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Iram is currently in the injury reserves in August two muscle tears. Therefore, this punishment has no much impact on the crow. However, the players in the injury reserve list can get salary, but because of this penalty, Iram will lose the salary of a game this season. The basic salary of Iraham this season is $ 1020,000, so he will be approximately $ 60,000 due to the loss of punishment.

As the world’s leading integrated sports and entertainment events will be a perfect fusion of Super Bowl has successfully attracted Apple CEO Cook, David Beckham, NBA star Stephen & bull; Curry, Kevin & bull; Durant, F1 champion Lewis Hamilton Hollywood actress Catherine & bull; Zeta & bull; Jones, Kate & bull; Hudson couples, R & amp; B singer Usher, Ali Gao Xiaosong, chairman of music and other celebrities are the San Francisco site to watch the Super Bowl this year. Obama and his wife is a loyal audience the Super Bowl, Obama delivered a game before the game to predict, and immediately after the game to share a spectator feelings; and first lady Michelle focus more on the entertainment aspect, she said: “I watched dressed midfielder show, I want to dress like Beyonce. “

The audience must strictly implement the community, and the arrow stadium has also been applied to the free hand. All viewers must wear masks and the chiefs will provide commemorative masks for the audience in the top three games.

Falcon Hope Hario-Jones complete more red zone to catch upAtlanta Falcon’s External Hand Hario Jones JENO Jones only completed 6 batches last season, now this has become a place where the team wants to change.

Whether at home and abroad, “Super Bowl” is the most popular social topics. According to Nielsen data show that during the 50th Super Bowl broadcast only, a total of more than 15 million users worldwide started discussions around the current Super Bowl on Twitter. In China, the situation is equally popular. End of the game the next day, Super Bowl 50 # # Read the topic on the microblogging amount of over 380 million, 2.7 times the previous Super Bowl; and 6 days in a row successfully occupy the top three microblogging Sports topic. It is worth mentioning that, in the microblogging released “White Paper 2015 Sportsman of the Year” in, NFL Chinese official micro-blog account in the first six “events and media power list” in the column tournament organization influence over the Bundesliga, La Liga, etc. international professional league, also reflects the growing influence of the NFL in China.

The Emirates will be unveiled in the battle to allow about 16,000 viewers to present.US time Monday, the defending champion chief announced that approximately 16,000 viewers will be able to watch 9.10 in the unveiled battle of the arrow stadium.

The 50th NFL Super Bowl: another record classic foreverEverything achievements of the next Super Bowl classic eternal. This Super Bowl once again set record ratings, the highest ratings in the history of American television has become the one time TV show; in China, there are more than 12 million viewers watched the Super Bowl game live on New Year’s Day morning, in which the number of new media platforms ratings up to 500 million; the second half more than the ratings show the midfield, became the climax of the day live audience. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl has once again become a hot topic on social networks, end of the game the next day, only Super Bowl 50 # # microblogging topic read volume reached 380 million.

The opponent’s opponents in the emirate are Texas, two quarter-defense new stars, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson will be one of the focus. The chief plan allows the maximum amount of 22% of the maximum amount to be present, which is 16046 people.

Peterson played the Saint and the red scitch last season, and the 10 games were played, followed by the neck injury. This year, he said he had completely rehabilled it. Unfortunately, there is no team to attract him in this year.

When I was working in the Ramp last year, Peterson had two games of 130 yards, proved that they still had a lot of effort. He went to the ball last season 156 times, advanced 529 yards, and achieved 2 reached. Although this data does not crush Rob Kelley, Chris Thompson, etc., the current healthy red leather guards, but to Peterson, it is also very good to play a year.

Breddy’s first quality is not high, but the ball David Ortiz is perfect to catch the ball. Let everyone pay more attention to the fashionable touch of Braddy, and his dress attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and Jonathan Kraft participated in Boston Red Socks season ranking ceremony, they At the same time, it brought a trophy of the super bowl, and then Braddy completed the first season for the season.

According to Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China NetWork, Peterson is signing with red skin. Derrius Guice season reimbursement, Samaje Perine and Byron Marshall have encountered an ankle injury, Pitterson’s joining makes the red skin a little breather. space.

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The red skin is followed by the short pass and the shock into the package, and the Cosmin is found to find Jamison Claude to complete 53 yards, come to 1 yard line, run away from Robert – Kelly scorpion 1 code Array, despite the play of the Bags, Hopkins, Hopkins attached to the tattoo, the red skin still 35:24 locks the victory. Four minutes left, the packaging workers are close to the ball, and after the ball is brought, the Red Leather Team has a ball, running the Robert-Kelly scorpion 66 yards to get the branch, then he rushed The ball is 4 yards to score, and the red skin has been 42:24 lead. The wonderful warlet packaging team sent a substitute four-point Webit-Hendri (Brett Hundley), he was copied in the four files. In the end, the game is over, Washington Red Pad is 42:24 to overcome Green Bay Packaging.

Only false dors in the first quarter, more accurately is the Falcon kicker Matt – Bryant (Matt Bryant). After the offensive group was stagnant after the Owl half a 32-yard line, Bryant was on the top of 50 yards to get 3 points for the team. Then the two teams gave up and kicked. The eagle has pushed the second ball, but the long pass of Carson Wentz, did not hit JJ Arcega-WhiteSide, but sent the ball into the wear The arms of DESMOND Trufant. At this time, the defensive group stopped out of the loss, the Falcon 3 file 0 yards. Matt Bosher barely kicked the ball in half, but Darren Sproles attacked the ball to the Falcon 43 Code. After Wenz, the short spread of the ball into the red zone, but finally was killed by Grady Jarrett, and lost the best points. The eagle chooses to try the free kick, Jake Elliott hits this record 34 yards any ball shoot, help the team chasing the score.

Sherman said: “I know that they must miss those days of Jackson is still a great player he is, can create a huge threat now he went to Washington, but he is still so well…” Being asked and when the current Eagles wide receiver lineup, Sherman rating no mercy: “we did not feel any threat.”

Seattle Hawks 4-point Swan Warete – Wilson IntroductionRussell Wilson, born on November 29, 1988, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, US professional rugby players, effective in the Seattle Hawks, and the second division.

Texas hopes that Hopkins will bear more offensiveThe second grade of Houstown Texas took over Deandre Hopkins played a wonderful performance of 53 yards in the last week, but unfortunately brought the ball for a foul. Canceled, otherwise the number of single-game number of Hopkins last week will reach an amazing 169 yard.

[Event Review] Hu Rio-Jones 54 yards to pick up the game, Falcon 24-20 EagleThe second week of regular season is a battle between birds, both of which have high salary quartz, strong and external clusters and should be worth looking forward to but last week.

O’Brien said, Hopkins’ current ball number is 15th, but his number of passes is only in the 43nd, the team is clearly needed to weigh his attack ratio. Under the offensive system of the former coach, Kubiak (GARY Kubiak), Hopkins is only two times more than the near-end ARAM GARRETT graham, this hindered the outside to take over the genius of growth to some extent, if the Texans want to regain the AFC South the first name from the hands of the Indianapolis Colts, so that more of the ball Hopkins should be the first step.

Texas Coach Bill O’Brien said in the official website: “This is a wonderful ball. Hopkins this year is quite good, often can contribute some large numbers for us. Getting, taking this player is also a kind of enjoyment. He is really a very very good young man with a vast future. So we need to do more game deployment so that he will catch more. “

Among the Falcon Balls, Matt Ryan and Hurio-Jones completed the 27-yard pass connection, advanced to please click the next post eagle half a 33-yard line, but it could no longer Step first. Bryant 50 yards were anybed to the left, and the score still 3-3.

Alon Rogers once again brought close to the close-end Feng Juery-Cook and won 29 yards. The competition entered the fourth quarter, the packaging team fake rigory, Rogers found unmanned running to guard James Starks, 31 yards, and the score became 22:17. The Red Leather offensive, Kusins, leaked away Pierre Garcon, 70 yards, red skin 29:17 leading. Green Bay takes over Landaol – Kobe short pass, get rid of defensive promotion 47 yards, Jereide – Cook 6 code ball reaches the ball, the packaging team rolls back to a reach, 29:24.

Wilson was selected by the Haiying team in the 2013 NFL draft in 2012. She has always been the first super bowl of Haiying team in the 2013 season. The team has taken the first super bowl of Haiying team in the 2013 season. NFL’s history of the second champion won the four-point guard, but on the 49th Super Bowl of the 2014 season, he passed the passenger of the last moment of the game to make the sea eagle lost the defending opportunity.

Russell can start warm water to boil the frog attack and get a large number of propulsion, but whether it is a pass or a squad, he is always a large number threat maker. Russell is still a speech leader, constantly turning the questioner into his own believers. In just three seasons, he went to a super bowl, got a superb bowl of championship, has made his teammates to believe that the team can overcome any opponent and get a victory of every game. Russell never thinks itself will lose the ball & mdash; & mdash; just there is no failure to win.

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The quarter of the new England patriots said like an interview on Monday: “Yes, I saw the ball. Unbelievable! Pick up this ball to make people feel the feeling of Yangtian, in fact, in the game When people put a lot of photos of his game before the TV, people didn’t have to do it after he didn’t take it. Looking at the ball from the head, then reached the ball, then put the ball on the body. He is the super player! “

In 2015, Jones has completed 13 games in the Cincinnati Tiger to hold 65 games to advance 816 yards and 4 reachaes, but the 2014 season is absent from the ankles and feet. At present, it seems that the Detroit Lion gives Jones’ great trust, and the lion is very close to the potential of Jones.

The Rambouri Daliss-Williams (Darious Williams) completed the copy and attacking 42 yards to complete the reach. When the two teams gave prevautions on the 10th week, Williams were also the bitterness of Wilson. In that game, he completed twice.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the Waton Texas was trying to negotiate and negotiate with Watson. Although the new contracts have not yet been determined, Libotport is told that the average salary salary of the contract is more likely to be the same level with the contract of the Seattle Hawks 4-point Wilson, Link.Karyalaili.Com Wilsell Wilson. When Wilson continued to have a 4-year approximately $ 14 billion contract, the average annual salary was approximately $ 35 million.

EA Sports Publisher said that Rice will be removed the player’s list before this Friday, the player only needs to be updated online. The reason for removal Rice is the behavior of the abuse of the abuse of the bottom line, and has been removed by NFL.

EA will remove Rice from Madden15

The supplier EA sports of TV games recently said that they will remove the Ray Rice’s Ray Rice’s Ray Rice’s player’s player’s player’s players, this behavior supports from players Requirements.

After the rookie season performance, Watson has led Texas to enter the playoffs for two consecutive seasons and selection of professional bowls for 2 consecutive seasons. Texas executed his fifth year contract option during this year’s offers.

EA Sports Madden Series is the oldest and most popular rugby TV game. It began popular from the 1980s. It is also the first annual game that has been updated, as a classic business case, is learned by other similar types of projects.

According to informed sources, Chris Hogan, injured in the thigh, can play the next game. He only participated in some training on Wednesday. Hogan is invested in the game against Houston Texas people, but if you need to play, he can play. In the case of a big score of the patriots, Hogan is finally resting on the field.

Hogan’s state is a good news for the Patriot Offense. After losing near-end Robertski Rob Gronkowski, they have to find other pass targets. In the regular season, the patriot has 5 players to catch a ball for more than 30 times. Hugam is another important player who wants to enter the super bowl.

Hogan is known as the team’s three or four external connections in Buffalo Bore. In the last two seasons of the effectiveness Bill, he completed at least 426 codes at least 36 batches each season. He played his career in his career in his career. He completed 38 battles to get 680 yards 4 times.

Malvin-Jones has been prepared for Johnson’s preparation

Marvin Jones recently said that he would not feel pressure to replace Calvin Johnson. When Jones encountered TMZ sports reporters in Los Angeles Airport, Jones said true: “This is completely free, at least I didn’t feel it.”

[Event Review] Saturday Card: Ram 30-20 defeated the Hawk

The ram is not smooth: John Wolford’s neck injury was taken to the hospital, four points Guardian Gaofu (Jared Goff) had to take injuries; Alon Donald (Aaron Donald) Because the rib injury leaves in advance, he has completed twice in the first half.

However, the ram still wins the victory in excellent defense, and the Seattle only promotes 278 yards. When the game has less than 5 minutes, the ram 30-13 is leading, the Haiying 14 times 3 gear conversion is only successful 2 times. Qustell Wilson 27 passed the ball to complete 11 times, pushing 174 yards, reaching 2 times, being copied once, was killed 5 times.

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The steel man said in the statement: “He will continue to accept the assessment to judge whether he is ready to participate in the regular season in the current conditional ban.”Bryant is banned from participating in the entire 2016 season competition due to violation of the banned drug use regulations. He was resumed in April this year.

Bear near Targes Mi Miller is expected to be out of court MondayThe bears close-edge ridged-Miller (Zach Miller) knee dislocation caused the arterial tear and has to be accepted. He has been hospitalized in New Orleans in New Orleans to complete postoperative recovery.

As long as Bryant continues to cooperate with the alliance requirements in the next month, he can fully resume the appearance. The Steelman Offensive Group will be one of the most powerful offensive groups of the United States.

“One of the most decisive not only my career, but also the greatest moment,” Cech said in Bailey asked about the past. “Leave jets, plus Robert (- Kraft) (Robert Kraft) for giving me the opportunity to come here, I can not ask for more when the team environment is not to my satisfaction, I do not want them. part, so I left. another moment that Robert gave me the opportunity to come here, make trading decisions, he paid a high price so I came here, this is less important transaction. “

The team coach Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron said that as long as the Chuckley passed the final examination, he was able to play. Chicley has been lacking since the eleventh week of the brain shock, but he began to participate in partial training in this week and at all on Friday. This will be that the Barley has been absent from the third contest for the second consecutive year.

Since 2000 Bailey Cech left the Jets, except for some flashes of performance, the performance of the Jets has been difficult to pick up. By contrast, the New England Patriots enjoyed 20 years of glorious.

Let us briefly look back at history: Bill Bailey Cech – departure was appointed Jets coach Pasay Wales (Bill Parcells). But the more he wanted to join the Patriots ‘written on a piece of paper:. “I resigned as coach of the New York Jets’ It was one of history’s most memorable NFL news conference.

Dallas, Dallas, Dallas Dallas, who came out of last season, led the cowboy to regain the national earth champion, and in a stable rock offensive front line and the rookie run Wei Yiqir-Ai Ott’s leader, cowboy’s pavement offense at last season Lead alliance. The excellent performance of another rookie quartz-Dak-Prescott is also vision, and the old Tony Romo can only choose to be retired during the offset period. Although Ai Ott is deeply trapped, it is very probably a subsequent ban, which is undoubted to be a great favorable.

“This story is full of many heroes. From Zach, he strongly recovered desire and perseverance performance amplifies a lot of medical staff.” NFLPA executive medical official Tom Meiye said, “Mark Bowen” Mark Bowen Judging (Miller) Need to go to the wound center, he also has high evaluation of the medical staff of the saints & hellip; & hellip; surgeon seems to be big Magicians, they do their best. “

The best jersey in Wilson is the best jersey in Perton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Dallas denim Endz – Bryant is ranked in Sixth, and Manzel fell to seventh. The highest defensive player is J.j. Watt, ranked tenth.

According to the NFL player’s data, this accounting quarter from June 1st to August 31st, the sales of Wilson names and T-shirts were printed more than all other players’ cheap jerseys From china T-shirt. Wilson rushed back to the first place from the hands of Klivland Brown, Johnny Manzie, the latter jersey was hot goods in the next few weeks after he was taken by Brown.

Buying jersey is the fans showing their support of the most popular way, but is not the only way. In the previous accounting quarter, the real people of PEYTON Manning were best sold, while Eddie Lacy’s shaking doll was best.

After a legal dispute, Kraft agreed to send 2000 first-round draft pick and a 2001 fourth round draft pick and a seventh-round draft pick, 2001 draft to get Bailey Cech, the Jets’ fifth-round pick and 2002 seventh-round draft picks.

Regular season, the first week of Sunday, the giant @ 牛仔 prospectOn the first week of the 2017 season, we will welcome the battle of the state-lord partition. Dallas denim will take the home AT & AMP; T Stadium to visit the New York giant. The cowboy in the last season was twisted by the giants, and the giants faced the cowboy. It has gone three consecutive victories, but as the enemy of the same district, the giant faces the history of cowboy but does not occupy the advantage. The 109th time between the two teams, who will laugh in the end?

Although Bailey Cech for the game tactics and team situation a tight-lipped, but he will be for history forever. He likes to talk about some of the major moments of NFL or the evolution of the sport. He is fully aware of his decision to keep in mind is how the outside world. After the victory over the New York Jets in the last game, he will remind the Jets this period of history by any chance.

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“No, I don’t know if they win.” He passed the team evaluation after the game, “We didn’t see the first game of (the day). Obviously, they are a great team, otherwise they will not There is a final match in the country. They are very good for a whole year. “

In terms of data, Wilson’s 26 passes get 287 yards and one pass to the ball, but 10 shots get 40 yards while contributing to the lions twice. The lion quartz must get 203 yards in the 35 pass 24, and there is no reach of the audience.

Bradford will consider the issue next contract after the end of the season

Philadelphia Eagles in a more adventurous way to get quarterback Sam – Bradford (Sam Bradford). Bradford has entered the final year of the contract, the Eagles will pay his salary worth of 12.98 million US dollars. According to the official nfl jerseys Network correspondent reported that Bradford has decided to fulfill the final year before the completion of the contract, we will not accept renewal and restructuring.

At present, Wik is a free player. No team has contact him, only Dallas denim will list him as a possible substitute, and ESPN believes that Vic has an opportunity to replace the Seattle Hawk’s substitute Supreme Signals.

Although such guesses have been proven more than a few years ago, Bilitch recruited that everyone is so focused on the 53 person team of their hand. It is really admirable. They, just like him, receive only information they need from each day, then continue to work.

Bradford’s six-year rookie contract, worth $ 78 million. Although the performance is far from expectations, but his ability to still get the Eagles recognition. In the near completion of a huge contract premise for Bradford, a conservative posture to accept a long-term, safe and cheap contract does not meet his expectations. Therefore, Bradford decided to meet the challenge, with the performance to prove himself worthy of a new contract.

“He is a monster,” The patriot takes behind Julian – Julian Edelman. “I have to fight every day, I love this because I can make me improve. He is very confident for tracking the ball, he has been confident, he has always been a mentality that he never gives up. He is very low. He rarely Speak. But when he talks, it is usually discussed to play, I love the dialogue between us. “

For Bradford, it was a gamble, he will stack pressure on his body. If he is to stay healthy and perform well, he will have the opportunity to win large contracts again. Bradford over the past two seasons because of season-ending knee injury, after joining the Eagles, he hopes to recover as quickly as possible to complete a full season, and with the starting identity lead the team forward. According to reports, the team has him as the new season starting quarterback.

The patriot started a simple celebration after the end of Sunday, so preparing for the Falcon yet. When asked about Danny Amen Dora (Danny Amendola): “I will go to see some recording but we will catch up.”

In the second game, the Hawks of the Hawow wilson first found the state, aixindashi.Org and the two wonderful passes broke the deadlock on the field. The boller has passed the ball, which is the outer handle – Doug Baldwin. The lion is not willing to show weakness, and it will bite a bit bite. Before the end of the half game, the Hawks also have a chance. However, Wilson was killed twice, so he had to be a little longer at 10: 3 at the end of the 51-yard shot.

Bilipk didn’t know that the falcon has entered a super bowl before the final of the United States.

The Pittsburgh Steelman and the new England patriot have exposed a news that the monster is not blamed, and the patriot Bishi Bill Bilchk (Bill Belichick) did not know that Atlantian fang defeated Green Bay before the beginning of the United Federation. The packaging work advances into the super bowl.

This is already aware of the fact that Billycy is different from our own peer coaches. This almost crazy concentration will sometimes bring a shortcomings, maybe not notice things that have nothing to do with the current game. But we really believe that there is no one in his football think tank, after the US time afternoon Falcon wins the package, began to study Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Kyle – Does Kyle Shanahan?

In the third quarter, the Haiye used a 52-yard shot of a 52-yard shot to pull a difference to 10 points. Since then, both parties continue to exchange the ball, no one can rewrite the score. The Hawks took a score of 13: 3 into the fourth quarter.

The defensive groups in the first quarter showed that the four offensions of the offensive groups of both sides were unable to attack the other side. Top of Lynch’s race Raus Rawls took a lot of advancement tasks in the first quarter, but the effect was small. The first competition interacts with each other.

New England Patrioper Corgeston Stephon Gilmore fully limits the extension of Amari Cooper, the latter is passed 2 times, but once a ball not done. In fact, Gilmol Biber has passed the pass of Dak Prescott, and he copied the cowboy quarterfield in the first half.

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“We hope that if conditions allow, we will be able to allow fans in the next game. We will continue to discuss our regional epidemic and public health officials. We ask fans to continue through the masks and keep social distances “

On Saturday, Wholesale jerseys US Time, Ron Rivera, told reporters that the team saw a lot of hopes in Xiu Houwei, he said: “I think if we need to do something, it is also a later choice. At present, we have already determined that we have seen the outstanding performance of the new show. “

The black panther is not ready to use the old man to replace Norman’s departureThis snorted season Carolina Black Leopard lost the first corner of Josh Norman, but so far they did not prepare alternative candidates in the free market.

In the game with the patriot, the jet is more than 40 minutes, and the total number of horses will lead the opponent, but not only the opportunity cannot be converted into score, but the defensive end is more frequent, and there is many times. Leakage and defensive foul on critical moments.

The jet is the brunette wall.In the Thursday Night Race this week, the last moment of the New York jet was blocked by the new England patriot, and finally lost in the same district, and was suffered from six losses. Rex Ryan is obviously quite anger and lost, Daily News reporter Jin Boli-Martin (Kimberley Martin) revealed Renne to the road to the journalist interview with the wall.

The 2015 season’s panther completed 44 four-point guard killed in the 6th place in the Alliance, but this is not to protect the 2016 season they still have such domain. If the rush is sufficient enough, it can also make up for the shortcomings of Xiu Xiu.

Ryan was also unable to be ambiguous during an interview: “I am in this way. I am not surprised. I am only very frustrated. Shocked? I will not be shocked by anything. We have completed the pre-match in the game. We control the right to play, keep the ball, it looks not far from the winning ball, then we are a series of low-level mistakes. Is this, but shocked? I have always been confused. “

Bilick said: “I heard a lot of voices who criticize the Hawks, I think this is unfair to them, they should not be accused of this. The Hawks are a very good team. They have Excellent players and coaches, everyone is doing very well. I support Pete Carroll, and also supports their offensive coordinators. “

Bilipk supports the final attack of the HawksSeattle Hawks choose to pass on the last attack in the super bowl, this decision has been criticized in the past few days. New England Patriots Bad Bill Belichick also has its own views. The champion head believes that the criticism of the Hawks is unreasonable.

At present, the option of Enskovo’s 2020 is only one year label contract, and the salary is approximately $ 17.8 million. This 25-year-old player has made it clear that the attitude of the Jiji is also very determined. If there is no top chip, it will definitely not bring this young elite.

“There is no fans who are passionate on the table, the Lanbao Stadium will no longer,” said the Power Chairman and CEO Mark Murphy. “But in view of this year’s very situation and the additional epidemic prevention provisions, we decided to take additional measures to start the regular season. These two games will allow us to focus on only all necessary participants in the field. “

The new main coach – Jackson (Hue Jackson) and his management group may have no way to help the team will be further stepped. So Brown invited the former university star Tead Art Briles to become a consultant for team offensive groups.

Blairs’s team was the strongest in the university team, Brown believes that he can change to the offensive group. Brewles later was fired because of the problem of sexual assault, but Brown said they did not understand what he had happened.

Jackson said: “We used to be defeated, I have been defeated, I have been unfair, so I won’t evaluate anyone with any person in the past, everyone has his value, I only know I met him, as for the things happened during his university, it was the past, not our discussion. “

Finally, Billyck comforted the Haiying fan and expressed his respect for his opponent: “They are a great team, their performance is equipped with their achievements. I know that fans are definitely disappointed, but I Know that they will have retreat with the team. This is a great team, every aspect is. “

When asked the last attack, Bilchk said: “Malcolm Butler and Brandon Browner are doing very well, they completed a special defense, a great Defense. Therefore, this is not just the problem of the Hawks, and the existing criticisms have a little bit. “

Atte Blaiele is invited to assist Brown to rebuild offense Cleveland Reconstruction is a disaster in this season. The team used 5 quadrants in the first 5 weeks, but it still scored less than a much more.

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Robinson completed 80 battles in 2015, got 1400 yards and 14 reaches. Although the data decreased last season, it was still completed 73 battles, and the 883 yards were promoted and 6 reached. No matter whether the America will continue to use Blake Bortles as a quarter-off, the other players will be a necessary hospital.

The Rak’s recovery schedule will make him unable to pass click through the up coming post three months, and he will take six months to completely recover. This means that he will recover completely before the training camp will begin in mid-July.

Shanahan also said he and general manager John – Lynch (John Lynch) will be considered by the transaction, the introduction of free agency and the draft way to rebuild the team, but he also understood that even if there is a good quarterback who has not 49 ready to compete division title.

Robinson’s first week in the first week of the season, the tribute to tear, so that the America tiger loses it to take over, which has been plagued them in the season. There will be only 8 unscrupulous players in the team inevitably want to do every way to leave him.

Recently, he was invited to join the ESPN’s “weekly NFL countdown” program group, he will replace the front NFL’s external hand Keshaw-Johyshawn Johnson, leaving the chairman of the program group, he will be with Chris Berman ( Chris Berman), Tom Jackson, Mike Ditka, and Chris CRIS Carter appeared in the TV show.

Brown was issued on the week of the movement of the driver of the moving company, after he was surrendered to the police. Paying 100,000 US dollars after bailing, he is released from prison, but it is strictly supervised.

Eagle attack, a 10 yard Würns passed to Aglo to get the first attack, and then Torre-Smith almost received a long pass before the end area, the second gear Falls handed over Aglo to the outside After getting 6 yards, the three-speed ball Tre-Burton brought the left foot leads to the failure of the conversion, and the four gears choose to discard kick. Viking people attack, the first two gears were stopped by the old eagle defense, the three gears 10 yards, Kenam gave the left Dides to get the first attack. The new one of the offensive, Murray rushed out of 2 yards, three-speed 8 yardskarm was copied by Patrick Robinson! Robinson moves from the other side of the stadium to the end area to get the arrival! Additional dictatorship into 7-7.

The second half of the eagle first attack, two gears 8 yards, and the resolved weight is passed to Jeffrey to get the first attack. The three-speed 6 yards Smith shifts the short pass to the first attack. A 10 yard, Falls directly challenges the end zone to Torre – Smith has reached the arrival again! Additional drawings into 7-31.

He also said: “You do not want to gamble you want to have the initiative in every aspect, but you have to do the right thing you have to use the right way to build the team, this is what I call patience…”

Goodel said: “According to the current situation in Antonio, I think the most important thing is to consider his mental health. It is necessary to understand what he has experienced. We generally do not discuss the player’s health problem in public cases, but NFL and NFLPA provide a lot of players. Resources, Antonio will also get this. We hope to help him return to the right track, let him retrieve the confidence in life. We also believe this will have an effect. The first step is to make sure we work hard to help him. “

Opening Viking first attack, Murray continuous rush to get 8 yards, three-speed 2 yards Macques get the first attack. A 10 yardi is giving the Murray rush to the outside to get the first attack. A 10 yard Merray ran out three yards, and the second architection-Shetland will pick up Kunamha. After that, McKendon rushed to get the first attack, and the offensive of Weijing people played smoothly. Two files 6 yards directly found the Kyle Rudolf to the end area success, attached to the 7-0, and the Viking is very smooth.

Goodel: NFL will work hard to help Antonio – Brown

At the press conference held on Wednesday, NFL Chairman Roger Guardell said that alliances are doing every effort to help the outside of Antonio-Brown (Antonio Brown).

Perhaps the most widely circulated argument is that Shanahan will work hard to chase quarterbacks Kirk – Cousins ​​(Kirk Cousins), even if the Washington Redskins let Cousins ​​become a franchise tag player, which means that 49 people have to pay two first-round draft picks.

The last section is like walking. Philadelphia Eagle 38-7 destroyed Minnesota Vijing and became a national association champion. They will be in the two weeks, in the US Bank Stadium against powerful new England patriots.

49ers coach Shanahan: Be patient team at the quarterback position

After obtaining the authority in charge of the team, the San Francisco 49ers new coach Kyle – Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) looks every quarterback own coached together.

Shanahan has six years to turn over the leadership of 49 people. Previously he has coached a number of successful quarterback out, there is no need for him to do in the future stakes gamble to get Cousins.

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Henry defeated Stanford University to run to Kristian-McAristian Mccaffrey and Clemsen University 4-point Guide Swash Watun Watson. On Thursday night, he also won the Douk Walker Award on behalf of the country’s best university, and became the first to get the Maxville Award for the Best University Players since 2002. He is the first to win the Hesmann and the Maxville’s Run since the 1999 Ron Dayne.

Black Leopard cut three players released salary or chasing De Den WatsonCarolina Black Leopard cut off three players on Friday, which increased their number of layoffs in the past to 4 people. This also allowed them to release approximately $ 199 million of salary space.

At present, there is only a traditional Matt Paradis in the Black Panther’s starting offensive front line player. Many salary spaces can also make the black panther use privileged player labels to Taylor MOTON. This will take about approximately $ 13.6 million in salary space.

This season, Henry has ranked first in the country in the number of midpends, the number of mushrooms, the number of rushing balls reached and after contact. He ranked five from the second parties in the number of pieces of a scorpion of more than 25 yards. He is an important member of the University of Alabama, accounting for more than 36% offensive code and 42% of the number of reacted.

Last year, I was signed a 4-year $ 23 million contract for Allen’s maintenance income to $ 4.9 million. If he is still in the raid in the raid in the raid, he can get this money. However, the contract details are not announced.

According to informed people, the Black Panther once is willing to give the Detroit Lion 8th to send a selection right of the special selection of this year’s draft, the fifth round of the draft selection and quartz Di-Bridgewater. But the lion finally chose the Los Angeles ram for trading.

Noxs also coached the Los Angeles ram in 1973 and 1992 to 1994, and the 69 wins and 48 negative records were obtained. Knox was a two-digit game in five consecutive seasons in the first paragraph of the ram. He joined Bill in 1978 and stayed in 1982. He returned to the ram in 1992, but he won’t exceed 6 games in each season, which caused him to be dismissed in 1995.

Last season, the Red Tit won Jones from the Patriot from the Patriot, and Jones showed a good performance in the season, all 16 games, harvest 11 times, if he continued to maintain this output, the red tick is absolutely not lost .

28-year-old Allen was placed in a list of short-term injury reserves, followed by the 10th week to last thirteenth, and finally put in the injury reserve list. His whole season got 1 copy, 2 times destroyed the ball and 11 times.

In 1983, from 1983 to 1991, Knohwag was coached, and six seasons were taken to achieve more than little records in six seasons. Knox was a good start in the first season of the Sea, which led the team to win 9 games and entered the United States championship. After a season, the Sea Eagle won 12 games but was eliminated in the playoffs. .

Gronoski played an important role in the last season, since the first season since the season in the season. He completed 45 battles to get 623 yards 7 times. In the playoffs, he completed 8 batches to get 110 yards 2 times.

Informed people said that if the Houston Texas finally concession, the four-point guards, Deson Watson, is allowed to leave the team through the transaction, then the black panther will try to chase this young quarterfield. Watson accounted for $ 15.94 million salary space in the 2021 season, and then accounted for $ 40.4 million in salary space in the 2022 season.

“Little can see that someone can fulfill the contract in NFL, so this is quite special,” said Gronoski. “But I have never become a free player before, but I plan to be a free player after each season. I think I will only sign a contract in the rest of the season, even if I will fight for 10 years. I will only sign one year contract, and each year has become a free player, and I control my own destiny every year. “

Alabama University Run Wende Henry gets Herosman awardThe University of Alabama ran to Derrick Henry won this year’s Haisman award, in this season, he won the 1986 code of the Southeast Alliance record through 339 shohes, and 23 times of the Ping Union record. .

The panther has cut off the professional bowl on Wednesday, Kawann Short, cut off the defensive end of Stephen Weatherly, STEPHEN WEATHERLY, Safe Titre – Poston ( Tre Boston and abandoned Michael PalarDy. This allows the team’s salary space to $ 284.73 million.

Henry was the first Guarda, who has won the Hesmann award since 2009, and the Mark Ingram, which is also from the University of Alabama, has become the first Alabama player who won the award. At that time, Ingeram won 1% advantage, which is the smallest gap in history.

Knix got the first coach work in NFL in 1963 & mdash; & mdash; served as New York jet offensive front line coach, Cheap jerseys he worked in 1966, and then he went to Detroit Lion in 1967 to 1967. Location coach. He has achieved 186 wins in the regular game in the colors of the colors, and he won 7 wins and 11 losses in the playoffs.

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Robinson is a four-year show in 2016, a total of 80 games, and gradually grows to one of the weapons of Patrick Mahomes during this period. Robinson career has issued 32 games, 45 times ahead of schedule, advance 466 yards, reached 3 times.

At present, the Emirates leads by Tyreek Hill, Mokhar Hardman, Byron Pringle, etc. At present, Sammy Watkins has not renewed with the team, which is likely to sign a contract with other teams through the free market.

Recently, reporters have listed the betting programs for the folk super popular people in this grand competition, including the quarter-point guards of Carolina Black Leopard, Cam Newton, and Denver Wild Horse. Peyton Manning.

For pirates, entanglement is that they will spend a lot of money on a player that can be replaced. Although Martin may seek a year of $ 8 million contracts, the price of pirates may be less than a few million dollars than this number. Pirates may allow Martin to enter the free player market to understand their value, then decide whether to leave him.

“We have a great discussion, I think the two sides believe that he is willing to stay here, we also hope that he will leave,” Jason Licht, General Manager. “We have to look at the development of the situation.” According to reports, both parties have not been close to the new contract.

Griffin 3 world season injured again fear reimbursementWashington Redskins game against the Jacksonville Jaguars game, Robert – Griffin III (Robert GriffinIII) ​​in the first quarter, when injured his left ankle.

At the age of 28, Elington, Eling, has been effective for patriots in the past five seasons. In the last season, he had a few United Fed, he successfully locked the Indianapolis pony outside T.Y. Hilton, let him complete the ball and advance 36 yards. According to the scoring system of PFF (Profootballfocus), Elington has completed 7 CD Leading Alliances in all 108 levels of qualified partner.

NFL official website experts believe that pirates may leave Martin using a privileged player label. But they may not be willing to open this one-year label contract worth $ 1.5 million; & mdash; even if they have a lot of wage spaces.

In many ways to run a free player in March, each running guard may each depressed the price of others. However, Martin is one of the most likely to get a free player who has got over a big contract this year.

Griffin’s injury because he was near the sideline linebacker Paul – jump up when chasing 波斯鲁斯尼 (Paul Posluszny) reverse pass. After completion of the pass Griffin ankle is bent to the ground floor, the ball is caught Jackson 11 yards. Show must go on, Griffin was carried to the car, he has a hand touched his ankle trying to get it to relax, and finally was sent within the channel players, and fans have been loudly shouting: “RG3”, Griffin expressed : “this is an unexpected injury, every time you look at his ankle deformed, things happen.”

At present, the patriot’s championship has lost 3 corner guards. If the team is no longer other than other supplements, Malcolm will partner Bradley Fletcher as a combination of the team’s first corner, Logan Ryan The slot vacancies left by Elington will be filled.

Griffin was scheduled to do a X-ray and MRI to determine the injury situation. He and coach Jay – Gruden (Jay Gruden) did not give a possible time to return to court, but for NFL players such injury sidelined at least make them two months time, if there are fractures, then, Gerry Finland need surgery and almost certainly the season. Griffin himself said: “If such a moment now, I just want to weather.”

Patriot announces the cutting of the Corner Erlington The new England patriots continue to adjust in the second-line position, local time on Monday, the team announced that the trough wideware is trenching with Kyle Arrington. In the new season, Elington was originally taken away cheap jerseys From China the patriot to 3 million salary.

According to reports, Jennis may miss a lot of time & mdash; & mdash; rest of the preseason. Losing this time may mean that Jennis is the end of the fans’ love in the packaging career. He acknowledged that this injury may “no help” on his own team.

There also need to wait for the results of the Redskins wide receiver DeShawn – Jackson (DeSean Jackson), he sprained his left shoulder in the first game of the acromioclavicular joint, Jackson promising comeback in next week’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles game. He said: “The injury is somewhat serious, feeling the bones are aching so I could play remains to be seen every day.”

Griffin’s injury leave not the first time the 2012 season, he missed four field goals, including a front knee cruciate ligament tear once led him later in need of knee surgery. The game also Redskins three players leave because of injury, running back Roy – Sherali (Roy Helu), front guard Sean – Laowo (Shawn Lauvao) and fullback Daryl – Yang (Darrel Young)

Due to some bad training and the unstable tacit understanding between the four-point 阿 Rogers, Jennis that is already in the coming of the team is at least a fracture in the right hand in the training on Wednesday. He did not play the first battle against the Plevran Brown.

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The average annual salary of 18 million US dollars made Hill to take over the union salary of the League Salakham Jr., secondly to the new Orleans, Saint-Entrance to Michael-Thomas (Michael Thomas) (19.25 million US dollars).

Lynch participates in the media day: Participation is just not being fined

In the media day before the start of the superb bowl start, the Seattle Hawks ran to Marshawn Lynch and did not accept any interviews. This year, the situation is different, and Linch has participated in the activities of the media day according to the regulations. Although Lynch is still very unfortunate, at least this time, he is coming.

In health, Claien can play a good play in impact opponents and anti-running. His assassination data is indeed below the other top-level rushing hands, but he has proven that he can give his opponent’s quarter-saving to huge trouble.

Lin Qi said: “I am the only reason I am here, I don’t want to be fined.” Lin Qi took a total of 5 minutes on his interview seat, and he had answered 29 questions in a row. Five minutes, Lin Qi immediately got up the “time has arrived, interview end”.

Shi Ai Li and Wan Ai will not continue to put advertising in NFL

Beijing July 10th, the NFL competition TV advertising is a bit atrophy. It is not allowed to have a relationship with the exit of the manufacture of dysfunction drug manufacturers.

“They are just competitive, very good.” Joseph said, “Although this is my head experience this kind of Thanksgiving training, but this time also shows how much our players want to win, how hard is To achieve the goal. I think this looks quite interesting. They are fighting the ball, trying to complete the attack or defense. Sometimes it is too fierce, but this is not a problem. “

On the court, Hill has proven to be the top-level misplacement weapon of the league, and he has the ability to receive Changchun in a small ball window. The perfect Suitable for the chief offensive system has more than 1100 yards for two consecutive seasons, and he acquired 18 times last season. Since the entry alliance in 2016, Hill has completed 44 at least 25 yards of catching, ranking first. He also completed 4 cases of 4 times to go back to the Raida array and 1 time.

After several punching hands were labeled with privileged players in their respective teams, Claien was the top rushing hand in this year’s free player market. Lei said that he should be very sought after. The New York Giants and Indiana Polis Madrid were reported to Clausen, but the two teams have replenished their hands-on position. Of course, the two teams may continue to be interested in Crawni, and several teams need to reinforce the hands, but due to the history of injury, the market value of Crawni may be smaller than expected.

Extracoring in Saay – McKenzie and Corner Kris Harris Harris, a dispute and played. Harris said that this rookie needs “I will remain respect”, McKunzi said this “is not a big thing”, he also really respect Harris. Attack front line members Connor-McGOvern and defensive front line members Zach Kerr also have some friction. However, the head coach Wansheph, does not mind what the players have a dispute in holidays.

NFL TV Network Reporter Mike Garafolo reported that Crawni discovered that its market is not expected. The quotation of Seattle Hawks may be the best protection he can get. The Sea Eagle has never hopes that Crawn is able to return, but will not take a top contract for him.

The wild horse coach is not worried about the players’ training

Although the general manager of the wild horse, John Elway believes that the wind is weak in the game, but their performance on the training ground on Thursday is even unparalleled.

Most of the questions that Linqi answer have nothing to do, the way answers the problem is still a “Linqi” that people are familiar with. Lin Qi believes that it is just 5 minutes here, and the alliance will have no reason to punish him. At the same time, almost all reporters want to ask Lynch to Lynch within a limited time. Therefore, in the 5 minutes of Lynch, his position may be the most lively. In any case, Lynch finally attended the media day, many reporters finally got the opportunity to talk to him.

Health problems may hit the market of Claieni. Although he is no longer injured as in the early days of his career, he still absent 2 games last season and suffered from core muscle injury. At present, the Cheap nfl Jerseys team is banned from inviting the free players to accept medical examinations in the team base, so if there is no medical team to check in detail, the team may not be willing to send a big contract for Claien.

Free players rushing to the hand of the Jadwen – Crawni market is not expected

On the occasion of the New League year, Jadeveon Clowney may be the most eye-catching free player in this year. But the names in these two days did not appear in the media.