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Last season completed 111 battles to get 1426 yards The first performance of this team. Smith Schone appeared in public cases in this year’s break, including helping the nursing home and hosted a water ball in the local park. Water holder contest.

Nick Falls: Wholesale jerseys The key to the four-point guard competition is not only to win

Recently, there is a rumor that the Xiong team will quit season, and the fans are in the fans, and the Falls himself come out to clarify.

Steel people take over Smith Schthtist to participate in the fans graduation dance meeting

Juju Smith-Schuster, the Juju Smith-Schuster, does not find the party to participate & mdash; & mdash; or make the party atmosphere more enthusiastic.

Old will guard Tirman: I am willing to work for panther.

If CHARLES TILLS Tilman (Charles Tillman) was returned to the 14th NFL season after he was receiving knee surgery, he would only play the Carolina Black Leopard.

Patriots owner: team the past few draft is not good enough

New England Patriots this year, the big spenders in the free market, a single contract security payments reached $ 165 million. Team owner Robert – Kraft (Robert Kraft) acknowledged that the poor performance of the team in recent years, the draft, the urgent need to improve in order to regain success.

Kraft said: “The things that happened last year does not do so, we must correct the errors & hellip; & hellip; ultimately depends on the performance on the pitch, as well as people of good draft class execution is not good to wait at least two years before. see, especially under the current environment. “

Since the decline in cap space this year, other teams are not active in the free market, the Patriots won the space rapid operation. Kraft said that in order to make up in previous years, the draft did not add vacancies, these operations are necessary.

Haiying coach Pitt – Carroll: “Marshall is doing very well, his experience is helpful to the players at both ends of the attack, the current quality is good, still can continue playing & hellip; & hellip; though We didn’t give him too much tactics, but he still had the ability to play. If we accident, we are very happy to let him return. “

First, Bullock – 奥斯维尔勒 (Brock Osweiler) will play a lot of no huddle offense in Houston. The Texans signed free agent this summer, when Arizona State University is very good at playing fast-paced offense, so – Bill O’Brien (Bill O & rsquo; Brien) can use some no huddle offense let the new four point guard to find his rhythm in Houston. By no huddle offense, will be subject to less 奥斯维尔勒 raid quarterback to make up for his lack of experience. Moreover, fast-paced offensive also allows D’Andre – Hopkins (DeAndre Hopkins) being less double marker.

Alliance stimulate the potential of the players in each team struggled this, I believe that all teams should try to use non-huddle offensive rookie quarterback to make the next generation to make their own ability to achieve better.

No huddle offense can also be effective interference substitutions thinking the other defensive coordinator, due to time constraints, defensive coordinator is often too late to put more punch pass hand or second-line defensive player, so offensive group in the use of dispersion formation have an advantage relative.

Falls said: “I think (four-point guard) is the most critical thing to pay only attention to winning. Should pay attention to doing yourself on the court. When tactics are decided, I will play my best performance.”

No huddle offense to make offensive group can reorganize formation, the young quarterback would like this tactical slogan profile under the fastest speed, needless to say a word, in order to play faster than traditional offensive rhythm.

Reporter Q & Kraft in the meeting said: “After all, in order to build an outstanding team and continue to win, the free market alone is not enough talent is the most important part, I think the last few years which we. not good enough. I sincerely hope and believe this team approach different from previous years. “

“This is the only team that I really want to force,” Tirman said. “This team is a black leopard. This is a great player … a group of great coaches. The management of the management is great. For me, they have achieved 17 wins, 2, 6, do not surprising “

Although the training time of the sniper is greatly reduced, Falls believes that the bear team and the Eagle’s offensive system have a similar situation. The current Xiong Team coach Matt-Nagy, from Andy REID, and Reid used the eagle coach, Falls experienced the offensive system of Reid.

“Staying in the black panther is like my whole career is here,” Tirman explained. Team, fans, atmosphere, atmosphere. Carolina & mdash; & mdash; North Carolina and South Carolina & mdash; & mdash; showing a lot of love. “

“Just say that you want to win, it is useless. Need to be prepared for winning every day, whether it is training, warm-up before training, or the implementation of tactics. I can’t think of it, I think myself. To do it, but neglect reading defense. “

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