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Peterson stressed that he did not recognize discipline hearing on Friday.

The Minnesotavika team runs Adrian Peterson, wholesale jerseys free shipping emphasizes him to refuse to attend the disciplinary hearing arranged by the Alliance last Friday.

Peterson will release a statement that the player will have cheap nfl jerseys a statement that the player will know that this meeting of Roger Goodell will be contrary to the “Collective Negotiation Agreement”.

Peterson said: “The report released by NFL said that I was inaccurate. Friday Gude’s office asked if I attend & lsquo; discipline hearing & rsquo;, after consulting the union, I learned this so-called & lsquo; discipline hearing; Will be a new place, inconsistent with the “Collective Negotiation Agreement”. On Tuesday, Third, Fourth Trade Union is in the essence of “Discipline cheap jerseys online hearing & rsquo;”, the way, attendance, and alliance office, letter And dialogue. We have repeatedly asked the league to reply to us as soon as possible, because I want to return to the venue. But until the league of Wednesday, but I didn’t answer anything about & rsquo; discipline hearing & rsquo; problem. “

Peterson also added: “After consultation with the trade union, I replied to the League I will participate in the standard meanings, that is, the meeting of the Collective Negotiation Agreement. I will not participate in any new form, not agreement, including There is a meeting that NFL is unwilling to disclose. At present, I have solved my criminal problems within the legal scope. I am trying to make up for everything I have done. I have been absent half a season, I am doing it and GuDel. Mr. frank and happen. However, I don’t allow alliances ignoring the “Collective Negotiation Agreement”, ignoring the agreement with me before, with a new program for me. This & lsquo; Discipline hearing & rsquo; procedure is one of them Added, with the agreement, with their promise, I did not agree with this discipline hearing & rsquo;