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[Special Series] How to become a player

Placekicker is responsible best site for cheap nfl jerseys starting playing players and shooting players playing. He can not only cooperate with the handball, but also cheap jersey websites that use paypal the player rack to complete the kick.


When playing, play the ball in the middle of the racket, generally is far wholesale jerseys from china the 35 yards from your own end. When shooting, the kickpoint is about 7 yards after the long-winkey. Before the column is finished, the player will measure their own position according to the position of the playing point, and supply nfl jerseys will generally go backward from the kickpoint to three steps.


When opening, kick directly; when shooting, you have to cooperate with the blackener, and the player is completed in the instant to play the ball.


Both players have an unusual and robust thigh. In addition to vigorously, it is necessary to accurately control the power and legs to cooperate with tactics, such as gambling kick, to control the kick distance at 10-15 yards. In addition, sometimes the player will also engrave or quit the sneak attack, trying to eventually attack or reach the array.