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“Big Ben,” said his wrist injury is okay

Pittsburgh Steelers in last week’s home game against the New Orleans Saints game, Steelers quarterback Ben – Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) during a pass right hand hit the Saints linebacker Cortés – Luo on Grafton (Curtis Lofton) helmet, the lens can be seen from the “Big Ben” very painful after the injury, his brow wrinkled and kept washing his hands to ease the pain. After the game, “Big Ben”, said in an interview at the time that they have lost a few fingers numb directly, but he is unlikely because these injuries on the fate of the rest.

And there is a small story about Mike Event’s winning ball. After the game, Wenston said in an interview that when he was present, Evans said that everyone would calm down and asked himself to complete this tactics.

In Wednesday’s interview, “Big Ben” directly denied the rumors about his wrist bone fragments, he said: “My wrist without any problems.” At a time when critical stage playoff tickets, situation is not optimistic about the Steelers must not be lost, so be it, “Big” fingers have not recovered intuition he will definitely play. However, “Big Ben” The recent state concern, since scared to Heaven for two consecutive weeks six passing touchdowns “Big” sank into a slump, and the Saints game against the Titans appears multiple times pass the ball too slow deviation or problem, Steelers and “Big” are urgent adjustment.

A group of experts in California made such views: “The 2015 season, 49 people need to change, they should return to the reading option attack. The team has already achieved certain success in this way, they need to use good card Nick, by schedule him to ran on the ball to improve the mobile capabilities of the entire offensive group. “

Railwell striker: should pay more attention to NFL players mental health

Beijing August 29th, the two heavyweight players have recently disclosed that injuries have led them to decide. Aristin Puh, Austin Pugh, which also published his own opinion, and he called on the outside world to pay attention to a more important issue.

The current chairman of the sea eagle said in the statement: “I am very happy to announce that the Hawks have ended with the head of Pitt-Carrol to end up to 2021. I hope this can continue The champion culture currently established in Seattle. “

This year’s lift season, the previous bombing army has been disintegrated, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor and Clevie CLIFF AVRIL has passed from the team. The outside world is unanimously believes that the Hawn began to rebuild, but Carol allows the team to revive the flag drum. This week, it locks a seasons tickets after the game.

“NFL players’ psychological problems have been overlooked for a long time,” Peer said. “I bet if you board the twice, you will see all these people say, & lsquo; Andrew is too soft, or Andrew-Rock like this & rsquo; the same group is now letting their friends suicide. NFL The player did not solve these mental health problems but in suicide. So we obviously discuss this problem, because if we can’t stand up, then these things will continue. “

49 people or will increase the number of Kapenik rushing

San Francisco 49 people, Jim Tomsula, looks deeply affected by the players, but his attack philosophy is not familiar with the outsiders. The rest period has arrived, some media and experts have also made some opinions on 49 people next season.

Yan Jia confirmed the brain cancer in July, then the Tiger team plans to hold this activity to support the study of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on children’s cancer (Xiao in the hospital), the on-site team donated $ 1.34 million to the hospital. And the money mainly comes from Sille’s 75 jersey, and his jersey has sold more than 15,000 pieces.

Hawks and coach Pitt – Carol last year

According to the wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Hawks and the Bishop Pete Carroll were over the end of the 2021 season. Carol annual salary will be more than 11 million US dollars, which also makes him become the highest salary master.

“You don’t want to discuss life after retiring NFL players,” Peer said. “You just want to discuss what opponents will face. No one cares about our players’ mental health. We saw Rob Gronkowski crying on ESPN. You don’t want to talk about this.”

Previously, Gronoski once said that due to the injury “status of the NFL’s career” is not good “, Andrew Luck also retired due to the pain brought about by multiple injuries. Peer said that everyone inside and outside wholesale Nfl jerseys has a responsibility to discuss the challenges of participating in the competition for mental health.

As the team owner, Jed York speaking earlier, 49 people should build four-dimensional Kaepernick to create a tactical core and arrange him to participate in more running. Tactics. Tom Sula also emphasized that Katnik has a very outstanding exercise, he can provide more and more choices for team tactics. The four-point guards Steve Logan also proposed the same view. He said that the team needs to use the mobile phone.

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