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I am practicing since my heart, teach you how to train in this summer.In addition to the United States, it is estimated that sports fans around the world are paying attention to the might of the Olympic spirit. Is the American sports fan not care about “flying fish” to anger 23 gold in the Olympics, finally growing into a generation of legendary magic kings? The legend of this is just the curtain call, and the sports feast that really belongs to the Americans just started & hellip; & hellip;

Wild Horse 4-point Wei Terrev-West Mi’an has taken the suspensionAt the super bowl week, the wild horses were four-point Verref-Simi, and the suspension of the treatment shoulder injury. But he has now removed the suspension.

Miller said: “I don’t think he will retire, his ability to act is no problem, his mental state is also great, I think he can also fight again.” We all agree with the second half of Miller, but the first half We have to say that Miller seems to be completely unscrupulous.

Generally speaking, the previous Washing Second & Mdash; & Mdash; Devontae Booker will become the most powerful starter. But the manifestation of the three-wheeled Wild, Room Freeman is not to be underestimated.

As the outside world is thinking, it is now the best opportunity for Manning to choose to retire. However, as a teammate Miller’s understanding of Manning, it is far more than the outside world. Of course, Johnny Manziel is in the same future, and his comments do not pay too much attention.

Chad Johnson praised AJ Green is the best way to take the armThe six-year occupational bowls have taken behind the Johnson with leading ball data in Cincinnati, but he is very pleased to take the tiger’s star outside AJ Green ( surpass yourself.

Whether Western Minian can participate in the off event, the wild horses are still uncertain. The new coach group and a new offensive system, let the second year of first-year-old Show Paxton Lynch also have competitive.

When receiving an interview recently, Johnson said: “For me, he is the best external hand in the history of the tiger, because he can do what I can’t do, especially the high-level ball, his ability to continue the ball Strive to me. “

The 25-year-old Turbin will enter the last year of the rookie contract next season, he hopes to grasp the opportunity to stay in the sea eagle. For Turbin, the current primary goal is to catch the training camp to the rest, if the cause is absent due to injuries, his position is very likely to be replaced by Michael.

Referring to “The most popular movement in the United States”, ten nine-nine will think of football, whenever the nfl jerseys team began training camp, they knew that the days belonging to rugby were started again. Although for most fans and audiences, the football season is only half a year, but for young people who have a dream to have a dream, every day is a new season, and the training camp is a powerful Take off BOSS.

Wild horse three rounds of runappy Freman training performanceLast seasons in the season, the rush king & mdash; & mdash; c.j. Anderson (C. J. Anderson) & mdash; & mdash; the starting running guards of Carolina and Denver have also been empty.

Although this performance of the outstanding line guards will face the big contract year, he does not think that these will affect Manning, he believes that this collaboration for many years will not choose to retire.

Wild Horse Catholic – Joseph said that Fremman is likely to be a team’s starting running guard. This rookie has been the first four years, and has completed 947 shots, promoted 5621 yards, achieved 60 reached, and completed 79 battles, advanced 814 yards, and achieved 4 reacted arms.

The Haiying Turin has recovered well after the Turbo, will not affect the new seasonAfter a season, the superb bowl of runner-up Seattle Hawks players in the rest period is overcome injuries. Robert Turbin has recently selected hips surgery. In an interview, Turbin revealed that the operation was very successful, and the recovery situation was good, and the schedule of his new season will not be affected.

In addition, squats will also have a lot of help from your daily life. If you like to do a shame, then you will definitely make a big tool that makes you progress. However, the scream of “knee killer” is indeed a small damage to your knees, but as long as you guarantee the right way, I believe it will have a huge help from you.

Squat can not only improve your core power, but also help improve its balance and stability. In fact, for a professional player, the squat is a must-have. Cincinnati Meng Tiger Line Guard A.j. Hawke, the most like Bulgarian Bell is deep. Different types of squats will also be different, and the location on different fields should also choose the right squat.

In the past few seasons, the Hawks were very optimistic about Christine Michael, but this talented young running guard has not proved himself on the ground. Instead, it is Turbin, which is always able to take a break in Ma Shawn Lynch, or the team is performing in the event of a limited appearance time.

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