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Lion behind to catch up, with the league external Calvin – Johnson (Calvin Johnson) repeatedly demanding the ball, the Lions advance to the Mustang sounding one yards, and finally by the veteran running back Qiao Yike – Bell (Joique Bell) a touchdown, but additional points are capped, additional points for the first time was nearly back to attack the Broncos complete season. The last 18 seconds of the first half, the Broncos 4 files one yard, takes the plunge and choose a long pass, Manning archery at one go, chief external Dema Cornelius – Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) in the other cornerback Darius – sre (Darius Slay) head off the ball, and get rid of the defense. Lions ended their mistakes, Thomas walks into the end zone. First half, the Broncos lead to 14-6.

Tennei Titan Safety Wei Kaiwen-Byard becomes the best defensive player of Mei Week. In a game dominated by the defensive group, Bad’s performance directly affected the results. He completed 3 copy of the game in the Titan 12-9 overtime.

Mitchell, who died in April this year, was the first black player of the team’s history, and the red skin became the final team in 1962 to break the race. After the past four years in the past four years, Mitchell was traded in Hongli in 1962.

The second half, the Broncos offensive continued, with the help of outside Thomas took over, the Lions defense group almost touchdowns. Thomas wanted to reach out to match the first attack line, but was thrown too defensive player off the ball, Lions linebacker Stephen – Tullock (Stephen Tulloch) to grab the fumble return touchdowns attack zone, the referee was sentenced to 29 sounding Mustang Lions offensive yards. Fortunately, the Lions offensive group did not miss this opportunity, Stafford Road, passing rookie running back Amir – Abdullah (Ameer Abdullah), broke up after Abdullah end zone to score the ball, but the 2-point conversion fail.

“It is also true that you see Tom’s arm in the end of the season,” Munn said. “His arm strength has not slipped to the point where some route passes, but waits until the end of the season, sometimes you will see some cases. The teammates around him are very good, this is great, he There is no more thing to do again, this is a good thing for him in this stage. So I still think he will succeed because of these reasons, but he is no longer four-year-offs that three or four years ago. “

Mitchell’s first league in 1962 and 1963, the number of columns, the number of criminals ranks first in 1962. He has a total of 4 career bowls in his career. 3 of whom are done when the red skin is effective. He also selected the best lineup in 1962. He completed 72 battles to get 1382 yards 11 times. .

Chris Ballard, General Manager of Xiao Ma, said: “Brian joins the offensive front line is very excited, and his all-roundness attracts us, and it will make the team’s position in the team more intense.”

Bryant is dissatisfied with the defensive group sluggish performance

Dallas denim defensive group performance is very bad in today’s last half of the Philadelphia: In the top three offensions of the Eagle, the old Eagle has received a total of 230 yards and has to be accumulated, so that they quickly The score was opened at 17:3.

Lions start first strike, the two sides did not go well, they can not hack into other red zone, Cheap jerseys not even an attempt on goal. Broncos offensive group did not enter the state, also did not get the first attack. On the other hand, the performance of both the defensive group is very good, not only many times Broncos sack Lions quarterback Matthew – West Hartford (Matthew Stafford), and the sounding of the lion at 38 yards steals succeeded. Fu Xi disaster to depend blessings in disguise volts, the Broncos are the momentum Masamori the intention of seizing upon touchdown, the chief running back CJ Anderson (C.J.Anderson) injury leave, fortunately no serious problem, then back on the track. Section II even after the two sides exchange site Broncos quarterback Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) and was the first pass security guard lion Grove – Quinn (Glover Quin) before the end zone 11 code steals. After the ball changed hands once again, the Broncos offensive group of patient progress, constantly eroded lion positions, although in the sounding of the first attack and the loss of a giant curved running back – Thompson (Juwan Thompson), but finally made Ronnie – Hillman (Ronnie Hillman) completed two yards rushing touchdowns.

After the player’s career, Mitchell joined the Red Leather management and eventually met the position of the Assistant General Manager. He has a total of 41 years, and it has won three super bowls of championships as executives.

Chicago Bear Safety Wei Di – Jackson (Eddie Jackson) became the best defensive player in China. Jackson grabbed the ball in the first wave defense in the competition to attack the 75 code quilt and completed a 76-yard copy of the 76-yard copy from the second section. He became the first single game to complete at least 2 days of 75 yards of defensive group to reach a player of the first single game, he helped the bear team 17-13 to defeat Carolina Black Leopard.

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