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Black Leopard Kum-Newton Prescription on MediaAt the panther news conference on Wednesday, the four-point Weikam Newton was asked and “the offensive group had the ability to complete the number of large numbers.” He returned to this obvious white eye, then said: “Next question”. Just when the Associated Press, Steve Reed is preparing to ask questions (you can hear the sound in the video), Newton shortly said a “no”, then turn around and leave the conference.

Ako’s registration position is the external guard, and he is qualified in the special team. The bears hopes to increase the degree of freedom in the depth of lineup and personnel, so determined and the Ako Renewal. Last season, Ako completed 60 clams, 1 time to make a ball, and took the ball once, 15 times of the team, 7 times. Ako’s career before 4 seasons in Arizona, the total of 96 cockroaches were completed during the period.

However, the attitude of teammates showed that the possibility of Smith regression is already small. DAN SKUTA – Dan Skuta said: “This year’s team’s performance made me very disappointed, but some teammates, including Justin Smith, always struggled to victory, this is Very big incentive. This game is likely to be Justin’s last game, we are happy for him.

The bears announced that there is a line Weak Sam-Ako for about 1 year.The Chicago Bear is still continuing. After moderate replenishing the defensive group, they decided to leave some players who still contribute to the team. On Monday, the bear team announced that the Sam Acho was about 1 year.

“I think that is two days before the draft, cheap Jerseys I said to Kyle, do you know? I know people may feel anything, but I really don’t care. In the 13th position, if we can’t trade down, I am complete Will be satisfied with Aijing, “Lin Qi said. “He said, I am very happy that you said this, because I am also the same idea! I think we know that he has really become a player we are very interested. I think the strength, speed, and kick the combination of space capabilities He has an advantage, I feel that you have to trust the people more than ever, (Herm Edwards), which is my little daughter. (I am his son’s godfather). I called Helm, I said, & lsquo; Herm, give me the inside news of this child. & Rsquo; one of him talking is that Brandon is very advanced, and becomes a good team to him It is very important. This convinced me, and persuaded us. “

General Manager of 49: I want to pick up the outer hand in the 13th time.49 people in San Francisco were originally resigned in this year’s first round. After many transactions, they finally got the 14th and 25th selection. Now they said that the players selected in the 25th shine are their pitches in the 13th position, which is strongly considering to choose.

Gore is 49 people in 2005, three rounds of trimesters, 2006-2014, eight seasons in the nine seasons, more than a thousand yards, although the 2015 season did not extend this record, but he completed thousands of 2016 The code is advanced. It is more worth amazing that Gore has not lacking the game since 2010.

After trading down, 49 people think that I can choose Aijik later, I will pick up the University of South Carolina to defensive, Javon Kinlaw. Then they started to the transaction, and finally came to the 25th time to choose Aiji.

The old, the old selection of professional bowls will expressed their own retirement in the beginning of this month. After this Sunday, he did not talk about this, and he would prevail him today’s future go.

US Sunday, Dolphins Against the Games of the Jet, Run Frank Gore complete 5 yards, transcendentum Martin, becomes 14103 yards History fourth. Gore’s career scorpion code is only second only to Emitt Smith (Emmitt Smith) (18355), Walter Payton (16726) and Barry (15269) These three have been selected to celebrate the celebrities.

49 people defensive leader Justin Smith is likely to retire NFL Media Alex Flana Gaman 49 in the seventeenth week of San Francisco with Arizona, the gap of Arizona, said 49-person defensive end, Justin Smith, is very likely to be in season. After the end, choose to retire.

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[Event Prevent] 2018 season regular season on Thursday night Falcon VS EagleThe 2018 season NFL regular season will be officially opened this week, and the opponent of unveiling the battle is also full of components. The opponent Eagle and Falcon in the last season will be repeated again in the same site. The second round of Philadelphia Eagle last season, the second round of the game was defeated at 15:10, and finally won the first super bowl trophy in the team. The two teams have traveled 31 in the regular season, and the eagle is slightly advantageous with 16 wins and 13 losses. The new season is defending the Eagle and a stable falcon in the nearly two seasons, which will open the double-eagle divergence, will it bring about the wonderful play? We will wait and see!

General Manager of the Rushtz, Talk to the four points to Snare: Can’t let go of the playerBeijing April 26, in 2018, the first round of the 2018 elected first round was selected and claimted that “the 9th team in front” will be nearly one year, Josh Rosen may increase this number to 10. branch.

Atlantan Fematch was killed in the playoffs for two consecutive seasons under the leadership of the head of the coach – Quiin, but eventually did not have a superb bowl trophy, and the false challenge in recent season changes, and the new season will still be a national offer. The playoffs are struggled for the playoffs. The team’s four-dimensional Samat-Ryan is the key to the Falcon in the national association to maintain its competitiveness. He passed a 4095 yard last season. After more than 7 consecutive seasons, the number of passes over 4000 is already the second long record in NFL history. In the face of the eagle, he has been playing outstanding, and the four games have been taken 10 times, and the pass rate is 100.3. In Dan-Quin, the tuning of the coaches raised by the tuning defensive group, once a weak falcon defense group has also been significantly improved in the past two seasons. The young midline Wei Dian – Jones got 138 hugs last season, has become a large gate of the Falcon Middle Road. Another defensive group of young leaders Safety Weijunnu – Nieil also launched a smile in 113 times. At the two ends of the offensive, there is a non-highlight of the two teams. I hope that I can bring a Mars to the fans to hit the earth in tomorrow!

The new crown reserver is used for new crown detection positive or players that detect positive close-range contacts. NFL does not detail these infected or high infected probability of players to participate in the training.

NFL Rugby APP is the official Chinese app for NFL professional football, providing users with the most comprehensive NFL rugby Chinese information, the most exciting football video and the most professional game data, the new season war, NFL rugby APP is also a new look Your service, more professional, more stimulating!

“Now there is a better opportunity to contribute to this negotiation than doing nothing.” Latport said in NFL NetWork. “With the development of the situation, Feng-Miller’s renewal negotiation has tended to calm, optimistic, it is moving rapidly in the correct direction.”

Philadelphia Eagle as a championship last season, the road to defend this season is quite difficult. Although the offseason will basically stay in the championship lineup last year, it is a happiness in the four-point guard. In the days of Carson – Winz, Nick Falls can pick up the big beam and lead the eagle to capture the first super bowl trophy of the team in a super bowl MVP. For the eagle to see the insurance, the new season will still be sent by Falls as the team. Last season, Falls pass 971 yards, 6 passes to Detades and 1 turn-up, and became the third place in NFL, first run less than 3 games but started and won the superb bowl. After Lagarett-Brown, Jay-Agay was not letting the eagle’s number one running guard, as a very powerful pavement weapon, Aka New season and Collemente and Darun – Sprtrols assumes the heavy responsibility of the eagle pavement attack. The ball lines leading from Alquin Jeffrey and Zach, Erz, will become the most important weapon of Wellz & amp; Wenz. In the first show of the past two home courts, the eagle has achieved victory, and the new season as a defending champion, can they defend the glory of the home?

Jigio activates quartz Cheap jerseys From china New Crown Reserve List – Ming DynastyJi Tiger’s four-point Delta-Ming Dynasty didn’t stay in the new crown reserve list. The team announced on Tuesday to activate the first quarter-off guard. In addition, Safety Wei Andrew Wingr is also activated on the new crown reserve, and D. J. Hayden will remove from the injury cannot be trained.

Miller continued the latest developments hope not the final chicken flying eggAt 4 o’clock in the afternoon on Friday, the deadline using the privilege label is approaching, and also von & middot; Miller and wild horses gradually close to the renewal agreement.

NFL Media Ian Rapople reported in NFL Total Access on Thursday night, Feng-Miller and wild horses in the past week a one-year 6-year worth $ 114.5 million contract launched Discussions have made significant progress and considered to be a very possible solution before the deadline on Friday. The latest contracts in Denver include the top 9 months $ 59 million completely guarantee funds and at least $ 70 million overall security income.

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The Bill team mainly wounded for a week of the game, replaced by him, San Swan – Pitman. Quote a section of the NFL Chinese official website

“In the last week, the Bill Defensive Group completed the excellent end of the wonderful end area, forcing the other party to choose any ball shot. But the Subtail quadroterman-Pittman (Nathan Peterman) was then passed by the copies of the attack, Give the victory to Texas.

In the 15th tape promotion in Pittmann season, ten events were abandoned or ball transformation. Although this is only a small number of samples, it is the highest since 1975, 11.4 percentage of his career is also the highest since 1975.

Henry has signed a team label contract with a $ 102.78 million in April, which means he must report it to the training camp. General Manager Jon Robinson Previously said that many years of contracts were negotiating, but the progress was still unclear.

Derrik has signed a label, there is a contract in the contract, “said Frabir,” I know that Qiong Enhe, Vin Marino (Vice President of the Rugby Management) has been with his broker. Keep contact. After the cheap Nfl jerseys from china stays for so many years, it is known that the key to contract negotiation is to keep patience. It is best to make everything guarantee private. I will respect this, and I understand that we love Delik, he also knows yourself to the team How important. I am looking forward to the team’s ability to show it last year, and I know that our team has a bigest in this year. “

Los Angeles ram last season 15 years after returning to the season, young head coach Sean McDene did not. Under his tuning, young quartz gager Gary Gary also played a quite bright performance, 3804 yards from the whole season and 28 times. Also ran to Todd Galley also played the performance of the phenomenon, and the running belt has taken 2093 yards and 19 times from the whole season. Can the new season maintain the play of the game last season, still the focus of the fans. In addition to these two people, the raw flock of the ram is also talent, Brandin-Cook, Robert – Woods and Cooper – Kapop, and the new season will continue to help Gaoff in the offense. Of course, the defending group of the ram is a continuous transaction and contract, so that the male team has two best corner Mucus Pitas and Ai Buli, at the same time in the defensive front line. They also got a fierce Naha-Su, under the leadership of the Shuai Wade-Phillips, the Rambus defensive group will show a strong large corner of the opponent.

Rosrisberg participated in the training in Monday, and Tomlin said that it is really good. ” Tomlin also said that the training time of Da Ben and his way to be trained will decide whether he will return in the next game.

Bryant returns to training, this week will appear

Dallas Cowboy will take back the top of the team this week. Dez Bryant returned to the team training from the local time on September 11. Although he is only limited to several training programs, but if you don’t accident, the team will arrange him in this week’s game.

Earlier this week, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Will’s injury will lead to his lack of 2 weeks. However, since the wild horses will usher in the round week after the Mustang Brown, Will may only miss a game.

The Auckland raid team welcomed the legendary coaching Qiong – Grunette, as a good hand in the historic master and the four-point guardian of NFL, and the return of Groad will give the raid people in the new The season has a great change in the offensive end. At the same time, they also made a lot of reinforcements in the offensive end, and the pavement attacked Ma Shaen-Lunchi with Doug-Martin, which was extremely practical; and passed the ball attack, Amary-Coppper partner – Nelson will bring more changes to the attack on the attack. At the same time, the attackers are still the top of the league, such an offensive group as long as the four-point Wei Kar is healthy, and the United States still has strong competitiveness. The only thing to note is that the defensive group took the Carrier Mark, although there were still many practical players, but the universal biased raids defensive group did not know if they can stick to it.

In the first five games in this season, Will has achieved 4.5 murder and is the main reason for the wild horse this season as a league number one defensive group. If the wild horse wants to make sure that the game, the teammate von Miller and the health frontline defensive seven people need to fill the vacancies of Willands to face the brown state hot quartz – McCane ( JOSH McCown.

[Pre-match] Regular Temporary Monday Monday Night Tourist VS Roof

The first week of the regular season of the season will be carried out between the two California teams, the Los Angeles ram returned to Los Angeles, the first time the Auckland pair of attacks. The two teams have made 13 times in the past, and the ram 8 wins and 5 wells accounted for a lot of advantages. The two teams in the lunar season have a considerable action. From the side of the field, we can find a lot of highlights. As a result of the first week of the regular season, it is really a lot.

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“Obviously, the team strives to do things the most, and I am trying to do the most beneficial to me,” Bell said. “We are negotiating. Compared to this year, we are more close to the consensus. I am very satisfied. If we can’t sign the contract, you will not be important. I hope we can get a contract. This is what I expected. I am. I believe we will get a contract. I want to renew with the team. “

The contract provided by the University of Michigan has an average annual salary of $ 8 million. Once the Hubble annual salary will surpass the $ 7 million annual salary of Nick Saban, Nick Saban has become a university’s first high salary. In addition, Les Miles, Les Miles, is also a strong competitive candidate of the Wolverine coach, but Meers said he did not have contact with Michigan University.

After the Caisters Bruce Alian, after the lift, the pirate was treated as a new season, the contract of Jameis Winston was also sent again. The weekly team has sent four mistakes, including 3 low-level copy. On the other side, the black panther has also fallen into a certain offensive quagmire, although Cam Newton shoulder and recover, it will regain the long history. The offensive tactics is further enriched, but the offensive group is in front of the powerful ram “Changed from Tang did not change the medicine”, Christian McCaffrey is still the only person who takes the team.

Bell also expressed the same optimism when he participated in the professional bowl in January this year. But the two sides cannot sign a long time before the privileged label on March 6. In the end, Bell was hitted, and the steel man could sign a long time with him before 4 pm on July 16.

Agdo West has not played a regular season. Pente has played 3 games for the Sapphire Stained Group. He is a six-round show of Danfo wild horse in 2013, once stayed in the wild horse, Brown, giants, dolphins and red skin.

Rugby has brought too much change to my life. It made me find a thing I like, and I hope to continue this hobby as a career. It also makes me in order to improve myself, and have a good habit. More importantly, I have encountered a group of friends who have the same hobbies, winning a mad, lost a piggyback!

“I was directly hit by the ignorant,” 费多罗维奇 talked about the first week of the regular season suffered a concussion, injuries that made him into the injured reserve list, when the “eight weeks later, I was still back on the track mind circling it. I can not play freely as before Xpress regard wounded memories hovering in my mind, but on the pitch thinking about these can be bad. it makes you timid, you want to take There are plenty of guys can succeed. “

Since 费多罗维奇 did not get a signing bonus, he retired after the Texans will not owe a penny. He still has $ 5.0 million in 2018 full security payments, but if he chose to quit the game because of a concussion, Texans may be security payments reduced to $ 2.8 million.

After the fifth week of Aaron Brewer wrist fracture, the rickets were signed with Drescher. His departure means that Bruul has been returned. Drakel is 29 years old, playing 8 games in the Rasht, and the long-opened player in the saints in the past six seasons.

The 49 people in this season have a poor performance, and the team has repeatedly not yet rumored. The outside world is generally believed that Hubble has lost the control of the locker room and will leave after the season, but Hubble said last week. It is more inclined to stay in cheap Nfl Jerseys coaching. The Michigan Wolf Team has been looking for new coaches after dismissing the original coach, Brady Hoke, and Hubble serves as the best candidate in this position.

Puttlet, Pede, Pente, to the big listAfter giving up the external handard Carlton, Carlton Agudosi and the long-term Justin Drescher, the red tones were promoted from the training lineup to attack the cutting of Tenteton – Painte (Vinston Painter) ).

[Preview] The second week of Thursday night: Tampawan pirate VS Carolina Black LeopardBeijing September 12, the second week of NFL kicked off at a partition civil war. The pirates and black panthers as the two bodies in the National Liannan District, and they won 3 wins in the six conferences over the past three years, and the divorce is only 42 points. No accident, the game on Friday will be a battle.

Defense is expected to be the main melody of this game, and determine the results of the game may be in one or two mistakes. For two teams that are determined to return to the playoffs, the first partition civil war in the season is not lost.

Pirates and Black Leopards have shown excellent defensive ability from last week, and the second-grade Shengwei Tower – Vita VEAs give 49 people’s running guards; Xiu Brajan-Bourne Brianburns has a mature technology that is not a age. Correspondingly, Newton needs more to use their own legs and let other teammates participate in; Winston needs to hurry to recover the supernight of the university, so in the last year of the rookie to return their careers.

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Harrison was well known to the 43nd Super Bowl of the game to complete the copy and returned to 100 yards, and finally helped the steel man overcome Arizona, and got a super bowl with 27-123. He completed a total of 36.5 times in the 2008-2010 season. Harrison last season participated in 15 games in Cincinnati, completed two killers.

Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China send a letter: The referee will be severely punishedTroy Vincent, Executive Vice President Troy Vincent, issued to all 32 teams, warned: In the next game, any personnel who have taken prisoner or taken to the game will be severely contacted. Penalty.

Clarkvite is the 2017 elected show, the earliest signing with wild horses. He has a total of 9 games for three years, including a game last season. Clarkvt hit the back to attack the task, completed 12 abandoned kicks, 14 times a rebounded, and the ball was pushed into 44 yards. Michelle has no regular game experience.

Jordan Love was injured in the right shoulder in the preseason, although there is no long-term hidden danger, but it needs to be absent for a while. Leff Orders have been hit in the third quarter in the preseason, but after the midfield is resting, they are replaced by Kurt Benkert.

After three of the top three outside the week, the eagle decided to lay off the staff and uncomfortable. Previous Philadelphia used the first round of Jalen Reagor, five rounds of John Hightower, sixth rounds of Quez Watkins.

He wrote in his own face: “Today, I have made this decommissioned decision. I love my family now for the game of my dreams. I missed too much time with me. The family is just because I have paid too much for the stadium. And I am not so powerful for the game now, I will go to the birthday party or child’s first day, I choose to retire, just most people Like, I hope to get everyone’s blessing. “

Rogers, Nelson absence the first day of packagingAfter spend three-day holiday, the Green Bay packaging team training this season’s season will start, but in the first day of training, the team offensive group two main force & mdash; & mdash; quartz ilon – Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson have not appeared in the center of Tang-Hudson.

Formo, who was traded by Jacksonville, to the bear team, soon familiar with the team attack tactics, because he has been very understanding of the entrance system of the bear team. In 2016, when Falls gave the team’s effectiveness, Naji is the team’s offensive coordinator.

“This is like riding a bicycle,” Naji said in an interview. “After we have worked in Kansas City, he has experienced some different offensive systems. But you give a player’s tactical manual for Nick and they begin to look at it, suddenly it is familiar.”

Packaging works back to four points Wei Jack – DoraUS time on Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, in order to supplement the four-point guards depth, the packaging workers will sign back to the four-point Wei Jack-Dolegala.

In fact, Rogers’s absence did not make people feel unexpected. This week, he reported that Rogers accepted the treatment of calf injuries. It is expected that until next week can return to the training ground. At present, the date of Rogers is likely to be next week. Four. However, Nielsen’s absence, however, can’t think of, not only injured in the regular season and the Trilum of Lions, the media did not pass on his news in the near future.

When the bear team can return to the team base, the real competition will begin. Before that, in theory, Falls and Tubski have the same chance to become the team’s first quarter-off. We will pay close attention to the progress of this competition.

Chicago Bear Jie: Quadruple Works Learning Tactics is very fastIn the first quarter-off competition in Chicago, the Nick Foles, which is the new aid join the team, does not occupy the advantage. His new teammate Mitchell Trubisky has played a 2-year ball in Matt Nagy. But the gap between the Form and Tubski is not big.

Due to the no competition weekend, the packaging team does not require updating of the injury list this week, so we must know whether the answer is still to watch the Mike McCarthy. It is willing to reveal after the training, according to the plan team On Friday, on Saturday, two-day training, then take a break on this Sunday.

The epidemic leads to the team that cannot step on the court training, which leads to the competition between Forte and Tubski to be put on hold. Both people are focusing on learning rather than competition when they study online.

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Belsell is 27 years old, once the red ramp, the top of the column, and he selected a list of professional bowls, and held a first quarter-off for a while. Continued with the quartz-Ryan will occupy most of the savannies, so they need to find a good price from the free market. Belsell is still right, except for him, the Falcon also signed a striker Brandon Fusco and the close-end Edge Ran-Paulsen.

wholesale nfl jerseys will hold a meeting in August to discuss the Los Angeles team problem

At the NFL Spring Meetings last month, the Potential May, which is responsible for the team relocation to Los Angeles, Eric Grubman, said it is necessary to convene a meeting discussion.

If the Black Panther won this week, and Arizona Renary will ensure that they will ensure that they have become a NAS. Relevant persons revealed that at least before ensuring the home advantage of the season, Rivira will not consider arrange the star battle. Compared to the wheel, the black panther is clear about the attitude of injury, the team hopes to enter the playoffs with the healthier lineup. Jonathan Stewart will continue this week.

We now know that this additional meeting will become a reality. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that NFL has decided to discuss the Los Angeles team again on August 11th. According to the inferior person, the meeting will be held in Chicago.

Participate in the superbowl of midfielders for Lady Gaga significance. Previously, she won the Golden Award with the role in a beautiful drama. Last month, she won the nomination of the Osca Caminated Award for the Oscarmon Image. This year, for her, it is undoubtedly a harvest year.

Rivira said in an interview: “I can’t tell you now. I can’t reveal the team’s plan, we will go all out to treat every game, send some players I think there is necessary to play. Our final The goal is to win the super bowl, now we have many things that need to be considered, but I am not sure how I will deal with this problem. “

In addition to Davis’s $ 500 million, Jinsha Group and its partners will also invest 150 million US dollars, and the remaining $ 750 million will be obtained through taxes. The supporters of the program show that they will require Nahada Legislagan to approve the funds for some housing taxes to build a stadium in August.

When he hopes to become the highest pay defenders in the history of the league, there is still disagreement between him and the raft. Kevin Demoff, the Ram, Kevin Demoff, revealed that there were different views on the value of Donald on Wednesday.

According to Latport, it is not expected to have any important news from the meeting. This meeting will be used to update the schedule and relocation development information, and the meeting will focus on the three cities (Auckland, San Diego, St. Louis) to keep the progress of their home teams.

“I think they are not reality,” Demov said. “I think they think that their customers have a certain value, and our view is different. For me, this doesn’t mean that one is correct or wrong. I think it is the least wrong in negotiations. To say. We have disagreement, but this does not mean that we are right. They don’t mean that they are right. We are just the generic period. I hope we can find a way to reach a consensus. “

Rivira refuses to disclose whether to arrange a star battle

The 13 wins and 0 negative Carolina have already determined that the first week of the seasons, the head coach Ron Rivra has to face the problem of the challenge: 16 consecutive victories, or Arrange the main player to fight moderately.

Donald hopes that our contract can exceed the 6-year $ 114 million contract under 2015, the annual average salary of 190.16 million US dollars in 2015. Most reports pointed out that Donald hopes to get a four-point salary.

The mayor of Las Vegas is relocated to the casino

Carolyn Goodman CAROLYN GOODMAN CAROLYN GOODMAN CAROLYN GOODMAN CAROLYN GOODMAN CAROLYN GOODMAN will move to Las Vegas unless there is a mistake in the execution process.

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Newton’s Weibo is stolen on the 19th of the US. During the period, the hacker released the following twenty:

Don’t miss the stolen twice, haha!

2. It is precisely because it is an internet, the happening is happening.

3. I hate the child inside the Play 60 game.

4. I miss you & mdash; & mdash; Steve Smith

5. The people on the offensive group are weak.

On Wednesday, Gronard’s name is listed on the list that does not participate in the training team, while on Thursday, he is limited in training. But on Friday, he said he felt very good and played in Foxburg against Texas people.

Newton Twitter is stolen for password too simpleThe reasons why Carolina Black Leopard quarter Sam-Newton is finally stones: it is because the password set by Newton is too simple & hellip; & hellip; after the password, Newton has released a push Special: I think “camnewton1” is probably the most stupid password, thank you again for the help of Tete employees.


Offensive group:

QB: Tom – Breddy, RB: Mike Gillislee, WR: Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan, Danny – Aromora, TE: Rob – Gulkkovski, Ol: Nate Solder, Joe Thuney, David – Andrews, Saq Mason, Marcus -Cannon

Defense group (4-3):

DL: Lawrence – Lawrence Guy, Adam Butler, Malcom Butler, Trey Flowers, LB: Kyle Vanoi ( Kyle Van Noy, East Pagoda – Haita, David – Harris (David Harris), CB: Stivi Gilmo, Malcolm Butler, S: Patrick Chung (Patrick Chung ), DEVIN McCourty

Terui Pengola is close to Bill New MasterBuffalo is about to usher in their new owner. cheap nfl jerseys from china officially reported on Monday, the holder of Terry Pegula in the acquisition of Bill’s selection in Monday. Monday will be the final deadline of the bidding, so the results of the acquisition may be announced on Tuesday. All parties have sent expectations to be completed as soon as possible, and the insider said that if there is no accident, Pengola will win bidding and enter the master Bill. The NFL Alliance’s Finance Committee will hold a meeting next week. If the meeting passes the decision, Bill’s new boss will go horse on October 7.

For Houston Texas, this year they wanted to defend the United States ofcena, clearly difficult. The courtyard in the defending period seems to gradually get rid of the role of the fish, supplemented the Titan of the ball, steadily advancement under the leadership of Marcus Mariota, and lacking the Andrew Luck. The pony has some falling team. The rookie quarter-free Delin Watson retreated the face of the patriarch in the first week, and he grabbed Tom Savage in the second week of the game of Tom Savage in the second week. Location. He handed over the 125-yard data in 24 passes. In addition, he also got 67 yards in 5 times, including a 49-yard rush to reach, it is also the longest history of Texas. A four-dimensional guard against the ball. For Watssen, as a rookie quadrant, he is not good enough for the management of ball rights, he is on the first week, and it is copied once. In the last week, his unreasonable passbook selection is subject to the other party to complete the copy and directly attack the array. It is good to go to the Meng Hu’s defenders, and failed to complete the copy. In the face of patriots this week, if Watson has these unreasonable choices, I am afraid I will be buried to the hope of Texas. For Texas, they are still their defensive groups. After the first week was cut under the Jacksonville American Tiger, the Texas’ s defensive group ushered in rebound in the previous week. In the face of Meng Hu, they did not release it in the audience, only for the opponent to get 9 points, and achieved 3 kills once forced the ball. The defensive frontline consisting of J.J. Wat, Jadevie – Claien is still able to bring many pressure to any opponent. In addition, the Texas came from Bill O & RSquo; Brien, in 2007, the patron, and the defensive coordinator Mike Flabell was played in the player’s era for 8 years. The team has achieved 3 super bowls. Old friends reunion will be one of the points of the game. I believe that the patriot boss will entertain these heroes, but on the court, the Baileck coach will not be soft.

The 63-year-old billionaire Pengola is engaged in natural gas and real estate related work. He has repeatedly expressed the desire for the big parliament team in the western New York. If things are smooth, he will hold 2 professional sports teams located in Buffalo in the near future: Bill and Safari. The Biller Ralph Wilson Dedicated in May, and enjoy the year 95. At present, the temporary chairman of the team is Ras Brandon.

Miller and Newton are the 2011 draft players, and the two have exchanged players after the game. Of course, all the friendship is another thing on the court. Miller said: “I will be my own in the field, there is nothing to block me, I am a fan outside the scene.”

Elliot is the first person in the 2016 season NFL, in the car accident on May 21, he is a passenger in the car. Fortunately, he did not suffer great harm. In fact, in January this year, Elliot was encountered another car accident.

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However, in addition to a meeting with the Black Panther, we haven’t heard too much news in Cruz. However, Cruz himself said that I would like to go to the American tiger, so I can reort again with the coach Tom Coughlin.

The 50th Super Bowl will be held in the New Year’s Day on February 7, 2016, and Beijing time was held in the morning of February 8th. Planning Chinese Director and First-Type Star for the first time to participate in the plan and performance of the superb bowl midfield performance; plan to promote senior human exchange activities in the Chinese and American government, promote Chinese elements and images, this is the best marketing opportunity for Chinese brands to land in the US market.

Denver wild horse ushered in the 11th week. Two weeks ago, they won a dramatic victory from the saints. Wild horse new show Justin – Simmons successfully blocked the candidate of the saints in the fourth quarter and tweet, the other new Xiuwell-Parx successfully recovered the ball back to take 2 points, Help the team defeat opponents with 2 points. This is also the first time, since the implementation of the new rules in 2015, the team has got to win through the defensive implementation of two points. And Simmons god-brave performance also helped him to win the title of the best special team player in Mei Week.

Nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that this old will run a contract for a 1 year worth $ 2 million in a one-year worth 2 million. This contract consists of $ 760,000 in basic salary, $ 100,000 signature bonus, $ 100,000 of award bonus and $ 1 million bonus.

The second team of two side-side partitions in the United States of America will play a wonderful external card this week. Because the raid people rise this season, the chiefs and wild horses have to become accompanying, with 7 wins and 3 negative partitions. Second, all the ranks first ranking will be a winner. Who can eventually occupy the Malian West District.

The 49th Super Bowl Competition in 2015 does not cost $ 4.5 million in the average of 30 seconds. In recent years, the price of super bowl advertising has increased the boat, and the quality of advertising is also strive to be perfect. After all, it is also spent a big price to buy. It is expected that the 50th super bowl advertisement will exceed 10 million US dollars per minute.

Brunt, Brare, a free player market, is clearly unattended, but he is always suitable for the attack of the patriot. Last season, Bront, 165 shots, gave 703 yards 6 times. If he can get an opportunity to get an opportunity, he will expect him to get a number of mushrooms similar to last season.

The 50th Super Bowl of the Stadium is the homeland of the San Francisco 49 people (Levi & Rsquo; s stadium). The stadium complement the previous 49 people’s old courses & mdash; & mdash; Candlestick Park. The Levis Stadium is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, which can accommodate 75,000 viewers.

The Kansas Emirates won 17 in the past 20 regular sessions, and the whole team hopes to rebound from the previous game. In the face of wild horses, the chiefs have never false. In the two teams last confrontation, the chief won the victory in 29-13. Also in the two teams last confrontation, the Chief Defense Group took 5 kills and 5 copies. The wild horse defensive group is equally excellent in killing and copying, and the two teams have confundped or will bring an ultimate defensive war or ball transformation battle to fans.

San Francisco is the United States California Pacific coastal port city, which is the second largest city in Los Angeles. San Francisco is a subtropolitan climate. The climate is warm and summer cool, sunshine, is known as “the most popular city.” San Francisco is also a tourist attraction sought after at home and abroad. With its multi-fog, stretched hilly terrain, mixed architectural style, and attractions such as Golden Bridge, Cable Car, Devil Island Prison and Chinatown.

Perryman is one of the two outer junctions signed on Tuesday, and the other is Michael Floyd. Washington hopes to add more weapons for four-point guardian Alex Smith. After cutting Pereman, the red skin promoted the training lineup and kapri bibbs.

Victor – Cruz urgently hopes to get a play opportunity

The choice of the day and the signed contract, which made the free market that was previously focused on the free market. The big list of each team is full.

As a global top entertainment feast, the midfield performance of the super bowl is hailed as the wind direction of the world pop music. Mike Jackson, Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney, and the Black Eyed Peas are proud of the world’s super bowl. The 50th Super Bowl of the midfielders may be a Taylor Swift, one of the top-level superstars.

On the one day of the Bronte, the patriots have cut off the third grade Run Tayele-Gavny (Tyler Gaffney). Bronte missed the last four regular sessions and playoffs due to bones in the hips last season. This injury does not require surgery. Lobport reported that Brunt should be ready to participate in team organization training.

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Summary: Saint Wire Wei Alono knee front cross ligament torn

In the National Owner-Outer Cards lost to Viking, the injuries of Kiko Alonso (Kiko Alonso) were still continuing, and this development became the most unwell situation.

Manzell is subject to compensation due to destruction of rental apartments

Unemployed quartz, Kni-Manzel, the unfortunate fate in the offset season, also included the time in Los Angeles. During this time, the two nights who leased in a house led to the destruction of the house to face the lawsuit.

Brown taken, Yos-Gordon returns training

Cleveland Brown is the most chiliatry attack weapon. According to Multi-party news, Josh Gordon, Josh Gordon, returned to the team training on Sunday, this is the first return training after he has been released indefinitely, the first alliance first The lineup taken after participating in the field after training, watching the confrontational training of teammates on the field.

Fitzgerald said: “For all infected people, the most terrible part is probably this: no one can give you any answers. Every day is learning new knowledge, you will feel symptoms, but No one can say & lsquo; will become better & rsquo; or say & lsquo; generally continue to continue so long & rsquo; “

Haiying Center Marx – Angers Four

Bearing this week, Seattle Hawksman Pacted Pete Carroll read this blog post from Automobileclasice hopes that the first center Marx-Angr can debut on the weekend, but this wish will be empty. “Marx participated in some training on Friday. He will be included in the list of doubts. I believe that he will come back soon.”

“There is no exact answer, my thinking began to wander. Sitting at home and watching TV, looking at the national infection cases and death. All things flew from the mind, inevitably began to worry. Fortunately, I support Come over, feeling better and better. “

Gordon did not play the game in December 2014. He took the four muscles in private training this year’s break, which caused him to go to Brown training camp to report a bit into shape, Brown main coach Hue Jackson clearly stated that Gordon needs to lose weight, and from recently, Gordon’s weight loss is good, cheap jerseys Jackson also praised his professional attitude. The Brown Trainer Currently, it is not urgent to make Gordon in a short period of time. After all, his ban on the fifth week of the regular season can be truly released.

Obviously, today’s Haiying team wants to defeat the morale, the San Francisco 49 people should not be large, but Carol is firmly believed that the team will not fall lightly. “They are an outstanding team, they know how to get victory, and if anything on the court may happen, we keep this in the training, and it is absolutely to face serious attitudes. “

3. Recently, the Social Media announced the decision decision by social media in the 2018 season for defensive defenders, Ron Parker, announced the decision decision through social media on Monday. Parker is effective for chiefs for 6 years, and his career has also played in the black panther and the sea eagle. It has played 105 games, and the first 78 games were first completed, 11 times, 48 ​​times destroyed passed, 8 times .

4. Viking five-point Wei McKunzi-Alexander is slightly torn on the side of the half-month, and is currently accepting medical treatment to determine whether it is necessary to receive surgery. It is expected that the results will be obtained within the next 24 hours.

Good Temperature said that “harmful substance cleaning” is required to clean the drugs left by Manzel and his friends. In the lawsuit, it is also required to pay a party worth $ 10,000 in a 5,000-foot house.

Brown’s final plan is to enable Gordon and this year’s first-round show, Corey Coleman, becomes the first two groups under the double-exterior, and in the three foreign terminals Trelle Pryor, in the ideal case, the three groups will be a fairly difficult offensive combination. But just as the quarter-Brochi-Griffin III, the Brown Jun Team is full of unknown and uncertain. However, the only thing that allows Brown fans comforted, that is, their coach Jackson is an offensive master. It is necessary to say who will let the Brown offensive group replace the newborn, and only him.

This news was first reported in April, when the real estate intermediary Nicholas Goodwin publicly stated that Manzell rented and destroyed a $ 4.5 million house. Gushe also accused Manzel left items such as cocaine in the house.

Now, TMZ reported that Gu De Ten had prosecuted Manzell to claim $ 40,000. Goodwin claimed that he was first contacted by people who represented by Tel Avis, and when Telvis appeared, Gudwin immediately recognized this person is Manzel.

Brown is the first single game completed twice a player who came back to David. Although he played for the eagle is 50 years ago, Brown is still the team’s brush propulsion (6.52), the number of kickbacks (169), the number of kick attack code (4483), the kickback Record holder of reached a number of (5).

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“Big Ben,” said his wrist injury is okay

Pittsburgh Steelers in last week’s home game against the New Orleans Saints game, Steelers quarterback Ben – Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) during a pass right hand hit the Saints linebacker Cortés – Luo on Grafton (Curtis Lofton) helmet, the lens can be seen from the “Big Ben” very painful after the injury, his brow wrinkled and kept washing his hands to ease the pain. After the game, “Big Ben”, said in an interview at the time that they have lost a few fingers numb directly, but he is unlikely because these injuries on the fate of the rest.

And there is a small story about Mike Event’s winning ball. After the game, Wenston said in an interview that when he was present, Evans said that everyone would calm down and asked himself to complete this tactics.

In Wednesday’s interview, “Big Ben” directly denied the rumors about his wrist bone fragments, he said: “My wrist without any problems.” At a time when critical stage playoff tickets, situation is not optimistic about the Steelers must not be lost, so be it, “Big” fingers have not recovered intuition he will definitely play. However, “Big Ben” The recent state concern, since scared to Heaven for two consecutive weeks six passing touchdowns “Big” sank into a slump, and the Saints game against the Titans appears multiple times pass the ball too slow deviation or problem, Steelers and “Big” are urgent adjustment.

A group of experts in California made such views: “The 2015 season, 49 people need to change, they should return to the reading option attack. The team has already achieved certain success in this way, they need to use good card Nick, by schedule him to ran on the ball to improve the mobile capabilities of the entire offensive group. “

Railwell striker: should pay more attention to NFL players mental health

Beijing August 29th, the two heavyweight players have recently disclosed that injuries have led them to decide. Aristin Puh, Austin Pugh, which also published his own opinion, and he called on the outside world to pay attention to a more important issue.

The current chairman of the sea eagle said in the statement: “I am very happy to announce that the Hawks have ended with the head of Pitt-Carrol to end up to 2021. I hope this can continue The champion culture currently established in Seattle. “

This year’s lift season, the previous bombing army has been disintegrated, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor and Clevie CLIFF AVRIL has passed from the team. The outside world is unanimously believes that the Hawn began to rebuild, but Carol allows the team to revive the flag drum. This week, it locks a seasons tickets after the game.

“NFL players’ psychological problems have been overlooked for a long time,” Peer said. “I bet if you board the twice, you will see all these people say, & lsquo; Andrew is too soft, or Andrew-Rock like this & rsquo; the same group is now letting their friends suicide. NFL The player did not solve these mental health problems but in suicide. So we obviously discuss this problem, because if we can’t stand up, then these things will continue. “

49 people or will increase the number of Kapenik rushing

San Francisco 49 people, Jim Tomsula, looks deeply affected by the players, but his attack philosophy is not familiar with the outsiders. The rest period has arrived, some media and experts have also made some opinions on 49 people next season.

Yan Jia confirmed the brain cancer in July, then the Tiger team plans to hold this activity to support the study of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on children’s cancer (Xiao in the hospital), the on-site team donated $ 1.34 million to the hospital. And the money mainly comes from Sille’s 75 jersey, and his jersey has sold more than 15,000 pieces.

Hawks and coach Pitt – Carol last year

According to the wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Hawks and the Bishop Pete Carroll were over the end of the 2021 season. Carol annual salary will be more than 11 million US dollars, which also makes him become the highest salary master.

“You don’t want to discuss life after retiring NFL players,” Peer said. “You just want to discuss what opponents will face. No one cares about our players’ mental health. We saw Rob Gronkowski crying on ESPN. You don’t want to talk about this.”

Previously, Gronoski once said that due to the injury “status of the NFL’s career” is not good “, Andrew Luck also retired due to the pain brought about by multiple injuries. Peer said that everyone inside and outside wholesale Nfl jerseys has a responsibility to discuss the challenges of participating in the competition for mental health.

As the team owner, Jed York speaking earlier, 49 people should build four-dimensional Kaepernick to create a tactical core and arrange him to participate in more running. Tactics. Tom Sula also emphasized that Katnik has a very outstanding exercise, he can provide more and more choices for team tactics. The four-point guards Steve Logan also proposed the same view. He said that the team needs to use the mobile phone.