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As the first round show in 2016, Kenmy’s performance is not very good, and the problem is not small. He has played 27 games in the first three years, only 6 of them, and completed 4.5 times last year. The flush did not perform his fifth year contract option. Kenmy has an offline problem in the university. In June this year, he was arrested for violations.

“This performance does not come true. We didn’t complete a lot of offensive. Such performance is disappointing, but we will continue to work, it is all we can do.” Cabin said. “Attacks no effect. cheap nfl jerseys From china this point of view, we have no place, this is disappointing.”

Lightning quartz, Torto-Taylor or unable to completely rehabilitate before the game

The Los Angeles Lightning Clero Anthony Lynnn has always said that when Tyrod Taylor is completely restored, he will still be the first quarter of the team.

Rhodin defensive cutoff Knitci body

Beijing July 27, Luobert NKEmdiche, still recovering the knee, crossed ligament torn injury, currently in the team in the unable training list. He has attracted a lot of gaze & mdash; & mdash; but because of your body.

Eli Manning passed a success of 7 times. The giant start off attack group Average each attack is only 1.8 yards, and the 48 yards are promoted. They successfully achieved 5 first attacks, but three of them were made by the fourth penalty of the pony defensive group.

In fact, the media is not looking for trouble. Anyone who has seen the game can see that Benjamin’s winning desire is very low. The outside world believes that the game will spend on the bench, although Rivila is reluctant to admit at this point.

Rivira said: “I understand this, I don’t know if you are dissatisfied with this, once he has been in front of your contact, once the ball has landed, it seems not his main problem. I am uncertain You want to know what questions. “

Although the last moment before the game, I knew that I had to start appearance, in the first show of my career, the new show, Justin, Herbert, is excellent. He is calm in the four-dimensional guard website, and the arm is strong, and the internal and external movement is free. Indeed, he made some novice mistakes, but in the end, he played a desired performance in the first show.

We have been thinking that Helbert will get a first opportunity at some point in this season. He started due to Taylor injury in the game. Can he grasp the opportunity and change the coach’s idea depends on his next performance.

Taylor was sent to the hospital on Sunday and was discharged on the same day. The old quarter-saving quarter was listed as a rib injury in the injury report before the game, but did not be specified. He originally planned to wear a special armor. But in front of the season, there was a mistake, and he missed the game.

Rivira replied to Kelvin – Benjamin’s role

Kelvin Benjamin’s External Wildener – Boelvin Benjamin performance is not good in San Dieng lightning game, but the coach RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RON RIVER The star players throw it on the bench.

In the second year of his career, Palmer’s performance was significantly improved, and he led the tiger to achieve the record of 11-5, and was selected for professional bowl. Unfortunately, Parme has suffered serious knees in the first pass attack in the playoffs.

“Today is not good enough,” Manning told the giant official website after the end of the first half. “I don’t worry now, but we know that you have to become better. We have to have a better performance. We have to have better execution and start to complete offense.”

Expressing slurry giants, starting offensive groups still need to improve

Giants took 27 points in the fourth quarter of the preseason of the local time, incredibly, and the performance of the Indianapolis horses were not confused. The performance of the Indianapolis horses were not the attention of this night. This part of course is a bad performance of the offensive group after the conversion of giants. In fact, their performance is bad.

It is reported that Raiola has not put the main attention on how to cover or open the teammates this season, but more and more pursue some fancy actions. Worse, in the 16th week of this season, he was banned by the alliance because of the malicious stepped on the ankle of the Chicago Bear Eig Ferguson. This is still not finished, Raiola has also caused a lot of troubles in the field, including the incident of insulting the members of the Wesk Cynasty, the team has to stand out for it.

Since the election of the team in 2001, Raiola was governing 203 games, although he did not play in the last season, he had a 36-year-old hero, and he only ranked only the center of all the interested. 37 name.

Palmer told reporters: “He is high as a rookie level than anyone I have ever seen. I am very enjoying to see him playing & hellip; & hellip; I have a high expectation to him. I think he has surpassed these expectations, and it is better than people think. “

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However, the body is not a big problem in Sanders. He finally was selected in the third round of the Pittsburgh steel candidate, and the career has completed 417 battles to advance 5601 yards and 31 reaches. At present, he has completed a 3 The contract of 33 million US dollars.

“I am really satisfied with the four-defense position of the team,” Lynn said. “We have Tero Taylor, Easton Stick & Mdash; & mdash; Many people ignore him, but he is in the I-AA League & mdash; & mdash; he won about 3 national championships. He It is an excellent leader, an excellent professional player, I think he has a bright future in this alliance. “

“Of course, Kam is an excellent quarter-off,” Lynn recently said. “He became the league MVP. He led the team to enter the super bowl. According to my knowledge, he has now returned to health. Can Camp will join a team, he will help this team win some games, but no Wrong, we really think about signing him, of course. “

Pierre Paul injured timing could not be worse. Giants will face the Dallas Cowboys rookie running back in the next game Eze Kiel – Elliott (Ezekiel Elliott). Giants currently ranks fifth seed in the highly competitive qualifying National League wild card. Victory over the league’s best teams let them get a little respite.

The key starters Patrick Chung (Patrick Chung) (security guard), Jamie – Collins (Jamie Collins Sr.) (Linebacker), Stephen Fung – Gilmore (Stephon Gilmore) (cornerback), East Tower – Hai Tawa (Dont & # 39; a Hightower) (linebacker) and Isiah – Wayne (Isaiah Wynn) (left tackle) ranked among the eight players missed training. In addition, offensive tackle Marcus – Cannon (Marcus Cannon) participated in only part of the training due to illness.

The red scitch quartz-Palmer and the outer hand-Larry Fitzgeralda have previously announced that they will return to the next season. In the two old people, they have returned and they have already entered their career. Is it either to win the crown?

While recognizing the illness will lead the team affected, McCaw pedicle team for the next game against the Houston Texans did not worry too much about. “We have a lot of strong players, but we have to look at how this whole week situation,” he said.

“It is a tough double-edged sword for me.” Kaim said. “You know that players like Carson and Rarry will soon be over. So you will work hard around them and strive to crown. But we have never entered the rebuilding mode. For the fans, the fans need us to strive to crown every year, we need to work hard in the free player market or draft. But you have to make a correct decision for the team for a long time. This is the biggest challenge. “

For Newton, the willingness to compete for the four-point or cultivate a rookie may also lead to lightning does not choose his reason. However, it has been reported that Newton is willing to serve as a suitable team.

Flu Invasion New England Patriots eight players missed trainingNew England Patriots have eight players missed training on Wednesday due to the flu-like symptoms, security guard Devin – McCaw pedicle (Devin McCourty) say they have never encountered such a case in 10 years of the club.

NFL NetWork Tom Pelissero reported that NFL will continue to follow up the development, but as of now, the rearranged game schedule after the 12th week still has not changed. Perello also pointed out that TRACE MCSORLEY was included in the new crown reserve last week, which made Griffin and Xiu Taylor-Huntley became the only health choice.

This week, the crow has joined the Mark Ingram and J.K.- Doins (J.K. Dobbins), and the Brandon Williams Add to New Crown Reserve List. In the subsequent days, six players & mdash; & mdash; including defensive ends Cales Campbell and several staff members. This prompted the crow and the steel people’s Thanksgiving Wars to be postponed to the Eastern Time at 1:15 pm.

For Greg Roman, the offensive coordinator, it is more difficult to overcome unbeaten steel people in the absence of stars. Griffin can perform a game with a similar style, but it is clear that there is nothing to replace Jackson brought out the explosive force, exercise ability and wholesale Jerseys flexible promotion.

Lightning Considers Newton’s successors in Philip Rivers are not unexpected. However, in view of Newton’s health problems and other factors, they finally chose Taylor and pick Justin Herbert in the first round of the draft.

Pierre Paul is an important member of this season, the only living barrier Cowboys offensive defense group. In the season opener, the Giants 20-19 victory over the Cowboys, Elliott obtained the least number of rushed the ball 20 times last season, made 51 yards 1 touchdown.

Pierre Paul is now not as an expert before the sack, but since 2013 almost no defensive end better than him in terms of anti-ran. This may be reimbursed season injuries to Pierre Paul could no longer play for the Giants. Before the start of the season with the team he signed a one-year $ 10 million contract. He will become a free agent after this season.

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According to Silver, Monday, the raids made Meek and coach Jon Gruden in a room, while other communication and player assessment departments stay in the team base stay in another room. Mercure and Grunetton selection players, while others are responsible for playing the general manager of other teams.

According to a related survey of NFL, Gudel’s support rate is 28%, 42% against him, 30% of people have neutral attitudes. What is even worse is that when you asked the President’s feeling is good or bad, 19% of people expressed satisfaction, 40% of people showed bad, and nearly 40% said they were uncertain.

They subsequently in accordance with the time limit of the dices, and people who played other team general managers will propose transaction quotes to Meek through the phone and responsible for the choice of their respective simulation teams.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers: Ryan – Sha Zeer (Ryan Shazier), outside linebacker, Ohio

Draft Rating: A-

Steelers very quickly to make their own choices, although they did not choose them to continue cornerback and defensive end, but the choice Sha Zeer or it is very valuable. Sha Zeer training camp in the school completed a very good performance, especially the 40-yard dash performance let people see his all-around value, although he is temporarily unable to expected role in the Steelers, but he’s able to play outside pass rush , can also be an excellent anti-pass inside linebacker on the inside, it can be said to choose a fast linebacker this is an important step Steelers linebacker group reconstruction.

Rookie Scouting report:

Pros: slim body has acceleration, excellent first step speed, superior vision, outstanding technology tackles, always in the right position, charismatic, versatile and able to man-mark raid

Disadvantages: lack of elite figure, likely to be resolved in the vicinity of the line of scrimmage, need to be more patience, discipline needs to be strengthened to avoid unnecessary fouls, minor injury problems

Template: Lavonte David

Considering that Mei Jike was in the past 15 years in the NFL TV network instead of being responsible for the draft, the arrangement of the raid is reasonable. According to Hilverd, they will continue to hold several such analog drafts before the draft.

So what about US President Barak – Barack Obama? According to the survey, 47% of people support Obama, 50% of people opposed, 3% of people are uncertain. Of course, Gudel’s support rate is higher than this year’s Congress support, and the number of supports of the latter only accounts for only 16%.

Can Titan’s four-point guard Mario Taga will be determined in the next day?Although Marcus Mariota is currently in a good condition, the Titan Uniform Group will wait a day to decide whether the quarter-saving premises will send the battle against the United States to the United States.

Maryta did not participate in the second round of regular season, just activated in the substitute list, the second round of the competition Sub-Gabbert started to fight and lead the team 20 -17 defeated Texas.

The unclear grammar proves that these twitches are from Brown himself, nor the first time he is retired. After September last year, after the new England patriot, Brown said he would never be NFL effective due to contract issues. I have repeatedly due to the helmet problem to exit the threats. In November last year, Brown thought he was suffered from “unfair”, “absolutely will not play again.” This Twitter is now deleted.

The team held an analog draft in the election to let the team feel that other teams may do or have any players who will fall to their position. However, cheap Jerseys the aim of the simulation draft of the attack is to ensure that Mercles can be prepared to face the rhythm of the draft, this is still somewhat different.

7, Tampawan Pirates: Mike Evans, External Takers, Texas Farmers

Dictionary rating: B +

Continuous Second Texas Farming University is selected, there is almost no suspense, pirate chooses their greatest needs – the outer hand, can also be said that Evans is the best in the player, so pirate chooses him Said that it is nothing. Evans has the top body of all corner guards, with all elements needed outside, will he succeed? This is not good, but at least he can easily get a pirate’s first position.

New showball exploration report:

Advantages: Super first-class body advantages, not afraid of fear with pressure defense, push the creation of defenders, can cover the teammates, hand-eye coordination locks, can break through the 擒, suppleeless acceleration

Disadvantages: Do not have the speed of getting rid of the opponent, depending on the body advantage, can you get a small corner in NFL

Template: Vincent Jackson

19. Miami Dolphins: Jay Muan – James (Ja & lsquo; Wuan James), Tackle, University of Tennessee

Draft Rating: D

Are you kidding? ? 19th overall pick tackle a second three rounds? Dolphins indeed done so. Many experts predict that before the Dolphins will strengthen their right tackle position, but such a choice dolphins really people do not understand, especially in the Selous – when Moses can also choose the – g Wan Gio and Morgan. James is a tall tackle, he can do a good job protecting the ball, but the road will cover a problem, we wish good luck dolphins.

Rookie Scouting report:

Advantages: speed unexpected first step, the outer space can be protected, knee and hip support allowed to get red cattle, can push the point of attack defender, without fear of the second layer by a grapple

Disadvantages: easy to bow out impact swim-through

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The 34-year-old Jackson has been a team’s main running guard. His best season in Bill is in 2009, when he ran the team with a 1062 code score code, before he was in 2010 And in 2011, two consecutive years have more than 900 yards. He won the 5646 yards 30 times in Bill’s career, which made him very popular with fans, and he is also one of the team captains.

The above content has not mentioned how serious the injury of Harva is, but the team is sure to look at the results. Because the Haiying team just gave Harva in a 67 million contracts last season. He missed most of the game last season because of injuries. Harvin has always prayed that he can return to the stadium, and he has missed 21 regular competitions in the last two seasons.

White is Bill 2017 first round, 2017, 2018 performance is very good, and ushered in the previous season. White completed 58 hugs last year, 6 cases, including the CD and the Patriots Nyvon-Gilmore (Stephon Gilmore) and Viking Security Wei’an-Harris (Anthony Harris).

The team announced that they cut this old will. Jackson has been for ten years for Bill. Doug Whaley said in the statement: “Today, we make a difficult decision of Fred – Jackson. Ten years, he went to the team to dedicate an incredible career for the team.”

Bill and Hengqi Shiite for 4 years 70 million US dollarsUS time on Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Bill and 2019 Best lineup level corner Wei Trere Davious White renewed for 4 years, salary reached 70 million US dollars, including $ 55 million security gold.

ESPN reporter reported: “Hawks Training Camp: Pelti – Harva’s foot leaves.” Seattle Times reporter Twice wrote: Percy Harvin is injured after I finished a pass, and he climbs up and walks to the field. It is now guarded him by the staff of the training camp.

Pedon said: “He may be one of the most important members we win in the super bowl. It is just his rookie season. & Hellip; & hellip; maybe our biggest mistake, you have to ask & lsquo; Will this? & Rsquo; let go of him is not a smart move. “

Bill cut him surprised, but Jackson’s age and $ 2.35 million annual salary made Bill decided to find talents, they did not even ask Jackson to pay. He feels like a typical player who likes the coach Lex Ryan, but the Bill runs in the position, Jackson Lake Lennen McKien McCoy, Get and Anthony Dickson (Anthony Dixon), Bryce Brown and Xiu Karlos Williams competition time.

At present, the giant cannot give the specific return date of this rushing, so the contract cannot be renewed in Piercolo can also put him on a non-football injury list and do not need to pay salary. He may be training recovery in Florida this season.

Giants believe that Pierre can’t play this year.Last week, New York giants finally had the opportunity to do physical examination for Jason Pierre-Paul, according to news, his hand is better than the team’s expectations, the team thinks he will be absent this season. the match of.

Saints will sign with Safety Wei Marcom-JenkinsUS time on Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Saints and Safety Marckham-Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) signed a contract for 4 years, salary of $ 3.2 million, of which 16.5 million US dollars.

The seventh week in and week day and night match Preview: Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona CardinalsUnder the influence of the epidemic, the seventh week in and week night game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Las Vegas Raiders became the National League West civil war & mdash; & mdash; the Seattle Seahawks game against the Arizona Cardinals. Two teams play good season, so far unbeaten HY, and Cardinals to 4-2 rows in the third partition. In prime time on stage, whether the Seahawks will continue unbeaten record, or to send the Cardinals to their first defeat of the season it?

Sea Eagle Harva is suffering Cheap Jerseys From China the disease, the fear, regular season, reimbursement Seattle Hawie’s star took over Percy Harvin injured in the training camp, which was injured in the training camp in the second year.

Although this season, losing the middle reaches of the league and has the strongest league in forcing turnovers ability, the Seahawks defense group opponents averaged 370.4 yards advancing. Ranked in the forefront in the league. In addition to the limit and get rid of the red ball good at Murray outside the Seahawks in rushing defense also need to face the running back Kenyon – Drake (Kenyan Drake). The Seahawks opponents averaged only 100.8 yards rushing advance, rushing defense in the league in the top ten, but there are reasons for which their opponents fewer number of red balls. But more difficult is that they need to face D’Andre – Hopkins (DeAndre Hopkins), Christian – Kirk (Christian Kirk) and – Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) led by wide receiver Location. Seahawks passing attack and second-line defensive performance is difficult to satisfactory, while the core members of the security guard Jamal – Adams (Jamal Adams) have been identified miss the game. Seahawks defensive group can withstand the impact of the attack groups of the Cardinals? Still have to put all the pressure put Wilson on the shoulders?

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James Muntz, said: “Andre-Haol has accepted the treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the MD Anderson Cancer Center. There is a lot of disease improvement, and the attending doctor also believes that his condition is Gradually relieve. Andre will continue to accept treatment. “

After winning this week, the winner wins at least 2.5 winners, but only two games of the giants, which means that as long as the last two weeks will win, cheap Jerseys or the giant lost one, It can lock the main field advantage before the entire country to the super bowl. Due to the double kill by the giant, the only variable is that the giant is full of winning, the cowboy is full of defeat, then the National Union Conventional Championship will be attributed to the giant.

First of all, it is still going to the end, the giant is at least 10 wins, plus the record of 7 wins in the alliance, and should lock the Kobe external card. In addition, the Black Leopard and Saints have now only 6 wins, and the package workers and pirates are very difficult to reverse.

If the university bowl represents the highest level of domestic waist flag, then the four invitation is just proves that the football movement is not only a good popularity in the ivory tower, but also sprouts, flourishing in the whole society. Beijing Shili Shop Primary School and Foshan Experimental Schools have made people amazed that many children have been involved in the movement of rugby.

Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine defending nfl jerseys University Bowl, rugby enthusiasm ignited Beijing Chan Autumn

On October 30, Beijing’s temperature drops to approach zero this week, but there is a group of people who have not chosen home. In the early morning, they came to Fengtai Sports Center from all directions, although their gender, age Some of the unified clothing wearing colleges, some with helmets, armor, but their purpose is the same & mdash; & mdash; participated in popular American football movement.

According to the Boston Global News, Dorbles was closing to the small black house in the third week and fourth week because he was “unhappy” Josh McDaniels in the offense coordinator. We don’t know if such a behavior will make Dornonon have more games that cannot be played.

“This is not a relaxed decision …” Wilson said on the twitter. “I have decided to quit the 2020 season. This is a difficult decision, but since I started to participate in the game, the most important thing has always been belief, family, football. Because this crazy era, I chose to make my family, I think the most In a good environment. I will support my teammates and brothers, support them in the season and will be able to return to the team a few days before I will return. “

Falcon @ 海鹰: 2012 Sea Kingdom Dividend, the top three of the Falcon also leads 20 points, Russel Wilson is a little bit of leading team, but Matt Ryan led the team to succeed. Four years later, “Yesterday reproduce”, this is another expected attack and defense war, but since Wilson enters the Alliance, it has never been lost at home. You are hard to imagine false attacks with brutal attacks. So it is still a wins of the Hawks.

No matter who served as the first quarter of the dolphin, his situation in the new season will be more difficult. We know that the 2020 season will test the depth of the team’s lineup. Dolphins have now discovered this in advance.

On the morning of the day, after the semi-final, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai University of Technology have eliminated two host team Beijing Sports University Team and Beijing Institute of Technology to advance to final.

Emirates @ 爱国: Two opponents encountered in the division in the second consecutive session, “Restrained yesterday”, compared with last year, the Patriot lost Gronoski, Jamie Colins and Chandler-Jones, However, the chieftain has lost some defensive will, so the overall gap between the two sides is not narrowed, still optimistic about the patriot to win, but it is not easy.

Devante Parker will take over the Dolphin Skills, if Preston Williams is completely recovered from the knee serious injury, it will become an outer hand on the second. The remaining outer junctions include Gar Jennings, ISAIAH FORD, Jakeem Grant, Mac-Hollins and the New Xiu Matt Matt Cole and Kirk Merritt.

We don’t know what Donsen said what caused by ourselves, but it is worthy of McDaniel, which has become a multi-race vented object, feels that he said that he said that the risk that has been in poor offensive groups. Don’t threaten your long history.

In 2013, Dolmbson, selected Dolcson, showing potential in the rookie season, and 37 shots got 519 yards 4 times. The foot injury caused him to absence a lot of competition last season and most of this year’s break. This 23-year-old player has a shot of 13 yards in the only second week of debut this season.

In the field, Chenglong from the Beijing Iron Brothers Football Team sighed: “Rugby has a huge progress in the country. There are already so many people in different ages across the country, and women players participate in this movement.” Statistics, China has more than 50 collision football teams, more than 150 waist flags and multiple collisions, waist, and indoor football. Since 2010, the number of people participating in the organized football competition (the waistable race and the collision) increased by 6,500.

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The wild horse and Miller have never discussed the contract since June.Those who think that Denver’s Wild Ma will solve their team superbweed MVP von Miller (Von Miller) before July 15 may now have no bottom.

1 month agoAfter the Mike Zimmer, Viking, Mike Zimmer, told reporters that the first quarter-Kassel (Matt Cassel) is more fracture, which means that Bridgewater will automatically become the first hair. . After being asked, Bridgewater will reply to the first time, Qi Mo replied: “Speak right.”

Despite the losing to the New Orleans, this rookie is not bad in his NFL’s first show. He is not the most powerful defensive group, but at least he brings a lot to the Victorian offensive group. In a short time their trump, Adrian Peterson cannot return, any hope that the offensive group appeared is a good thing.

External handle Ros break the body test 40 yard sprint recordIn the NFL body measurement in Saturday, John Ross III has achieved 4.22 seconds in the 40-yard sprint project, breaking Chris Johnson’s 4.24 second record in 2008. .

The next half of the Viking is first attacking, Sam Bradford returns to the stadium, facing the three-speed 5 yards, he rushed out of the pocket to take the first attack, but they still abandon the kick in any free kick. Cowboys also quickly abandoned kicks in this half, Viking people seized the opportunity, using a series of short biography into the cowboy, playing the ball, Bas, 36 yards, cowboy 7: 6 Viking people. At the end of the third quarter, Dack Prescot was defended in the pocket, Brian Robison, killing and dropping, Everson Griffeen in the cowboy Field 19 code line picks up the ball.

When he was asked because he did not wear Adidas ball shoes and could not win the island that Adidas’ commitment is given, Rose replied: “I am not very good. I don’t have a boat, so you know, I have to wear Nike. “

When the time from the New England Patriots on Thursday to begin training camp draws near, the links between the two sides indicated that if solutions include Brady and the players union agreed to give up legal proceedings could drag the regular season, NFL president Roger – Goodell (Roger Goodell) and his legal team will welcome such a solution.

Wayne has endured three-year-old muscle tear, and only 3 games in the past five games have a result of 18 yards in the past five games. It is called a long period of career. In addition, Wayne is also troubled by knee injury and elbow.

In the fourth quarter, the leading denim began to pay attention to the road attack, Elliott fell 30 yards, entered a free kick, Dan Bailey, hit 39 yards, cowboy 17: 9-dimensional Beijing people. Viking team Adam – Tirlan won the first attack on the 13 yards, the Viking people had to abandon the kick. Less than three minutes left, the cowboy faces the second gear 9 yards, and the Dakuchi won the key first attack, but through the viking challenge of the Viking team, the referee determined that Dak did not slip through the first attack line. Three gears 1 yards, the center Travis – Frederick (Travis Frederick) lost the ball, the cowboy eventually did not get the first attack, and he had to get it. Viking returned to the hand of Cordarrelle Patterson to abandon the kick, but his teammates successfully picked the ball on the 35-yard line.

The four-point guards of Dak Prescott and the runforce Alfrad – Morris (Alfred Morris) rushed down 10 yards. Entering the second quarter, when Denim Lucky Whitehead is awkward, the ball is defended with Everson Griffeen, the Inner Yelik Kentrick (Eric Keendricks) pick up the ball. The Viking offensive group failed to take this opportunity and abandoned in this part. The denim offensive group also faced a score, Dez Bryant stood up at this time. He lied to the Harrison Smith, completed 56 yards in unmanned defense. Help the team to get the branch. End Elliott punch 1 code to score, cowboy 7: 3 V.

Able to determine that the NFL almost certainly do not want to adversely affect it will have the first 50 Super Bowl season. But from the ALCS it has passed more than six months and the outcome of the appeal Brady still not made. If this process is completed earlier, the matter may now have entered the stage of the proceedings and we may have to see the final ruling. But the opposite is now the matter could drag the regular season. That may be why the two sides began negotiations about the rumors began to circulate reason open to.

Entering Section IV, the Viking team uses this opportunity, Cheap jerseys from Kay-Buddhism 33 yards, Viking 9: 7 Cowboy. The score-behind denim begins, and Dick Prescot is found to take the outside Terence Williams to advance 18 yards, enter the Minnesota half a field. Four files 24 yards, denim abandoned, Adam Timlan turned down, and the denim got the ball on 8 yards. Dack passed the Pall Liandez – Bryant, 8 yards score, cowboy 14: 9 V. The Viking offensive group continued his mute, Sam Bradford was killed, they had to discard kick on the 21-yard line.

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The final game is over. The first start of the rookie quartz Weiber will help the New England Patriots team at home 27: 0 to defeat the Houston Texas, got 3 consecutive victories, and ended the two consecutive victories in Houston. This is the first time in a game since the 2012 season. In this manner, the Temple of Temple, in Osville 41, advancement of 196 yards, 0 reached 1 copy. External hand de Andre – Hopkins 4 times, 56 yards. Close-end Edge Ryan – Griffin 8 times, 52 yards. Run Wemaar Miller 21 sho, 80 yards. The Texas people’s special team has twice.

Owen’s own career is also troubled by the problem, some people may feel that he is not qualified to criticize Elliot. But because of this, Owen is more understanding what Elio should do, Elliott needs growth, and Euro Wen just said this.

Previously, Owen said in Dallas Media: “He is very young, I don’t have to give him an excuse. The young man likes to find fun, but he has to realize that he will have a big impact. Ohio State University is very Darlas denim. Everything you do, every sentence, every sentence, will be widely spread, derived a story. And you need to stay away from these rumors. “

From the data displayed from the speed gun, Braddy’s arm can be said to be the strongest in the alliance. Since the 2008 New Show Body Survey began to measure the ball speed, only 62 miles of Josh Allen have exceeded Breddy.

“We have not set a day for possible regression,” McChak said. “We have also continued to work with NFL players. We will make decisions based on the latest medical advice and comply with local and state guidelines.”

In terms of Patriots, Brisette was 196, pushed 103 yards, 0 reached 0 Cascade, the ball 48 yards, 1 mocolis reached. Julian – Edellman four times, 38 yards. Run Galley Gret – Brown 24 sho, 105 yards, 2 reachaes.

Alliance and Players: When the player returns to the team, there is no certain date
On Tuesday, there was a media report that the team can hold a mini training camp in June, but JC-Tretter, Chairman of the NFL player, and NFL responded quickly.

Braddy gave this photo with a sentence “He will move straight” and a rugby and a expression that expresses questions. This sentence refers to the 2016 ESPN Show Show host that Braddy will express landslide.

Johnson signed a contract with the Black Leopard a year ago, but because the knee injury failed to get the opportunity. When I played in Viking, Johnson completed 60 batches in three seasons, pushed 834 yards, and got 2 reached. In the 2014 season, he completed the best performance of his career, completed 31 battles, advanced 475 yards, and obtained 2 reaches.

Michael – Owen believes that Elliot should understand the meaning of cowboy identity.
The famous Hall of the Hall of the Hall, before the NET IRVIN, Michael Irvin, recently said that his back generation Iqikil-Elliot (Ezekie Elliott) should understand what a member of the cowboy means anything.

According to the tradition, Reed will be invited to participate in a week-oriented secretary of the week this summer. Reed will receive a Sustman award at the dinner (Lowsman Tropha, with Haisman Trophay, which symbolizes the Best University Player Award). He will receive a bonus.

Brian McCarthy, Vice President, responsible for contacting, said the Alliance continued to cooperate with the player guild, and they were not prepared to discuss the specific date to change the current procedure.

Ou Wen said that Eliot should understand that after he has become a star player, people will pay an additional attention, so some things can’t do (previous parade events), this is immature to the cowboy, unacceptable performance .

Reed was selected for the USA League’s best lineup last year, and custed 19 times in 56 times to create a new high. Reide may be a chapter of the last selected player, but he can have excellent performance. The professional football focused on him as a 54th player of this year.

Johnson is 188cm high, weighs 98.5kg, and there is not much risking. The front jet also got a free player Trell Pleier. In addition to these two people, the jet of the jet also includes Jemein Kieles, Quincy Enunwa, Adalers Stewart and Robie- Robby Anderson.

At present, the base of most teams has been allowed to reopen some workers. NFL seems to be not far from a larger regression training, but it is clear that the alliance still has not determined specific time schedules.

Breddy’s response showed that although the players did not criticize their unexpected criticism, they still remembered these noise. Although this criticism is 3 years ago, it is obvious that Braddy remembers. Breddy uses this question and criticism in motivation to move forward in his entire career.

The report said that the team coach will be allowed to return to the team base next week, which will make the team can be earlier on June 15th, the latest in June 27, a mini training camp. Trett said that the legal training is expected to end on June 26, according to the agreement between cheap nfl jerseys from China and players. The player will not agree to any restart training program.

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However, after the beginning of the second half, Tampa Bay completely broke the hope of the opponent. They got the ball 6 times before the second half, and won the game in the 7th time to win, how much eliminates the haze of last week.

NFL regular season 15th official strength list rankingsAfter the end of the 14th week of the NFL regular season, let’s take a look at what changes in the power list. First, the top three are still by Green Bay packaging, the new England Patriot, Denver Musk, Seattle Hawki, the Eagle Eagle, returned to the top five, Pittsburgh, the chief Cincinnati, the chief, the chief of the same district, ranked 6 . In addition, the 49 people in San Francisco burst on the Auckland raid by 13-24, and became the biggest obstacle on the road to the “champion bowl”, ranked 29th, 49 people’s playoffs I hope it has become very embarrassing. The following full list:

NFL Waist Banner Rugby Primary School CourseThe primary school sports courses are opened for 2 weeks, 10 classes, and each class is 40 minutes. Through the phases of the primary school, wholesale jerseys students can make students skilled in the use of waist flag rugby related technologies, understand the most basic offensive rules, offensive mode, and tactical strategy.

The course is suitable for students from 8-10 years, aims to help students develop and enhance their sports skills and motion patterns related to waist flags; understand and use the concept and strategy of improving the success of students in the waist flag; realize and maintain physical strength; Health, improvement level; demonstrate personal and social behavior; people sports to health, enjoy, challenge and social life. To cultivate, improve and master basic sports skills and mobile mode models, including: run, jump, pass, ball, kick, balance, advance, back, rush, curve, high, status.

Joseph said last Thursday: “Two first corner swords can return to feel great. After two, after the mature corner of the opponent, the entire defensive system will be different. & Hellip; & hellip; this will make tactical arrangement More relaxed, the plan is more relaxed in advance. “

Texas will not give A.j. Boya with privileged label On March 1st, the deadline for the key players gave the key players, in other words, the team blocked the players from entering the latest opportunity to enter the free market.

“I am a five-round show, I have been in 9 years. I am fighting everything by myself, then enter the big list, to accumulate data with beautiful performance. Killing, copy, hugging & hellip; & hellip; Eric – Bee Eric Berry, Earl Thomas, any top-level security, no one is stronger than Rashad Jones over the past decade. “

At this location, Jones has caused the number of lost codes in the past ten years, and the number of kills will be killed. The number of balls will be ranked first, and the number of independence is second, the third. However, he did not pass the 10-year best lineup, Beri, Thomas and Eric Vadell (Eric Weddle) were selected.

Ronald Jones is the star of the pirate, and he completed a 98-code ball in the third section, a total of 23 shots were completed, and the 192 yards were promoted. Tom Breddy has completed 28 times, promoted 341 yards, reached 3 times, and completed a shower.

Last year, Boy was played in 15 games, first issued 11 games, passing the ball to 16 times. The regular season is copied once, and the playoffs is copied twice. He will have to pay more attention in the free market.

Mike Evans completed 6 battles, pushed 77 yards, reached once. Antonio Brown was passed on 8 times, 7 of which completed the ball, and pushed 69 yards. Chris Godwin pushes 92 yards, close-end edue Rob Gronkowski contributes to a ball to reach.

When the game is only 11 seconds left, Murret escaped and killed and shot on the left side. Hopkins, who were jointly defeated by three, steadily grabbed the ball, complete the 43 yards to catch the ball, and the red scitch was better than. After the red foul chooses to play two points, the remaining two seconds is consumed, completely dispense any of the hopes.

Local media reporters report that Texas may not add privileged labels to any players. After removing the salary of $ 14 million in Bore in 2017, the Dezhou break will be 25 million US dollars to operate.

During this time, the Graham Gano completed 2 arbitrage, and further expanded the leading advantage for the giants. DEXTER Lawrence (Dexter Lawrence) in the key three-speed killing Carson-Wentz, forced the eagle to let go of the right.

Wilson was copied twice by Darrious Williams, and the lower half was lost once. This is his first game this season, and he did not complete the pass to the ball. His strength weapon D.K. May Tacf (D.K. Metcalf) did not pick up the ball.

Ailrand has done his own efforts. He has completed 32 times in this field, promoted 284 yards, reached 2 times, was copied twice. Digs bought 10 times in the 93 yard, Cole Beasley, pushed 109 yards, reached 1 time.

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Eagle New Xiu De Feng Tower – Smith will be missed for 2-3 weeksUS Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, the eagle new show outside De Feng Tower – Smith (devonta smith) knee inside a sub-ligament sprain, is expected to be absent from 2-3 weeks.

Houston himself has not explicitly expressing his future, and some experts say that there are still many teams to keep Houston pay attention, which makes him not rush to the chopping long. As a top-level rushing hand in the top 5 levels of the Alliance, if you want to get Houston, any team must pay the corresponding high cost.

At present, most of the foreign countries believe that the team does not open the continued negotiation negotiation is the main dissatisfaction of Adams. This best lineup level safety sanitary and no doubt will get a record high salary, but the team is indifferent to let him be very disappointed.

The chief can be used for less than 3 months to continue to negotiate with Houston. The star rushing hand has completed 48.5 times in the first four seasons in his career, and the last season has been a union king. In order to be able to lock this defensive core in advance, the chief decided to open the continuation negotiation as soon as possible. Dorses said: “Justment is a very good player, I think he still costs for the chief.”

In September last year, in Brown, Gates did not let Adams play the last five games. This security guard is very dissatisfied, and even after the game, the content of the jet is deleted in the personal profile.

McGrady and Carter have played together with Toronto Raptors, and even played a lot of wonderful cooperation; Raphael and Fabio have also “more than wing double fly” together in Lahaelford; NFL also has money-Baile and Boss-Bailee’s transient experience in the wild horses, Jordan Palm has also gives NFASSAN in Meng Hu, but said that “tiger” in NFL Brother, the most famous is the following one more …

In the outside world, Watt is considered to join the Pittsburgh steelman and his brother, or may return home for the green bay package. It has been reported that Cleveland Brown and Buffalobier are interested to him. Tennessee Titan publicly claimed that it has been contacted Watt’s broker. Arizona Red Square Entry Deandre Hopkins, hopes that the former teammates can join themselves on social media.

Although many teams are intended to Watt, he may have to wait until the new season wage hat is officially confirmed to have further consideration. In that, all teams know how many salary spaces they have this year. Our only knows that the new season salary cap will not be less than $ 180 million.

Dissolving the coach Gain is not satisfied with security Yados asked to be traded.Jet Safety Wei Ja Mamal – Jamal Adams recently officially filed a trading application to the team. According to reports, the relationship with the coach Yado-Gez (Adam Gase is one of the main reasons why he did this.

However, the brothers in the actual duty, not only in the 2016 National Federation of the Federation, but even in their father’s period, this kind of brothers and brothers have begun to stage. . Today, our protagonists are & mdash; & mdash; Matthews.

2009 NFL draft conference, the first person of the third generation of the Massatus family & mdash; Clay Matthews III After graduating from the father’s alma mater, I chose alone “North drift”. After the Green Bay Packaging Issue, he was in the second year of career, he almost stood at the top of the family: Harvest the Super Bowl of the Massatus family “a blood” and won the best defensive players in the same year. However, after this, Kray III was the same as the packaging and finishing team, although there is no competitiveness, but always with the super-bowl of interest.

General Manager of the Emirates: Will talk to Houston in the futureJohn Dorsey, General Manager of Kansas City, revealed in the recent interview, the team has been in the future of Justin Houston to discuss the future. Dorset said that the team has been talking to Houston’s broker.

Later, Feng Miller also had similar things to the button on the 50th super bowl, but it was better than Case. After the alliance, only five seasons, only the level is limited, plus the laundry is taken on the beach, Kathy can only regret the alliance.

Adams wrote on the personal instagram: “Patrick Mahomes) The annual salary may have 4,000-60 million. Very worthy, my good brother. But if I have no four-point salary, then don’t put I have compared with the quadrant. Rely, if I can take more than 40 million, I will not be honest. I said, I just protect myself like the club. If you don’t respect this, I still love you. But it may be time to blew. “

In 2010, as the first person in Bruce, the third generation of cheap nfl jerseys from china, Kevin Matthews, after the name of the draft. But soon, this decision has been found, with the hard relationship of his family, Kevin joined the old team of Bruce, Tennesi Titan, successfully squeezed into the final 53-year-old list, and short-lived here The team’s first center, because of various reasons, he failed to stay in NFL for too long, and he could not stand at the foot, and he could only stand with a regret to say goodbye NFL. His father also hoped to help his brother’s body.

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Counterfeit NFL Jerseys seized by CBP at JFK International Mail FacilityDolphins will sign the front patriots to sign a contractDolphins spend money in the free market, after signing the record contract with Corner Wachlon – Byron Jones, they have signed a contract with the former patriots. A 41 million US dollar contract. Contracts include $ 30 million security.

This is not the only Bears offensive line need to worry about the trouble, is expected to debut a member of James – Daniels (James Daniels) and Jermaine – Yifei Di (Germain Ifedi) are also temporarily absent because of injury.

“He always has a choice,” Curre said when Mahomus said. “He has a way to complete the attack, whether it is with his legs or an arm, and the side of the shot is still no matter what method. He is some offensive weapons. He knows how to use them. This person is very special. Since he is obviously a rare genius. So I love to see him playing. “

“I saw a lot of myself in him, obviously there are many comparable,” Curre said. “He is too creative, you can’t blink, you will miss the special performance. I love his confidence, he knows that he can do some special things at all times.”

Perhaps this is not a new year plan, but it is clear that this inner special is struggling in its continuous second super bowl ring. It is the same as last year. The Hawk still does not need to participate in the outer card, so they are similar to last year. Training .

“We have already experienced it once, so we’ve learned these scenes.” Bente said: “We know how to prepare, in the face of these intensity, many players have the resume of participating in major competitions, so We all understand how to do it. “

In addition, Bente has also seen a huge benefit of the rotation of the week. “This week is really gold time, because the last few weeks of the regular season is strong, and our consumption is not small, so this week gives us a chance to raise the spirit.”

The sea eagle has seen the value of this week.At the beginning of the New Year, the Seattle Hawks defended the end Michael Bennett asked what plans for his New Year. However, the answer to Bente is a bit surprising: “No longer talk to the media, haha, I haven’t thought about it yet.”

In the past four years, Moro’s career spent the Arizona, guiding him has been the current giant defensive coordinator James Bettcher. Moro played 47 games, starting 26 games, getting 75 scholars, 2 killing, 2 forcing the ball and 4 times to destroy the pass.

Moro said in the statement: “I assume all responsibility. But I want to explain that the test shows the ban on the ban on the drug from the training. I will never use banned drugs, but I respect NFL. The drug policy is also willing to take responsibility. At the same time, for the giant club is willing to believe me, give me a chance to help them, I am grateful. I hope that my contribution can help this team to win. “

Within the group, he said: “Just standard procedure, will be carried out at a local hospital we had hoped to avoid surgery, tried several other treatment options The goal now is so that he can return to the regular season…”

Bears offensive tackle Thai – Jenkins will undergo back surgeryOn Wednesday US time, the Bears coach Matt – within the base (Matt Nagy) announced that rookie offensive tackle Thai – Jenkins (Tevin Jenkins) will undergo back surgery today.

Jenkins was scheduled to serve as the Bears starting left tackle, but he missed training because of a back injury after the start of training camp. Prior to starting small Charles – Leno (Charles Leno Jr.) was cut in May, Wholesale Jerseys the Bears trading up to select Jenkins, his own second-round pick, signed three and six signed to the Panthers, he won five and signed each other’s second-round pick.