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Pirates consider letting Josh McCaun returned to the startIn the ninth week of competition, Tampa Bay pirate offers were in Cleveland Brown, which was still only a victory this season. After this failure, the pirates have begun to consider the current first quartz, Mike Glennon, and let the old Josh McCown will return to the first hair. The Pirate Cardo Sleevi-Smith said he would observe that he will observe the training status of Maiju and Grayn this week, which determines the first quarter of the gap in the 10th week.

According to reports, the bear leadership losing the next night after the night, I urgently held the next meeting to discuss TRestman, and finally decided to take the leader of the Canadian ace coach after the end of the season.

Smith said in an interview: “The challenges in the game have a big fight against us, our quadrant needs to play better. I feel that we always say more. We need to take it, only It’s not possible to advance, but I can’t get a division. “Smith also said that he was originally prepared last week to change Grayn in the game, but he still wanted to see Greu Can not adjust his own. He said: “Brown’s defensive row is in the 29th place in the Alliance, saying that the truth is the great opportunity we open to attack.”

The score of the Bear Tournament was 3 wins and 3 losses, but the back 8 games lost to 6 games, and only 153 points in this eight game lost 265 points. The defensive group lost 29.2 points per game, which is the worst of 32 teams this season.

According to the statistics of the professional football focused network, when the two teams over the past two teams, under Ramsee, Hopkins were passed 32 times, completed 18 battles, achieved 2 times, no passing Dip, quad-branch 85.6.

According to the vocational rugby interview, the general manager Phil Emery is also more embarrassing. He gave the team to the team’s four-point guarded Jay Cutler, and the first three years of guarantee is even as high as $ 54 million.

When interviewed by reporters, Manning said: “I don’t think I will have pressure. Now I have to go to the field (training). I will do my best every time I will be, it is also the same when the game, I hope this is enough to help us win the win & hellip; & hellip; I think you need to keep your previous attitude and look forward to the arrival of the best end. “

Even Manning I don’t know how many games he will play, but how much the arrival of Jones has changed. He is clear, if the performance is not good, “the situation will change.” When all stress is integrated, it will eventually arrive, but there is not these problems on at least the training ground.

“His sports ability. He is not an ordinary corner,” Hopkins said when he was asked him to respected Ramse. “He is very high. He dared to fight. He is very fast. He has all the quality you want a player.”

Elays Manne will not feel pressure because Daniel JonesOn June 6th, Nfl jerseys although the first round of Sixth signed a rookie four-point satellite-Jones Daniel Jones, the official transplantation of the Giants insisted that Eli Manning is the first quarter. But in any case, Jones’ s existence proves that he is a no-two candidate in Mantun’s future.

If the chief can really win 5 champions, then it has been considered to be the best players in the alliance will be considered the best players in history. And the huge contract he got will be more valueful.

Alius served as an offensive coordinator in the steel man during 2007 to 2011. When the contract expires in the 2011 contract, he is full of confidence to get a contractual contract, but he is taken by the coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin informed that he will be dismissal. Aliis restored two people’s dialogue, he said: “That day is Monday, Tomin suddenly called me, and I said that the problem of money is not very good. I thought he was compatible, so I Go back to ok, and he said: & lsquo; you misunderstood, I mean that I can’t give you a new contract & rsquo; I will ask him that this is what I want to speculate me, he said no. I It is a bit speechless, just tell him what is the difference between my new contract and the fried squid, but it is not the same. “

Texas people take over Hopkins: Jay Ramse is my favorite cornerIn Beijing, September 13, in the media, most external hands and corner guards are filled with gunpowder. However, in the Houston Texas will face the Jacksonville American Tiger, Texas took over Didre-Hopkins, but praised Jalen Ramsey. .

Hopkins said in an interview: “He is my favorite corner. He is the only one who can follow my corner. So, you have to respect this. No matter which position I am in? He can stay in front of me. Many people claim that they are the league’s number one corner, but there are not many people can do this. “

As for why, Aliis believes that his offensive style is not taken from the steel man. He feels that the team is too paying attention to the ball and ignores the squad attack, and he and the quarter-Rosrisberg ( Ben Roethlisberger is one of the reasons why the team is dissatisfied.

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