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In addition, in front of the May knee, cross ligament torn, which was expected to absent the entire 2018 season near Hunter Henry, also participated in this training. The team has 21 days to decide whether to activate him.

In an interview with New York Post reporter, Fernon is answering “which one is more like” 擒 and sex love you more? “, Fu Nong’s answer is:” Brother, I think I like to kill, because the difficulty is difficult. ” He said yes, most people in us have no chance to complete a murder on the Cheap nfl jerseys‘s court.

Recently, General Manager of Washington Red Leather said at the team’s conference that the team will implement the fifth year of Griffin III, but the team said: “This does not affect the process of our elective conference.”

According to analysts, this new contract value is $ 16.1 million, and it is also a year to confirm that Griffin is not a person in the team. We can also see from this salary, this is a gambling of injury, as far as Griffin’s past injury, the team is doing gambling.

Olivier Fernon: Killing everythingOlivier Vernon has recently completed the contract with the New York giant. The good news is that the player who got a big contract is not satisfied. He is more eager to complete the killing on the court.

Viking people have taken the top of the new crown reserve listUS Time announced in the afternoon, Viking official announced that the professional bowl level outside the Adam Thielen was added to the new crown reserve list.

During the epidemic, many people also increased a lot of weight in isolation and closure at home, but Brown increased muscles. Originally his official weight data was 170 pounds (77 kg), but he was only 157 pounds at the end of the rookie season. Taking into account some of the players who are in the same competitive players in most 100 pounds (45 kg), Brown’s performance is very amazing in the game.

This professional bowl level running guards in the 12th week, and therefore missed the competition for the past three weeks. But the lightning is very competitive, winning all three games. Gordon’s returns will make the lightning attack more fierce, and also increased a chance to win the name of the partition from the chief. Six weeks before the knee injury, Gordon can advan the team for more than 100 yards.

Simlun still has the opportunity to participate in the game of black panther. Last week, Viking C. J. Ham (C. J. Ham) was added to the new crown reserve on Thursday, but it was still involved in the three-day competition. However, this only applies to close contact.

The crow takes over the Humakis-Brown Festival weight 10 kgThe following two sentences have been surprised: A NFL player participates in the game with only 157 pounds (71 kg), or an NFL player gains 23 pounds (10 kg) in the snap season?

Lightning running 卫 戈 close to the return, near Feng Henry participated in the trainingBeijing December 18th, US Time Monday, Lightning Coach Anthony – Anthony Lynn, told reporters that Melvin Gordon will be restricted to participate in training, last Thursday, “very close” regression . Lin En said: “If the game is arranged on Sunday, Gordon may be played.”

The last fight of the giant also lost his finals with four gears, at this time, there was no suspension in the hands of New York. The patriot had already watched the conditions for winning. Michelle has been promoted to the top 9 yard lines of the giant end area with a 26-yard shock. Victory has been basically included in the sac. Finally, Tom Brad Die finished the game time, the whole game ended.

At the beginning of the second half, Jones was attached to the patriotic defensive group after Jones. This time was Stephon Gilmore. But 40 yards from Mike Nugent is no longer. The score has not changed.

Ginger is still the old spicy, Braddy leads the Patriots attack group to advance to the giant red area. However, after the recording, James White’s 12 yards of James White were changed to the front 1 yard line of the end area, Braddy had to personally punched the ball. Patriot 21-14 leads again.

[Review of the event] Defensive group is a three-degree copy of Jones, patriot 35-14 giantsIt is a pair of old acquaintances for the sixth week of the regular season: New England Patriots and New York Giants in the Super Bowl. When the situation, Tom Brady is still the first patriot, and six rings are in hand. And his ever, Eli Manning, is a hero, and the ability to degenerate is obvious, replaced by Daniel Jones, career close to the end. The lack of star running Weavaquin-Barkley Saquon Barkley’s giant offensive group of the patriots in the forefront, what kind of sparks will be in the past night.

Jones did not have anything to win new England from the elaigter’s predecessor, and the pass will be copied by this ability. It is very fast. His short pass was copied by Duron Harmon (Duron Harmon) to the Giants 47-yard line, Harnee attacked 27 yards and arrived at the edge of the giant red area. The patriot offensive group did not have a waste of opportunities. Shortly after the rebound of the thrill, Boyden completed 1 code to Zuo Chong, the patriot 14-0 kept leading.

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