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“Le Sen is still the leader in the league.” Bihen said, “Our offensive group is still far from the expectations, but Leon still maintains excellent level. His talent is different, bringing a lot of us. The favorite thing, so we hope that he will continue to stay in the team in 2019. “

Bridgewater was selected at the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round, and the team was 6 wins in the 12th game of his debut. . He has a total of 2919 yards in the whole year and has 13 pass to reach. Bridgewater stands out from the final 5 people list, and the other four people take over the New York Giants, Odell Beckham JR, Tampa Bay Pirates, Mike – Evans (Mike Evans), Cincinnati Meng Tiger runs Yeremy Hill and Buffalo, Sammy Watklins.

Three-degree entry, the retired running Weikem Mike Tolbert, said that the black panther cuts the Newton in the evening, so that he did not have enough time to find the new east’s behavior, and accusing the team Some of these initiatives.

Torbert said: “They have been handled in the past two or three years. From Newton’s shoulder surgery, two years ago, everyone knows that his shoulders can’t work. But the team does not wait until the race Start surgery. There is no reason, the time point is not suitable. When I was injured in the preseason of the patriot last year, they said that “he said with a high ankle sprain & rsquo; & hellip; & hellip; but it has been waiting 12 On the month, he made him surgery. He didn’t play the first and second weeks last year. “

Retired Run Webbert: Black Panther did not properly handle Newton injury

The relationship between Cam Newton lunar season and the black panther is not a harmonious, he said that the eavesman’s statement is not true for his own “request transaction”. Newton’s front teammates now also joined the ranks of the Black Leopard.

Relaxing mentality Patriot cancels Saturday training

New England Patriots ended their preparations for the 49th super bowl, and Bill Belichick believes that the team has completed the task in 3 training held in the Arizona Hellsho Training Square.

McCoo was losing on Monday to the patriot: “I don’t want to have such a season. I am doing it now. It is not good & hellip; & hellip; this is a unusual season, I have been 30 years old, I started playing in high school. & hellip; & hellip; but this kind of thing has never happened. “

Billych later decided to cancel the training on Saturday. “We will hit the head to, the whole team shoots Zhang Zhao,” Bilipk talked about the arrangements for Saturday after relaxing but dull training on Friday.

The general manager of Bill said hope to continue Maikay in 2019.

Beijing November 3, Bill, the whole team is very downturn this season. When the family runs 卫 勒 恩恩 – LESEAN MCCOY has also been affected. Therefore, once some people guess the team will send him away until the last month’s transaction, but the team did not do this.

“You must build a team through the election, this will spend some time & hellip; & hellip; only by the free market is unable to build the core.” Biien said, “must make them grow, this world is very tight, only correct construction Method can make beautiful forever. “

Wilson returned to the new high 48.4% of the season in the last week, and the team lost to Dallas Cowba in 23-30, which was one of the reasons why Wilson could not successfully throw the ball into the ground. Wilson’s 15-yard pass rate is only 39.3%, ranking 21 in NFL and far behind last year 51.5% (League Second).

Russel Wilson’s pass pressure

The Pass of Seattle Hawks is ranked 31 in NFL. One of the reasons is that the pressure ratio from Russell Wilson is the highest in the alliance. Wilson has been stressed in 38.5% of the post, causing a murder or Wilson directly exposed under pressure. You are likely to see the four-point guards of the two teams on Sunday, because St. Louis’s quartz, Austin Davis, is ranked by stress by 36.3%. two.

The final list of five people is selected according to the regular performance. The regular season will selection five weeks of the best new show candidates to make fans vote, and hundreds of things list the final selection list according to the voting results.

However, McCoo now has a limited positive impact on the offensive group. At present, he has a new creative color of 3.4, and there is still no account. The semi-semi-bought ball promoted 257 yards is also a career trough.

Last Savik once in New York Jet, Geno Smith, obviously he knows how to do a good job of four-point guard, he said: “Do my own, happy, then win the game.” If steel People can win the game, then the crow will harvest 0 wins and 4 losses.

The US Time Thursday night, Vik will lead the Pittsburgh steel man to the Baltima Crow, maybe we will see more quarter-free running ball tactics. Vik received an interview after training: “I don’t think I can be as fast as it is in the past. But I can move quickly.”

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