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Pony four-point guardian Dru-Rak is likely to be absent wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys from china the first battle

Jim Irsay, wholesale jerseys free shipping Indianapolis, Jim Irsay, confirmed a message that many people have expected on Thursday: The four-point guardian-Luck (Andrew Luck) that shoulder injury is still not recovered. It is possible to absent the first week.

“I want to say it again, now the biggest possibility is that he can’t play the game against Los Angeles ram,” said it. “But let me know, in our opinion, we have not eliminated the possibility of he can play. We will pay attention to his state. If he can play it is great. We didn’t think he had to do Willis – Willis Reed, Lak is a young player, can play 12 to 14 to 16 years for Pony, maybe 18 years. In my opinion, the longer the game is, “

This is the most clear statement that the Pony High-level is progressing for Rac recovery. Tuk did not fully participate in training throughout the training camp, and the team has been strictly confidential. Chuck Pagano only said that he had not seen the ball of Lak, he insisted on his own business.

Pony must decide to make Laq into the big list or Green Bay Packers jerseys from china put him in the abutment list. If it is a latter decision, then Rac will absence 6 games before the season. At present, the Pony will let Rack enter the 53r-year-old list, but the Eriede’s remarks can’t believe that Lac will return to the stadium.

Interestingly, Iries suggest that the difficulties faced by Rack is not just the body, or psychologically.

“This is a good problem, because the greatest athletes in history have said: & lsquo; these games, all games are carried out in the 4-inch venue in your ear, & rsquo;” Iris said. “This is the focus. You have to prepare difficulties, not only the body is still psychologically.”

Lak After receiving surgery, it takes 6 to September to recover after the shoulder injury encountered in the 2015 season, and it has passed in the past eight months. He has a long time to face the pain and trouble, and Iries have always treated his ace quarter-off with careful attitude.

However, if the lack of Rac can continue to regular games and even missed a multi-game competition, the SCTT TOLZEIN is going to play an important game, the Pony will have the opportunity to win before the competition. The champion of the United States is wasting a chance of a season. As the day, this situation will have changed in this situation every day.