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The battle of the crow and the Titan vane is the best path to the steel man enter the playoffs. However, the results involving the Auckland raid and the Indiana Polis horses may also determine whether the steel man can enter the playoffs. If the steel person is losing, Titan loses, the pony will win, the steel man can enter the playoffs with the winning relationship. But if the raid is also winning the ball, the four teams are 8 wins and 8 losses, then the raid will enter the playoffs.

3 years agoIn September this year, the famous celebrities will announce the list of candidates for each classification. Modern players include players who have ended over the past 25 years. The ancient times players need to retire for more than 25 years. The list of primary elections and the final list will be announced this fall and next year.

On Friday, the professional football Hall of Fame, in order to celebrate wholesale nfl Jerseys for a hundred years, they will introduce 20 famous Hall of Hattle (only one year) in 2020. These 20 people will include 5 modern players, 10 ancient players, 3 contributions and 2 coaches.

Signing Cleveland, with 49 people at the current close-end positions are related to injuries. The team started near-end farmers – Davis Davis injured the left ankle and knee in the match of the Chicago bear last week. This week he did not participate in any training. The replacement of near-end arms – McDonald (Vance McDonald) is injured in the right knee. Although McDonald is considered to participate in Sunday competition, the two are currently listed as “doubt.”

In an interview with Denver’s local media, Kubiak said that the team will increase the ratio of 2 points, and conduct targeted training in training. Kubiak said: “I think this will bring a lot of changes to the game, and we must also give this new response.”

Last season, the wild horses only tried 2 points for 2 points, and finally all successfully. According to relevant predictions, the success rate of the new season playing points will fall to 93% to 94%, which will encourage coaches to choose two points to a certain extent. For fans and audiences, they also expect to see more 2 points in the game, which will make the game more interesting. Although this reform has not been applied in a formal competition, the relevant person is optimistic about this.

Previously, McDonald has signed 49 people in the name of the new show, and completed the ball in the show. 49 people have a very understanding of him, so when the team needs, he will recruit him in the first time. Currently, in 49 people, in addition to McDonald, only Drek Carrier in the near-end front is kept healthy.

If the red ramp is lost to 49 people, it is very likely that they have to challenge the current 11 wins and 4 losses in the playoffs. If they win, they are more likely to face the National Liannan District Championship in the homeland.

They need other teams in the regular season’s performance to enter the playoffs, and the reason why it will fall into such a dilemma because they have lost the chain in an important moment for the second consecutive year. Last season, they lost to the Auckland raid in the last season, and they were lost in the New York jet this season, in the previous game, in the previous game.

Mustang coach: will change the strategy at the additional points

Danfo Yam main coach Gary Kubiak revealed the team to develop new strategies for additional sizes. Last week, the Alliance announced the additional split regulations, moved to 15 yards at the 15 yard, and did not change the position of 2 points, and added additional partial attack.

Despite the four-point guards in the game to the Seattle Hawks, Ryan Lindley, only 41% of the pass, lead the team to get 6 points, Alius insisted that he still confident him. Lindley is only too many passed, and the coach group wants to have more observations to Thomas. “I think we have to figure out what he can do,” Aliis said to Thomas. “If you consider his ability, you will be intended for future and playoffs. That is my job, I want to make sure we take into account each aspect.”

If you want to successfully enter the playoffs in the last week, the steel man needs an offensive group to make a breakthrough performance. In the field score, the number of average propulsion, the number of passages of the average passes, and the four-point guards, the four data of the four-point guards is the worst of all winning rates.

Quadruples are not the only place to be concerned about the ramp offensive group. Aliis also admitted that the team’s number one after the first movement of Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) is “relatively far” from his knees sprain. Alius estimates that the health status of Fitzgerad is approximately “70%”.

There are an additional benefit of the new regulations. As the price tag team has been used in the fifth year option, if using the tag team of players again in the sixth year, salaries will rise by 20% than in the first five years, to follow the cornerback’s salary above is US $ 19.68 million.

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