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If Braddy has completed 450 yards passed and helped the team reversed the game, White is likely to become MVP, this unknown running guards, the game, 140 yards, 3, including the overtime Winning to the array, apparently Well said that it is a super bowl hero.

Anderson was 25 years old and was a player. The 2014 season completed 900 yards in the wild horse offensive group completed 900 yards, and 34 shots were promoted. 324 yards. Anderson’s arrival allows for the loss of Lamar Miller.

Saint Sanzi Shu Tham-Hill: Take the effort to grind the quarter

Whether there is a strong sense of meritorious, when you and a future celebrities become a teammate in the four-guard position, you have to accept reality.

“I am currently a special period of special time for me. I can work hard, I really have learned to Dru (Drew Brees), truly learning to coach, trying to accept guidance. I am now true for me. It is a fun time to do this. “Hill said. “It is a bit disappointed with those who like me, because this is really a chance to make sure I can get a four-point guard in the game. But I feel that attention is put on everything I get. A training opportunity is treated as a game. “

Braddy did not give Super Bowl of car to James – White

Two years ago, when Tom Brady got his third super bowl MVP, Kaiyun.Net he decided to get yourself to give yourself to the corner Markham – Butler. This time Braddy hinted that he would also do the same thing to give the team to run James White.

Previously, Johnson did not participate in the mini training camp because of the contract issues, although the two sides still did not reach a consistent, but the general manager Steve Kem (Steve Keim) had promised that will give Johnson’s contract.

It is reported that the wild horse can also pay the lower restriction salary of Anderson, and may prevent Anderson from leaving. For the Anderson, the horses of the wild horses have lost 2 quadrants and 2 running guards. General Manager John Elway’s lift season is not good.

Before choosing to retire, Bris will firmly occupy the first quarter-off position. After the ball last season exceeds 5,000 yards, Jameis Winston is expected to serve as the second quarter. Therefore, even though Hill thought as a quartz guard, he had to accept the only 6 times of passage, and he had to accept the continuation as a “Swiss Army Dragon”.

Johnson’s rookie contract came to the last year, he completed the phenomenon performance in the 2016 season, a total of 20 reachables, propeling the number of codes (including the number of flush codes and the number of balls) exceeding 2000. Johnson is already an important part of the row.

49 people coach Salunhan: I hope I can have the opportunity to rearrange again and crow.

After the Mosa Crow with Baltimore was less than an hour, the 49 people in San Francisco have clearly expressed their hopes to play with the crow again.

“I am really proud of the team,” 49 people came from Kyle Shanahan. “I think they play very hard to play all three aspects. We have faced a very good team, but I really feel satisfied with our players and their performance. We have the opportunity to win the game. We finally poor So, I want to praise them, I hope that we can win the opportunity to play hands with them again. “

Newton was turned down by Saint defenders and David ONYMATA, and could not rely on him to go to the field, then he stayed in the medical tent in the field of 90 seconds to return to the stadium through brain shock.

Despite the beginning of the season, the crow and 49 people’s super bowl can listen to it, but it is not in the early December. The crow has gone 8 consecutive victories, and the record is raised to 10 wins and 2 losses. At the same time, this game is also a crow for the first time, in the first time, in the previous five games, they win at least 14 points. For 49 people, this is the second defeat this season. The two failures of this season are all killed in the last moment.

The game against the crow is a second consecutive game for three consecutive games. They were previously overcome Green Bay packaging in 37-8. Next, they will face the New Orleans Saints. They will become a team that has achieved at least 8 wins in three consecutive games.

David – Johnson will participate in the Palm Training Camp

Beijing July 24th, according to NFL NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the last season was returned to the retired red ramp, David Johnson, will participate in the team training camp, Johnson himself Sharing the excitement of the return to the stadium on the tweet.

This is obviously not a reasonable explanation, maybe the Black Leopard is that Newton will continue to return to the game for the team’s victory to advance the second round, but at least such an explanation is in insulting the speakers.

In the last season, Johnson wrist injured and needs to be subject to surgery. His absence is a major blow to the printed offensive group, but the disaster is not single, and the four points in the season, the Carson Palmer is reimbursed because the arm fracture is reimbursed, and the victory of the rickets will be more embarrassing.

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