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Whether Lynch is full of a full game, he will definitely participate in the competition of the first quarter-off candidate next season, this competition should continue throughout the summer unless the team introduces other veteran four-point guard.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, the chiefs have signed a $ 5 million contract with the Harrison Butker, Satrison Butker. The first seven-round show then expressed his gratitude to the team on Twitter.

In quarterback Eli – Manning (Eli Manning) into the twilight of his career, the Giants won the National League East title hopes in the defense group body. So, for them, a big contract to Pierre Paul is not a luxury.

Philip-Rivers’ brother is eager to get NFL opportunitiesStephen Rivers know that the family contact and his last name may give him a chance, but he tries to disconnect the opportunity to explore it in his election.

During high school, Nielsen was selected as a second line of the state as a football, and his achievements in the basketball court were higher: Mr. State Basketball, the best lineup of the whole state, and maintained a hat, steal, assists three school history Record.

Emirates and play the ball Harrison – Barkes sign a five-year contractBeijing June 14th, US Time, on Thursday, the chief of the chief, signed the future player on the last day of the mini training camp.

For today, Nelson has already taken over 12 years. Have you heard it for a long time? Let me describe: Yudi-Nilsen 2008 draft selection conference was packaged in the package, and it has been served in the Alliance for 9 years. In other words, Nielsen has played three years and reached the nfl Jerseys‘s external connections. Talent, I can’t afford it.

Wild horses are completely missed after 10-33 in the Sunday Name, and the team starts in this game. The team starts four-point Dharevor Siemian 43 times. Just 17 times The successful acquisition of 183 yards was copied.

In his first game, Buck completed a 43-ymy emitted door as an emirate player. At present, his career 69 times of any ball shooting is 62 times, and the 27th rejection of the shooting at the last season successfully tried 24 times, success rate ranks 12 (88.9%). Among the Metropolitan Championships, his 39 yards were sent to overtime.

The contract also includes a $ 20 million signing bonus, he will earn $ 34 million over the next 11 months, the first three years of his contract will earn $ 49.5 million. The contract is the annual salary of NFL defensive end in the second highest, behind his team-mate Olivier giant – Vernon (Olivier Vernon).

Buck is a seven-year-old show in the Black Panther, but it is abandoned because of the unavailable Graham Gano. After the Black Panther, the Barker was signed into the training lineup, and then he came to the chief.

Ximeian’s performance is enough to make him incorporated into the scope of the next season. However, Linqi is still worth more observing. He did not fluctuate in the 2nd first shipment of this season, and he won 1 win and 1 loss of record.

Newton came to the patriot last year, replacing Tom Brady. He has played 15 games, and he passed the 2,657 yards, reached 8 times. In addition, Newton also advanced 592 yards, reached 12 times. Although I haven’t entered the playoff, the patriot chose to leave Newton. This year, the patriot and Newton renewed the contract with a total salary of $ 5.1 million, of which 3.5 million was a guarantee amount.

The patriot cuts four-point 卫 卫, Mike Jones will startUS Tuesday, according to the local media reports in Boston, the patriot has cut off the old four-point guards, Cam Newton, and the new Xiu Mac-Jones is expected to be started.

The 24-year-old Stephen has started 9 games in 3 different universities, of which six were completed for the Northwest State University of the Second League School. Even if the 6 starting opportunities are he got back after he was derived after the season.

Steven participated in the NFL regional measurement of the Arizona Hellshi Training Base. Here, more than 150 recently graduated from college graduates participated in a whole day before the ball sparks.

Unlike a lot of professional players who like luxury cars, Nelson loves the truck. He is so love to love Chevrolet, so that when the manufacturer is looking for home, he wants to accept the invitation and become the spokesperson of Chevrolet.

NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to people familiar with news reports that the Giants have been the star with their pass rush formalities for about 4 years. Contract worth $ 62 million, including a staggering $ 40 million guaranteed income.

However, Rogers’ high-cooled personality is also known. He didn’t have much prior to the scene and any teammates. Nielsen is not a good friend in Rogers life, but he has a different interpretation of Rogers seems to “lonely”:

“This is where I want to stay,” Pierre Paul told the team’s official website. “I can not imagine I join the other team. I came back to stay for another four years, I am ready to prove they deserve the contract.”

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