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Pony quarter points to find balance in the decision and stupid ball decision

No one feels that Philip Rivers are timid quarterfire. From he is willing to force the opponent to dare to pass the ball to the narrow space, the 38-year-old Rivers are fearless.

The fourth game, the defensive defensions between the two sides are extremely fierce, and the Beck Ham is in the shoulder injury. Fortunately, you can continue to play. The giant team hurts the attack, Jennings, the crucial moment of Jenning. External Continuous Treasury Bring the giants to the first 1 yards of the denim end zone. Mantin is in a smart returning running running on the 3rd step, and the ball is handed over to Robinson, which has completed 1 yard from the latter, and the giant team will reach the lead again. In the last 3 minutes, the denim struggled. At the critical moment, the offensive front line gives Romo average 5 seconds, Romo is not forced, and then finds an external connector B Rente after the end of the game, and the cowboy is 31 to 28 to reverse.

If the opening 49 people can’t cause interference to Manning in the rushing, the wild horse is so smooth, and there is a situation where the 49-person squash is restricted. If both parties continue, 49 people’s rushing continuity is better, and it is possible to achieve a significant breakthrough.

“Of course, I have a confidence in the narrow space or face closely guard against the ball, and I can have confidence that I can accurately pass the ball,” Rivers said. “Of course, I have some pass on the past to be copied & mdash; & mdash; Really, last year is the most career. But I don’t want this to turn myself to people who don’t dare to pass, because I don’t want to play like this. So I think I have to find a suitable balance between radical and stupid. “

This game, Eli Manning 40 passed the ball to complete 29 times to win 338 yards and have 3 times and 1 time being copied, the external handle Baker Ham 10 times a 146 yards and 2 times Array. Cowboy Romo 26 times completed 18 times to win 275 yards and 4 times, Murray 24 times, the 121 yards, another 22 yards of the ball, Bryant 7 times The lower 86 yards and 2 times. After this game, the denim and Wholesale Jerseys the Eagle team were 8 wins and 3 losses, ranked second in the country of China in half a disadvantage.

After the beginning of the second half, the defensive strength of the cowboy is significantly improved, and the Beckham is also focused on. When the third section of the third quarter, Romo completed the long biography of a 45-yard, from the outer hand, BiSley completed the ball, 17 to 21, and the denim narrowed the score gap. Just as the giant team is ready to expand score, Manning gives the passive Parker in the denim red area by Chelli, the giant team lost the potential opportunity. Romo’s trend was a rebound, and the External hand was successfully connected, Bryant completed a beautiful 31-yard boller to reach, 24 to 21 denim achieved anti-super.

The Tuskiski and the bear team decline in the whole season, the performance is not expected. He completed 63.2% of the passed, and the 10 times of 10 passes were copied, and the quarter guards were divided into 83. This is not his career the worst performance, but it is very different from his 2018 performance.

Romo four times to reach the cowgirl reverse giant

NFL 12th Weekday Night Tournament was held at the same partial Dallas Deni from the New York Giant. Cowboy has previously 7 wins and 3 losses of the 2nd, the third, the giant team, 3 wins, 7 negative rankings # 3. Cowboy is urgently needed to catch a victory to catch up with the Philadelphia Eagle in Titan, Sunday. The giant team has taken over Odel Beckham this competition, and the first half of the individual won 2 buses. The denim struggled and completed 4 times of passing by Romo to achieve reversal, and finally defeated the giant team at 31 to 28 away.

Pace was selected by Tuskiski in Turbuski in less than a year. He also completed a heavy transaction to get a rushing hand Karlil Mack. The early returns of these operations are very good. Last season, the bear team won 12 wins and 4 losses and won the national UN, finally was eliminated in the playoffs due to any ball shot.

After the opening, the first wave of the giant team offense was extremely efficient in Eli Manning’s strategy. Manning has completed 6 times, and the 13-stage offense in 7 minutes has advanced 80 yards, and the 3 yards of Baker Him have completed the 3 yards. Anti-view denim is slow, unavailable to break through the rushing of the Junwei Murray, but only rely on Beiler to complete a shot.

Pace and coach Matt Nagy Most of the press conferences are talking about Tusbuski’s learning process and solving additional issues of offensive groups. In the 2018 Course offensive to score the ranking of the 9th, this season fell to the 29th.

Obviously, Rivers have been willing to take risks in his career. Sometimes his ability to wear needle leads let him complete some of the passes that felt that they can complete. But sometimes such an adventure is to hand over the right.

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