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In the case of an interview in the physical measurement, Western West has said that the current performance of Collins is not worthy of his salary. He admitted to Collins’s talent, but this line guard is too unstable, always misses, and there is less performance. Last season, Collins completed 104 times, 4 times and 4 times destroyed.

University of Michigan provides contracts to Jim HubblesNfl famous media people Ian Rapople explode news that Michigan University provides a 6-year $ 48 million contract with Jim Harbaugh, Michigan University. Hope Harbaugh. After the end of the season, he returned to NCAA for coaching.

The first quarter of the first quarter became a hug training for two team defensive groups. In the first 12 minutes before the game, the two teams only got three first attacks. When the attack is so weak, the performance of the special team is especially important. The jet line Wei Kaiwen-Pierre-Louis will give the Brunt’s abandonment kick, which allows the jet to easily get the ball in the first 28 yards of the code line. After the large tonnage, the Quince Ennunwa is shorted, and the jet is successfully achieved in the second section. Front Brown Estate, Saiya-Croovo, Wholesale Jerseys 7 yards, jets, 7: 0 lead Brown.

The 49 people in this season have a poor performance, and the team has repeatedly not yet rumored. The outside world is generally believed that Hubble has lost the control of the locker room and will leave after the season, but Hubble said last week. It is more inclined to stay in NFL coaching. The Michigan Wolf Team has been looking for new coaches after dismissing the original coach, Brady Hoke, and Hubble serves as the best candidate in this position.

The contract provided by the University of Michigan has an average annual salary of $ 8 million. Once the Hubble annual salary will surpass the $ 7 million annual salary of Nick Saban, Nick Saban has become a university’s first high salary. In addition, Les Miles, Les Miles, is also a strong competitive candidate of the Wolverine coach, but Meers said he did not have contact with Michigan University.

“I have seen Drake every day. We have a good relationship. It is very smooth. This will not be a problem,” McKinsea said when participating in the radio program. “One thing I think about Drake Carl is that I want Drake’s whole career for raid people.”

For Preli, he spent 2 seasons in the four-divided position of Cleveland Brown. He is a newcomer for the red skin. When the snippet is just started, he and the external connector of the Pittsburgh steel Antonio Brown trained together, this opportunity is very precious for him.

However, this week, NFL official website reported that “Since the end of the show, the raids have not contacted the Carl or his broker & mdash; & mdash; and reported that Karl The patience is constantly being lined. “

Washington Hongki external takeart and Landy-Moss together season trainingWashington Red Leather External Terrelle Pryor and Jamison Crowder are currently carried out in one of the top three-level external hands of the league. Moss (Randy Moss) train.

[Event Review] The leadership of the champion reversed BrownBeijing time on September 21st, 8:20, US East Time September 20, Thursday, September 20, 8:20, this season, the third week of the third week of the Thursday, the first energy stadium of Cliftland (FIRSTENERGY Stadium). 1 win 1 loss New York jet guest Ohio, challenged 1 flat 1 negative Cleveland Brown team. In this business, Brown is the first victory since the 2016 season. The jet and Brown have gone in the past 5 times, and the jets were all victory; Brown’s last overcome jet is still in 2007 before the 11 seasons. This game, Brown is still expected to start the first quarter, Taylor, but Ying Lang Baker, Baker Mayfield, there is still an opportunity to play, with the exploration of Sam Downod ( Sam darnold) Expands spikes.

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