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Ram corner Niker Robbalman is fined

The male Nickell Robey-Coleman eventually received penalties.

Since the Tommyne Lewis is violated in the National Union Finals, Robbalman is fined $ 26,739. It is reported that Robbieman will appeal.

This impact in Robbobalman has neither passed a penalty in the game, nor cheap jerseys for sale is there been a helmet impact on the helmet. According to cheap nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero, nfl jerseys cheap this fine is indirectly acknowledged that there should be a yellow flag appearance.

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Crow coach: wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping Billych is the best coach in this era.

Although the new England Patriots and their head coach Bill Billik (Bill Belichick) is currently troubled by “venting incident”, Baltimore Collus coach John Harbaugh, or choose this time Legendary paladie expresss his respect.

Hubble said: “He is a great tutor, excellent friend. I am very respectful to him, in my opinion, he is the best coach in this era, there is no doubt. This is the fact that it will not be by any Impact. He is a very strong person. To defeat his team, you need to be prepared, do your best. The patriot is also very good, their current achievements are what they have to be. I will be Bilchk It is my friend. “

Although in the US semi-finals in the United States of America, Hubble complained that Bilchk’s tactics was a “cheating”, but this obviously does not affect the relationship between the two parties. Interestingly, wholesale nfl jerseys 7 years ago, Piltick was recommended to the crow, which helped the latter found a good job, wholesale jerseys free shipping and helped the crow to find a trustworthy coach.

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49 people will think that Corner Robinson is expected to surpass Sherman

San Francisco 49 new Jinzhan Elvis Dumervil has recently observed the training of rashard Robinson, cheap Miami Dolphins jerseys and expressed its appreciation for Robinson.

He told reporters: “I am very excited to see Robinson’s performance, I think he will be the best corner of this partition, I know what I am talking about, I know what a very famous angle guard is in this partition or even this alliance “

El Vis is so high, nfl jerseys obviously referring to Robinson can surpass the Seattle Hawk Horn, Seattle, Seattle, Richard Sherman, and Arizona Roche, Patrick Peterson. .

Robinson was 49 people in the fourth round of 2016, and the rookie season completed 1 copy, 8 times destroyed passed, and 28 times.

Since 49 people are in the rebuild, the team has no choice to enable some newcomers, and wholesale nfl jerseys from china Robinson will get a good opportunity to express.