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The contract of the eagle and Jason Pites have been extended

Beijing June 15th, the eagle left, the jason peters said that the sound of the restructuring of the contract is just that the team quickly let him pay. They extended the contract with Pites and will leave this effort to 2019.

“I feel very healthy,” said Gronoski. “I have a power. When Tom is talking to me, I think of the situation here, how can we successfully achieve all achievements & mdash; & mdash; everything is going smoothly. Everything will develop as expected, all the best. I think this is a great opportunity, I can’t miss it. This will be very interesting. This will be cool. “

However, Jackson’s experience of relocation is only one year, and the Tiger is currently let Bill Reze, serve as an offensive coordinator. Terr Austin was stirred, Lewis said he would bear more defensive arrangements.

When receiving the interview with CBS, Gronoski talked about his own back, he said that he “is not to come back”. He must join a suitable team, and due to the joining Tom Brady, Tampawan pirate is perfect for him.

In the defensive system of Chip Kelly, Glaham showed very amazing efficiency. This externality guards in PFF (Profootballfocus) scoring system, the average rumor score of each 100 units leads all of the league all sides. Previously, some media considered Glaham as one of the best 10 free players in this break.

Last season, Glaham appeared 50% of the number of defensive files in front of the team, but his performance still touched the eagle and attracted the attention of multiple teams. On the other hand, the placement time is limited to a large extent, and he hinders the hope of the big contract. In April this year, Glaham is about 27 years old, this young, efficient punch is expected to get more performance opportunities in next session. The eagle looks forward to him to make the team’s defensive group to come to the next level.

Thompson finally said: “I think that the team and player are the best place. For me, some things are selfish, just like I have said before, we haven’t communicated, now there is no, but now, but All the outside worlds make us can’t get along well, sometimes you think you are right, maybe it is wrong, at least thank you all this. “

“This means a lot, it ensures that I will be retired here, don’t have to turn around in the league. This is what they make sure I will stay here.” Pites said, “I love (boss Jeffery Lurie and this whole organization, there are Philadelphia, as well as those fans & hellip; & hellip; extended contracts just explained that they also love me. “

In terms of the defensive group, Aaron Donald is 4 times, and the total number of kills in the season reached 19.5 times, creating a new ram team history and defensive trip. Current records, 22.5 murder records from Michael Strahan 22.5 times. Because this round of the bear wins, the first round of the ram is still unstable, and 49 people in the next episode, Donald may still go to the field, so it is still chance to break the record.

Jackson was held by Brown 2 weeks ago. He worked with Lewis in Tiger. In 2004-2006, Jackson served as a Wide Receiver coach. After 2010, after a short-handed coach, Jackson was in the four years of Tiger. His work includes second-line assistant, special service group coach, Talkleft.Net run guard coach and offensive coordinator.

[Event Review] The ram 31-9 takes the red bird, the Fitzgerade career first passed the ballThe ram Todd Gurley is played in Todd Gurley. The replacement is the CJ-Anderson, which has just signed with the team. Anderson played a good, 20-time mushroom 167 yards. 1 shocked ball reached. In addition to Anderson, today’s rave is out of the ground, and the outer handle Robert Woods and the Jared Goff have also got a rush to reach, and the total team has advanced 269 yards.

Tuesday, the team announced that Jackson will become a special assistant of the Tiger coach (SPECIAL ASSISTANT). Marvin Lewis said: “I am very happy with the rest, he can help me in the daily task and defense, including analytical opponents, helping me arrange players and defensive coaches in the game day.”

But Thompson will attend the celebrity ceremony of the Falvance next Saturday, such complex relationships are clearly not missed. US time Friday, Thompson accepts an interview: “People day and night trying to clarify this logic relationship, but we hope to do it all.”

Eagle announced with the rushing handlaham to continue for 4 yearsPhiladelphia eagle rushed to the last day before the start of the free market, the last day of the Brands, Brandon Graham. According to NFL official website reporters, the two parties have been consistent with a contract of $ 26 million, of which 14 million are guaranteed.

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