to reduce 3 gamesPittsburgh Steel Man Run Guidian – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) Because the banned punishment that was missed by the league specified drug test has been reduced to 3 games.

The final data in this game Wenz is 24 pass 12. There is another copy of the 89 yard, and it is very bad performance from the data. However, from the field performance, Wenz is a rookie The calm and reading defense capabilities showing are worthy of joy.

Wenz’s third wave of attack is the best time in his audience. He promoted 72 yards with 10-speed attack, which has been successful for three consecutive times, and it is about to complete the reach, but it is pirate before the end area. Isaiah Johnson copy. Wenz’s this is a quite low-level mistake. He is in a hurry when he faces the punch pressure, causing the ball to fall around 3 meters. There is no eagle teammate, watching the ball being copied by the other party . Since then, Wenz’s performance will be detrimentally, it is finally replaced at the end of the game at the end of the game.

Baldwin will decide whether to play before the game.Seattle Seye Eagle Exterior Trip-Baldwin is one of the most refined external hands in the country in the past month, but he suffered a hamal injury in this week. Pete Carroll said on Thursday in local time, the team will decide whether Bolden can play before the start of the game. This Zhou Hawk’s opponent is St. Louis ram.

Wenz was on the beginning of the next half, and the top 5 offensive chose to pass, two successfully completed, and two passing the ball failed due to the pick-up of the people, this wave of offensive to abandon the end, but Wenz’s rapid mobile capabilities and solid arm power displayed in the first wave of attacks make the Philadelphia fans in the scene very excited, one of the three-speed attack, Wenz quickly got rid of the rushing pressure and ran out 10 yards to make the audience thunder .

As part of the consensus, Bell remains in the current stage of the cheap Nfl jerseys from china drug project rather than entering the next stage. Finally, the drug test was finally determined because Bell’s cause of travel, Bell did not inform the drug inspector’s own travel plan.

Carol said: “We think he has no problem, will increase his training in tomorrow. He feels very good, but we still need to make a decision before the start of the game.” In last week with Cleveland Brand, Baldwood Lower 2 times, local time was included in the injury report on Wednesday.

Although this should not surprise anyone, it is still very interesting to see Brundy’s future. Although the changes in age and playing desire may suddenly let the players decide to retire, Braddy has never hiddled that they did not hesitate to extend their career. Braddy has only a season of injury. He missed 4 games this season.

This 5-year-level external hand won 10 times in the past four games, which is the only player who completed this feat except Jerry Rice. In addition, he is still in 1960, in addition to Chris Carter and Klevin Johnson, the only four consecutive games won the plurality of players. If Baldwin can’t appear, New Xiu Thaler Lockett will get more opportunities.

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In addition, the Dorses also cut the rotation players who can play a role, defending Darfuror-Lawrence (Devroe Lawrence) and defensive end Kris Smith (Chris Smith), hyperlink in Chongguan Jenad Genard Avery could not adapt to the team’s defensive system. Due to the 2018 Safety Wei Jiemein-Wermaine Whitehead After the Titte and the fans in the ninth week of this season, Dorset was forced to cut him, but the former was packaging for Green Bay. When the work is played, it is cut off due to the game.

After 2 years of being in charge of the team, John Dorsey, General Manager. John Dorsey was fired. Just 2 days ago, Brown dismissed the coach Freddie Kitchns. However, the team assistant General Manager Eliot Wolf and Chief Strategic official Paul Depodesta stayed.

“Red skin can get the quarter of Smith,” Falls said, “Time spending with him with him is my favorite career fragment. Although people always criticize him, but He is a real winner, see those achievements he last year. He has not been old, still gradually growing. At that time, I worked with him every day. He is one of the smartest players I have ever seen, very With a sports talent, you can complete the key ball. But the most important thing is the authority in the locker room, everyone will believe him. The red skin is really found. I am happy to be happy. “

“I still don’t want to face Smith twice every year.” Pederson said, “But I am happy for him. I think this is a good thing for him and Hongki, he will be worthy of people’s expectations. He is a professional player The warpage, can drive people around you to pursue perfection. I am very happy that he came to our partition, and it is also looking forward to using his team with him. “

Dau West joined Brown at the end of the 2017 season, when Brown was about to win the team’s first full-lost season. The large batch of assets left by the foregoing general manager, and the west shot is very decisive. He uses the middle section to pick up the right to deal to take away Jarvis Landry, safe and Damarious Randall and the transition quadruple tideral-Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) ). In the 2018 draft, he uses a parade to pick the Baker Mayfield, and use the 35th shovel to pick up the Dick Chubb, in the offset period Olivier Vernon is also available through the transaction. Odell Beckham and the Olivier Vernon.

Tuesday, this steel man has released a one-minute video in the twitter, and bid farewell to the nine-year team. The video content is Brown’s ball highlights, and the music is “do what i want” for Lil Uzi Vert.

Trouble is starting from the last week of the regular season, Brown did not participate in the team training, but also detained in the closing battle of tigers. The team has never been able to contact Brown.

Dorses appear very good at the beginning of the show, but he also committed the cost of money. He used to pick Austin Corbett in the second round of Austin Corbett, but the latter could not enter the starting lineup and eventually traded in this season. Dorsse also picks up an external hand of Antonio Callaway, which is also ultimately cut off due to the team due to the field.

San Francisco 49 people lost to Yali, and the horses were nearly one step. After the main force quarter galopolo reimbursed, the Subject 4-point Wei Bisid was also extremely unstable. The last week of 49 people won the post, and the fourth quarter encountered the strong counterattack of the red scitch, and finally was killed.

The Brown under the West is makes people see the potential, but they did not change the fate of the team in the performance of this season. The mistakes of Doctors finally gave him the success of Brown to a higher height.

Dors the West on Tuesday with the boss Jimmy – Jimmy Haslam. It is reported that Haslem considers the change of the team management structure, which will cut dossors as the power of the general manager. But the end, the two sides cannot reach a consensus on how to change.

Kiqinus’s performance failed to win the opportunity to stay in the regular season, and he was fired soon he was fired after the Cincinnati ram tiger at the bottom of the convention. Employing Kissins is New West in Brown’s largest failure.

Gordon was selected in the 15th of 2015, and he was selected for 28 times in the past three years, and the column of alliances in the past 3 years. In the 12 games last season, Gordon completed 175 shocks, acquired 885 yards, completing 490 yards 50, with a total of 14 times.

At August, ESPN also reported Gordon’s considering team events before the season, until returning to the team to ensure that they entered the free player market next year. It seems that this is his current plan. He will be fined by absence team events.

Lightning quartz, Philips Rivers, said herself “support” Gordon, but it needs to play with the team’s current offensive group. In the first game in the season, the lightning offensive group promoted 435 yards to help the team 30-24 overcome Indiana Polis.

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The Eagle is about to sign the veteran

According to the US local media on Sunday, Philadelphia Eagle is about to sign the original San Francisco 49 veteran veteran veteran Frank Gore, 7.5 million in the first two years will be used as a guarantee part.

Fa Mal said: “I must tell you, I am not a person who value the speech. You have no use, I only care about your actual performance. This is what we need to face, the team’s One person needs to take out the real performance. Whether it is a player or a coach, or other staff, we need to see your efforts to see your work. This is also a fan wants to see. “

Ian Rapoport said yesterday that the 49 people have basically determined that they will not leave Gore, so they have begun to discuss other programs. It is to know that the 49 people team CEO Jed York (JED YORK) also revealed that the team would want to leave the team’s 10 years of meritorious veterans. Among them, Gore has pushed the number of codes in 8 seasons. But after all, respect and pay are two things. The chips opened by the Eagle are obviously a lot more rich than the 49 people.

Gin-Smith is fined by the fans of the fans

New York Jet 4 points Guino – Smith (Geno Smith) This season has been copied 5 times and has 4 times. He also extends in an immature control over the court to the field. His conflict with the fans last week and cursed the fans, which also brought him a $ 12,000 penalty penalty.

Diagonal Joe-Thomas lose 50 pounds after retiring

Beijing July 24th, the time of time, unconsciously, ALL-PRO level left disappearance Joe Thomas announced that retirement has been in the last four months.

Nfl explained the official explanation of this fine as “loud curse fans.” The same nature fines have also occurred in the preseason, wholesale Jerseys and Cleveland Brown Siwu Qiang Ni-Manzel is fined by the fans. At present, Smith is in the low valley of career, and there are constant problems in the field. Smith and fans also have become more degraded, and the fines are related to the fans in the game, they call for Michael Vick as a team. This week and lightning competition will be a hard battle, the first goal of Smith, Eric Decker, may be absent due to injuries.

“My own life goal never changed, I fell in love with the football game when I was 7 years old. I have been obsessed later. I have learned a thing in the past two years: insight is very important. If your thinking is right, from A It is not difficult to get to the B point. Although this is a small setback, I will get more brave. I am very determination. Thanks to everyone who supports me, knowing that I am working hard. “

When you participate in the NFL NetWork show on Monday, Thomas said henced 50 pounds (approximately 22.7 kg). In the official information of the 2017 Brown team, Thomas’s weight is 312 pounds (about 141.5 kg).

Although the team still did not give up Manzel, Falmar also revealed in an interview that if you can encounter excellent quarterfield in the draft, the team will choose to shoot. When asked if he was hesitant when you were selected, Falm, said: “If you can choose excellent four-defense in the first round, I will not hesitate. For a good player, we have always been & lsquo; Shoot & RSQUO ;. “

Lightning is not dare to fell lightly for the chief.

The spleen tearing of the first quartz of Alex Smith makes the outside world think that Kansas City chieftains Subtocks Swan Daniel will help San Diego lightning into the playoffs.

But the lightning players will not be vigilant from this substitute quarter-off. Corner Brandon – Flaldon Flowers faced Daniel during the training last season, and he is taboo for this quarter-saving ability. “Cuts must have the ability,” Fradice said to ESPN. “We have to prepare for a bad battle. I understand him. He is a fierce player. He can complete all kinds of offensive. This will be his moment. He feels like his moment, so we have to fully prepare. “The only first starting in the 17th week of last season, Daniel passed the twice completed (70% success rate) to achieve 200 yards. He also got 59 yards 7 times.

“I think they can still complete the attack,” said DWight Freeeney. “They may use some options to attack, because this is his strength. But except, they did not change. I think the team will rely on the Jamaal Charles to start attack.”

Thomas said: “If we lose weight almost become a thing that I am most eager after retiring.” He is not the only sharp line player who has lost weight after retiring. The original flash arm member Nick Hadwick and Alan Faneca, who have entered the famous Hall of the Hall, also subtracted after retiring.

Considering the lack of the unique weapon that can complete the attack (they have not taken the ball this season), they are considered to put the focus on the attack and short pass, this and Smith is quiz when it is very similar. “At his (referring to Daniel), the offensive group will not weaken,” said Line Wei Mantai-Tao (Manti TE & # 39; O). “They are both inquiry, but they are only wearing the number.”

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“He is the best history, no matter the game. He is a super superstar, the most player in the history of football, but he is like everyone.” Evans said, “he is very hard, and always pays attention to body management. He also loves his family, likes to enjoy the family time. It is really cool, he is also very ordinary people. “

Doug Whaley said in an interview last week: “According to I know, Harva is currently inclined to return. The main problem is that injury makes him unable to return to himself. The level, you have to know that players fighting in this high-level league is very clear about their physical conditions, so he is very clear that he has not reached the game level, so this makes him tangled. “

This year, a mother upgraded this set of equipment, she made her little Dida on a cigar. This picture I made me unforgettable after reading it. This is really creative. I am not sure that other children will dress up and do a separate photo album after dressed up, but after the child picks up the cigar, this is the grace of the album.

Halloween costumes in small Mc.

“I used to pass so much, I’m doing this,” whenever the Halloween arrived, a lot of 6 years old children wearing the Chicago bear sweater, trousers, tie and sunglasses, like the bear leader in the 1980s. Coach Mike Ditka is the same.

Perth Harva refuses to retire, will fight again

External handle, Harvin, who has been injured in the past few seasons, once considered retirement at the end of last year, but according to NFL official website, cheap jerseys from china Ian Rapoport According to the report, Harvin has disappeared the end of the retired, will definitely return to the 2016 season, but he will return to Buffalo, still a question mark, alleged that there have been three teams to contact it.

Harvast is now only 27 years old. Once you have restored your health, you can still provide a non-small help for the team. Considering that the current free player market is not a few, there will be many teams to intentionally . In fact, in the early season, Harva in Harva in the season is better than the top of the team. Sammy Watkins is better. September is 75 yards.

Mike Ditcar: He is the only person in the history of the 1963 Super Bowl and the coaches in the Hyundators Period. The only one in the 1985 super bowl is obtained during the player period. The only one is superior to the same team as a player and the coach. People in a bowl. He as a coach coached the Chicago Bear 11 years, coaching New Orleans Saint 3 years.

Wilson said in an interview: “There is no problem between the team’s locker room. There is no problem between teammates. Everyone is growing, all don’t have to maintain the dressing room atmosphere, I don’t suspect the friendship between the teammates. I believe that my teammates are struggling towards victory. We are still super bowls to compete. This is my teammate, not like reporting. “

Wilson denied that there is a small group in the Hawk

Recently, due to the influence of Percy Harvin trading incident, all kinds of rumors of the Haiying team were very rushing, and there was news that Harvin was traded, and the team broke due to different views of the transaction. Two factions. In order to calibrate the speech, the core quarter of the team’s core quarter-free Wilson said that he was very happy to be in the sea eagle, no team is better than the Hawks.

When I was asked how to look at Harva, Wilson had answered: “I have a very similarity to him, all the people who have a high demand for themselves, eager to win all the games. We all hope to be able Take the ball in hand, I don’t quite understand why the media should always stir the things, I guess this is the professional player must face. Just like I have been talking to others, I have to ignore those sounds. “

Since then, Harvin was traded to the Seattle Hawks. In 2014, he came to New York jet. His last stop was Buffalo, but only had 7 games in Bill. Injury is the biggest enemy of Harva career, he is only a full season of 16 games.

Nevada has passed 700 million US dollars as a raided field

Auckland raid recently received a big news, the Nevada government officially passed the $ 700 million fund-raising program helped the raid to build a new court of Las Vegas.

Harvin’s career is quite wonderful. In the past eight years, Classificados.Condominiocolibri.Com.Br he has once taken 4 teams. He showed the best period from the first four years of Minnesota Viking, and Viking people selected him in 2009, Harvin completed 280 balls 3302 yards and 20 reached. In addition to the offensive end, Harva’s performance in the special team is more terrible, playing the ball back to complete 3183 yards and 5 rounds of return to the array.

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The ninth week Thursday Night Race Preview: Brown @ Tigers

Into the ninth week, also it means the regular season into the second half. The first game will be a civil war in Ohio, the first name of the North American League, Union is currently four to keep the Cincinnati Bengals (7-0), one of the undefeated teams will be at home – Paul Brown Stadium against the same district rivals Cleveland Browns (2-6).

Sakarpu has been added to the injury reserve by knees injury in September. He returned to the field on the 9th week, but 6 either ball shot was completed only once, 25 additional shooting gates were completed 24 times.

Titan signed Cairo Santos, Cody Parkey. Joseph’s preseason has been a Brown, but it has not won the new show Austin SEIBERT. Joseph’s career 20 arbitrarily shot 17 times, 29 additional shot destinations 25 times, the longest life is 51 yards.

As the coach of the coach, Shura was an amazing 33 season. Two of these seasons spent 347 victories in the dolphins, set the nfl jerseys record. 347 games include 2 super bowls, 19 playoffs and 1972 seasons. The same is amazing is that he is only more than 2 seasons in the coach career.

“Every NFL team wants to win the last game, including our” Arthur-Brack, in the radio, “under the overall leadership, we are eager to win, but we don’t. This possibility There is a lot of reasons leading, but we are a young team, we have talent, we have excellent coach and management, this year is very good at the draft conference and free player market, we will be further. “

“We are very proud to use the jersey logo that symbolizes him as the total master of the league’s historical victory, continues to commemorate his historic life and achievements,” Dolphin Board Stephen Ross “said.

Another big thing Di Mitrov is another big event that brought important defensive group puzzles for Atlanta. First of all, they signed the East Tower – Slope, a defensive dish selected by the predecessor of Dimitrov. The slope is a 346-pound of the attack group. The slope is a one-year-old self-evidence contract, you can’t guarantee that this will not motivate him. At the draft conference, they got 26 in the 26th place to take the rushing tunic – McKinley. Wise choice. Slope and McKinli and killing Wang Vick – Bisleyga. Defensive quality will have a quality breakthrough. There is a second-year line guard combination Dion-Jones and Dudendel-Campbell. Another defensive group with a perfect rookie season? Helping Safety Weijunan – Neil. A player I am willing to watch. Falcon also has a corner Dasmund – Tweight. The 2015 professional bowl player, but in November last year, due to the shoulder injury season.

Matt-Ryan is a star-level quarter, the MVP trophy proves this, just 32-year-old, he opened his peak period, he played a crazy data last year: 69.9% of the pass success rate Each time the average can obtain 9.3 yards, the quarter-branch of 117.1. Their offensive coordinator Kel-Salunhan went to San Francisco. There is no doubt that this is a major blow, but Steve Saarky Xi’an is gratifying. Ryan also has a large number of offensive weapons for him.

The Tigers have created seven wins best start in team history record. Quarterback – Andy Dalton last week, 2 steals Steelers, but the first seven games 1992 yards 15 touchdowns 4 steals, passer rating of 107.6 is still at the forefront of the Union, according to this trend will create more than new high term career. Running back Ettin, a re “grab class to seize power” of Giovanni – Bernard 439 yards to lead the team, become a substitute Jeremy – Hill also has outstanding performance five red ball touchdowns. In addition to the catcher has hit the United States and North division rivals feared AJ- Green (46 then 649 yards), usher in the explosive first-round pick in 13 years, Notre Dame tight end Tyler produced – and from Yifei Te two consecutive years of serious injury comeback Marvin – Jones had the ball more than 300 yards. Bengals defensive group has also ushered in a major reinforcement – Pro Bowl linebacker Von Taz – Bo Feite comeback from injury, plus add the league’s top defensive tackles Keno – Atkins (5 sacks), class red setter Carlos – Dunlap (6.5 sacks), 3 steals to lead the team’s tour guard Reggie – Nelson. Three lines of defense are the star players of the Tigers defense group presumably hoping to once again to Man Zeer “shock education.”

As the veteran Josh – McQuarrie rib injury, first-round pick last year, Johnny – Man Zeer will lead to second start of the season. For the Tigers the opponent, Man Zeer must have “impressed” Man Zeer end of last season for the first time his career is starting to face the Tigers, the result is spread 80 yards and 2 steals repeatedly been made after the sack Tigers players he signs the “Counting” gesture to be ridiculed. Although higher than the opponents of a chip, but not flawless, in fact, beat the Tigers in seven in a row in the United States and another two points difference Ravens Steelers teams of the North are less than seven points, and the Tigers opponents on average every five yards to get washed away bottom of the league rankings. Man Zeer required as early in the season as complete and Travis – Benjamin long pass connection (connected 38 601 yards), the sudden emergence Everett Gary – Bani Qi (567 yards connection 40) is also a reliable contact ball point, rookie running back Duke – Johnson also has a ball 331 yards. Brown defensive end also need to find ways to Pro Bowl cornerback Joe – Hayden and the main strong Weidong special – Whitener possible concussion both miss the game.

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The bears announced that there is a line Weak Sam-Ako for about 1 year.

The Chicago Bear is still continuing. After moderate replenishing the defensive group, they decided to leave some players who still contribute to the team. On Monday, the bear team announced that the Sam Acho was about 1 year.

Although Texas is considered to make Watson starter, the facts may not be so simple. According to the familiar people, in the game game, Watson was seen because the ankle injured walked. In the case where the rest time is limited, Texas may consider Watson’s health.

Smith will be 60 years old this year. He has begun in the university since 1982, joining the crow in 1999, serving as a defensive teaching, and later won the 35th super bowl. In 2003, he changed his arms as a defensive coordinator. In 2008-2014, Smith served as a falcon helped teaching, and the team took the 66-46 record and 1-4 in the playoffs. After a year, I joined the pirate coach group.

Original champion coach Mike – Smith decided to retire

On January 16th, China’s 2018 season, pirates cut off the defensive coordinator Mike Smith. This is also the period of his personal coaching career.

Ako’s registration position is the external guard, and he is qualified in the special team. The bears hopes to increase the degree of freedom in the depth of lineup and personnel, so determined and the Ako Renewal. Last season, Ako completed 60 clams, 1 time to make a ball, and took the ball once, 15 times of the team, 7 times. Ako’s career before 4 seasons in Arizona, the total of 96 cockroaches were completed during the period.

Due to the high valuation, the behavior of the stolen jersey is obviously important, the theft will encounter the disaster of jail, so let the thief’s conscience find that this jersey has become more and more difficult.

If Watson is healthy, Oblan should have to make up our mind. Watson showed potential in the game competition. But at the same time, he is difficult to lend the offensive assembly and it seems like a player still in cultivating.

The coach Bill O’Brien refused to say who will start in the Thursday night match of Cincinnati Tiger, but wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Texas is more preferred to be more tendon.

Wild horse sign before patriot super bowl running 卫stham – Reedley

Denver’s rushed guards are very talented, but the team’s running guards are not sufficient, especially after the injury of Devontae Booker on Wednesday.

Police valuation Braddy lost jersey 500,000 US dollars

The new England patriots got the 51st super bowl have been in the past 2 weeks, but there is a thing that is still not resolved, the jersey of Tom Brady has not found it.

When Texas picks Watson in the first round, it seems that he gets the first position in this season. It is inevitable. The next week’s game may be his career for the first time. If he can’t play, Saviqi will have the last chance to save his position.

Texas biased towards the new show quadrant Swan-Watson

The entire offering period Houston Texas has always adhered to Tom Savage is the first quarter of the 2017 season. A few months later, Savich’s control of the offensive group continued to have a half.

Therefore Savich is still likely to start in the next game. Of course, O’Brien has a historic history of quad-guard position. He replaced Ryan Mallett in the second half of the 2015 season. Half of the last season he used Savique instead of BROCK Osweiler.

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“One of the reasons I came here was because my daughter,” said that the New England Patriots was added to the Texas people in Vilfolk, which was joined to Texas in this year after 11 seasons. “She said that she will move to click the next site only reason that she has a chance to see Watt, I said, & lsquo; good, & rsquo; I promised her. Now I am honoring.”

It is reported that the Haiying team will increase $ 1 million in wages to Lynch in the new season. The Hawble is not a preparation, and the 1 million dollars of the salary increase is a bonus of the incentive. If Linqi can appear in the big list of the team and can run more than 1500 yards in the season, he can fully Get the $ 100 bonus. In addition, the Hawow is committed to further retaining Linchi, which will promise to send him an extra $ 500,000 bonus after the end of the season. That is, if Lynch can maintain a high level of competitive state and hit the season in the season, he will reach $ 6.5 million this season.

Fernon came out of 11 games last season, obtaining 7 kills, 21 hit four-point guard, ranking first, this data is twice as far as the second player. He served as the external guard in the 3-4 defensive system of the giant, but he served as a defensive end in the 4-3 system.

As for Zeteler, he added Brown in 2017 with a $ 5 million contract. He was originally a player who occupied a salary space this year ($ 12.4 million). Coincidentally, Friday is just the 28th birthday of Zeller, and the Brown official account expressed his birthday blessings in the twice, and now he will be traded from.

This year, Tiger uses a privileged player label to ensure that Green will be at least a year for them. In view of his injury history and the price required to renew Will Green, if the two sides can sign a long time before the deadline, it will be a bit surprised.

Linqi is one of the best players in the Haiying team in recent years. In the three seasons for the team’s effectiveness, he ran 4051 yards for the team, and got 39 reaches, which is the team offensive. Important means. The team’s main four-point guards Wilson’s words of Linqi Wilson have a very important thing to have a full star running like Linqi. His ball business is high, he is always able Help the team with the most appropriate way. Last season, Linqi’s total proposal code is only 5 yards less than Wiki Run Frieterson, and he is second, and his score capacity in red zone. The whole alliance is the highest, he got 12 reacons for the team.

Even Manning I don’t know how many games he will play, but how much the arrival of Jones has changed. He is clear, if the performance is not good, “the situation will change.” When all stress is integrated, it will eventually arrive, but there is not these problems on at least the training ground.

When interviewed by reporters, Manning said: “I don’t think I will have pressure. Now I have to go to the field (training). I will do my best every time I will be, it is also the same when the game, I hope this is enough to help us win the win & hellip; & hellip; I think you need to keep your previous attitude and look forward to the arrival of the best end. “

New York Giants will be hungry Vernon trading to Brown to get Feng ZetlerBeijing March 9th ESPN reporter Adam-Shevt reported that the New York giant has agreed to transaction the occupational bowl to Olivier Vernon to Cleveland Brown, change the brown first Kevin Zeitler.

Washington red skin quartz Wei Kirk-Coss passed 322 yards, 3 passed the ball reached the copy, although there was such data but did not help the team got victory, and the red skin had to swallow The six seasons of the season lost the bitterness. Last season, the Thanksgiving Wars, Cousins ​​came out of 449 yards and 3 times, and the team also played excellent, but the team still lost to Dallas Cowboy. In the second year, I will win the Thanksgiving competition, can the red skin come down on the “Weak Travel” giant?

Green’s injury has already plagued him more than a year. In addition to the reimbursement of the 2019 season, he was absent from the injury in 2018. Since October 29, 2018, he has only participated in 1 game, and in that game, Green was only on the 17-file attack and injured in advance.

Elays Manne will not feel pressure because Daniel Jones On June 6th, although the first round of Sixth signed a rookie four-point satellite-Jones Daniel Jones, the official transplantation of the Giants insisted that Eli Manning is the first quarter. But in any case, Jones’ s existence proves that he is a no-two candidate in Mantun’s future.

Green’s health will have an important impact on the growth of Tiger’s new quarter-saving. In health, he can defeat your opponent’s corner, complete the high difficult ball, and break the opponent defense. We have never seen such a Green in more than 18 months.

Fernance season salary reached $ 15.5 million. Originally he has 2 years left with the giant, worth $ 31 million. Trades will save the giants to save $ 11.5 million salary, but they must have space occupied by $ 8 million redundant salary.

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“Winning,” Galert said. “I want to enter the playoff game. You have so many goals. Everyone wants to enter the best lineup. Everyone wants to be the best player in their own position. Everyone wants to be the best defensive player in the year or I hope that they have been recognized in the event, but the final success is the team’s success. No matter how good I have performance, if our team is not good, no one will remember the performance of my season or any of our defense. I want our entire defensive group eventually showed color, entered the playoffs and shocked the championship. This is what I want to do. “

The chief team of the Emirates accepts an interview: “John and his team have done a lot of efforts for this big deal, and now they seem to be great, Elices is a smart guy, with rugby talents, attacked The recognition of members of the group, apparently he has the ability to become a legendary quarter-saving, and our team is very happy to make progress with Elices. “

Brown President Meries – Galt: Winning is the ultimate goal of the new seasonSince become the singularity of 2017, Myles Garrett has made him soon become one of the top defensive players in the League.

Although the 2019 season, missed three games, Evans sixth consecutive season the ball a few yards over a thousand, of which there are five performance of the season is done and when Winston partner, so support Winston Evans not surprising.

“It’s like a dream,” Evans said. “He will be my quarterback I know you know the ball is not so, but I hit the ball for six years in the NFL, has never been to the playoffs – Tom Brady won six Super Bowl champion.”

The initial performance of the Bill of the season is excellent in performance, which is benefited cheap jerseys From china the team’s coaching group to the creation of the defensive group, but the performance of the season in the season is disappointing.

After receiving Bradford on Saturday, Viking people made Hill and Bradford in training in training in training. This transaction made Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagle’s first four-dimensional heavier to study the state of new attack tactics before the first battle of the season.

Pirates took over the outside Evans: Can Brady and his teammates do as dreaming in generalMike – Evans (Mike Evans) over the years has been a staunch support Demis quarterback – Winston (Jameis Winston). But now, Tom – Brady (Tom Brady) to replace Winston became the Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback.

Although Winston often dedicate nice pass data when the pirates, too many mistakes led to his team played poorly. Since the 2007 season, the pirates did not enter the playoffs. And Brady has Glenealy 11 years in the AL East champion.

Smith has entered the contract from this season, and it is expected to earn $ 7.5 million. John Dorsey, the manager of the Emirates, said: “This big transaction is for a longer time for the team to ensure that Smith is a long time. And Smith has proven that he can become a leader on the court. He has a lot of unique personal talents, and we hope to stay these wealth. “

In February 2013, 30-year-old Smith was traded from 49 people in San Francisco to Kansas City. Smith is the 2005 championship, in San Francisco as a new show, his career has completed 17,593 yards, 104 reachable and 70 cases.

Linqi Detan celebrations are fined for violation of sports moralitySeattle Hawks Ma Shanen Lynch Lynch last week, after the 79-code ball completed in the game of Arizona, ridiculously put a sound of the crotch.

According to FOX Sports Reporter Mike, the news of the Kansas Star Release: The total value of the four-point Wei Alev – Smith (Alex Smith) has a total value of 48 million US dollars, of which 45 million US dollars are guaranteed.

Bradford said that it is more adapted to the team’s attack compared to the first time to participate in the training, he also said that if he appeared in the first game, he would not wear a tactical wristband.

Viking will decide the first quarter-off candidate before the gameMike Zimmer, Mike Zimmer, said that he has not decided to appoint Shaw Hill or Sam-Bradford (SAM). Bradford, who was started, he also said that the starter was announced until the game.

When I was asked to have a negative impact on his future confidence in such a short time, Bradford said, “I have experienced a lot of polishs in the alliance. As for my confidence, I treat these I don’t think this will affect this. “

Ai Lax-Smith and the Chief Signing 4 Years ContractOn Sunday, the Kansas Emirates finally answered the biggest question of their sniper & mdash; & mdash; signed a four-year contract with their quarter-saving.

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General Manager: Bris is still our quarterfield

Next season, the New Orleans Drew Brees will cause $ 30 million in the team’s salary, and there is a rumor that the saints are considering the trading of him. Last month, Bris and head coach Sean Payton publicly said that the next season will continue to work for teams.

In the interview this week, Mickey Looms, General Manager MICKEY LOOMS, said: “Dru will be our quarter. They will handle his contract, maybe it will remain unchanged, maybe Have changed. I have been studying our salary space, the situation is really not very good. But this is not terrible, we know the team’s situation, and know what we have to do. “

The first defensive front line of the bear is roughly maintained in the last season, sitting by Akiem Hicks and Eddie Goldman. If Howard is recovering from the injury, he should be able to become the first defensive end of the new season.

Bristed is still outstanding in the 2015 season, his success rate reached 68.3%, reaching a coastal ratio of 32:11, and the four-point guard passed the ball score is 101.0. Although he has been hurting, it is obvious to the performance. PEYTON Manning and Tom Brady have proved that the quarter-saving is still successful in the end of the career, Briser is no exception.

The crow is a third round in 2012, and Pierce is considered to be the core of the team’s future road attack core after the 2013 Super Bowl. However, after the disappointment of 3.27 data in the past two seasons, only two chances of twice in the playoffs in January this year.

Watt became 50 years, the first place in the same season, completed the ball to reach the ball, attacking the ball back to the player who came back to the reachable. For this point of Pagano, he believes that Wat will become one of the best defensive players in NFL history. Although the contribution of defensive players is often difficult to use data to simply measure, a group of data may illustrate some questions: Watt This season has completed 20 collision four-guards, and there is no other player in the alliance to complete more than 8 times. He may be all the players we have seen, the tough, most brutal, and most reluctant. We look forward to him to bring us the next surprise.

The New York Jets now records 1 worse and 7 losses, and they are the most lost teams in this season. In last week’s game, the quadrotic Geno-Smith of the jet was transmitted to the opponent’s ball than the teammate (5 yards in 8 yards, 3 were copied 3 times). Rex Ryan is still a strong, saying that he is very good. Teasing me to play? Which parallel universe can be “very good”?

3.6 is the deadline for 49 people using the privilege label. If they fail to complete the contract with Gallo before this, the team is likely to use the privilege tag to extend the contract negotiation period to 7.15.

Since Gain-Bradley succeeded in Jack Wilson, the record has been 5 wins and 19. This year, they ranked 27th in the number of passes, ranking 25th, the number of sports, these can be tolerated, only people can’t bear, their net wins are -100 points!

49 people officially signed with Garobolo is very important

Jimmy Garoppolo has gained a lot of attention at the beginning of 49 people. During the period of the superblow, the patriot four points Tom Braddy was injured. This makes the Subtock 4 points to Brian Hoyer, and also let Gallobo’s transactions are resembled.

“He is an important reinforcement of the team. It can be said that it is a person who has the ability to change the game.” Lynch said, “Find the right quarter-saving can let the team benefit more, I believe 49 people have found the correct quarter Wei. The problem now is to let him continue to sign, and we are also working. I think he is hopeful. We are the same. It is also very important for him to sign a contract.

Pony coach: Wat will become one of the best history

In Thursday, the Tuesday, the Tuesday, the first day of the war, Houston Dezhou defensive general JJ Watt, took 7 times, 2 times, 4 times collided, 3 times shot passed the ball and complete Eat the ball back to the array. Indianapolis Pony Coach Chuck Pagano will become a “different world monster” after chaming, and describe him in a game. During the interview, he did not regret his words about Watt.

New York Giants did not enter the playoffs for 2 consecutive years, Tom Coflin is the only master coach in Wholesale Nfl Jerseys, maybe he wants to enter a depressed tour. The giant is ranked in this season, and they want to enter the playoffs, the dreams of the dark tunnel have a bright shining.

[Inventory] 5 head coach may be cut

The nfl jerseys season has been too half. Unfortunately, each team has a flash point, no team is rotten to one. Some teams have a good performance, while most of them are flattened (especially in the Dabin South District). Now let’s take a look at the master coaches of NFL.

Since the 13th wins and 3 losses in the 2012 season, Mike Smith and his Atlantian Falin Resort were now 6 wins and 18 losses. They are moving closer to 4 wins and 12 losses last year. Smith has been appointed for 7 consecutive years. If he can’t let the team enters the right track, then the position of his coach can’t keep it.